Chapter 1264 - Star God Realm Undercurrents

Against the Gods

Chapter 1264 - Star God Realm Undercurrents

“Ah?” A look of surprise appeared on Caizhi’s face. “Why?”

“No need to ask that. You just need to concern yourself with teaching him.”

“But, it’s difficult to practice the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome. The first sword style he learned is the simplest one, and the sword styles after that are almost impossible to practice unless you have the support of the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power. Even if he does manage to cultivate it successfully, with the absence of the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power in its execution, it would only have form but no substance to it,” Caizhi said in a very serious manner. She was, after all, the one who understood the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome better than anyone else.

Jasmine remained unmoved by her words, “I said that you just need to concern yourself with teaching him.”

“Oh… But even if he truly cultivates all of it successfully, what would be the use of it?” Caizhi still couldn’t understand Jasmine’s intention. “The Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome can absolutely not be taught to outsiders. If royal father and others come to know of it, that would get Brother-in-law into very big trouble.”

“Now is different from the past. I have ways to take care of it myself, so you don’t need to worry.” Having finished her words, Jasmine suddenly shifted her line of sight as she stared towards the direction of the palace entrance. A faintly cold look emerged in her eyes in an instant.

“He is at the Stardust Palace, the nearest one to here. You go over there now, I’ll kick out this old villain.”

Her red silhouette flashed as Jasmine disappeared from before Caizhi.

“Mn…” Although her heart was filled with doubts, Caizhi responded obediently to Jasmine.


In front of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God Place, Xing Ling was kneeling on the ground on one knee, and there were two tall and broad figures standing before him. The two of them were emanating no profound aura fluctuations at all, but they were emitting such formless coercion that others wouldn’t dare look directly at them.

Star God Emperor, Xing Juekong.

Heavenly Origin Star God, Tumi.

Xing Ling’s entire body was taut as he stayed completely still. He was well-aware that the Star God Emperor had never stepped into the Star God Palace. Not because he didn’t wish to do so, but rather due to the fact that he would certainly be denied entrance every time he tried. It was easy to figure out why he had suddenly arrived while bringing even the Heavenly Origin Star God along with him.

Her red silhouette flashed as Jasmine appeared in front of the palace. Her eyes were ice-cold, without the slightest trace of emotions, even when facing the Star God Emperor. She said in a cold voice, “Old villain, what are you doing here!?”

The Star God Emperor was long used to being treated in such a manner by Jasmine. He replied without any display of anger, in a lukewarm voice, “I have come to take Yun Che away with me. I want to ask him about some things.”

“Oh?” Jasmine narrowed her starry eyes, as she let out a very light sneering voice. “It is truly a very rare occasion for a person of humble origin and cultivation barely at the Divine Spirit Realm to trouble the distinguished Star God Emperor to personally come to invite him. When did a shameless, old villain like you, who lacks even the most basic human nature, become so amiable and easy to approach!?”

Each and every word of Jasmine’s was caustic and tinged with ridicule. The Star God Emperor didn’t change his expression, but his brows did rise a bit. The Heavenly Origin Star God let out a sigh, “Your Highness, this boy Yun Che is extraordinary. My king…”

“You keep your mouth shut!” Jasmine rebuked in a cold tone, cutting of the words that the Heavenly Origin Star God wished to say. She didn’t even give Tumi a glance, as she said coldly, “Heh. Old villain, you didn’t ask me a single thing before declaring in front of the entire Eastern Divine Region that you wanted to bring Yun Che to the Star God Realm in order to have me personally teach Star God’s Broken Shadow to him. Although I find it disgusting that you made such a decision on your own… you are actually in luck this time. This boy called Yun Che is quite pleasing to my eyes, and I’ve already started teaching him Star God’s Broken Shadow as you wished. Moreover, I’ll teach him all the way until he thoroughly masters it!”

“However, no one is allowed to disturb me before I’m done! Is that to your satisfaction!?”

Jasmine said the last of her words in an extremely heavy tone, with the intention of strictly warning the other party.

The Star God Emperor wrinkled his brows, but there was still no fluctuation of emotions in his voice, “It’s naturally for the best if you’re willing to teach him personally. I only want to ask him a few things, and will send him back here within the day.”

“A day?” Jasmine smiled coldly. “I’ll repeat myself once again. No one is allowed to cause any disturbance before he thoroughly masters Star God’s Broken Shadow! Let alone a day, I won’t allow it for even a second!!”

