Chapter 1285 - Stainless and Boundless

Against the Gods

Chapter 1285 - Stainless and Boundless

“In the eyes of the world, foster father was possessed of a loose and lustful nature. He had taken countless concubines yet he had never made anyone his empress. This continued until that one fateful year. It was about a century ago when he was traipsing through a middle star realm that he met a girl that stole away his heart and his soul at first sight.”

“He concealed his identity as the Moon God Emperor and stayed in that star realm. He had originally thought that it was just a passing fancy, but the closer he got to that girl, the more deeply he was drawn in and so it was like this as a few days passed… as more than ten days passed… as several months passed… but he was unwilling to leave.”

“He was the Moon God Emperor, so even though he had concealed his identity, he could not get rid of the innate nobility he was born with. But all that he was had also deeply mesmerized the girl. The two of them had fallen in love with each other, and it was an extremely deep and shared love…”

“It was also from that moment forward that foster father has not taken another concubine… until now.”

The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace’s speed was peerless but the internal space was extremely quiet and one could not hear even a trace of the sound of space being cut apart. He stared at side profile of Xia Qingyue’s face, a sight so beautiful that it could take one’s breath away, as he quietly listened to her give her dreamlike recount.

He had already guessed the identity of the “girl” Xia Qingyue was talking about.

After that, the Moon God Emperor had not taken another concubine… Those words were something that Yun Che believed completely as well. Because the two youngest sons of the Moon God Emperor—Yue Huan and Yue Jinxi were already more than one hundred years old. This also meant that not only had the Moon God Emperor not taken any new concubines, it was very likely that he had not even touched any other woman from that moment onwards…

“The two of them had stayed together for several decades before they discovered each other’s greatest secret… She found out that foster father was the Moon God Emperor and foster father found out she actually had the ‘Divine Stainless Body’ that would shock the world.”

It was Yue Wugou after all… Yun Che softly muttered in his heart.

It was just that… it turns out that the Moon God Emperor had not wanted to make her his empress because of her ‘Divine Stainless Body’. Rather, it was only after he had fallen in love with her that he found out about her possessing the Divine Stainless Body.

“After that, foster father brought her back to the Moon God Realm and grandly announced to the entire universe that he would make her his Moon God Empress.”

“It was just that appointing a god empress is far from normal. As the emperor of the Moon God Realm, he could take concubines as he pleased, but the Moon God Empress was not a person that belonged solely to him. It was something that concerned the dignity and prestige of the entire Moon God Realm. If it was just a normal girl from a middle star realm who was forcibly made empress, the entire Moon God Realm would definitely object. So foster father made public the matter regarding her Divine Stainless Body and also gave her the name ‘Yue Wugou’.”

Yun Che felt his heart wrench… So it turns out that the Moon God Emperor had not announced to the world that he was going to make a girl who possessed the ‘Divine Stainless Body’ his empress because of glory, it was because… he had no choice but to do so.

He was not a god emperor that belonged solely to himself, he was the god emperor of the entire Moon God Realm.

“Do you know why foster father gave her the name ‘Yue Wugou’?” Xia Qingyue suddenly asked in a gloomy voice.

Yun Che was stunned for a moment but he replied after some consideration, “Could it be that it was not only because… of her Divine Stainless Body?”

Xia Qingyue lightly shook her head, “The world thought that the name ‘Yue Wugou’ was only due to the fact that she possessed the Divine Stainless Body. But they did not know that the word Wugou was foster father telling her that his feelings for her were stainless and pure, and that there was nothing staining or polluting them. He wanted to make her his empress purely because of who she was, and not because of her Divine Stainless Body.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Foster father’s name is ‘Yue Wuya’, so when the both of them combined their names, it turns into the words ‘stainless and boundless’. It meant that their feelings for each other were not contaminated by anything else and that there would never be a limit to their love.”

Stainless and boundless… Yun Che’s heart was deeply moved by those words. To think that the Moon God Emperor and Yue Wugou actually shared such a deep love in the past and their union actually had nothing to do with the labels “God Emperor” and “Divine Stainless Body”.

