Chapter 1333 - The Other Shore (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1333 - The Other Shore (1)

Yun Che’s voice shook the heavens as his hatred covered the sky. His strength could only be considered pathetic in the Star God City domain, and the two words “buried together” sounded like a joke. However, the furious yell emitted by this pathetic strength was enough to cause the gathered Star Guards to feel their hearts palpitate in an incomparably clear manner.

“Buried together? Heh, with just you alone?” Xing Mingzi gave an extremely enraged snort of laughter, his entire body shaking… He reckoned that before today, even if he was beaten to death, he would not believe that a junior’s words would be able to cause him to feel such rage and shame.

“My king, this child’s bewitching words cloud the heart. He has not only insulted our king and our Star God Realm, he has also insulted our ancestors, his crime is so heavy that we have to no choice but to put him to death!”

After his voice had just fallen, he discovered that the Star God Emperor and the other Star Gods had looks of clear astonishment and shock on their faces.

Because shockingly enough, the aura radiating from Yun Che’s body was that of the Divine King Realm!

One year ago at the Moon God Realm, when the Star God Emperor had last seen Yun Che, his profound strength had only been at the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm, but today, he had actually already become a Divine King!?

He had stepped into the Divine King Realm from the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm in just one short year. If they had not personally witnessed it themselves, even if they were Divine Masters and god emperors, no one would believe such a thing. The shock and astonishment that colored their faces meant that even to people at their level, it was still impossible to believe or comprehend the explosive growth of Yun Che’s personal strength.

“We have not seen him for one year, but he has become a Divine King…” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi muttered in a low voice, “This is indeed… the power of a Creation God!”

The Star God Emperor’s heart was filled with extreme fury and he hated that he could not personally tear Yun Che to shreds, but the “divine miracles” that kept appearing on Yun Che’s body again and again left him incapable of not feeling extreme shock and excitement. He let out a low roar, “Capture him and lock him inside an imprisoning barrier… But you are not allowed to cripple his profound strength or harm his life in any way!”

“Understood!” Xing Mingzi nodded his head, “Xing Ling!”

Xing Ling had originally possessed no killing intent towards Yun Che, but hatred and killing intent had naturally been born from his shame and anger. Once Xing Mingzi gave that order, a vicious light flashed in the depths of his eyes and a thread of profound energy abruptly rose from his hands… It was a power that was sufficient to heavily injure Yun Che and capture him, and its speed was far superior to the attack that had come before.

However, the look in Yun Che’s eyes was a hundred thousand times more dark and ruthless than his own. He let out a low roar and golden flames blazed up from his body as a golden flame sword erupted from the Heaven Smiting Sword to explode against the onrushing Xing Ling.

“Hmph, you’re out of your depth,” Xing Mingzi gave a low snort of disdain. Yun Che’s aptitude and speed of growth were indeed world shocking, but he was really far too young. At thirty years of age and with profound strength at the Divine King Realm, he was no different than an ant in front of an eighth level Divine Sovereign.

The power of Yun Che’s Golden Annihilation was extremely great and even Luo Changsheng would definitely not dare take it head-on. But Xing Ling did not even attempt to dodge, nor did he even bother to look at it. He simply flung out a hand to grab it and he actually directly caught that sword made of Golden Crow flames, an attack strong enough to cleave mountains and split oceans, with his bare hands. After that, following a small twitch of his fingers, the Golden Crow flames were instantly crushed as if they were made of extremely fragile cotton as they dissipated into small embers of flame which swiftly guttered out.

Golden Annihilation had been annihilated in a single instant, so one could well imagine how great the backlash would be. Yun Che’s entire body convulsed and most of the Golden Crow flames on his body went out. At this moment, Xing Ling’s power was already hurtling down from above… A full ten percent of the power from a level eight Divine Sovereign, even if it merely brushed against Yun Che, it would definitely be enough to heavily injure him and render him helpless afterwards.


A muffled ringing sound filled the air and space itself retracted as a afterimage instantly dissipated under the power that Xing Ling had sent hurtling downwards...

Star God’s Broken Shadow!?

Xing Ling’s heart was faintly shocked by this occurrence but his hand shot out again as quick as lightning as it locked onto Yun Che...



Two muffled sounds assaulted the air consecutively. The strength of the Star God’s Broken Shadow technique did not lie in its instantaneous movement, it lay in the fact that it utterly obscured one’s aura the moment this instantaneous movement happened. Even someone as strong as Xing Ling would not be able to tell the difference between the real Yun Che and a fake one.