Finishing her words, Jasmine flicked her red sleeve as she turned around in an indifferent manner.

“Stop!” The Star God Emperor furrowed his brows. “This is an extremely important matter, and I can’t have you act as you wish! Bring Yun Che out, immediately!”

“Then you can try and see!” Jasmine didn’t turn around, but the air in her surroundings grew bone-piercingly cold.

Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi reached out his hand to grab the Star God Emperor. He shook his head slightly before saying in a soft-spoken voice, “It was the intention of my king from the very beginning for Your Highness to teach Yun Che the Star God’s Broken Shadow technique personally. There is, of course, nothing better than to see Your Highness taking it so seriously.”

The expression of the Star God Emperor faintly changed, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

“Oh right. While we’re at it, let me inform you of a matter,” Jasmine suddenly said in a cold voice. “I’m preparing to betroth Caizhi to Yun Che. Do you understand?”

“What!?” Both the Star God Emperor and the Heavenly Origin Star God were alarmed at the same time.

Jasmine slightly raised her brows. She was well-aware that these words of her would certainly surprise them, but the intensity of their reaction was clearly beyond her expectations.

The Star God Emperor took a step forward with a furious face. These sudden words from Jasmine were quite earth-shattering to him, “What kind of… nonsense are you babbling about!?”

“What? You’re not willing?” Jasmine raised her brows sideways as she said in a cold tone.

“Hmph! There is no way I can agree to such an absurd matter!” The Star God Emperor said in a gloomy voice. “Betrothing Caizhi… to Yun Che? How could you think of such an absurd thing!?”

“Old villain, you seem to be misunderstanding something.” Jasmine smiled coldly. “I’m only ‘informing’ you about it, and not asking for your opinion on the matter!”

“I’m her father, so I naturally have full authority in making the decision on a matter of great importance such as her marriage!”

“Her father?” Jasmine’s starry eyes were filled with ridicule. “You… think… you deserve… to be called that!?”

The Star God Emperor’s expression went stiff. He was rendered speechless for no less than a few breaths’ time, before he said, “Caizhi is not only my daughter, but also a Star God who is subordinate to me. No matter what, she has to listen to my orders! I will absolutely not allow such a thing to happen!”

Jasmine crossed her arms over her chest, as she slightly narrowed her eyes and said in a faint voice, “That’s strange. Although Yun Che is from a humble background, he is now the most prominent individual in the entire God Realm, the ‘child of the heavens’ from the prediction of the Heavenly Mystery Realm, and there is even that so-called True God prophecy. The Dragon Monarch wishes to recognize him as his adopted son, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor wants to receive him as a direct disciple, and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor is so impatient to marry Qianye Ying’er to him… And here you are reacting so strongly against me deciding to marry Caizhi to him?”

The complexion of the Star God Emperor slightly changed, before he quickly concealed it, “The future of this Yun Che boy is definitely limitless, and it would naturally be a good matter if he stays in the Star God Realm, but Caizhi is still far too young to discuss her marriage. Also, it hasn’t been long since she inherited the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power, and it has yet to fuse with her completely. How could we distract her for such a matter!?”

“Besides, as Caizhi is a Star God now and also the daughter of this king, such a great event in her life would be a grand event for the whole Eastern Divine Region as well. Thus, we need to be as cautious as possible. Yun Che might be extraordinarily talented, but we know nothing about his background or character… How can we make such a decision so carelessly!?”

The look in the Heavenly Origin Star God’s eyes faintly changed… Someone of such status as the Star God Emperor would obviously be a person of few words. Him speaking so many words one after another to explain himself was no different from exposing some “flaws” in his claims.

Jasmine was not the least bit moved by his words. Her gaze was like a cold knife as she said in a low and unhurried voice, “Old villain, I’ve already made the decision. You can’t interfere in this matter even if you were to mention a million reasons in objection! I’ll betroth Caizhi to Yun Che in front of the memorial tablets of mother and maternal aunt. You don’t need to tell the world about it, and there’s no need for a grand ceremony and feast, either. Furthermore, I don’t need your approval or for you to show up on the occasion, because you do not deserve to do so! I’m already doing you a gargantuan favor by specially telling you about it beforehand!”

