Chapter 1316 - The Sky Poison Poison Spirit

Against the Gods

Chapter 1316 - The Sky Poison Poison Spirit

“Did you previously see Senior Dragon Monarch come often?”

While the Dragon Monarch and Shen Xi were discussing important matters, Yun Che and He Ling, these two juniors, were also quietly whispering to each other.

“Mn,” He Ling nodded her head, “Even though the Dragon God Domain is very far away from here, the Dragon Monarch would still visit very often. Most of the time, he would come here once every month or two, and even if the gap between visits was longer, it would not exceed half a year. This time, the Dragon Monarch had an important matter to attend to in the Eastern Divine Region. If not, you would probably have met him quite a while back.”

“Every month or two!?” Yun Che said, shock filling his heart. Given the lifespan of the dragon race, every month or two was not much different from a human’s every day or two. Leaving aside the distance between this place and the Dragon God Domain, given the Dragon Monarch’s position, this happened with such frequency that it boggled the mind.

“That’s right,” He Ling rested her chin on her hands as she spoke in a very moved voice, “Furthermore, I heard from Master that he has done this for hundreds of thousands of years already. The Dragon Monarch is truly, deeply, and irrevocably smitten, and devoted to Master.”

“...” Yun Che slowly turned his head around, an incomparably weird look appearing on his face, “The Dragon Monarch… has always been deeply smitten and devoted… to Senior Shen Xi? Wait, wait, wait, wait! Even though I’ve only been in the God Realm for a very short period of time, even I have heard that the Dragon Monarch has very deep feelings for the Dragon Queen and that he’s only ever loved the Dragon Queen in his entire life. Furthermore, he has not taken a single concubine over these hundreds of thousands of years. So how could he also feel this way towards Senior Shen Xi…”

“Eh?” He Ling’s beautiful eyes swivelled towards him as she looked at him with an astonished expression on her face, “Could it be that you’ve been ignorant of it all this time? Master, she is the…”

Before He Ling had even finished speaking, she suddenly felt like it was hard to breathe. That was because an intimidating oppressive might had descended from the heavens, and had come very close to them. 

The Dragon Monarch!

The two people hurriedly got up and bowed at the same time.

The Dragon Monarch slowly walked forward until he faced Yun Che. He gave a small sigh before speaking, “Yun Che, she is indeed the only person in this universe that can purge you of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark that you have been afflicted with. Even though you met with a great disaster, being able to come to this place means that you’ve turned your calamity into a blessing. You are the only male that she has ever been willing to accept in this place over all these many years, so you should know that this is a gigantic opportunity for you.”

“Yes, this junior will always bear that in mind.” Upon hearing He Ling say that “the Dragon Monarch has always been deeply smitten and devoted to Master”, he felt his heart twist… and he also felt some dread bubbling up in his heart.

“The ambition of this girl Qianye is extremely big and her methods are vicious and cruel. The fact that she looked for and seized an opportunity to make her move against you doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. It was also for this reason that I advised you to come to my Dragon God Realm at that time.” The Dragon Monarch gave him a look, his eyes filled with goodwill and benevolence. At the very least, he definitely did not covet him the way Qianye Ying’er did. “After you have gotten rid of your Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, come to my Dragon God Domain. Even though you are not of the dragon race, the dragon soul that you possess naturally gives you the qualifications to enter the Dragon God Domain.”

“At least my dragon god race will be able to protect you and ensure your safety in the Dragon God Domain.” The Dragon Monarch’s eyes grew melancholic, distant and hooded. “No matter what your heart desires, there is something that you must remember. Life is more important than anything else. Even if you don’t have any freedom in the Dragon God Domain, it is far far better than losing your life in the Eastern Divine Region.”

“I thank Senior Dragon Monarch for his advice. The words of Senior Dragon Monarch are something that Yun Che will always bear in mind,” Yun Che said in a solemn manner. “When I consider what path to take in the future, this junior will definitely cautiously think it through.”

The Dragon Monarch gave a faint nod of his head. He could hear from Yun Che’s words that he still did not have the intention of staying in the Dragon God Realm, at least that was the case for the time being anyways.

“Senior… seems to be in a rather somber mood?” Yun Che asked, “Could it be because of the ‘crimson crack’?”

The Dragon Monarch’s eyes grew dull before he gave a placid laugh, “Every living creature in the world will have things that do not go according to their own wishes, even if I am the Dragon Monarch, this is also something that is unavoidable.”

“What sort of thing could exist in this universe that would not go according to the wishes of Senior Dragon Monarch?” Yun Che asked again.

The Dragon Monarch shook his head and replied, “You are still young so you naturally wouldn’t understand.”