Yun Che had dodged Xing Ling’s power three times consecutively, yet he definitely was not faring well. In the end, it was still the power of a level eight Divine Sovereign, and even merely touching the furthest ripples of that power would definitely result in injuries… In the distant skies above, his gaze grew dark and cloudy. His face was a stark white and, shockingly enough, a trail of fresh blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth.

Xing Ling did not attack again. Instead he said with an impassive face, “Yun Che, since you dared to come here, then you should know what the result will be, so why do you persist in keeping up with these useless struggles?”

Just as the words left his mouth, an energy wave suddenly hurtled down from above. Yun Che no longer tried to dodge. Instead, he was rushing downwards to clash against him in the air as he sent his sword crashing toward Xing Ling’s head… All of the flames that were burning on the Heaven Smiting Sword seemed to be as sinister as the seething flames of purgatory in that instant.

Xing Ling’s eyes narrowed and he indifferently extended an arm to face Yun Che’s peerlessly fierce and violent counterattack… The moment his palm came into contact with the body of the sword, Yun Che’s eyes fiercely widened and a roar that seemed to contain both pain and despair rang from his body as a bloody-red profound light suddenly erupted from his body.

In an instant, Yun Che’s profound strength and aura crazily and explosively grew. His eyes and aura had turned scarlet, as if they had been dyed by blood, and the flames which were originally seething furiously now seemed to burn the very sky.

The Fifth Heretic God Gate—Hell Monarch!!

This was not the first time they had seen this strange transformation of Yun Che’s. When he had fought Luo Changsheng during the Conferred God Battle, this power that resembled a divine miracle had erupted from his body when his back had been pushed against the wall.

At that time, Yun Che’s cultivation had only been at the Divine Tribulation Realm, so if he even forcefully opened the “Hell Monarch” gate for a single breath, he would need to pay for it using his very lifeforce. Today’s Yun Che was incomparable to the Yun Che of the past, so he could now forcefully endure the power of “Hell Monarch” for a short period of time… But he definitely still could not maintain it for too long.

The look in Xing Ling’s eyes faintly changed and the strike that Yun Che had put everything into, the attack which had grown explosively stronger due to Hell Monarch, smashed down in this very instant...


As a huge explosion shook the heavens, the space surrounding them distorted dreadfully. Amidst the exploding golden flames, Xing Ling’s hand tightly gripped the Heaven Smiting Sword but what his eyes beheld was Yun Che’s own dreadful eyes which looked like the eyes of vicious ghost.

The arm Xing Ling had extended had been pushed downwards by half a foot and he could feel a clear pain coming from the hand which gripped the Heaven Smiting Sword.

His eyes had unconsciously widened… He was a Star Guard of the Star God Realm. Not only that, he was a Star Guard commander, a level eight Divine Sovereign who was strong enough to look down on most of the universe!

Yet Yun Che, who was clearly only in the first stage of the Divine King Realm, could actually clash head-on with ten percent of his power.

This was the scene that he had found the hardest to believe in his entire life… and it had actually happened to him!

In the next instant, his eyes went dark and twenty percent of his profound strength suddenly erupted from his body...


It was as if a heavenly hammer had suddenly risen up and smashed against Yun Che in midair. A mouthful of fresh blood wildly sprayed from Yun Che’s mouth as the Heaven Smiting Sword instantly flew from his hands. His entire body flew away like a leaf being blown by the wind as he landed heavily in the distance.

“Yun Che!”


Jasmine and Caizhi let out cries of alarm at the same time.

“Cough… cough cough…” Yun Che’s entire body shook and he lay sprawled on the ground. He coughed out more than ten mouthfuls of fresh blood and every time he coughed, a shocking and ghastly lump of blood would fly out from his mouth.

A first level Divine King versus an eighth level Divine Sovereign… This difference was simply far too big. It was a gap that was a hundred times bigger than the gap between him and Luo Changsheng when he had faced the Luo Changsheng who had become a Divine King while he was still in the Divine Tribulation Realm. It was so big that there were basically no methods he could use to close the gap. Even though he had forcefully opened Hell Monarch, he was still not able to muster even an iota of resistance. 

Xing Ling extended his palm… and a small drop of blood had shockingly appeared in the center of his palm. As a Star Guard commander, he had actually been injured by a youngster who had just entered the Divine King Realm. This was undoubtedly the greatest shame he had experienced in his entire life.

All of the Star Guards stared at Yun Che with cold eyes but not a single one of them advanced. Any single Star Guard would be more than enough to capture Yun Che, there was basically no need for a second person.

“Yun Che… You… Just how wilful do you want to be!” Jasmine said in a voice that trembled with every word she spoke, “Leave… Hurry up and leave… I'm begging you…”

She knew that Yun Che could still flee even in this situation… he possessed both the Star God’s Broken Shadow and the Moon Splitting Cascade, and he also possessed the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace that Xing Mingzi definitely could not catch up to. Even if that was no good, he still had the Void Illusion Stone that Caizhi had given him. He could leave… he could definitely leave.

