Chapter 1258 - Star God Realm (2)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1258 - Star God Realm (2)

When facing two of the great Star Gods, the light in Yun Che’s eyes clearly grew blurry. It was only after a long period of time that he roused himself from his daydream and knelt down in panic.

“Oh? Isn’t this that ‘child of the heavens’ that drew a nine stage heavenly tribulation to him?”

Heavenly Poison Star God Moonflower looked Yun Che once over with her beautiful eyes that glowed a faint green light. Her red lips that were tinged with jade curved into a smile that did not seem like a smile. She had only said those few words but the coquettish charm contained within was overwhelming. Even Xing Ling’s body went entirely limp, his head sank down deeply and he did not even dare to steal a glance at Moonflower. 

Yun Che also bowed his head deeply and kept himself stone still.

“Little brother, this servant remembers, your name is Yun Che, correct?”

Moonflower slowly stepped towards Yun Che, her voice was syrupy and seductive, directly tugging at Yun Che’s heart and soul. Yun Che’s body clearly shuddered as he replied in a panicked voice, “To have Senior Heavenly Poison remember my name, it is… this junior’s fortune.”

“Hehehehe,” Moonflower tittered coquettishly, her bosom heaving dramatically in the air. “Little brother, right now in heaven and earth, who doesn’t recognize your name? Actually… the way you address me as ‘Senior Heavenly Poison’ is truly unpleasant to the ear. Just call me Moonflower.”

“...” Yun Che’s lips twitched, but no sound came out, it was as if he was afraid of responding.

The Heavenly Demon Star God’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Moonflower, who was originally already standing in front of Yun Che, took a sudden step forward, her towering bosom swaying just milimeters in front of Yun Che’s chest. An exceptionally long and slender finger was raised as it coquettishly touched the tip of Yun Che’s chin, and an enrapturing flowery scent accompanied it.

Yun Che’s heart was given a minor jolt and because his head was bowed low in the first place, he was given a front row seat to fully admire Moonflower’s heaving bosom. 

“Little brother Yun Che is not only possessed of enough might to bowl over all the gathered god emperors, but you also look so very attractive. Ah, just looking at you causes this servant’s heart to beat uncontrollably.”

Moonflower’s long and shapely eyebrows arched provocatively as her eyes rippled like water, giving off an unspeakably foxy allure, her voice was soft and syrupy as candy floss. It seemed as if she could not wait to fling herself into his embrace and exhaust all her amorous energy on him.

If anyone saw this scene, they would definitely not dare believe that this was one of the peerlessly terrifying Twelve Star Gods of the Star God Realm.


The Heavenly Demon Star God appeared beside Moonflower like a ghost, pushing aside the hand which she had positioned under Yun Che’s chin, “He is a guest that has been personally invited here by our king, you’re not allowed to mess around.”

Moonflower did not get angry at this action. Instead she languidly pulled her arm back and spoke with slanted eyes, “Aiyah, this servant is just one small woman, so when I see such an attractive and handsome little brother, it will definitely cause my heart to race. It’s not like I’ll eat him up or anything. Ah, look how anxious I’ve made you.”

Heavenly Demon Star God, “...”

Moonflower’s eyes narrowed as she spoke to Yun Che in a sultry voice, “Little brother, this servant resides in the Heavenly Poison God Palace. Once you reach the Star God Realm, you must come visit me often, okay? And at that time, no matter what you want to do to me, I will happily accommodate you. Hehehehehe….”

As she let our her seductive laugh, Moonflower’s willowy waist turned and she left, a sweet smelling wind billowing in her wake.

The Heavenly Demon Star God gave Yun Che a look before speaking in a low voice, “Forget every single word that she just said. The further away you stay from her, the better.”

“I thank… Senior Heavenly Demon,” Yun Che’s voice faintly trembled and it seemed as if he had not yet completely shaken himself free of Moonflower’s bewitchment.

The Heavenly Demon Star God turned around as well and in the blink of an eye, he had already moved far away from Yun Che.

Yun Che’s chest rose and fell heavily, his eyes growing slightly heavy and his gaze slowly growing cold.

Xing Ling got up to his feet and let out a long sigh of relief. He lifted a hand to wipe his forehead, leaving the back of his hand covered in cold sweat.

Xing Ling wanted to warn Yun Che to never draw near to the Heavenly Poison Star God, but he was terrified that the Heavenly Star Poison God, who had just left, would hear him, so he could only whisper a small reminder to Yun Che, “Young Master Yun Che, Lord Heavenly Poison has always liked to… play pranks on people. So you must not take the words she just said seriously.”

“Mn, I understand.” Yun Che nodded his head.

Xing Ling’s eyes slanted to the side and said, “Lords Heavenly Poison and Heavenly Demon should be preparing to leave first. You should wait with me for this short period of time. The god emperor may want to see you.”

“Alright.” Yun Che could naturally only obey.