As he said those words, he turned to the side and took to the air, vanishing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Yun Che stood to his feet and as he pondered He Ling and the Dragon Monarch’s words, his scalp suddenly started to tingle as his internal organs started shuddering… and they shuddered rather furiously at that.

Shen Xi… was the person whom the Dragon Monarch adored!?

This was f*cking...

Yun Che turned around and stared at He Ling as he said, “So what sort of relationship do the Dragon Monarch and Senior Shen Xi have anyways?”

Yun Che’s weird behavior caused slight shock to appear on He Ling’s face, “Oh, so you really didn’t know, huh? I had actually thought that… actually, Master, she is… Ah! Master!”

Yun Che turned around only to find that Shen Xi had already arrived and landed in front of them, the wind gently curling around her.

“Since the honored guest has already left, let us continue where we left off.”

Yun Che did not sense any ripples in Shen Xi’s emotions in regards to the arrival and departure of the Dragon Monarch. It was as if the number one person in the Primal Chaos, a man who could cause the entire universe to quake around him, was only a small mote of ordinary dust to Shen Xi, a small mote of dust that she had welcomed and sent on its way.

“Are you referring to the matter of me taking you as my master?” They had just had sex for an entire day and night yesterday, but today she actually wanted him to take her as his master… This coupled with the earth-shattering words that He Ling had said caused him to be completely mystified and bewildered by the thoughts, actions and behavior of Shen Xi...

It was not only her outer appearance and her body that were concealed, her entire existence seemed to be hidden within a cloud of thick and dense fog.

Shen Xi looked at him and it seemed as if she sensed the weird thoughts in his heart and mind. A complex look that a normal person would not be able to understand appeared in her eyes, “In regards to that matter, I have changed my mind for now.”

Changed her mind? Yun Che was stumped by those words… Why did she suddenly change her mind? It was only the Dragon Monarch who had come during this intervening period. Could it be that the reason for her changing her mind was the Dragon Monarch?

Shen Xi took a step forward and suddenly extended a hand, lightly gasping Yun Che’s left wrist.

As his wrist was being lightly held by her jade hand, the feeling of snowy jade and tender flesh caused a bizarre weakness to run through Yun Che’s entire body. She not only had a fantastically dreamy and beautiful appearance, even her body seemed to contain some sort of magic… A magic that could cause any man’s will to collapse, cause them to go completely crazy and even cause them to sink into a deep abyss for all eternity.

“Release your Sky Poison Pearl and bring it out,” she suddenly said.

Even though his heart was filled with suspicion, Yun Che still did as he was told. With a single thought, the palm of his left hand immediately shone with a dark-green light. After that, the illusory image of the Sky Poison Pearl slowly appeared in the air.

Yun Che said, “The Sky Poison Pearl has already been completely fused with my body, it isn’t possible for it to appear independently. So I can only summon an image of it.”

Shen Xi’s gaze only lingered on the Sky Poison Pearl for a brief period of time before she softly muttered to herself, “As expected…”

Yun Che, “...?”

“Yun Che, after you obtained the Sky Poison Pearl, you should always have wondered why it’s ‘poison’ was so weak?” Shen Xi said in a soft and gentle voice.

Yun Che was stunned by those words and he immediately nodded his head, “Could it be that Senior Shen Xi knows why?”

During his life in the Azure Cloud Continent, his heart had been filled with hate and vengeance after Yun Gu died. For the sake of vengeance, he had crazily released the poison within the Sky Poison Pearl, taking the lives of countless living creatures with its poison… He had done so until all of the poison within the Sky Poison Pearl had been exhausted, and not a single bit of poison power remained in it.

After that, his body had merged with the Sky Poison Pearl and he had awoken in the Profound Sky Continent. Ever since then, the Sky Poison Pearl’s ability to cleanse, sense and refine remained, but it did not have any poison power left, not even the smallest bit of it. He had originally thought that it was because he had completely emptied it and it needed time to recover, but many years had already gone by, and it still did not possess any poison power.

It was only after he returned to the Azure Cloud Continent and, to his amazement, came across another “Sky Poison Pearl” that he knew that the poison origin of the Sky Poison Pearl had been left in the Azure Cloud Continent.

After he retrieved the poison origin, he had thought that the Sky Poison Pearl would finally start to regain its poison power. But, even though the poison power was indeed recovering slowly, it was just that this “slowly” was a tad too slow. A distinguished and grand Heavenly Profound Treasure, the Sky Poison Pearl, had only recovered that teensy little bit of poison power, an amount that was not even enough to poison a profound practitioner who had just entered the divine way to death… To the current Yun Che, it did not even have the tiniest bit of use.

This was also something Yun Che had always been suspicious about, to the point where he suspected whether he had actually retrieved a fake poison source back then.

“Its poison spirit is dead,” Shen Xi said in slow and measured tones.

