Chapter 13 – The Dangerous Haze

Against the Gods

Chapter 13 – The Dangerous Haze

“Um… Little aunt, why are you looking at me with such a strange expression?” Suddenly realizing that the atmosphere had become a bit awkward, Xiao Che held his breath for a while before cautiously asking.

Only then did Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes, which had a dazed look for a long time, tremble slightly. She hastily wrested her gaze away and lowered her head, softly spitting out: “Aren’t you afraid that your wife Qingyue will hear those words that you said just now?”

Xiao Che put on a show of looking around, and then innocently said: “It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around us, so what are you afraid of? But even if she did hear me, I still don’t have anything to fear. You did not know that she actually doesn’t sincerely want to marry me, and I also do not really want to be married to her. If it was little aunt though, I…”

“Don’t talk… Don’t keep talking!”

Xiao Lingxi reached out her hand and forcefully pressed them against his lips, firmly sealing his next words. Only after a long time did she release him, once again resting her body against Xiao Che’s shoulder, peacefully saying: “Little Che, even though I’m younger than you by a year, I am truly, without a doubt, your little aunt. There are some words that you can say to other girls, that you can not say to me… In this lifetime… you can not say them… I know in your heart, you really think like this… but that’s enough…”

At the last two sentences, Xiao Lingxi’s voice had become very, very quiet. Within her muttering contained a sense of bitterness and sadness that would break the heart of anyone listening.

Xiao Che’s heart also heavily shook. He didn’t say anything else, closed his eyes, and peacefully listened to the breathing and heartbeat of the girl beside him.

“When I was young, I was thin, dark, and short. Everyone called me an ugly duckling and always made fun of me, bullied me…” Xiao Lingxi snuggled against him, a dreamy voice escaping from her mouth: “Only you would play with me. When someone bullied me, little Che would always rush up to fight with them and chase them away. You were always covered in cuts and bruises… The injuries you received at that time were all because of me. I got used to, and also enjoyed the feeling of little Che’s protection. I believed that you would always be able to protect me this way…”

Xiao Lingxi’s words reminded Xiao Che of the younger Xiao Lingxi. At that time, she truly was thin, dark, and short as she had just described, in every sense an “ugly duckling”. But because she was his little aunt, as a man, and also because he was older than her by a year, he would always, as if it was his mission, protect her with all his might…Who could have thought that this young woman would become very different from the little girl she once was. The once ugly duckling had transformed into today’s beauty. Who knows how many young men of the Xiao Clan would watered at the mouth while longing for her.

(TL: Idiom – “this girl changed eighteen times between childhood and her coming of age”)

“Afterwards, little Che found out that his profound veins were deformed. I started to bitterly cultivate my profound strength right away… because it was my turn to protect little Che. At that time, I thought whether it was little Che protecting me, or me protecting little Che, it was all one and the same. Either way we could be together… It wasn’t until I slowly grew up that I understood. That little Che would find a wife, and that I would also have to get married. By that time, we absolutely could not be as we were before… In addition, out of all the girls in the world, the only one little Che could not marry was me… Out of all the boys in the world, the only one that I could not marry was little Che…”

Xiao Che: “……”

“After such a long time, I thought I had already completely accepted it. Today little Che got married. I should be really happy, but from morning to evening, it was like something had been stuffed in my heart. It was an indescribable pain. When I wanted to sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep, no matter what I did… And little Che, when you said those kinds of words to me… I was somewhat happy, yet also really sad… What has happened to me?”

Xiao Che’s stomach heavily lurched. While he still had not spoken at this time, he also had no idea what he should say.

The dangerously hazy feeling between him and Xiao Lingxi was born a long time ago. When they became conscious of these kinds of dangerous, forbidden feelings, they still stayed together night and day, but never had even a bit of honest conversation about it. Rather, in their hearts, they blamed it on familial affection.

The him without the lifetime of memories from Azure Cloud Continent had a cowardly and self-abased personality. Even until death, he would only try to escape the words that were impossible for him to say it out loud. Until those kinds of feelings were completely buried. Xiao Lingxi… had not revealed her feelings, before today, even once. But the Xiao Che of today was not the Xiao Che from yesterday and he said those earth shattering words. In response, the indecisive Xiao Lingxi, at this isolated rear mountain hilltop in the depth of night, had let out her insuppressible feelings that she was forbidden to say.

Xiao Che’s heart began to beat at an erratic pace. As he inhaled this enrapturing girl’s fragrance, he extended his right arm, lightly embracing Xiao Lingxi’s body. Xiao Lingxi’s body quivered slightly, but did not resist. She closed her eyes, quietly nestling on top of him with her entire body weight.

The girl’s lovely body was soft, as if without bones, was like warm, fragrant and soft jade. Her tender and satiny skin, though separated by a few layers of clothing, could still cause a person’s soul shake. Xiao Che did not dare to embrace her too strongly, afraid that he would carelessly frighten or hurt her. However, immediately, he felt a pair of jade like arms stealthily wrap around his back, taking the initiative to hold him closer and closer. A gust of faint, aromatic scent from an unknown place also entered his nose and then continued deep into his heart.