But in the eyes of the world, the only reason for the Moon God Emperor to make a girl who had been born in a middle star realm his empress, was precisely because of that “Divine Stainless Body”.

But this was something understandable as well. After all, the people of this world would only be willing to operate on their own perception and understanding of things.

It was just that if this was the case, then the “tragedy” that happened later would definitely have caused far greater harm to the Moon God Emperor than anyone else could imagine.

“As for what happened next, perhaps… you’ve already heard of it.”

Xia Qinyue’s chest lightly rose and fell. All those years ago, it could be said that the “scandal” of the Moon God Realm had engulfed the entire God Realm. Moreover, while the rest of them were gleefully discussing this “scandal”, fully indulging their sense of schadenfreude as they sneered and mocked the Moon God Realm behind its back, they were mocking the pain and despair of her friends, family, and the person she held most dear to her heart.

Yun Che nodded his head. But even though he had listened to this point, he still did not understand just why Xia Qingyue wanted to recount such a tale. Furthermore, why she did she know it in such great detail?

“Foster father constructed the God Empress Palace for Yue Wugou, he also invited everyone under heaven to the ceremony. All in order to give her the most lavish and grand ceremony to crown her empress. It was… just ten days away from their wedding ceremony that Yue Wugou returned to the star realm she was born in so that she could personally bring her parents to the Moon God Realm, but while they were on their way there, they were despicably ambushed by someone.”

“At that time, in order to protect Yu Wugou thoroughly, foster father had not only dispatched a large amount of moon guards, he had even sent two strong divine moon envoys to accompany her… But those ambushers were far too dreadful, all of the moon guards and even the envoys lost their lives in that attack.

The divine moon envoys were existences that were only inferior to the Moon Gods themselves. In order to be named a divine moon envoy, one must become a Divine Master first. Within the vast Moon God Realm, there were currently only thirty-six divine moon envoys.

Defeating and killing were two completely different notions altogether. To be able to kill two divine moon envoys in that attack, one had to be at least a powerhouse at the level of a Star God, Moon God, or guardian and it was very possible that there was more than one of them among the assailants.

Thus, this could only have been done by a king realm. Moreover, the king realm with the most motivation and reason to do such a thing was the Star God Realm.

The clearly irrational and crazed vengeance of the Moon God Emperor that came after that was also directed at the Star God Realm.

It was for this reason that Jasmine’s mother had died…

“They had originally intended to capture Yue Wugou alive, but Yue Wugou had many of the best protective treasures of the Moon God Realm on her person, so she escaped their grasp many times and she had nearly given them the slip a few times. In the end, their intent to capture turned into an intent to kill… But the blow that should have ended her life was blocked by the ‘Moon Heart Plate’ the Moon God Emperor had personally fitted over her chest. Furthermore, within the Moon Heart Plate, was a Void Illusion Stone.”

A power that could slay even a divine moon envoy was completely blocked by this “Moon Heart Plate”, so one could well imagine just how strong a protective device this was. Furthermore, after the “Moon Heart Plate” had been shattered, there was still a Void Illusion Stone that lay within.

It was clear to see that the Moon God Emperor was really extremely protective of Yue Wugou.

“As it had blocked that fatal attack for Yue Wugou, the Moon Heart Plate and the Void Illusion Stone within it shattered at the same time, bringing Yue Wugou to another world, a world that was completely foreign and strange to her.”

The dimensional teleportation of a Void Illusion Stone was completely random but it would not leave behind any spatial or dimensional traces. Otherwise, if it was a normal dimensional stone or dimensional profound device, it would definitely be easy to trace and follow.

“So where was Yue Wugou teleported to?” Yun Che asked. Nearly nobody knew the answer to this question, and this included the Moon God Emperor himself.

Xia Qingyue softly whispered her response, “The Profound Sky Continent.”

“Wh… whaat!?” Those four simple words had shocked Yun Che so greatly that he nearly leapt to his feet.

The Yue Wugou who had barely survived her great calamity had actually been teleported to the Profound Sky Continent all those years ago?

