Chapter 1297 - Begging For Death

Against the Gods

Chapter 1297 - Begging For Death


With a huge explosion, the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword’s blue light burst outwards and a “Wild Fang” locked onto Qianye Ying’er as it heavily smashed downwards.

Each sword stroke of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome possessed enormous power. As the second sword style of the Heavenly Wolf, the Wild Fang that Yun Che had produced with his hand acting as a sword had heavily wounded the two great princes who were at the Divine King Realm. However, when Caizhi performed this move with her sword, it released what could truly be called a vast heavenly might.

A wolf’s howl ripped through the air and the image of an enormous azure wolf suddenly appeared in the heavens above… Compared to the blurry, flashing image of a wolf that had appeared behind Yun Che’s body, the image that appeared behind Caizhi was that of an azure wolf which towered to the sky. Its pupils gleamed red like prisons of blood and its mouth looked as if it could devour the heavens themselves. Following the dancing of the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword, that towering azure wolf rushed straight towards Qianye Ying’er with an apocalyptic sword might.

Qianye Ying’er did not move one inch from where she was standing. She simply raised a single hand as a golden halo suddenly appeared out of thin air. Yet this golden halo was able to instantly restrain that Heavenly Wolf sword might… However, at almost the exact same instant, a red line ripped through the air and shot towards Qianye Ying’er’s throat like a streaking meteor.

Qianye Ying’er’s eyes grew focused as the golden glow radiating from her body started to faintly circulate.

In the blink of an eye, the surrounding space had been directly twisted into a terrifying “S” shape… This was not the space within the lower realms or the God Realm, it was the space within the God Realm of Absolute Beginning! It possessed what was practically the highest level of spatial laws in the universe. Being able to distort the space in this place to such a degree required an extremely terrifying amount of power… and the ripping force of this power was undoubtedly extremely dreadful as well.

Within that distorted space, Caizhi and Jasmine’s powers were nearly instantly dissipated, and both of them were flung far out in different directions.

“How can she be… this powerful?” Caizhi’s serious and focused face was now colored with a shock that was hard to conceal. This was the first time she had ever witnessed the dreadfulness of Qianye Ying’er. She had not used her full power, she had not even taken out a weapon, yet that formless oppressive might made it difficult for her to even breathe… She was definitely more powerful than all the Star Gods, save Xing Juekong!

“She is that powerful,” Jasmine said in a cold voice. Even though her killing intent and hatred towards Qianye Ying’er had reached their limits, her ice cold logic was telling her one thing over and over again: Even if two more Star Gods were to appear, attempting to kill Qianye Ying’er would simply be wishful thinking, much less doing so with just herself and Caizhi.

The only thing she and Caizhi could do right now was to do their very best to keep her in this place so as to allow Yun Che to flee as far as he possibly could.

With a single breath, her figure flickered and vanished like a ghost into thin air… When she appeared once again, she had already split into seven different images, these seven images all carried twinkling lights which seethed with a force that promised the end of all life...

“Star God’s Brilliant Annihilating Slash!” 

The two sister’s hearts and thoughts were aligned, because Caizhi’s Heavenly Wolf sword might had also swept downwards simultaneously. The Star God Realm’s elder and junior princesses, the two youngest Star Gods combined their full power for the first time, in this place, as they attempted to surround and kill the Brahma Monarch Goddess—the most terrifying woman in the entire Eastern Divine Region.


The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace’s speed had already reached the limit of all profound warships that existed in the universe, yet at this moment, Xia Qingyue felt it was still far too slow.

She had kept Yun Che in her embrace as she knelt on the ground and she maintained this posture for a very long time. Her heart had been completely engulfed by anxiety and an ice-cold sensation. Xia Qingyue, who was usually as cool as ice, could not find a single moment of composure at this time.

For the past few years that she had been in the God Realm, her heart had indeed been very calm and composed. It was the kind of composure that had no desires, the kind of composure that seemed completely isolated from all worldliness. However, when the Yun Che that she had long thought was dead for many years appeared in front of her, she had fled with him… This was a not a choice that had been made after much thought, or a choice that had been made rationally. Instead, it had originated from her own instinctive desires.