Yun Che extended a hand and the Heaven Smiting Sword flew back into his grasp. He stood up by using the sword as a crutch, his face was a ghastly white and his entire body swayed. His aura was also in complete and utter chaos, only his eyes were still so icy that it was shocking… It was just that one could not see any fear or intention to flee within them.

Xing Ling’s palm balled into a fist as he slowly walked towards Yun Che… This time, Yun Che did not retreat or try to raise his sword. It was as if he understood that no matter how much he struggled, it would amount to nothing.

Once he stood in front of Yun Che, Xing Ling slowly raised his hand, “Yun Che, even if your tongue is any sharper, what of it? In this world, what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, all of these are decided by the strong, they are not decided by you! You deserve to die ten thousand times, but our king has personally ordered us to spare your life… So I will first cripple all four of your limbs and we will deal with you, the offender, once our king has succeeded!”

Xing Ling stretched out his five fingers and profound light abruptly flashed… At this moment, Jasmine’s voice, which was so ice-cold that it pierced the heart, rang out from behind him, “Xing Ling, if you dare to even touch him, I will rip you to shreds even if I have to become a malicious spirit to do so!”

Even though Jasmine had been trapped within that barrier, her killing intent and remaining might were still enough to send a shudder through Xing Ling’s entire body. He did not dare turn back, he merely said in a bland voice, “I am already no longer a Heavenly Slaughter Star Guard…”

“Heh, do you think trash such as yourself is worthy of being Jasmine’s Star Guard!?” Yun Che let out a low roar. Blood vessels had already filled Yun Che’s eyes as it radiated a hate that seemed to come from the very depths of hell. At this moment, his right hand slowly grabbed at his own chest… his fingers slowly tightening.

“Hmph, whether I am worthy or not is not for you to decide!” Xing Ling’s expression was extremely ugly as he said those words in a deep voice.

“HAAH!!” Yun Che let out a great roar as the already-extinguished flames on his body once more flared to life. The golden-colored Golden Crow flames erupted at the same time as the scarlet Phoenix flames and the light that radiated from them spread across the sky. In the heavens above, the cries of the Phoenix and Golden Crow filled the air, accompanied by a vast divine aura filled with heavenly might.

The flames and energy waves that were so intense that they were abnormal gave Xing Ling a fright and he retreated more than ten steps… But very quickly, he managed to respond and realized that Yun Che was clearly burning his divine blood!

It was just like during his brutal battle against Luo Changsheng, he was forcefully burning his own Golden Crow divine blood and Phoenix divine blood!

As all of the Golden Crow divine blood and Phoenix divine blood started burning at the same time, it seemed as if Yun Che’s entire body was bathed in extremely dense flames. It was as if a fire god had descended from the heavens, but this tyrannical might was not able to move or disturb a powerhouse of Xing Ling’s level. He scoffed disdainfully, “To think that you’re actually still thinking of struggling. Do you actually believe that just by burning divine blood, you will actually be able to…” 

At this moment, his heart suddenly palpitated for no good reason as his words ground to a halt… In that instant, he felt as if a venomous snake had suddenly bitten his heart and soul as an icy-coldness and terror that he could not describe crazily spread through his entire body.

What was… What was going on...

This sensation definitely did not occur in Xing Ling’s body alone. Behind him, the expression of all the Star Guards changed in that instant as their pupils swiftly contracted. A peerlessly dreadful terror and pressure slowly descended from somewhere… This was the most terrifying aura they had ever sensed in their entire lives… It was as if a primordial devil god that had been slumbering for countless years was slowly opening one of its devilish eyes and was staring at Star God City. It was a devilish gaze that was enough to destroy the entire universe...

“What… What is going on?” Xing Mingzi looked all around as he searched for the origin of the dreadful aura, “Who… Who is it!?”

Only one person knew the answer.

As he was the nearest person to Yun Che, after Xing Ling had recovered from his shock, he could clearly sense that the dread and pressure that had assaulted his mind in that instant had actually come from Yun Che. His eyes slowly widened until they seemed as if they were going to rupture. Furthermore, that pressure which surpassed the limits of what his mind could endure caused his feet to instinctively retreat backwards, step by step. He opened his mouth only to discover that the voice that came out carried with it a shaking that came from his very soul, “You… You… You… What… are… you doing…”

Yun Che’s head hung low and no one could see his eyes, but he tightly pressed his right hand against his chest. After that, the five fingers which tightly gripped his skin suddenly and shockingly dug deeply into his own chest...

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