Chapter 1281 - Absolute Suppression

Against the Gods

Chapter 1281 - Absolute Suppression

“Brother Yun’s behavior is very odd today,” Huo Poyun said in a low voice. There was a deeply anxious look in his eyes.

“…Don’t say anything else,” Huo Rulie said. Thinking of the exchange of words between Yun Che and Mu Bingyun, he was filled with apprehension right now.

“Jinxi, you go first.” Yue Huan patted Yue Jinxi’s shoulder, then took a few steps backward.

What a joke. Yun Che might be trying to court death by losing his mind in arrogance and wanting to face the two of them together. However, as princes of the Moon God Realm, as well as level three Divine Kings, how could they truly do so? Especially against a profound practitioner who was not only from a place lower than a king realm, but was also just at the fifth level of Divine Spirit Realm… Doing such a thing would be degrading their own identities, and would lose face in front of others.

Yue Jinxi didn’t refuse. He had a stomach full of anger and was dying to teach Yun Che a harsh lesson. He stretched out his hand towards Yun Che, indicating for him to make the first move, “Since you so want to receive our guidance this much, come, let’s get this started.”

Yun Che didn’t utter a word in response. His figure shot up into the air as he punched straight towards Yue Jinxi’s head.

Even when facing the profound aura of the mid-stage Divine Spirit Realm head-on, Yue Jinxi didn’t feel the least bit constricted. He stayed still in place and only reached out with his right hand unhurriedly, with a domineering expression on his face.

It was apparent that he wanted to stop Yun Che’s attack, which seemed to contain all his power, in a very carefree and relaxed manner.

On the other side, Yue Huan had his arms crossed across his chest, and no fluctuation of profound energy could be sensed from his body. He simply didn’t appear to have the intention of fighting Yun Che.

Yun Che’s speed was very fast, and he arrived before Yue Jinxi in the blink of an eye. Yue Jinxi narrowed his eyes, as his stretched out palm grabbed at Yun Che’s fist with lightning speed…

A light sound rang out. Suddenly, his palm only swept through the air, and an afterimage was speedily dispersing before his eyes.

On the other hand, Yun Che’s figure had rushed towards Yue Huan in an incomparably strange way. He opened the gate of “Rumbling Heaven” as profound energy erupted from his body all of a sudden. His speed became several times faster, and he sent a straight punch towards Yue Huan’s chest.

“Wh… What!?”

As if a volcano had erupted in front of them, the nearby profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region were blown far, far away, and the expressions of Yue Jinxi and Yue Huan abruptly changed at the same time… It wasn’t that the two of them hadn’t seen the profound image of the Conferred God Battle, but that watching the profound image and personally facing the spirit pressure erupted by Yun Che were two completely different concepts. Despite being Divine Kings of a king realm, both of them were so utterly panic-stricken that they began to feel suffocated.

Yue Huan was, after all, a level three Divine King. Confronting the sudden attack from Yun Che, his profound energy unleashed almost instinctively, and he somehow managed to raise his crossed arms in front of his chest…


Yue Huan’s arms were firmly struck aside as Yun Che’s punch landed right at the center of his chest.

Yue Huan’s back protruded all of a sudden, after which, a streak of blood spurted out like an arrow released from a bowstring. He was instantly blown a few kilometers away.

“Royal brother!!” Yue Jinxi turned around at once. He was completely dumbfounded, as his pupils contracted in great confusion.

“Eh… Ah…”

Yue Huan propped himself up with his arms. He was just trying to get up when he once again kneeled on the ground as blood continuously trickled out of his mouth… His vision was blurry and he could barely see the color of his blood… It was as if countless volcanoes had erupted within his body.

His entire body shivered and he found it simply unbelievable that his Divine King level body was actually injured to such an extent by just a punch from Yun Che… It was even more unbelievable that Yun Che, who was only at the mid-stage Divine Spirit Realm, was able to unleash such terrifying power.

Compared to his injuries, it was the feeling of shame that he felt even more intensely, which was gnawing at his mind like devils or ghosts!

Yue Jinxi was dumbstruck, Yue Huan was still kneeling on the ground, and the moon guards and moon god envoys around them were all totally shocked. Profound images were, after all, no more than just a projection of image. Without seeing it with their own eyes, no one would think that Yun Che’s profound strength at the Divine Spirit Realm could shoot up to such a terrifying extent.

Yun Che didn’t take advantage of the dumbfounded Yue Jinxi to launch another attack at him. It was as if he felt it beneath him to do such a thing. He said in a cold voice, “Considering how you look down on us profound practitioners who aren’t from a king realm, I thought that you two would be quite powerful. Is this all you’ve got?”

