Chapter 135 - Run-of-the-mill Profound Techniques

Against the Gods

Chapter 135 - Run-of-the-mill Profound Techniques

Yun Che was a person who did not adhere to common sense. This was one of Sikong Du’s impressions of him after the short time they were in contact.

For example, he, a Nascent Profound practitioner actually challenged Murong Yi. And also…. Amongst all the weapons in the Sky Weapon Pavilion, he had actually selected the weapon he had continually warned Yun Che to not pick no matter what!

“Did you not listen to anything I just said?” Sikong Du said coolly: “This sword is simply not fit for us profound practitioners! Controlling it, is several hundred times more difficult than controlling a common sword! Even though it is in the Sky Weapon Pavilion and is of the highest grade, when picking a weapon, the first thing to consider is whether it is suitable for you. Don’t mention that it’s an Earth profound weapon; even if it was a Sky profound weapon, within the Inner Palace, there still wouldn’t be anyone who would select it!”

“I understand everything you’ve said.” Yun Che clenched his teeth while trying to support the weight of the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, and said slowly: “But, I feel that this sword is a weapon that fits me the best.”

“Just the simple action of lifting it requires almost all of your strength. How do you plan on controlling it?”

“That’s only because my strength is not sufficient. As my profound strength increases, there will be a day when I can easily control it.” Yun Che responded.

“Inner Palace, and even the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace, does not have any profound techniques involving heavy swords or any instructors who use a heavy sword. If you actually pick it, you won’t even know how to train with it properly.” Sikong Du’s eyebrows furrowed as he patiently tried to discourage him. He completely could not understand; he had clearly given so many reasons, yet Yun Che still directly selected this basically forgotten heavy sword.

“It’s not a problem, learning by myself is also not a wrong decision.” Yun Che breathed deeply, raised both hands, and stored the Overlord’s Colossal Sword into the Sky Poison Pearl. After, he patted his hands and said with satisfaction: “Big Brother Sikong, I’ve already finished selected a weapon. I’ll head over to the Profound Gathering Tower by myself, so let’s head over to the Supreme Profound Hall.”

“You…” Sikong Du really wanted to say that he was simply ridiculous. Ultimately, he could only helplessly shake his head, and said: “Forget it, I’ve said everything I needed to say. Since you’re still going to make this selection, I don’t have any right to interfere. Let’s go.”

The Supreme Profound Hall, used by the Blue Wind Profound Palace to store all sorts of profound arts and profound techniques, accumulated by the Blue Wind Profound Palace over the course of several thousand years. The Supreme Profound Hall existed in the Inner Palace, but a transmission formation was set up inside, so anyone from the Outer, Middle, and Inner Palaces could enter. It was just that Outer Palace disciples could only enter the first floor, Middle Palace disciples could only enter the first two floors and only Inner Palace disciples were allowed to freely enter the third floor. The higher the floor, the higher the grade of the profound arts and profound techniques stored inside.

After passing the gatekeeper elder’s imprint inspection, Yun Che followed Sikong Du and directly arrived at the third floor. This place was a field of silence, flowing with a mysterious and thick aura of profound energy. At first glance, everything in his line of sight was filled with all sorts of jade tablets and jade scrolls with inscriptions of profound arts and techniques.

“Inner Palace disciples may visit the Supreme Profound Hall once every two months, and select up to two profound techniques or profound arts. And within one month, no matter whether or not you fully comprehend it, you must return it.”

Sikong Du took a few steps forward and stood in front of a jade rack, and said while signaling: “Yun Che, your luck is pretty good, the unique profound art of our Blue Wind Profound Palace, Supreme Profound Heart Formula, is still here, and it has not been borrowed by the other Inner Palace disciples. Entering the Inner Palace, the first thing you must get is this scroll! Cultivating in the Supreme Profound Heart Formula will allow your ability to control profound energy to greatly increase; once it reaches a sufficient level, skipping levels to battle will be a breeze. Furthermore, a majority of our Blue Wind Profound Palace’s unique profound techniques, also requires the Supreme Profound Heart Formula as a foundation to initiate. Other than this mandatory Supreme Profound Heart Formula, you can pick another sufficiently powerful profound technique.”

Yun Che walked next to Sikong Du and picked up the 《Supreme Profound Heart Formula》. After using his profound energy to briefly ascertain the ability and properties, he put it down and started flipping through other jade tablets and jade scrolls. Sikong Du’s eyebrows furrowed, but didn’t say anything. Facing such an amount of profound arts and profound techniques, yet only being able to select two, of course he’d have to choose and compare carefully. He thought of the time when he had first entered; he had been shocked so hard he didn’t recover until a long time, and then spent an entire day excitedly choosing before leaving.