“How interesting. The same name, he looks at least ninety percent similar. Yet it just so happens that they aren’t the same person.” Moonflower wore a thoughtful expression on her face as she let out a coquettish laugh, “Right now, I simply can’t wait to see the look on Jasmine’s face when she sees him, hehehehe.”

The Heavenly Demon Star God’s brows faintly furrowed as he coldly said, “What does this have to do with Her Highness Jasmine? That person you’re referring to…. Could it be that Her Highness Jasmine also knows him?”

“Oh, it very well could be,” Moonflower said with a cheery expression on her face. “It’s just that it’s a pity.”

“What’s a pity?”

“It’s a pity that he captured the attention of Qianye Ying’er. When the Brahma Heaven God Emperor wanted to pledge his daughter in marriage, that was clearly Qianye Ying’er’s intention. And regardless of whether she truly had that intention or if it was merely a feint, those few words created enough enemies for Yun Che to cover the heavens and the earth. Those men who are smitten with Qianye Ying’er, even I would shudder in fear when I think about them. So to be envied and hated by them… is truly a pity indeed.”

The Heavenly Demon Star God shot a glance at Moonflower, who wore an expression filled with tenderness and love, before coldly saying, “The Dragon Monarch spoke on his behalf and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor also had the intention to protect him, so how is it possible that they would choose to incur the wrath of the Dragon Monarch and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor over mere hatred born from jealousy?”

“Aiyah, that’s why I always say, you men are the ones who really don’t understand yourselves.” Moonflower fiddled with her fingers as she said in soft and languid voice, “You simply underestimate the ‘hatred born of jealousy’ that occurs in men when it comes to women. You’re also giving Qianye Ying’er way too little credit…. Of the men that she’s fixed her attentions upon, which one of them has had a good ending?”

“...” The Heavenly Demon Star God furrowed his brows at those words, but he did not refute them.

Xing Ling had been correct, the Heavenly Demon Star God and the Heavenly Poison Star God had indeed prepared to return to the Star God Realm first. On the other side, the Star God Emperor had also sensed Yun Che’s aura.

“Hoho, looks like he’s already arrived,” the Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi said with a chuckle. “Does my king wish to see him?”

“There’s no need,” the Star God Emperor said. “This place, after all, is the territory of the Eternal Heaven Realm. As such, wouldn’t it seem like this emperor is far too anxious to see him.”

The Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi’s faint smile grew deeper, “Given Her Highness’ personality, she definitely won’t agree to personally imparting the ‘Star God’s Broken Shadow’ technique to him. So it looks like my king is also quite interested in Yun Che.”

“The True God prophecy…. Hmph, even the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor did not care about their dignity because of this, so for this emperor to behave this way would be nothing more than ordinary,” the Star God Emperor said with flat eyes. “He rejected the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, and the Dragon Monarch. So this king was merely testing the waters when I said that I would get Jasmine to personally impart the skill to him. Yet he immediately agreed to it, and this king was truly not expecting that.”

“It looks like he does indeed have a great interest in the Star God’s Broken Shadow technique.”

“No.” The Star God Emperor shook his head, “I can’t help but feeling that he has some other purpose in following us back to the Star God Realm.”

“I feel that my king is overthinking this point.” The Heavenly Origin Star God stroked his beard as he said contemplatively, “He even rejected the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, and the Dragon Monarch. What designs could he have on our Star God Realm?”

“According to the information we have gathered to date, Yun Che only arrived in the God Realm three years ago, and in these three years, he has only been to the Snow Song and Flame God Realms, and he is ignorant about the rest of the star realms. My emperor has always been thoughtful and cautious. But even though this person is shrouded in mystery, we don’t need to think too much about the reason why he wants to visit our Star God Realm. My king should focus his attention on ‘other things’. We can definitely obtain a bountiful harvest with fifteen days worth of time.”

“...You’re absolutely right.” The Star God Emperor rose to his feet, “Let’s go and greet the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Dragon Monarch. After that, we journey home.”


Eastern Divine Region, Star God Realm, Heavenly Wolf God Palace.

Jasmine soundlessly landed outside the Heavenly Wolf God Palace. Her arrival caused the bodies of the Heavenly Wolf Star Guards that were stationed outside to go completely cold. Yet no one moved forward, and even when Jasmine moved forward and pushed open the great gates of the palace, no one made a single action or sound… so they naturally did not even think of stopping her.

These incomparably strong Star Guards were practically morphed into stone statues in the presence of Jasmine.


The great doors of the god palace slammed shut. It was only then that the gathered Star Guards breathed a long sigh of relief, their bodies drenched in sweat.

The Heavenly Slaughter Star God and the Heavenly Poison Star God were the two most dreadful great calamities of the Star God Realm. So even the vaunted Star Guards would not dare to offend them in the slightest.