Yun Che had done enough preparation to allow him to act like this. He had angered the two princes, made them say improper remarks and attack him in rage, and then he purposely let himself get hurt, too… But even if it was so, his words still caused numerous profound practitioners to feel nervous in their hearts.

In the end, this place was Divine Moon City, and the two people he was facing were none other than sons of the Moon God Emperor… How could he ridicule them in such a manner?

However, there was no fluctuation of emotions on the face of Moon God Emperor. Instead, an unusual light flashed through the depths of his eyes.

It was at this time that Yue Huan finally managed to stand on his feet. He was panting heavily, as a layer of lustrous light, like that of a bright moon, shone on his body.

“Divine Moon Art!” many profound practitioners cried out in a low voice.

“Yun Che, you…” He wanted to call Yun Che out for his underhanded sneak attack, but the moment he opened his mouth, he immediately swallowed the words together with his blood. It was because he knew that shouting them aloud would only cause him to be looked down upon even more.

Forcibly suppressing his injuries and his chaotic profound aura, he roared in a slightly hoarse voice, “Jinxi, let’s face him together… with all our power!”

The instant he finished his words, a white figure flashed before his eyes all of a sudden. Yun Che had already rushed over to him like lightning. The chilly, blue profound light on his body made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice-cold abyss.

Yue Huan’s eyes widened in fear. There was no way he would be careless any longer, no matter how foolish he was. He thrust his arms out and unleashed all of his profound energy, but due to being severely injured and afraid, he subconsciously took a completely defensive stance.


Yun Che’s had a chilly look in his eyes. The energy he possessed after entering the “Rumbling Heaven” state bombarded Yue Huan’s body like a torrential rainfall. Yue Huan was barely holding on as he constantly retreated in the face of such fierce attacks. His injuries grew a bit more severe with every step he took backwards, and gradually, blood started oozing out of his nostrils and ears…

Yue Jinxi’s face had become red. While Yun Che and Yue Huan were fighting, he had channeled the Divine Moon Art to its limit. Following, all the power of divine moon gathered at his right arm, causing it to release brilliant, white light, like that from a jade stone.

A look of viciousness flashed through his eyes. His speed exploded in an instant, as his right arm, which had the terrifying divine power concentrated around it, aimed at the center of Yun Che’s back.

“Behind you!!” Huo Poyun cried out unconsciously.

However, it was already too late for a warning as Yue Jinxi’s speed was really too fast. In less than one-tenth of a second, his right arm, which had divine light gathered around it, attacked straight toward the center of Yun Che’s back.

Then, his arm passed right through him and firmly smashed into Yue Huan’s lower abdomen.


Yue Huan curled his body in pain as he was once again blown far, far away, and was unable to stand up for a long while.

He wasn’t severely injured by Yun Che’s punch, but this sudden all-out attack from Yue Jinxi almost knocked him out.

Yue Jinxi was immediately taken aback to see such a thing… But, it was a fatal mistake to be absent-minded for even a moment during a fierce battle of a Divine King level.


Yun Che’s figure appeared behind Yue Jinxi and then heavily elbowed the latter's spine.

“It seems that Yun Che’s Moon Splitting Cascade has reached the realm where he can use it whenever and however he wants.” Mu Bingyun sighed in a low voice.

At this moment, Yue Jinxi was feeling as if all his flesh, as well as every bone and blood vessel in his body had thoroughly burst apart. He suddenly realized why Yue Huan was in such a sorry state just from getting hit by a single punch from Yun Che.

Yue Jinxi was kicked away like a leather ball, and by the time he came to himself, he was already lying a couple kilometers away.

Yue Huan laid prostrate on ground as he crazily spit a few mouthfuls of blood. He cursed in an angry voice, “Yue Jinxi, are you blind or what!!?”

He had just cursed angrily when he suddenly discovered that Yun Che’s ice-cold eyes were very close to his own. It made the hairs over his whole body stand on end.

A Divine King was a mighty existence, after all. There was no way he would be completely defeated so easily. Yue Huan suddenly gritted his teeth as he crossed his arms without caring about his injuries. Immediately, a dark moon expanded before him and firmly resisted Yun Che’s offense.

“Yun Che… Die, you bastard!!”

A loud shout was heard soon after, one that clearly indicated that the owner of the voice had lost his reason in anger. Blood was trickling down from the corner of Yue Jinxi’s mouth, but he still launched a powerful attack from above like a furious, vile beast… He had learned his lesson now, so instead of aiming at Yun Che’s back, he chose to attack the side of his body.

Yun Che, however, didn’t give him a glance, or pull himself back to avoid Yue Jinxi. His energy fully concentrated on Yue Huan’s body, as he quickly suppressed the dark moon to such an extent that its shape became distorted.

