Chapter 129 - Sikong Du

Against the Gods

Chapter 129 - Sikong Du

Seeing that Yun Che’s expression suddenly relaxed, and that it appeared to have a bit of a secret delighted feeling, Feng Yue almost laughed out loud, “Sure! Of course I’m sure. However, as for you, do you have the guts to agree to it? I’ve heard that your profound strength is at the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm. Tsk tsk, it’s really not that bad. If a mere Nascent Profound Realm tenth ranker doesn’t even dare to accept this challenge, then you should just get out obediently and not be a disgrace here.”

Far away, in a simple, small pavilion, Qin Wuyou sat calmly on a stone bench, clad in purple robes while drinking tea leisurely. His attention was always on Yun Che. Even though the distance between them was large, he could still see anything and hear anything that happened to Yun Che. Hearing the excessively arrogant “Pact of Three Moves” that Feng Yue had proposed to Yun Che, Qin Wuyou’s expression suddenly changed. Standing, he said, “Sikong, go stop Yun Che immediately. Absolutely do not let him agree to Feng Yue’s words. You should be clear on what Feng Yue’s an expert in.”

“Yes, Instructor Qin.” A young boy beside Qin Wuyou who looked to be below twenty nodded and answered before quickly walking quickly towards the direction Yun Che was in.

Yun Xiaofan’s grievous injuries had attracted much attention there. Young practitioners who were waiting to be assessed were all stunned…. Yun Che’s profound strength was of the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, while Feng Yue’s profound strength was of the third level of the True Profound Realm. Although it was only higher than Yun Che’s by three levels, there was also the difference of an entire realm in between. But forcibly taking three hits from the other party without moving was also pushing it a bit too much. Let alone tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm, even if it was three full out strikes from a seventh ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm, granted that it wouldn’t go as far as to harm him, how could he possibly not be made to move?

And those Profound Palace disciples who had come to join the commotion revealed gleeful expressions of schadenfreude. Seeing that Yun Che was clearly about to agree, their hearts started to feel pity.

If it was another profound practitioner of the third level of the True Profound Realm, it would be true that they were fundamentally incapable of not moving after three full out hits by a tenth level in the Nascent Profound Realm. But Feng Yue was a special case; he could most definitely do it with all the ease in the world.

Just when Yun Che was about to open his move to speak, a solemn, ear-splitting voice suddenly came from behind, “Feng Yue, I’ve long heard that you were sinister and contemptible, and they have not been wrong about you! To actually use such a despicable ploy to trap a disciple who is about to enter the palace, you have completely disgraced our Blue Wind Profound Palace.”

These words caused Feng Yue’s expression to change. He was about to burst into agitated fury until he saw the young man who walked through the crowd of people. His expression changed again abruptly and obediently swallowed back the words he was about to say. His face was completely red, but he didn’t dare to voice his anger at all.

The moment this man appeared, the surroundings fell silent for a short period of time. Thereafter, loud exclamations and discussions rang out as all of their gazes grew passionate.

“Look at his armband, that is… that is the sign of an inner palace disciple! My heavens, AN INNER PALACE DISCIPLE!” A disciple who had just passed the examination said with complete respect and yearning.

“It’s the thirty ninth senior brother on the Heavenly Profound List, Sikong Du! Crap, it’s really him! These Senior brothers and sisters from the inner palace usually stay in the inner palace, and are rarely seen, but he actually came here.”

“I’ve heard that Sikong Du’s profound strength is already at the tenth level of True Profound Realm! Within a year, he’ll be able to break into the Spirit Profound Realm. If I could reach his current stage by the time I’m thirty, I’d be laughing even in my dreams.”

“But why would Senior Brother Sikong come here? And to even scold Feng Yue harshly, unless he’s got some sort of animosity towards Feng Yue? I’ve never heard of it before. Also, even though Feng Yue often bullies the Outer Palace disciples, he still wouldn’t have the guts to piss off any Inner Palace disciples.”

Out of the fifty thousand plus disciples within Blue Wind Profound Palace, only a hundred of the disciples were in the Inner Palace. It was obvious what kind of geniuses this group of hundred were. To call them unrivalled demons wouldn’t be an exaggeration. And competition was the most intense within these hundred people of the Inner Palace. They have already reached the highest tier within Blue Wind Profound Palace; therefore, their ambitions and goals were now concentrated on the Heavenly Profound List. They trained as if their lives depended upon it to raise their standing on the Heavenly Profound List. As for the Outer Palace and Middle Palace, they didn’t even deign to visit them, so usually, Outer and Middle Palace disciples wouldn’t even get to see disciples from the Inner Palace.

