Chapter 1349 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (3)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1349 - The Battle Which Destroyed the Heavens (3)

In the past, the skies of the Star God Realm would be filled with stars all year round. In the eyes of the world, it was a true sacred land that was protected by all the stars in the sky. The starlight was flawless and every inch of space within the Star God Realm was more beautiful than could be imagined, as beautiful as a celestial realm.

But right now, from a distance, the stars that had been shining since ancient times had now been engulfed by darkness and a black crack clearly ran through the middle of the entire Star God Realm. On the borders of the distant star region, one could still faintly hear the countless shrill and mournful wails that nearly tore apart the heavens and the earth.

No one knew and no one would dare to even believe that due to this black mist and crack, a full seventy percent of the living creatures in the Star God Realm had perished… Furthermore, this number was still explosively increasing and it was not slowing down.

The instant Jasmine’s rage, and the powers of the Star God Emperor, Moon God Emperor, Eternal Heaven God Emperor, and the Brahma God Emperor erupted, it was enough to destroy heaven and earth. The entire world was torn into five domains of destructions by these five world-shaking powers. Amidst this crumbling world, these five domains of destruction started to distort at the same time and the other four domains started to merge together as they were drawn towards a black space.


The already crumbling world sunk in once more, and following that, extremely dreadful spatial storms ripped themselves into existence across every corner of this world.

“R… run!!”

The remaining Star God elders all used starlight to protect their bodies as they swiftly fled from the world that had nearly been entirely engulfed in calamity… That was right, they were fleeing.

Because this was already a vicious fight they could no longer affect… it was also a vicious fight that they no longer had to qualifications to participate in.

Divine Masters represented the limits of humanity’s power, did there exist a battle in this universe that they did not have the right to participate in?

If it was before the events of today, no one would ever believe that. Even the Star God elders themselves would throw their heads back in uproarious laughter, it would be as if they had heard the most ridiculous and absurd joke in the universe.

Yet such a vicious battle had indeed appeared.

The four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region were combining their powers to fight one opponent. A scene that had never occurred before in history had now appeared before their very eyes. It had appeared in the Star God Realm and that power, which was enough to rend the heavens and the earth and bury even the void itself, was enough to extinguish them in a brief moment.

The power that was erupting and exploding at every instant told them that this was an unprecedentedly vicious battle that an early stage or even a mid stage Divine Master had no right to participate in or even get close to!

The six Star Gods were also blasted into the distance. They desperately struggled to not lose consciousness as they dumbly stared at the world in front of them, their eyes, hearts, and souls completely dazed by what they saw…

Boom! Boom! Boom! BOOOM…

The power that erupted every second caused these Divine Masters to shake in fear and terror. The Star God Realm itself was violently shaking with every second that passed.

The other three god emperors had arrived together, causing hope to burn anew in the heart of the despairing Star God Emperor. Power that exceeded his limits was forcefully blasted out of his body due to this, but as his wounds swiftly grew even more aggravated, his reignited hope gradually began to slide towards despair.

The Moon God Emperor, the Star God Emperor, and the Brahma God Emperor… All of them had just personally witnessed the Evil Infant’s might and they had long ago realized what they were facing, but at this moment, when they were personally squaring off against the Evil Infant’s power, each was more shocked than the next.

The power of three god emperors had suppressed the Evil Infant’s power for a short while, and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had even successfully managed to wound Jasmine with a sneak attack. But her power did not weaken at all because of that, instead it was erupting forth with a fury that could shake the heavens.

The combined power of four god emperors—a power that had never been seen before in the history of the God Realm, a power that the people of the world would not be able to imagine even after a hundred lifetimes, was being blasted to bits again and again by the demonic wheel in Jasmine’s hand. The faces of the four god emperors had gone dark, and every time they unleashed their power, it was at full force. Every time their powers erupted, its heavenly might was enough to shock the world and the king realm known as the Star God Realm was slowly being buried, but they were basically unable to suppress the Jasmine who was the focus of the attacks from the four god emperors. On the contrary, they were gradually beginning to feel unbearable pain due to the sky-spanning devilish might that erupted from her body.

They were the four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region! An alliance that had never appeared before now was actually… still unable to suppress the recently awakened Evil Infant!


Two black vortexes swirled into being and they contracted for an instant before fiercely exploding apart. It was as if two dark suns had ruptured and exploded in the sky. Under the devilish light that was far too dreadful, the four god emperors all gave up on defending as hoarse roars ripped out from their throats. In the end, they were still all blasted very far away.

Blood trickled down the corner of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s mouth. After that, lines of blood trickled out from his ears, his nostrils and the corners of his eyes. Only a bit of the darkness malicious energy had invaded his body, but it already caused his god emperor body to feel unbearable pain. As he looked at the young girl who was standing in the middle of the distant darkness, a ghastly feeling that bored straight into his bone marrow spread across his entire body.