W-w-what kind of a joke was this!?

Yue Wugou was a divine way profound practitioner! A slap of her hand would destroy several Mighty Heavenly Sword Regions and Sun Moon Divine Halls. So why had no one heard of such a personage appearing in the Profound Sky Continent?

Furthermore, she was in such a deep mutual love with the Moon God Emperor at that time that they had coined the term “stainless and boundless” for themselves, so why would she have shacked up with another man and even had children with him?

Xia Qingyue continued her story, “Even though the Moon Heart Plate saved her life, that villain’s strength was simply far too great. She sustained serious injuries and she had already fainted when she was being sent away by that Void Illusion Stone… In addition to this, she had also lost all of her profound strength and memories.”

Yun Che’s brows twitched greatly at that… So that was the case.

This actually sounded very similar to what had happened to Mu Bingyun a millenia ago. At that time, Mu Bingyun had also suffered heavy injuries while being afflicted by a virulent poison. She had lost all of her powers and memories and after that she had slowly and steadily recovered, establishing Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace during that period of time.

A profound energy impact that was too intense and nearly-fatal could indeed cause one’s profound strength to be so impacted that it would nearly completely dissipate. One’s brain could also be shaken so severely that it would cause one’s memories to either be lost or thrown into chaos… Whether it was Mu Bingyun or Yue Wugou, they had both suffered nearly fatal injuries all those years ago, so losing one’s profound strength and memories temporarily did not seem too big a coincidence.

However being teleported to the Profound Sky Continent was indeed quite coincidental.

“She landed on a remote mountain, unconscious in the snow. She did not even know how long she had lain there… But after that, she was rescued by a passing merchant who brought her home.”

Once he had heard this part, Yun Che had begun to come to the conclusion that the merchant who had picked up Yue Wugou was most likely…

Suddenly, Yun Che’s eyes widened explosively.

Snowstorm… Merchant… Complete amnesia… Leaving forever… Realm of the Gods…

As these words pounded in his head, they began to merge slowly with the tale that Xia Qingyue had been recounting… it began to merge more and more before…

“That merchant… who picked up Yue Wugou. Could it be that this merchant is…” Yun Che’s words came out in dribs and drabs before he finally spoke the last two words with extreme difficulty, “Unc… Uncle… Xia?”

He glanced towards Xia Qingyue’s profile only to discover that she had remained silent, but she did not shake her head even after a long time had passed.

Yun Che’s mouth gaped open instantly, he used both hands to push his jaw up and it was after nearly using all of his strength that he could finally force his mouth closed. After that, he said in a voice that somewhat trembled, “You… and Xia Yuanba… Your mother is… Yue Wugou!?!?”

“Yes.” Xia Qingyue finally nodded her head.


Yun Che felt like someone had smashed the back of his head with a stick as his mind started buzzing and ringing.

Xia Hongyi’s wife, his mother-in-law, and Xia Qingyue and Xia Yuanba’s birth mother was actually the woman who had previously shaken the entire Eastern Divine Region and had nearly become the Moon God Empress, Yue Wugou!!

Holy… Sh… 

When he was still in the Profound Sky Continent, Yun Che had found out that Xia Qingyue and Xia Yuanba’s mother was someone who had come from the God Realm and she had left them forever after she recovered both her memories and her strength.


Xia Hongyi, a simple merchant from Floating Cloud City.

Yue Wugou, the Stainless Divine Maiden whom the Moon God Emperor dearly loved…

Even if Yun Che grew a thousand more brains, it would still be absolutely impossible for him to link the two aforementioned people together.

Yet somehow… the two of them got married in Floating Cloud City and even had two children together.

It was no wonder that even though Xia Hongyi was a merchant from birth who was not competent in the profound way, Xia Qingyue and Xia Yuanba had innate talent that was so high that it was shocking. One possessed the world-shocking “Heart of Glazed Glass” and “Nine Profound Exquisite Body”, while the other possessed the “Tyrannical Emperor’s Divine Veins”. As it turns out, this was actually because they were the progeny spawned from the “Divine Stainless Body”.

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