Chapter 1330 - Breaking Through the Barrier At All Costs

Against the Gods

Chapter 1330 - Breaking Through the Barrier At All Costs

The Eastern Divine Region, outside the Star God Realm.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the two people who possessed the highest status and power in the vast Eastern Divine Region, were presently standing at the borders of the Star God Realm. As they looked at the Absolute Star Soul Barrier, the expressions on the two great god emperor’s faces were not calm at all.

Even though the Absolute Star Soul Barrier had been opened, the dimensional profound formations which connected the four great king realms had not been closed. At this moment, a light flashed from within a profound formation and a person who was bathed in brilliant moonlight slowly walked out of it.

The Moon God Emperor!

Three of the four great god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region had gathered here without any prior arrangements.

“Heh heh, it looks like you finally couldn’t bear just sitting around after all,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor said with a laugh.

The Moon God Emperor was not the least bit surprised that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor were here as well. He stared at the Absolute Star Soul Barrier, but even given his power, his spiritual senses were not able to penetrate it. He turned his head and asked, “The Star God Realm is preparing to hold some momentous event. I would ask the two god emperors here if either of you have a clue as to what is going on?”

“Even the Absolute Star Soul Barrier has already been activated, so no one will be able to probe or find out anything. How can it be possible for us to find any clues,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “The last time the Absolute Star Soul Barrier appeared, it was at the very beginning of the Star God Realm, when they had been establishing the realm. Furthermore, they opened it that time because it concerned their life or death, so they had no choice but to do so. For them to open it once again today… it is definitely some momentous event concerning their destiny.”

If the destiny of the Star God Realm truly changed, then it would not concern only the Star God Realm themselves, it would definitely cause the power structure that presently existed among the four great king realms in the Eastern Divine Region to change. As a result, the three great god emperors could not simply stay put and calmly watch it happen.

All three great god emperors knitted their brows before the Brahma Heaven God Emperor spoke, “The Absolute Star Soul Barrier is definitely consuming an extremely large amount of resources. Now that it has already been opened for several days, they should not be able to keep it open for much longer. At that time, everything will come to light.”

It was just that they were well aware that the day the Absolute Star Soul Barrier was closed would also be the time when everything was finished. The result at that time would be something they basically would not be able to predict at this moment, nor would they be able to change it.

At this time, an abnormal energy wave came from the west and it was approaching at an extremely fast speed.

The three god emperors looked to the side at this same time, “This aura is…”

The Moon God Emperor’s reaction was the greatest. He nearly instantly turned around and his brows sank as he exclaimed, “The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace!?”

The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace’s top speed was something that even the god emperors themselves would find hard to match. Yun Che had sped straight here from the Dragon God Realm. From the start of his journey until now, the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace had maintained its fastest speed and it had not slowed down or stopped for even a second.

To be able to fly from the Dragon God Realm straight to the Star God Realm in a short three days, if a person was operating on common sense and knowledge, even if they were dreaming, they would not believe that such a speed was possible. But to Yun Che, this was still so slow that a breath seemed like a year to him.

The Celestial Time Jade that he had obtained from the Profound God Convention, the object that he had originally thought did not have much use, had instead repeatedly become the last straw that he could clutch at. Initially, it helped him escape Qianye and Gu Zhu and helped him reach the Forbidden Land of Samsara… Now, it had brought him to the Star God Realm in a miraculous amount of time.

The speed of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace was many times more outstanding and quick than a meteor streaking through the aether. A sonic boom, so sharp it could rend a large amount of space around it, rang out in the air and the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace abruptly burst into the vision of the three great god emperors as it arrived...

After that, it fiercely slammed against the surface of the Absolute Star Soul Barrier.


What did it mean to ram something at the fastest speed in the universe? The sound produced in that one instant of collision was akin to the sound of stars colliding and the energy flow within an entire five hundred kilometer radius was thrown into complete and utter chaos, generating countless storms which were on the level of a calamity.

The Absolute Star Soul Barrier remained imposing and motionless despite that grand impact, and even if its center was rammed, not a single scratch would be left behind. 

But the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace was still the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace. It had been flipped backwards by that peerlessly dreadful impact and there were no obvious signs of damage on it either. But Yun Che was not in good shape at all, the overly-dreadful impact had smashed him in the chest like a huge weight, causing him to puke out fresh blood then and there. However, he did not even bother to regulate his energy or blood, his eyes glaring rigidly at the Star God Realm that was right in front of him. After that he let out a loud yell, “He Ling, we’re off!”

He Ling transformed into a beam of dark-green light and returned to the Sky Poison Pearl and in the same instant, Yun Che ejected himself out of the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace as he rushed straight towards the Star God Realm.

“Yun Che!?”