“You…” The Star God Emperor’s hair stood on end instantly as he flew into a rage, but his arm was suddenly grabbed by a hand at once. The Heavenly Origin Star God walked forward as he lightly chuckled, “This matter was brought up too suddenly, so my king couldn’t help but become agitated. However, carefully thinking upon the decision of Your Highness, it would indeed be quite nice for such a thing to happen. Yun Che has experienced the nine stages of lightning tribulation, which has never happened since time immemorial. Even the Brahma Monarch Goddess, who is unrivalled among the women of the Eastern Divine Region, no matter whether it is looks, cultivation, or standing, could only vainly wish to marry Yun Che. If Her Highness Caizhi could become marriage partners with Yun Che, it would be a good thing for our Star God Realm.”

The Star God Emperor moved his brows very conspicuously, as he gave the Heavenly Origin Star God a glance. Still, he didn’t utter another word.

“It’s just that considering how even the Brahma Monarch Goddess was rejected by Yun Che, the biggest hindrance in Your Highness carrying out this matter successfully is perhaps not my king, but Yun Che himself.”

“Hmph, you fellows don’t need to worry about it then!” Jasmine coldly replied. “Yun Che has already agreed to it!”

“…?” The Heavenly Origin Star God revealed astonishment on his face.

“Yun Che’s main weapon is a heavy sword, and the “Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome’ is obviously the strongest art of heavy sword. I told him that Caizhi can impart him the ‘Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome’ if he marries her as his wife. There was no reason for him to refuse!”

The expression of the Star God Emperor changed again, and he let out a low roar, “Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome is a part of the Heavenly Wolf God Arts. How could it be taught to outsiders? This is simply…”

“The third condition for me to cooperate with the ‘ceremony’, is that you keep your mouth eternally shut in regards to this matter!” The look in Jasmine’s eyes grew even colder. “Old villain, it’d be best for you to get this through your head that the initiative in the ‘ceremony’ lays in my hand, not yours! If you go back on your word, I have countless ways to turn your wild ambition to nothingness for eternity!”

Not waiting for the Star God Emperor to say anything in reply, Jasmine’s silhouette flickered and a cold wind blew past as she disappeared before the two.

The entrance of the Star God Palace remained tightly shut all this time, barring the entry of others… Even if it was the Star God Emperor himself.

“Preposterous!” The face of the Star God Emperor twitched as his whole body trembled. In this world, it was only Jasmine who could make him so furious but he still could not do anything in return to vent his anger.

“Xing Ling, withdraw from here. Do not leak even a single word of the conversation you heard just now,” the Heavenly Origin Star God said.

Xing Ling didn’t utter a sound, as he left far, far away.

“Sigh,” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi let out a light sigh. “My king, you lost your temper.”

“Why did you not let this king stop the marriage from happening? You clearly know that Caizhi…” The Star God Emperor stopped midway through his words, as his chest moved up and down heavily.

“The time for the ‘ceremony’ is close, and we have already waited for this day for a very, very long time,” the Heavenly Origin Star God said in a slow voice. “This ‘ceremony’ not only concerns my king, but also the future of the Star God Realm. We can’t have anything happening that’s out of our calculation.”

“Now there is less than a year left before the day of the ‘ceremony’, and everything has been prepared to carry it out successfully. Everyone in the God Realm knows that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor wants to marry the Goddess to Yun Che, so you opposing her so intensely on deciding to betroth Her Highness Caizhi to Yun Che would very likely cause Her Highness Jasmine to be suspicious. If she were to become aware that the ‘core’ of the ‘ceremony’ is Her Highness Caizhi everything will be for naught.”

“…” The Star God Emperor stayed silent.

“Before the successful execution of the ‘ceremony’, that concerns my king as well as the future of the Star God Realm, we have to make all kinds of concessions if required. We absolutely can’t do anything that could give rise to unexpected elements.”

The chest of the Star God Emperor moved up and down over ten times before he finally calmed down. He slightly closed his eyes, and said in a low voice, “You are right. Compared to the importance of the ‘ceremony’, everything else is trivial!”

Tumi nodded his head, “There is one more thing. Heavenly Poison Star God’s divine power has returned to the original position now. It is time to begin looking for the next compatible person.”

“Let’s talk about this matter after the ceremony.”

The Star God Emperor turned around to leave. He actually no longer insisted on taking Yun Che away with him and directly left.

The Heavenly Origin Star God raised his head. Looking at the starlight drifting in the sky, a divine glow strong enough to pierce through the vicissitudes of life flickered in his aged eyes, “The time is near, and should the ceremony succeed, my king shall descend upon the world like a god; unsurpassed and invincible. The Star God Realm would also become the star that brightens the world, looking down on all the worlds that exist under the heavens.”

“That day will arrive eventually…”

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