Just what exactly had the Star God Realm done when they had isolated themselves from the world? Why was the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations on the Heavenly Slaughter Star God’s person? Since it was the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, why did she want to bathe the entire Star God Realm in blood… All of these doubts and suspicions were heavier than the next, but right now they were already no longer important. Because at this moment, they were facing the most terrifying existence that had emerged since the Era of Gods had ended.

They could no longer hold anything back!

“Star God and Moon God, please hold her in place!!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor gave a loud roar. Both of his arms opened wide and a green light flashed in front of him. After that a gigantic cauldron that was three hundred and thirty meters high appeared in front of him, “Brahma Heaven, assist me!”

The four god emperors had known each other for more than ten thousand years so even though they all did not get along, they were all exceptionally familiar with each other. The Star God Emperor and the Moon God Emperor did not voice any doubt as starlight and moonlight shone simultaneously. Starlight and moonlight interlaced as it ripped apart the darkness.

Xing Juekong and Yue Wuya, these two people who had countless resentments and grievances against one another, these two people who hated each other, this was the first time they had ever fought shoulder to shoulder in battle.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s hand stroked the giant cauldron and the body of cauldron began faintly flickering with a small green light. The Brahma Heaven God Emperor flashed to the side of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. He did not even need to ask a single question. He sheathed his golden sword as his hands twirled and traced a profound art before he spat a mouthful of golden blood on the surface of the green cauldron.

Golden-colored blood droplets… This was the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s blood essence.

As the head of the four god emperors of the Eastern Divine Region, there was absolutely no one in the Eastern Divine Region who was worthy of him wounding his own blood essence. But after personally experiencing how terrifying the Evil Infant was, he had offered up this mouthful of golden blood essence without the slightest bit of hesitation.

He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the green cauldron together with the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. A golden-colored diagram slowly appeared on his palm and as he stretched it out, it directly spread out and covered the entire body of the cauldron.



“What are you waiting for… AHHH!!”

The combined power of the four god emperors had barely held Jasmine in check, so with only the Star God Emperor and the Moon God Emperor joining hands, they had already started to be beaten back after a few short breaths, and they were besieged by danger from every side. Most of the deep purple moonlight that radiated from the Moon God Emperor’s body had already been dissipated, while the Sword of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, that was held in the Star God Emperor’s hand, had finally been completely smashed apart. Fresh blood wildly flew from his mouth and he was sent flying through the darkness before immediately being sucked into a flowing eddy of darkness…

But at this moment, the eyes of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor shone brilliantly, and at the same time they let out a heaven-shattering roar.

The green cauldron started rolling, producing sounds like rumbling thunder as it directly smashed towards Jasmine. It did not seem to be moving fast at all, but all of the spatial storms strangely came to a halt at this moment. When the green cauldron finally drew near to her, a clear sluggishness could be seen in Jasmine’s movements… Because the space where she was floating had also been fixed in place by a vast and boundless power.


The green cauldron heavily smashed against the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, an all-encompassing light radiating out from the gigantic body of the cauldron.

Jasmine’s entire body shook violently as she was instantly blasted tens of kilometers backwards. Black light flashed in her eyes and the devil wheel let out a shrill hiss… In the exact same instant, the green cauldron suddenly shone with a golden light and a gigantic golden-colored diagram appeared atop its surface. Jasmine’s body violently shook as if the dome of heaven itself had pressed down on her, blood mist wildly spraying from her mouth.


The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor tore space as they shot forward. Both their hands smashed against the green cauldron, causing the light that radiated from the green cauldron and golden diagram to flourish even more. Immediately, the devil wheel’s black light was completely extinguished and yet another mouthful of blood mist sprayed from Jasmine. The dark light in her eyes dispersed in that instant and she was sent flying like a withered leaf.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor flipped his hand and the green cauldron suddenly plunged down towards Jasmine. The pitch-black mouth of the cauldron that seemed to be like a boundless black hole that could swallow up the sun and moon engulfed Jasmine, who was flying as she sprayed blood into the air, and the devil wheel in an instant. The golden diagram shifted upwards and tightly sealed the mouth of the cauldron.

“We’ve done it!!”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out an excited roar, but he did not dare to delay his movements or profound power for even an instant. He dived directly towards the green cauldron while shouting, “She’s been sealed inside the cauldron, hurry up!!”

As his voice fell, his arms heavily smashed against the surface of the green cauldron with the power of a god emperor, the erupting power instantly shattering the empty space in a five thousand kilometer radius around him.