Even though the dreadful impact had generated storms that blanketed a five hundred kilometer radius, it naturally did not faze any of the three god emperors. The moment Yun Che’s figure appeared, the eyes and auras of the three god emperors locked onto him, and all of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

At that time, Yun Che was not able to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl and his location was unknown, but a year had passed and that was enough time for the Eastern Divine Region to figure out where he had gone. After all, there were quite a few people in the Dragon God Realm who would recognize the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace.

Thus, they all already knew that Yun Che was presently in the Dragon God Realm and it was very likely that he was still under the protection of the Dragon Monarch… After all, the Dragon Monarch had wanted to take him as a foster son in front of everyone at that time.

This was especially true for the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, he not only knew that Yun Che was in the Dragon God Realm, he had also known that he was located in the Forbidden Land of Samsara. Because the only one under heaven who could get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark was Dragon Queen Shen Xi who resided in the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

Obtaining the protection of Dragon Queen Shen Xi was a hundred times harder to believe than obtaining the protection of the Dragon Monarch!

Qianye Ying’er clearly knew that Yun Che was most definitely within the Forbidden Land of Samsara, and she also knew that he was getting rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark that she had paid no small price to cast on him, yet she had never once thought of grabbing Yun Che back from the Dragon God Realm. Furthermore, it was not that she would not enter the Forbidden Land of Samsara, it was that she was not able to… or perhaps it would be better to say that she did not dare to.

Provoking the ire of the Dragon Monarch… was in the end just simply provoking his ire. Furthermore, as the supreme ruler of all under heaven, a vast existence, he would not necessarily be willing to get into an argument with a woman who was his junior. Moreover, as long as one did not touch his bottom line, the Dragon Monarch would also definitely not be willing to have a falling out with the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

But if you provoked the ire of Dragon Queen Shen Xi… then that Dragon Monarch, who reigned supreme over everything under heaven and proudly gazed over the entire Primal Chaos, would immediately become a crazed dragon! Furthermore, it was the world’s most dreadful crazed dragon.

This was definitely not simply a joke, because Dragon Queen Shen Xi was the reverse scale and the bottom line of the Dragon Monarch that one definitely could not touch. This was a point that was publically known to the Dragon God Realm tens of thousands of years ago. In fact, it was something that was known to the entire God Realm.

(So, if Yun Che did not leave the Forbidden Land of Samsara for the rest of his life, then he would be able to live the rest of his life safely and peacefully, and even if he wanted to experience danger, it would be difficult… The caveat being that the Dragon Monarch did not find out about the special relationship between him and Shen Xi.)

The three great god emperors looked to the side at the same time while Yun Che’s eyes swept across them as well. But his body did not stop at all as he rushed straight for the Absolute Star Soul Barrier.

Furthermore, when his gaze had swept across them, the three great god emperors felt their hearts thump at the same time. 

Because his pupils were actually as scarlet as blood.

Upon seeing that Yun Che was safe and sound, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, who had always felt regret over Yun Che, felt his heart relax greatly. He moved forward and hailed him, “Yun Che, why are you… Wait, wait! That is the Absolute Star Soul Barrier!”

As he watched Yun Che rush towards the Absolute Star Soul Barrier at full speed, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor swiftly yelled out to stop him. But in the next instant, right before the three great god emperor’s very eyes, they witnessed Yun Che’s body actually slip through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier that they were unable to break after pausing for an instant. After that he flew into the distance.

“This…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had been rendered completely stupefied.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s body flashed and he arrived at the spot where Yun Che had passed through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. His hand came into contact with it, but it was instantly repelled by the barrier. His brows sank slightly as he said, “The only people who can pass through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier in such a manner are the Twelve Star Gods. Could it be that… Yun Che’s body contains the blood essence of one of the Star Gods?”

The blood essence of a Star God was extremely precious and it was not something that one would easily gift to others. But they had personally witnessed Yun Che directly crossing through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier… Other than that, there could be no other explanation.

“He should have been in the Dragon God Realm, yet he suddenly appeared here, his expression was hurried and flustered, and he even passed through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier… this definitely has something to do with the momentous event that is happening within the Star God Realm,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said with furrowed brows. “But what exactly is going on?”

Upon recalling that the Yun Che had not chosen that Brahma Heaven God Realm during the Profound God Convention, but had chosen the Star God Realm instead and how he had not hesitated at all to follow the Star God Emperor back to the Star God Realm… The Eternal Heaven God Emperor immediately turned pensive.

However, the Moon God Emperor had slightly more complex feelings in his heart. Upon seeing Yun Che fly into the distance, he sighed silently in his heart and thought: Qingyue actually gave the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace to him… Sigh, in the end, she was still a girl.


During the moment he passed through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier, Yun Che’s breathing and heartbeat had practically stopped as he desperately prayed for it to work… Finally, a miracle happened and his body directly passed through the Absolute Star Soul Barrier, and he had not even felt any obvious resistance when he had done so.