Even though this choice had burdened her with an extremely heavy guilt… a guilt so heavy that she thought that she had to use her entire life to atone for it.

Perhaps she still did not truly understand why she had instinctively made such a decision, but at the very least, when she saw the Yun Che whom she had thought had been separated from this mortal realm and her ages ago, appear alive and kicking before her very eyes, her heart and soul, which had fallen silent for a long time, had once again started to move… This was a very clear and distinct sensation, and it was more clear and distinct than any other time her heart and soul had been moved.

Yet, within the span of one short day, she had fallen straight into a deep abyss once again… Her most beautiful and pleasant dream had morphed into the most dreadful nightmare in but a single instant.

The Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark...

Within the memory fragments that the Moon God Emperor had gifted to her, the remnants of an extremely intense dread were attached to any memories concerning the “Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark”. To be able to cause an existence like the Moon God Emperor to feel such terror… Just from that alone, one could well imagine just how dreadful this curse was.

Yet, it had descended upon the Yun Che that she had just regained after having lost him for such a long time.

Yun Che had remained unconscious all this while, but his face had remained pale white throughout, not regaining the slightest bit of color, and his teeth were beginning to tightly clench together. Every organ and muscle on his face seemed to be tensed up to the point where his features had started to twist… Every single one of these signs spoke of just how cruel his current torment was.

It was at this moment that his body suddenly flashed with golden light and those golden markings began to appear one after the other.

It was as if a wild beast that had been plunged into the depths of despair had been startled awake by a nightmare. Yun Che’s hoarse wail rent the air, his entire body violently twitched and spasmed, causing him to jerk out of Xia Qingyue’s embrace as he fell to the ground. Following that, he began rolling on the ground in extreme pain as he howled and wailed...

“Yun Che!”

Xia Qingyue had been startled by what had just happened and she hurriedly stepped forward. But Yun Che’s body was wildly thrashing about as his limbs contorted and danced in the air. Xia Qingyue was flung away from him by a ferocious wave of his hand just as she drew near.

People who had never experienced what it was like to bear the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark would never be able to understand just what kind of pain Yun Che was enduring right now.

At times, his entire body would curl up and shiver, as if he had been thrown into the deepest layer of an underworld prison and his entire body had been pierced with countless ice-cold poisoned spears. But in the next instant, it would then feel as if his body was being ripped apart, his bones were being shattered and he was being roasted by flames that were even more cruel than the fires of purgatory...

Every single kind of pain and torment that was imaginable, every single kind of pain and torment that could not be imagined, and even every single kind of pain and torment that people did not even dare to imagine. Yun Che was mercilessly wracked by all of these things with every breath he took, with every single second that passed by...



In just a few short breaths after he had woken up, Yun Che’s entire body had been drenched in cold sweat and all of the veins in his body had popped out and started writhing in a most grotesque manner. His four limbs crazily drummed against the floor, and everything that surrounded him, before he proceeded to grab and snatch at his own body… In the blink of an eye, his body had been covered with bloody scratches, and in the very next instant, he had already made himself into a bloody mess.

“Yun Che… Yun Che!!”

As she personally witnessed Yun Che carving bloody grooves into his own body, Xia Qingyue felt her heart and soul shudder. She no longer cared about anything else as she strongly circulated profound energy and rushed towards Yun Che… Even though Yun Che could not use any profound energy in his current condition, his physical power and the hardiness of his body had always been extremely high. This, in addition to his violent struggling in the depths of his despair, caused his arms to shrug off Xia Qingyue’s grasp as he wildly clawed at her body.

One of his spasming and contorting hands tightly grabbed her left arm while the other lunged towards her chest before firmly latching on to a lump of softness as it squeezed down on it...

Pain appeared on Xia Qingyue’s face, but she did not attempt to struggle free. Instead, she closed her eyes and tightly hugged Yun Che’s spasming and shuddering body.



A few droplets of water, that seemed both ice cold and warm at the same time, fell from some unknown place, as they silently landed on the bloody grooves that Yun Che had carved into his own chest, and mingled with his blood. It was in that moment that Yun Che’s blood-filled eyes finally began to show some signs of rationality...