Xiao Lingxi’s willingness dissolved the hesitation in Xiao Che’s heart. He extended his left arm to embrace her slender waist, but his mind suddenly froze. His arm’s destination had accidentally changed. Upon landing, the feeling of a soft and warm lump was transmitted to his hand.


Xiao Lingxi’s mouth let out a moan. Xiao Che’s mind was a mess. He immediately wanted to remove his hand, but Xiao Lingxi’s soft, jade arm rested on top of the hand that had grabbed her first. At first, Xiao Che thought she wanted to swat away the hand that had accidentally violated her, but… her jade like hand only grasped his palm and rested there, not moving away, but not allowing him to flail about. Between these proudly towering breasts, Xiao Che still could clearly feel her wild heartbeat.

The sound of Xiao Lingxi’s breath was rough and heavy. A blush had long ago extended from her face to her snow colored jade neck. She tightly closed her eyes and burrowed her head against his chest, completely motionless, as if trying hard to prove that she had already fallen asleep.

Xiao Che also closed his eyes, completely still and completely silent, the two of them peacefully cuddling against each other. At this point, neither of them were willing to talk… for that would break this completely undisturbed dream.

The night had grown deeper. When Xia Qingyue found them, they were still the same position, but had fallen into a deep sleep.

Xia Qingyue had come out to look for Xiao Che. She originally thought he had just left to take a breath of fresh air. While he was out “taking a breath of fresh air”, she had also left the bed and laid out the blanket in that corner so that he could safely sleep there upon his return. But after waiting a long time, he still had not come back.

Instead, from the direction of the earlier sounds, he seemed to have climbed over the wall toward the Xiao clan’s rear mountains.

With his weak profound strength at only the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm, he had gone to the rear mountains, for such a long time without coming back, in the middle of the night… Xia Qingyue finally was unable to hold back and came out to look for him. Thus, letting her witness this scene before her, that caused her to stare dumbfoundedly.

Today was her and Xiao Che’s first day as a married couple. When he picked her up on the road to the Xiao clan, his tranquil attitude contained proudness. In the assembly hall, he held back his anger and hatred. In the bridal chamber, though he said all kinds of things and had a vulgar mouth, his expression and the look in his eyes unceasingly swayed fascinatingly between confusion, unwillingness and despondence. There was even a desolate loneliness that even she could not understand….

But now, the him nestled together with Xiao Lingxi was sleeping with incomparable steadiness. The corner of his mouth was raised very slightly, clearly revealing a warm smile. His five sense were completely relaxed, his expression loose, tranquil and peaceful like a baby sleeping in his mother’s bosom.

Suddenly, an uncomfortable feeling floated up in Xia Qingyue’s heart… of course, this didn’t mean that she had any feelings towards Xiao Che. But she and Xiao Che had become a married couple. She had always believed that this marriage was just a formality for her, that the status as husband or wife were also mere titles, and that nothing could cause even the slightest ripple in her heart. However, in some things, the heart does not always follow a person’s expectation. This was especially true for women, who, unless they had no heart, were more prone to sentimentality.

After all, she and Xiao Che were already husband and wife. Although, in her thoughts, she didn’t care at all about this kind of union but the fact that Xiao Che was now her husband would still be distinctly imprinted in her subconscious. Since he was her husband, he should rightfully belong only to her. Instead, on his wedding night, he had cuddled with another woman until they had both fallen asleep, with such a warm and content expression on his face… Her subconscious naturally would raise that kind of unfamiliar reaction.

Even if the girl was his little aunt.

This kind of uncomfortable feeling caused her usually tranquil and frozen fairy-like heart to twinge slightly. This sense of irritation allowed her to immediately wake up from her reverie, and quickly focus all her attention to still her heart. After a long while, the prickly feeling gradually disappeared and her heart had already completely cleared.

She did not disturb Xiao Che and Xiao Lingxi and, with light footsteps, left without a sound.

After a short while, Xia Qingyue unhurriedly returned, with a crimson blanket in her arms. She carefully laid the blanket on top of Xiao Che and Xiao Lingxi’s bodies and once again left without a sound.


When Xiao Che woke up, it was already dawn. Nestled against his chest, Xiao Lingxi was still sleeping soundly, her sleeping posture charmingly sweet… if one ignored the large glob of saliva on his chest.

His sleep fogged mind gradually cleared up, and bit by bit, last night’s scene replayed in Xiao Che’s head. Though his shoulder was numb and sore after an entire night, he didn’t dare move even a little as to not disturb Xiao Lingxi’s peaceful sleep. It was also at this time that he suddenly discovered the crimson blanket covering his body.

“Well… f*ck…” As he raised his hand to grab the blanket, a low, uncontrollable roar spewed out of Xiao Che’s mouth… This clearly was the blanket that was just prepared yesterday, and had been laid out on the bridal chamber bed.

Xiao Che looked up in the direction of his own courtyard, his heart letting loose a groan… On the wedding night, not only was he not in the bridal chamber, but had also went out and slept with another woman, all night. His newly wed wife had also personally run over to deliver a blanket.

This scenario… was truly thrilling!

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