When Yue Jinxi’s energy was about to hit the target, a golden light flashed in front of his eyes all of a sudden.

A Golden Crow Manifest God!

Everyone knew of the rumor that Yun Che had a special manifestation art, but knowing something and seeing it personally were two completely different things. In face of this power that was totally beyond the bounds of Yun Che’s cultivation level, even if Yue Jinxi had lived a thousand years more, he would still absolutely be caught unprepared when confronting it for the first time…


Before Yue Jinxi could let out a shout in fright, the Golden Crow Manifest God struck him right in the face.

A scream resounded in the sky as all the profound energy unleashed by Yue Jinxi dispersed completely. His body was set on fire, and he fell head first onto the ground.

Silence instantly came over Divine Moon City, so much so that even the sound of a pin dropping on the ground could be heard.

Each and every profound practitioner of the Eastern Divine Region’s lower, middle, and upper star realms, and even the moon guards and moon god envoys of the Moon God Realm, couldn’t help but be stupefied at such a development. Countless people felt their hearts tighten up, and many others were swallowing down their saliva constantly… This monster called Yun Che, who had caused sensation in the entire God Realm, had once again made them see something that was really difficult to believe.

Earlier, almost no one dared believe that he could defeat the two princes… They had thought that even defeating one of them would be a difficult task for him.

Yet, facing the two great sons of the Moon God Emperor, two level three Divine Kings, he was actually able to… wreck them thoroughly!

He had totally destroyed them from start to end!!

Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi were two Divine Kings of a king realm. The strength they possessed was certainly self-evident. But when the two of them fought Yun Che, they looked like monkeys who had just learned to walk. Not only were their bodies battered, they also got tricked by their opponent again and again. In the short time when it was almost impossible to react, they were severely injured by Yun Che, one after another.

On the other hand, there wasn’t the slightest injury on Yun Che’s body. Not a crease was visible on his Ice Phoenix snow robe, not a speck of dust was visible, either.

Only fifteen days had passed since Yun Che had defeated Luo Changsheng.

At this time, they had had finally begun to notice that on the last day of the Conferred God Battle, Yun Che hadn’t displayed his full might when he suppressed Luo Changsheng with absolute strength!

He hadn’t used even half!

Yun Che didn’t continue to attack any further. With both of his hands behind his back, he coldly smiled at the utterly miserable-looking princes of the Moon God Realm that were a distance away, “Is this your so-called strength that I don’t even have the qualifications to challenge?”

When he was going all-out, Yun Che’s battle strength was definitely above either of them.

But if the two great princes at the Divine King Realm were to join hands, it would absolutely be enough to cause him significant trouble.

However, unfortunately, it wasn’t just battle strength that they were inferior in compared to Yun Che.

Yun Che had gained his strength by treading on numerous corpses. He had experienced countless situations where he could die at any moment. But the two great princes of the Moon God Realm had an honorable background and standing, so they had never gone through any life and death battles.

They were several times older than Yun Che, and their knowledge of the profound way surpassed Yun Che’s by a great realm, but when speaking of battle sense, the two of them combined were not even worthy to be compared to Yun Che.

Getting severely injured… suffering total defeat… and as a result, completely losing their dignity… When they heard Yun Che’s sarcastic words at this time, blood filled the eyes of both Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi. Then, they mustered all the strength left in their bodies and pounced towards Yun Che like crazy, wild beasts.

As the princes of a king realm, they had never suffered such a setback and humiliation… To top it off, it was happening with everybody watching!

Yun Che slowly took a step ahead with an indifferent look in his eyes.

But the moment he took this casual step, everyone saw a blur before their eyes, after which, three Yun Che’s appeared all of a sudden… Every one of them had the perfect form and aura of Yun Che.

“Oh? It’s Star God’s Broken Shadow!” High above the clouds, Qianye Ying’er said in a light tone.


Two loud sounds resounded in the area. As the profound energies of Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi shattered the two fake images among the three Yun Ches, their bodies were hit by the aftershock of each other’s energy, which made them almost vomit blood.

As for the real body of Yun Che, it was less than sixty meters above them in the sky. He waved his arm downward, using the edge of his palm as the blade of a sword. A vast, mighty force poured down from above, accompanied by the momentary howl of a wolf.

Wild Fang!


The mightiness of this attack caused the world to shake, as if the vault of heaven was crumbling down. Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi appeared like two bundles of rice straw that were drawn in the hurricane of the doomsday, and blood spilled all round amidst their incomparably mournful screams…


A loud sound rang out once again. The ground below their feet paved with moonlight stones caved in all of sudden, and a bottomless ditch cracked open in no time.

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