The Brahma Heaven God Emperor was hot on his heels and his power smashed into the green cauldron as well, causing a sky-covering golden light to erupt from the body of the cauldron. In the next instant, the Star God Emperor and the Moon God Emperor had also flashed next to the cauldron. All four god emperors stood in four different positions as they unreservedly exploded power into the green cauldron, power that stood at the pinnacle of the current universe.

This cauldron’s name was the “Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron” and it was the artifact bequeathed by the gods to the Eternal Heaven God Realm. Not only did it have the power to capsize stars and destroy the wilderness, its interior also contained a destruction dimension. It could suppress and destroy everything it swallowed up. The power that was being smashed into the body of the cauldron could also be transformed into destructive power that could be used by the internal dimension of the cauldron. The moment one was sealed inside, it was certain death and one would never be able to see the sun again.

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!

The power of the four god emperors crazily erupted. Even if Jasmine had already been heavily wounded and had been sealed into the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron, they still did not dare to hold anything back. One breath… two breaths… five breaths… ten breaths…. Every single breath, it seemed as if ten thousand lightning bolts were striking the sky at the same time.

Without the Evil Infant’s power, the black light which covered the sky quickly dissipated. Finally, following the last eruption of the four god emperors’ power, some semblance of silence finally returned to the world. Only the spatial storms continued to wantonly rage and swirl and it was a long time before they started to die out.

The Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron was completely silent and the faint green light flickering around it was barely visible.

“Huuuu…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor lowered his palm and heavily gasped for breath, a heavy feeling of exhaustion running through his entire body.

“We were fortunate that Brother Eternal Heaven had carried the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron with him, if not…” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor was also heavily gasping.

As the darkness was dissipating more and more quickly, the Star God Realm could finally see the light of day again. But the collapsed star region, the living creatures who had perished, these were things that could never be recovered.

“The Heavenly Slaughter Star God is definitely dead, but there is no way that the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations has been destroyed. As such… the only method we have left is to forever seal it inside the cauldron and never let it emerge in the world again,” the Moon God Emperor said between rough gasps for air.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded his head.

The nightmare had finally ended, but the Star God Emperor did not look the least bit joyous. He slowly sank down to his knees as he dazedly stared at the ruined and destroyed world in front of him. He was unable to form any words and he remained completely dazed and dispirited for a long time…

“Star God Emperor, just what exactly happened here?” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor probed.

“…” The Star God Emperor did not reply.

“Forget it.” As he stared at the Star God Realm’s terrible state, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor gave a heavy sigh before he said, “The Evil Infant has been destroyed and the calamity has been resolved. As for the rest, we can speak of it at a later time. Star God Emperor, you now…”


A faint fracturing sound exploded like a thunderclap in the ears of everyone, the eyes of the three god emperors jumped at the same time and even the dazed Star God Emperor jerked his head upwards.

Because this faint fracturing sound had actually come from the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron!

“Wha… What is going on?” the Moon God Emperor said in a shaky voice. But before his voice had even finished falling, the pupils of his eyes dilated so much in an instant that it seemed like they were about to burst open.


If one were to say that the previous fracturing sound was as light as the chirping of an ant, so soft that one could almost think they had misheard it, then the fracturing sound that rang out right now shook the ears like the sound of ten thousand worlds collapsing.

A pitch-black line exploded out on the bottom of the green cauldron. After that, like a bolt of sky-shattering lightning, it spread across the three hundred and thirty meter body of the cauldron.

“Wha… What!?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor cried out involuntarily in shock and fear. But his reaction was also extremely fast as his god emperor power instantly surged up…

Everything was still already too late by then.


A nightmarish black light shot out from between the cracks of the cauldron, piercing through the horizon. As explosive black light flashed across the three hundred and thirty meter cauldron, it explosively detonated before the utterly shocked eyes of the four god emperors. The scene of destruction that exploded into life in front of them fiercely blasted away the four god emperors who had just started to relax for a few breaths.

The Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron was linked to the life of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. If the Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron was destroyed, it would severely damage the lifeline of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. His vision went black and his entire body went limp, blood spurting from all seven orifices at the same time. Jasmine’s peerlessly bewitching and strange figure appeared within his colorless eyes… Her entire body was covered in blood and she still held the devil wheel in her hand. Her face remained utterly cold, detached and expressionless, but the black light in her eyes had already transformed into two pitch-black flames.

“No… No… It’s not possible… It’s not possible…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had grown completely dispirited and dazed. Like the Star God Emperor, he had also fallen into a nightmarish abyss.

The Wilderness Suppressing Divine Cauldron, a true and genuine artifact left behind by the gods, was an existence that could not be destroyed by any power or profound artifact in this universe. Even if it was another god emperor who held an artifact left behind by the gods, they would also be unable to leave even a scratch on it.

But Jasmine was holding the number one demonic artifact in the entire Primal Chaos, a demonic artifact that even the primordial gods and devils feared!

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