Chapter 1322 - Finally Becoming a Divine King

Against the Gods

Chapter 1322 - Finally Becoming a Divine King

The barrier that was created by Shen Xi disappeared. After that, Yun Che descended from the sky, and in his excitement, he accidently trampled on a patch of spirit flowers below him.

He immediately crouched down, light profound energy circulating in his hand. Following that, a cluster of white light engulfed the patch of flowers below him, and those trampled spirit flowers quickly straightened up like living creatures which had been roused from their sleep. Furthermore, they shone with a vitality and vigor that was even more vibrant than before, even the originally half-closed flower buds started to slowly bloom open.

The surrounding flowers and plants had also started to sway in a light and graceful manner as they sought to gather around Yun Che.

The white light in his hand vanished and when he thought about his entirely involuntary action, he silently pressed a finger against the tip of his nose: When did I become so kind and compassionate. To think that I would actually immediately act to save even flowers and plants...

He had long been aware that darkness profound energy would affect one’s personality and temperament.

It was also very clear that light profound energy, an existence that was not only as unique as darkness profound energy but also completely antithetical to it, would also imperceptibly begin to influence the personality and temperament of a person. Furthermore, the result of this influence was the complete opposite of darkness profound energy.

Yun Che also naturally did not dare to let Shen Xi know about the fact that his body contained darkness profound energy. All of the living creatures in the Eastern, Western, and Southern Divine Region hated darkness profound energy with a passion, let alone Shen Xi, who possessed light profound energy.

Yun Che was very convinced that if Shen Xi had known about the darkness profound energy in his body, she not only would not have treated him so well… she might even have killed him with a single slap.

As he suppressed the excitement and emotion in his heart, Yun Che arrived in front of Shen Xi and He Ling as he said in a respectful manner, “Senior Shen Xi.”

For the last ten months, he had practiced dual cultivation with Senior Shen Xi for six hours every day, and this schedule had never been interrupted. The celestial flesh and jade body that no one had ever even dared to hope of touching was free for him to enjoy and profane for a long period of time every single day. As time went by, it could be said that Yun Che was far more familiar with Shen Xi’s jade body than he was with any other woman...

But, the moment he stepped out of that bamboo hut, he would be respectful and deferential at all times when he faced Shen Xi. He did not dare to offend her in even the slightest manner.

Yun Che had always been a reckless and daring person in front of women. Even when he had been in the Illusory Demon Realm, he had dared to provoke and tease the Little Demon Empress who had just finished slaughtering an entire clan… and he had also dared to place his devilish hands on Xia Qingyue right after they had just reunited.

But given Shen Xi’s otherworldly celestial appearance and her sacred and majestic presence, besides the time when she was dual cultivating with Yun Che, he did not dare to blaspheme or profane her in any way. Not only was he honest and well-behaved in front of her, he did not even dare look her directly in the eyes.

Shen Xi extended a snowy hand and retrieved the spirit liquid He Ling had been holding. “Yun Che, regulate the flow of your blood and your energy first. After that, proceed to the center of the bamboo hut.”

“Eh?” Yun Che was briefly stunned by those words. After that, he managed to speak with much difficulty and awkwardness, “Uh that… Haven’t we already practiced dual cultivation today?”

Even though, He Ling was well aware of what Yun Che and Shen Xi had been doing in that bamboo hut for six hours every day, when she was faced with the two words “dual cultivation” that had come out of Yun Che’s mouth, red clouds immediately bloomed on the wood spirit girl’s tender face as she panickedly looked away.

“It has nothing to do with dual cultivation.” Shen Xi’s beautiful eyes remained as clear and sacred as ever, “Over the course of these ten months, you have finished refining my vital yin. This in addition to your own improvement and the calmness in your heart means that the time has come.”

“Today, I will help you become a Divine King!”


The transparent barrier surrounding the Forbidden Land of Samsara was now engulfed by a layer of very weak white light. Even though it was only a very minor change, it completely blocked out everything. Even if the Dragon Monarch were to come, he would immediately know that Shen Xi was in the middle of some important thing that could not be interrupted so he definitely would not force his way in.

He Ling stood in the midst of a sea of flowers, as she looked at that little bamboo house in the distance, her two hands nervously clasped together.

The bamboo hut looked completely the same as it normally did, but a huge change was happening inside of it.