Amidst his blurry thoughts and vision, he saw that his own left hand had grabbed Xia Qingyue’s arm, his fingers completely digging into her flesh as they formed five bloody holes in her perfect and flawless jade skin, staining half of her sleeve with fresh blood. Furthermore, his right hand had dug deeply into her left breast. Underneath the ripped moon robes, her snowy flesh, that had been shaped like a full moon, had been grabbed so hard that it had changed shape, and there were five startling and eye-catching red marks on her skin as well...

She had not dodged, nor had she made a single sound, she had merely clung onto him tightly.

His pupils dilated dramatically as he desperately withdrew his hands as they trembled even more intensely. He opened his mouth, letting out a voice that was hoarser and uglier to the ear than a devil’s, “Qing… yue…” 

“Kill… me…”

His had been a life filled with innumerable wounds and injuries, and he had danced around the border of life and death countless times. Yun Che, who was not even afraid of the pain of his soul leaving his body, was using all his remaining will to beg for death now that he had been afflicted by the “Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark”. 

“Yun Che…” Xia Qingyue shook her head, “Don’t say those words, I have a plan to save you, we will definitely be able to…”

“Kill… me… Ahhhhhhhhhh…”

He had clearly heard every single word that Qianye Ying’er had previously said even though he was in agony. The pain he was currently enduring far exceeded the pain of his soul leaving his body, the pain that he had experienced when attempting pluck the Netherworld Udumbara Flower… At least back then, he could still use his will to endure that pain, but the torment inflicted by the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark had caused his will and conviction to completely collapse. It was not a pain that any human being, or any living creature at that, could endure.

If one had to live with this kind of pain forever, then death would be the greatest release instead.

If Qianye Ying’er was the only one who could release him from this torment, then he would rather die!

Following the second time he said those words, his eyes swiftly grew dull and gloomy… Those eyes that were originally as red as blood had now clearly been covered by a layer of dark gray light.

It was a will to die!

Xia Qingyue found it hard to breathe. The right hand she had used to tightly hug Yun Che suddenly loosened its grip before she fiercely slapped Yun Che across the face with it.


This slap rang extremely loudly in the air. It was just that compared to the torment inflicted by the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, the pain of this slap could barely be felt… Yet it fiercely impacted Yun Che’s heart and soul, causing his eyes to focus and even causing the spasms wracking his body to stop for a moment.

“Yun Che, you listen here…” Xia Qingyue’s voice faintly trembled amid the cold gloom, “You are Yun Che, not the kind of trash that would be so easily defeated by this! All those years ago, you did not die in the Heavenly Sword Villa, you did not die in the Primordial Profound Ark… So what reason do you have to completely collapse due to a lousy curse like this!”

“Don’t forget how many people in the Profound Sky Continent are waiting for you… Don’t forget that I abandoned both my mother and foster father for your sake… But even more than that, don’t forget who the one who caused you this pain is, because you must return it a million times over… So, you need to live… and you’re never allowed to say those words again…”

Xia Qingyue sucked in a deep breath as she fiercely held back her own tears before she finally shook her head and said, “Only you can know how much pain you are enduring right now. So perhaps all these words that I’ve just said to you are merely useless and vain words… But there is no absolute thing in this world, and the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark isn’t something that only Qianye can lift. There is one person, she possesses the most unique power in this universe and foster father said that her power could cleanse or purge any stain or curse in this world… So, she can definitely get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark that is currently afflicting you… She definitely can!”

“Right now, we are going to see her. Just for a few more hours… all we need is a few more hours right now, but I beg that you hold on, because she can definitely save you…”

Yun Che’s body was still crazily shuddering and twisting about and cold sweat freely flowed from every part of his body. But the dusky gloom in his eyes had started to slowly fade away, and he had even started to fiercely suppress his own wails of pain. Right now the only sounds that could be heard from him were the cracking sounds his teeth made as he ground them together...

As she felt her heartstrings relax slightly, Xia Qingyue hugged Yun Che to her chest once more before softly saying, “If it hurts, you can yell. There’s only me in this place, no one else can hear you.”

The wails of agony that Yun Che had been holding back with all his might immediately burst out of his mouth like water from a broken dam, blanketing every nook and cranny of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace.

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