“Poison… Spirit?” Yun Che said pensively.

“All of the Heavenly Profound Treasures had a spiritual consciousness, and it was a very high ranked spiritual consciousness at that. However, this Sky Poison Pearl that has merged with you, its ‘spirit’ is already dead, and it should have been dead for a very long time. Without a spirit to call its own, the Sky Poison Pearl would be no different from a vegetable who was still alive and breathing but had no will of their own.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Without a poison spirit, even though your Sky Poison Pearl still possesses its basic abilities, it will never be able to produce poison, and even if it can do so, it will only be able to produce the lowest level of poison. So even before it merged with you, anybody who obtained it could control it freely, even though it would still be hard for them to do so.”

Yun Che’s heart throbbed intensely, Shen Xi’s words were right on the money.

When they had obtained the Sky Poison Pearl in the Azure Cloud Continent all those years ago, no matter whether it was Yun Gu or him, either one of them was able to freely use it, they did not need its approval… but at the same time, they could also never fully control it, and an example of that was its poison power going out of control.

Poison spirit, so it was because it did not have a poison spirit, I should have thought of this point long ago… Yun Che muttered in his heart.

“During the Primordial Era, the frenzied and berserking Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations merged with the power of the Evil Infant and the Sky Poison to release the poison, the ‘Myriad Tribulations’, which wiped out all of the gods and devils… Perhaps it was from that moment on that the poison spirit of the Sky Poison Pearl had died. Given the dreadfulness of the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it also did indeed have the power to kill the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison spirit.”

Once she had said this, Shen Xi’s tone suddenly changed, “Given your current ability, taking revenge on Qianye Ying’er is an absolute impossibility, and if you wanted to cultivate until you reached the stage where you could go head to head with Qianye, it would still take you many long years even given your absolutely unique talents and natural endowments. If you truly want to take revenge on Qianye Ying’er in the shortest amount of time, then the poison power of the Sky Poison Pearl will be the greatest thing that you can rely on.”

Yun Che’s eyes glimmered, “So your words are telling me that… you want me to think of a way to revive the poison spirit of the Sky Poison Pearl?”

Shen Xi did not answer his question but instead said in a soft voice, “And that is why I want you to help Ling’er take revenge.”

Yun Che was stunned by those words but after that, he swiftly looked to the side, “Could it be that you want… He Ling to become the Sky Poison Pearl’s… poison spirit!?”

He Ling, who had been quietly listening all this while, raised her head then, ripples glistening in her beautiful eyes.

“The Sky Poison Pearl is one of the Heavenly Profound Treasures and it stands at the pinnacle of the Primal Chaos. So how can its poison spirit be so easy to revive?” Shen Xi’s gaze shifted to the wood spirit girl, “But Ling’er, as the descendent of the wood spirit royal family, a tribe which possesses the purest souls, is not only the only person in this universe who can do it, she is also the last person in the universe that can become the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison spirit.”

“Furthermore, this is also the only way she will ever be able to personally take revenge.”

Yun Che was stunned by those words but the wood spirit girl was stunned as well… The gloomy green waves began tossing in the depths of her eyes and they were incomparably fierce and intense, and they were only getting stronger.

“No... No way! Absolutely no way!” Yun Che shook his head, he had shaken his head in a manner which could not be more resolute and he had said “no” three times consecutively. Even though his life experiences could not even be considered “superficial” when compared to Shen Xi, how could he not know what becoming a “artifact spirit” meant? Even though the Sky Poison Pearl was an extremely high-level artifact, in the end it was still an item. If He Ling truly became the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison spirit, it would also mean that… she would be forever tied to the Sky Poison Pearl and himself, and she would no longer have any freedom or independence.

He Ling had saved his life, and this coupled with the fact that He Lin had entrusted her to him caused him to have very special emotions in regards to He Ling. She was someone he wanted to protect and repay with all of his strength… so how could he allow her to become his own poison spirit just so he could awaken the poison power of the Sky Poison Pearl.

Shen Xi was not the least bit shocked at his reaction. She said in a soft and gentle voice, “Yun Che, you must definitely be thinking that this is simply sacrificing her, and given your temperament, this isn’t something you can accept. But… do you still remember what I said to you a month ago?”

Yun Che, “...”

“Given He Ling’s current state, only you can ‘save’ her. Moreover, the best method of saving her would be to allow her to become your Sky Poison Poison Spirit.”

Shen Xi’s gaze shifted and Yun Che also unconsciously looked towards He Ling… In that instant, his eyes intensely focused.

In the depths of He Ling’s beautiful eyes, he could see an incomparably resplendent viridian light… It was as if her heart and soul, which had already turned into dead ashes, had suddenly been reborn and had started to burn with a glorious light.

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