In regards to the discussion and the watchful eyes of the audience, Sikong Du was the picture of calm. It was evident that he had long ago gotten accustomed to it. At close range, he gave Yun Che a once over with a good-natured gaze, “You’re called Yun Che right? Don’t agree to that three move whatever pact he put forth! This Feng Yue comes from Western Great Desert's Solid Earth Villa, Solid Earth Villa family’s profound art specializes in defense! While his profound strength may only be at the third level of the True Profound Realm, if he were to put his all into defending, let alone you, even practitioners of the same level as him wouldn’t be able to push him back at all in three moves! If you are to agree, it would definitely be falling into the trap he has set for you.”

The moment Sikong Du said this, those around them came to a sudden realization. Then, fury blossomed in their hearts and they looked towards Feng Yue with disdain and disgust. Relying on what he was good at to make this sort of “Pact of Three Moves” with a disciple who was going through an assessment to enter the palace was so thoroughly despicable and dark to an extreme.

Yun Che nodded and smiled gratefully to Sikong Du, saying, “So it’s like that. I thank Brother Sikong for the reminder… Dare I ask, is Brother Sikong’s father elder Sikong Han from New Moon Profound Palace?”

As a disciple of the Inner Palace, Sikong Du had absolutely no reason to get involved with this incident, and had even less of reason to help him, a person who hadn’t even entered the Palace yet. Besides, the moment Sikong Du had appeared to him, he had been displaying goodwill and along with the surname ‘Sikong’, it made Yun Che think of one possibility. Because at that time, that person had told him that his son was in Blue Wind Profound Palace.

Sikong Du was stunned for a moment, then smiled and nodded, “You’re right, Sikong Han is indeed, my father. Instructor Qin said that your thoughts were extremely meticulous. Haha, he didn’t praise you for nothing.”

Suddenly, Yun Che completely understood everything. Sikong Du was Sikong Han’s son, and if Qin Wuyou had told Sikong Du about his identity, then Sikong Du’s actions would be explainable. And it was no wonder that Sikong Han had spoke of his son with such pride in his eyes back then; it was because his son was actually an impressive Inner Palace disciple of Blue Wind Profound Palace!

Sikong Du bowed to Instructor Qi, and said: “ Instructor Qi, this Feng Yue used the opportunity of helping with the assessment to heavily injure disciples receiving the assessment. Also, he’s setting such a dangerous trap for an assessment’s disciple, it’s completely unpardonable. I believe Feng Yue has absolutely no right to continue to stay here and should be made to leave immediately and be punished severely. As for the matter of the assessment, this disciple will willingly take his place.”

“This…..” Elder Qi showed an expression of being put on the spot. If it was an inner palace disciple, and especially a disciple within the first fifty placings on the Heavenly Profound List, even though he was an instructor in the Outer Palace, he still didn’t dare to forcefully reject him. However, the reason why Instructor Qi had allowed Feng Yue to assist in the assessment was because he was one of the disciples he had oversaw proudly back when Feng Yue was still in the Outer Palace. After Feng Yue had entered the Middle Palace, he brought even more glory to him. Feng Yue was also always very respectful towards him and always secretly sent him all sorts of expensive gifts, so of course he would be very pleased and fond of this disciple.

This was also the reason why Feng Yue dared to be so unscrupulous in front of Elder Qi.

If he were to go along with what Sikong Du had said, Feng Yue would definitely lose all his prestige. His bad reputation for harming and putting disciples taking the assessment on purpose would be solidified, it would be extremely unfavourable for the rest of his life in the Profound Palace henceforth. Immediately, Instructor Qi said firmly, “While what Feng Yue did might indeed have been slightly overboard, under this situation of exchanging pointers, it’s hard for him to control his strength. Feng Yue was fighting hand to hand with Yun Xiaofan for the first time, so he wrongly estimated his opponent’s profound strength, therefore it is pardonable for him to have been too harsh while attacking. Since he had absolutely no reason to seriously hurt a disciple taking an assessment he isn’t familiar with, it definitely wasn’t on purpose. As for the ‘Pact of Three Moves’ he had proposed, it must also be agreed on by both parties willingly. Feng Yue doesn’t seem to have any intention of forcing it on him. If he is confident, he can agree to it. If he feels that it’s not suitable, he can also turn it down. I actually think that it’s harmless.