It was a world of glowing white light, and besides Yun Che and Shen Xi who sat opposite each other, there was nothing else, and one could not even see the end of this boundless world. Moreover, within this pale white world, an invisible flow of energy that radiated a vast aura was silently moving, as if it was the first signs of a hurricane.

Furthermore, this aura did not come from Shen Xi, but from Yun Che.

Under the guidance of Shen Xi’s power, Yun Che’s profound energy flowed out endlessly. Furthermore, the profound energy that was being released from his body did not simply dissipate, instead it coiled and swirled in the air around them as if it was being restrained by something and being formed into invisible profound energy clouds that surrounded Yun Che.

In a short amount of time, all of his profound energy had been drawn out, and the world of his profound veins became empty and hollow.

But there was an inherent difference between this form of drawing out one’s profound energy and using it up normally. It would not make Yun Che feel any exhaustion, and on the contrary, it actually made him more calm.

Shen Xi, who had been silent and still for a very long time, finally sprang into action. Following the dance-like gestures of her jade hand, all of the profound energy clouds began to slowly sink downwards and gather around Yun Che’s body. As they gathered together, they began to compress bit by bit until they finally formed an invisible cocoon that engulfed Yun Che’s entire body.

“All of this profound energy is the profound energy you have accumulated in your life,” Shen Xi’s voice, light and wispy as a dream, rang out in Yun Che’s ear. “Carefully think back to the first time you managed to form a tendril of profound energy up until today, especially the changes that occurred at every single level.”

“...” Yun Che tightly shut both of his eyes without speaking.

“Stepping from the mortal way into the divine way, that was a fundamental change that meant that your profound energy had transcended the mortal realm and stepped into the divine. But it is only when one steps into the Divine King Realm that one’s profound energy undergoes the true change in the divine way. Becoming a Divine King symbolizes the fact that you have truly stepped into the higher levels of the God Realm, gaining the qualifications to become the hero of a place or even the king of a realm.”

“Carefully experience each and every change!”

The Divine King Realm was a realm that many profound practitioners did not even dream of entering in their entire lives. There were also countless profound practitioners who possessed an enviable innate talent that none could compare with, and in the short span of a century or even a few decades, they had already reached the Divine Spirit Realm. Yet they found themselves stuck at the bottleneck of becoming a Divine King, and ended up being unable to break through it despite trying for their entire lives.

But when facing Yun Che, whose profound strength had just reached the peak of the Divine Spirit Realm, Shen Xi’s tone was extremely certain and calm. It was as if Yun Che’s next breakthrough in level was not an attempt but an inevitability.

Shen Xi’s voice gradually faded out into the distance as the layer of profound energy surrounding Yun Che suddenly exploded violently, turning into countless streams of profound energy currents which surged towards Yun Che’s empty profound veins.


The world within Yun Che’s profound veins emitted an explosive sound which lasted for a very long time.

It was as if all the mountains in the world were collapsing, as if there were innumerable storms wreaking havoc all over the place, as if countless volcanoes were erupting… The normally calm world within his profound veins descended into chaos as the profound energy surging into them was being distorted and shattered. Furthermore, this chaos did not gradually recede away, instead it was getting more and more intense with every second that passed by… The originally vast and surging profound energy had been smashed into countless fragments before dissipating into an endless amount of profound light.

In the end, the space within his profound veins world began to be filled with more and more cracks, until they covered the entire profound veins world. If this continued, Yun Che’s profound veins world would be on the brink of collapsing and falling to pieces at any moment.

Yet Yun Che’s face was exceptionally calm.

Sometimes he felt as if he had been dumped in the middle of an erupting volcano. Sometimes he felt as if he had been buried in a most sinister and devastating sea of lightning. And sometimes he felt as if he had fallen into an endless dark abyss… But his heart and soul were completely calm and not a ripple appeared within them. He silently sensed the changes in his profound energy, the changes in his profound veins, and the changes of the entire world.


It was at this moment that his profound veins world had finally shattered.

Amidst the shattered profound veins world, the profound light emitted by the countless fragments glittered, as if they were a sea of stars that dotted the night sky.

In the same instant, Shen Xi’s beautiful eyes opened and with a deft movement of her jade finger, that drop of spirit liquid that she had already prepared lightly came into contact with Yun Che’s chest before silently sinking into his body.