When Jasmine had left at that time, she had left behind a drop of her Star God blood. The message she left behind told Yun Che that this drop of Star God blood could strengthen his body and increase his lifespan. But in reality, it was simply her selfish desire to have a part of her own body mixed with his forevermore, never to part from him.

The her at that time would definitely not have imagined that this drop of Star God blood essence she had left Yun Che would actually allow Yun Che to pass through a barrier of despair that he should not ever have been able to pass through, and she could not have imagined that this act would also completely change her and Yun Che’s lives.

Upon entering the Star God Realm, Yun Che swiftly summoned out the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace yet again as he flew towards Star God City, which lay in the middle of the realm, at maximum speed.

Jasmine, wait for me… I definitely will not allow you to be wilful by yourself...

Definitely will not...

A streak of light shot across the skies of the Star God Realm, it was so fast that most of the powerhouses within the Star God Realm could barely make it out with their eyes, much less attempt to chase after or restrain it.

The territory occupied by the Star God Realm was not too big and before long, the second Absolute Star Soul Barrier had appeared in front of Yun Che. After he passed through this Absolute Star Soul Barrier, he would arrive in the Star God City he had visited before. 

His goal was right before him. He did not know what was happening inside and he did not know whether Jasmine was safe or not. The only thing he did know was that he was going towards his own ending.

However his heart did not contain any fear or terror, and even the anxiety that had flooded every corner of his heart and soul had started to swiftly fade away at this moment, as a mysterious and unfathomable calm settled over him. 


With another gigantic explosion, the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace once again slammed against the Absolute Star Soul Barrier

The profound light that shone from the center of Star God City spread through the sky and following the launching of the ceremony, all of the Star Gods’ and elders’ power and bodies were firmly tethered to the sacrificial formation. Before the ceremony ended, they would be completely immobile and they would also not be able to retrieve their powers… Even trying to forcibly interrupt this ceremony would be absolutely impossible.

A strange change started to happen to the barrier that surrounded them and the barrier that sealed Jasmine and Caizhi in. Following the concentration of all that power, the two barriers had become even more tough and durable than the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. So if anyone wanted to interrupt at this moment, even if the other three god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region arrived in this place, they would not be able to do anything whatsoever.

An incomparably heavy energy shot out from all directions as it covered every inch of Jasmine and Caizhi’s bodies and souls. Under the direction of the blood sacrifice formation, this energy would slowly peel away their bodies, souls, and power. After that, these things would combine with the Star God Emperor, giving rise to the “transformation” that they all hoped for.

Under this dreadful power, Jasmine and Caizhi had been completely suppressed, they were unable to muster even the slightest bit of strength to struggle. They would not be able to end their own lives even if they wanted to, much less flee.

“Big Sister, I got you into this mess… I got you into this mess…”

Caizhi’s eyes were empty and she was completely dazed as she kept repeating those words over and over again… Her mind had collapsed, her world had collapsed and everything had turned so dark and gloomy...

The day that she had succeeded in inheriting the Heavenly Wolf divine power and she had felt that unfathomably strong power rush through her body, she had been elated and content. Because she would no longer be looked down on or bullied by other people, would no longer be pathetic and helpless. And during the last few years after Jasmine had returned, she had hoped to become even stronger, so that she could protect Big Sister in the future...

But it turned out that everything… was just a deep abyss and a nightmare...

She had instead harmed her very last family member...

At this time, Caizhi had fallen into the state that Jasmine had always been the most worried about and the most afraid to see. She used all the strength she had left in her body as she softly whispered, “Caizhi, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. I was too stupid… To actually believe that this old villain actually still had some humanity left… I was far too stupid… I should have long ago brought you with me… and fled as far away as we possibly could, never to return…”

Whether it was regret or hatred… all of it was far too late.

Yun Che’s figure flashed in her mind, causing Jasmine to close her eyes painfully. An important reason for her to forcefully marry Caizhi off to Yun Che was to curb his hatred and resentment… She understood Yun Che far too well, if Yun Che ever discovered that she had been sacrificed in the future, he would definitely bear an extreme hatred for the Star God Realm, and he would lose his mind and rationality in order to take revenge.

She hoped that at that time, Yun Che would still remember that Caizhi was his wife and remember the vows that he had made so that he would not act in too irrational a manner.

But right now, it was not only her, even Caizhi was going to share her fate. So when Yun Che learned of everything in the future, it would instead… increase his hatred, resentment, and his frenzy.

Yun Che, please live well from now on, no matter what… Even if you want to take revenge for Caizhi and I, you still need to live on.

This was her last worry and hope… It was just that all of these things would be completely shattered in a few short breaths.


Following the sound of an incomparably gigantic impact, a human figure hurtled downwards from the skies above Star God City.

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