Elder Qi’s words caused Feng Yue’s expression to relax immediately. He also immediately stacked up smiles on his face and said, “Instructor Qi is right. Senior brother Sikong, each of Instructor Qi’s words is true. Even if I had a lot of nerve, I still would never dare to intentionally do something that might cause harm to my prospective younger juniors. As for having harmed Yun Xiaofan, it was completely unintentional on my part. Later on, I will personally give him a Heaven Returning Pellet with my own two hands as an apology. Err, if Senior brother Sikong is interested in assessing disciples’ combat strength, I’ll gladly concede this position. For our prospective younger juniors to see Senior brother Sikong’s graceful bearing on their own would be an extremely fortuitous thing.

While Instructor Qi’s words were obviously biased, his argument was very rigorous. Feng Yue’s look of acknowledging his mistake also caused Sikong Du to be unable to voice his anger. After all, even though he was an Inner Palace disciple, he still wasn’t willing to offend an Outer Palace instructor.

Yet at this, he heard Yun Che say suddenly, “What instructor Qi said is right, Feng Yue’s ‘Pact of Three Moves’ indeed needs both parties to be willing. Even though it’s somewhat despicable and shameless, but since Feng Yue has proposed it, I’ll definitely have to accept it. Else if I don’t accept it, won’t I be laughed at by many for being someone who can’t confront his problems after I enter the Profound Palace?

Once Yun Che said this, everyone was momentarily stunned.

Sikong Du’s brows knitted violently, saying, “Yun Che, did you completely not hear what I’d just said to you? His clan’s Profound technique is built on the foundation of defensive Profound energy, it’s completely not something you can shake! If he stands there, let alone three moves, even with thirty moves, you won’t be able to make him move back even half a step! Hurry up and take back what you’d just said, and not accept this sure-fail ‘Pact of Three Moves’. It will not be shameful to you at all, and no one will say that you’re someone who can’t confront his problems either. If you really accept it, you’ll be truly stupid then!”

Against Sikong Du’s expectations, Yun Che instead, shook his head and said, “Thank you, Brother Sikong, for your reminder, however, I’ve always had a lot of confidence in my profound strength. For this Pact of Three Moves, it is not certain that I would lose. If I win by a fluke, then Senior Brother Feng Yue will have to walk upside down in front of me in future. Just that alone is something to rejoice over.”

“Wh…. Why are you so stupidly stubborn and conceited!” Sikong Du’s face hardened, and his gaze towards Yun Che became one of puzzlement and disappointment, “You’re completely unclear of how strong Feng Yue’s profound art’s defensive capabilities are. It definitely surpasses that of what you can imagine! You definitely won’t have any chance of winning! You’re only vainly thinking of winning just to see him be humiliated to relieve your hatred. Have you not thought about how, if you lose, you’ll have to leave Blue Wind Profound Palace forever?”

Yun Che’s stubborn conceitedness caused hints of anger to slip into Sikong Du’s voice. But after his tirade, Yun Che still kept a mild smile of not caring in the least, “Brother Sikong, you just have to watch well at the sides. I’ve already hardened my heart into wanting to see how this Senior brother will look like walking upside down.”

“You!” Sikong Du swung out his hand in frustration: “Forget it! I’ve already said all I’ve had to say, what you choose is your own business! I hope you won’t regret your decision later!”

Finishing his speech, he sulkily walked aside; however, he did not leave, and instead furrowed his eyebrows as he thought about how he should clean up the mess for Yun Che after his defeat….. He was someone who would repay favors and gratitude; Yun Che’s grandfather had saved him back then, so he wouldn’t just watch his benefactor’s grandson be entrapped like this.

Yun Che had already stood before Feng Yue, and said while smiling indifferently: “Are you ready? I’m about to start attacking now.”

“HAHAHAHAHA…..” Feng Yue’s lungs had almost exploded from laughing too hard. Such a big shot like Sikong Du had specially appeared to save Yun Che from his predicament, yet he still forcefully insisted on embarrassing himself. He had met idiots before, but had never seen someone so stubbornly stupid to such an extreme.

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