Within the god palace, Caizhi was crouched in a corner, her curled up body resembling that of a bullied cat. Even though Jasmine drew near, she refused to look back at her. Her only visible reaction was that her lips were curled up in a slight pout.

After Jasmine told her to confine herself and reflect on her actions, she had not taken a single step outside the Heavenly Wolf God Palace for the last few days.

“Do you recognize the error of your ways now?” Even though she looked at her Caizhi’s pitiful form, Jasmine’s voice was still as cold and cutting as ice. Caizhi could also feel that the gaze that was burning into her back was just as cold as the voice that spoke to her.

“I… I understand that I was wrong.” Even though she felt wronged, she did not dare to say that she was right. She spoke in a tiny voice, “I won’t dare do it again. From now on… from now on, I’ll definitely listen to what Big Sister says. I won’t act on my own initiative. Big Sister… please stop being angry at me!”

“Hmph!” Jasmine’s brows furrowed tightly, “The last time you made a big mistake, you also swore that you’d be obedient and not take any action by yourself. Yet, in these short few years, you…”

Jasmine’s hands involuntarily balled into fists as they faintly trembled.

Even though Jasmine was doing her best to control it, Caizhi could clearly sense her fury… This wasn’t an anger that she was faking just to scare Caizhi, it was a true wrath that was being suppressed. Her heart was immediately thrown into disarray as she said, “Big Sister, I really know that I’m wrong this time. I guarantee that from now on I won’t ever… I won’t ever do it again. If not I’ll… I’ll….”

Before she could finish speaking, Caizhi’s eyes were filled with tears and although half of her heart was filled with shock and alarm, half of her heart still felt that she was being wronged.

Because until now, she still did not know why inheriting the power of the Heavenly Wolf Star God was a big mistake and why this act would provoke such fury in her big sister.

To be found compatible with the power of a Star God was the greatest honor one could possibly obtain in the Star God Realm. The Caizhi who had inherited the power of the Heavenly Wolf Star God possessed power that allowed her to not fear anyone, and possessed a status that allowed her to rule over everything. She no longer needed protection, she was no longer bullied and humiliated as people looked on with cold eyes. She had her own god palace, her own Star Guards, and no matter where she went, the four words “Heavenly Wolf Star God” were regarded with a god-like reverence.

Only her big sister Jasmine had told her that this was the biggest mistake she had made in her entire life, yet she refused to tell her the reason.

“If I forgave you so easily, then how would you actually learn a lesson from this!?” Jasmine said coldly. She turned around and looked outside the palace as she continued, “If you want me to forgive you, you’ll have to do something for me.”

Caizhi’s wronged eyes sparkled and she vigorously nodded her head, “As long as Big Sister will stop being angry at me, I’ll do anything.”

“Leave the god palace now and go fight a duel with a Star God.” Jasmine’s expression was calm and indifferent but her eyes flashed with a bizarre red light, “If you can injure that person within one hundred breaths, I’ll forgive you this time.”

“Ah?” Caizhi’s lips parted dramatically, “Bu… But…”

Even though Caizhi was nearly perfectly compatible with the divine power of the Heavenly Wolf, she was still far too young and it had not even been a decade since she had inherited the power of the Heavenly Wolf Star God. The Heavenly Wolf divine power within her was still far from completely awakening and her power was undoubtedly the weakest among the Twelve Star Gods.

Because of these reasons, it would be exceedingly difficult for her to wound any Star God within one hundred breaths… But if she were to give it her all, it would not be outside the realm of possibility.

Caizhi forcefully swallowed the “protest” that had nearly involuntarily escaped her lips. She clenched her small fists tightly as her gaze gradually grew determined, “Okay, I… will definitely do it! I will prove to Big Sister that I haven’t been slacking off at all in the last two years!”

It was clear that she treated this as a test from Jasmine.

“Then go right now!” Jasmine’s voice grew heavier, “Also, you may not choose your opponent. The moment you leave this place, the first Star God that you meet shall be your opponent! As for how you are to persuade that person to be your opponent, that is something you will have to deal with yourself.”

Caizhi bit her lower lip before vigorously nodding her head yet again, “I said that I would obediently listen to Big Sister’s words from now on. So this time, it’s not just to get Big Sister to forgive me, I will also definitely… not let Big Sister down.”

As she watched Caizhi fly out of the Heavenly Wolf God Palace with a determination that she had forced out of her, Jasmine’s originally cold eyes gradually grew softer and softer until they became hazy.


She whispered softly… She knew that the reliance and concern that Caizhi had for her was the same as the reliance and concern that she had for Caizhi. Because even though they shared a father and had so many elder brothers… they were each other’s only “family.”


Author’s Note:

Mn, everyone should’ve noticed that Jasmine, Caizhi, Xisu, Moonflower, Rose, Ziwan, and Tumi... are all names of flowers and plants.


When the ebook rolls around to these chapters, they will all probably get their own english-fied flower/plant names instead of the half and half you see here.

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