It was as if a drop of celestial dew had dropped from the heavens and sprinkled itself on a bunch of plants and trees that were about to dry up. The profound veins world which had fallen into a brief period of silence and stillness suddenly glowed with a strange and fantastic vitality… In that instant, all of the stars in the profound veins world started dancing as a countless amount of the spiritual energy that existed between heaven and earth converged to form innumerable currents of energy. It was as if all the birds in the world were paying homage to a phoenix as they flocked towards the inside of Yun Che’s body.

Gusts of wild wind suddenly started blowing inside the Forbidden land of Samsara and these gusts of wild wind all surged toward the bamboo hut that had lain silent for a long time. They grew more and more violent and frenzied, and they did not look like they were going to die down even after a long period of time had passed. The wood spirit girl dumbly watched this scene unfold before her as a deep look of shock appeared on her face.

Inside the white world, Yun Che’s expression remained calm and it had not changed at all since the start of the process until now. His hair was dancing above his head, and a strange and fantastic light flowed around his entire body. This was the light of pure profound energy, yet it was more resplendent and brilliant than any other profound energy Yun Che had released before.

The spirit energy was still surging and the profound light surrounding his body was gradually becoming stronger. It was as if his entire person had turned into a blazing sun that was hanging in the sky, making it hard for people to stare directly at him.

Yun Che’s expression had finally started to change… His senses had changed. His senses towards his profound energy, his body and the world around him had all changed. An aura that he had never had before surged inside his profound veins before slowly spreading to his entire body as it clearly reached all of his veins and every bit of his flesh.

Finally, at a certain moment, he opened his eyes.


With a gigantic explosion, as if the Azure Dragon itself was roaring towards the sky, the profound light surrounding Yun Che ruptured and a peerlessly terrifying energy wave exploded out of his body. The pale white world was violently shaken by this energy wave and one could clearly see distortions in this space.

Shen Xi’s silken robes and long hair were pushed back by this energy wave and her beautiful eyes opened as well as they just so happened to come into contact with Yun Che’s own gaze. Her absolutely beautiful lips pursed up slightly and the small smile she showed in that instant was as fantastical as a celestial dream, causing Yun Che to descend into a deep stupor… After that, he suddenly rose to his feet and collapsed on top of Shen Xi.

The rebirth of his mental state had not given him enough time to reconstruct the reverence he normally held towards Shen Xi’s sacred aura.


Not wanting to be roused from this beautiful illusion by the sound of her voice, his lips pressed forward and smushed Shen Xi’s slightly parted lips. After that, he violently ripped off her outer garments, the fragments dancing in the wind, fully exposing those lithe and graceful curves… This was the first time he had been so forceful and domineering with Shen Xi, forgetting her status and any of the consequences of his actions.


That drop of spirit liquid had not caused Yun Che’s breakthrough. It instead had sped up the process of his breakthrough. Otherwise, given Yun Che’s unique profound veins, stepping from the Divine Spirit Realm to the Divine King Realm would have required more than ten days, or maybe even tens of days. 

He Ling had quietly waited outside all this while and once the energy had finally calmed down, her gaze grew fixed as she nervously waited. Yet even after she had waited for a long time, Yun Che and Shen Xi still had not emerged… A full two hours had passed again before the tightly closed bamboo door had finally been pushed open.

Yun Che slowly walked out from within and also walked into the depths of He Ling’s eyes.

It seemed as if he had changed into a new set of ice phoenix snow robes as his body radiated a slightly peculiar “otherworldly” aura. His aura had become withdrawn and He Ling could barely sense the existence of any profound energy from his body. Even his gaze had lost the sharpness that it had previously held, his eyes having become exceptionally gentle… But beyond that gentleness lay a deepness that she could not see through.

After Yun Che had emerged, Shen Xi had followed behind him… and this was the first time Shen Xi had left the bamboo hut after Yun Che. The white silken robes that she had originally been wearing had now been replaced by a snowy garment of pure white, but He Ling did not immediately notice these strange and obvious changes. She looked at Yun Che, a strange light flowing inside her beautiful eyes, “Di… Did you succeed?”

“Yes,” Yun Che said as he gave a faint smile and nodded his head. He sensed the power flowing in his body… It was a power that was so robust and vast that it was hard for him to imagine. In fact it was so unimaginable that he was still left with a deep sense of wonder and illusion.

From the day he had stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm under the nine stage lightning tribulation to this day, only a year’s worth of time had passed.

But in this one year, he had yet again broken into a level that other people would not dare dream of even if they used up all of their lives… He had stepped into the Divine King Realm!

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