However, he believed that after Yun Che finished comparing, he would definitely return and select the 《Supreme Profound Heart Formula》.

Yun Che went through one jade rack after another. Every time he picked up a jade scroll, he would examine it briefly before hurriedly putting it down; the one he spent the most time on, only stayed in his hand for five or six breaths worth of time. After an hour passed, Yun Che still had not made a selection.

“Yun Che, are you already bewildered to the point of being cross-eyed? It’s not a problem, look slowly. That year, I, your brother, spent an entire day searching.” Sikong Du said, very understanding of Yun Che’s situation.

Yun Che nodded and walked to the next jade rack. This jade rack was close to the east wall, and as he walked over, he noticed a bamboo basket, which was half of a man’s height, in the corner of his eye. The basket was completely stuffed with crumpled jade scrolls. These were obviously also jade scrolls, yet the aura they released were extremely weak.

“Big Brother Sikong, what’s in here?” Yun Che said while pointing at the bamboo basket.

“Oh! Those are the profound techniques that Blue Wind Profound Palace had gathered through various means from the various places within the empire over these past few years. Some of the decently powerful ones would be placed in the first or second floor, and an extremely small portion are also placed in the third floor. And some run-of-the-mill profound techniques of the common folks that’s extremely poor in quality and power, are naturally placed in the first floor without anyone even bothering take another look at them. Thus, a while ago, the elder who looked after Supreme Profound Hall had picked out those overly useless and ignored common folk profound skills. He had said before that they would all be thrown away or destroyed, seems that it was just tossed there and was forgotten about.

“Oh?” Yun Che responded with a sound, walked straight towards the bamboo basket and casually picked up the few jade scrolls that Sikong Du had called “the common folk’s run-of-the-mill profound techniques” and started flipping through them. After taking one up and putting it down, there came the second, then the third, the fourth…

As Yun Che walked towards the bamboo basket, Sikong Du had a bad premonition. Considering his conduct before, Sikong Du had concluded, no matter how outrageous something was, that brat would definitely be able to do it.

Sure enough, Yun Che didn’t let Sikong Du. Yun Che took two jade scrolls out of the bamboo basket and said: “Okay, I’ll take these two books. Big Brother Sikong, let’s go.”

《Flame Fist》, 《Fire Cloud Palm》...

Looking at the names of the two profound techniques, Sikong Du almost sprayed out a mouth of blood. He finally threw away his image of virtuosity, and started yelling and cursing: “Yun Che!! Has water gotten into your head! You challenged Murong Yi, I can’t do anything about that, you selected a heavy sword that no one wants, I also put up with that… But what are you trying to do picking two useless? profound techniques!! Flame Fist and Fire Cloud Palm… damn! These two techniques are the lowest of the low! All you need is some rudimentary knowledge of a fire-attribute profound art to turn profound energy into fire. Even a three year old would only need one hour to fully master that! Also, their power is the trashiest of trash! You want to select this type of profound technique at the Supreme Profound Hall? A single cyan profound coin can buy you half a kilo of those at any random store!”

Yun Che quickly waved his hand, and smiled as he said: “Calm down, Big Brother Sikong. I just happen to have a fire-attribute profound art, so I selected two fire-attribute profound techniques. I think these are very fitting for me.”

“Fitting your sister!” Sikong Du pointed behind him, and said: “Even though there aren’t many fire-attribute profound techniques here, there are still several tens of them! The 《Disastrous Profound Flame》、《Sky Sun Finger》、《Soul Burning Fist》 over there… Which one of those wouldn’t be a hundred times stronger than the ones in your hand!

“But I feel that these two are more suitable for me, because they look easier to cultivate.”

Yun Che’s response almost made Sikong Du faint in suffocation from being unable to breath.

“Now that I’ve selected a weapon and profound techniques, I’ll trouble Big Brother Sikong to bring me to my living quarters.” Yun Che stored the [Flame Fist] and [Fire Cloud Palm], and said seriously.

The corner of Sikong Du’s mouth twitched a little, and he didn’t care to say even one more word. As Yun Che wished, he brought him out of the Supreme Profound Hall and directly led Yun Che to his living quarters.

Blue Wind Profound Palace naturally wasn’t stingy with their inner disciple’s living quarters. When Yun Che saw the house in front of him, he couldn’t but be a little shocked in his heart. The house was unexpectedly spacious and even came with a matching elegant courtyard. All the living facilities were readily available inside, even the beddings were made from fine silk.

Every single disciple of the Inner Palace were figures that even the Blue Wind Imperial Family would need to graciously invite, so there naturally wouldn’t be any neglections.

“This is your living quarters. I live in courtyard number 41; if you need anything, you can come and find me anytime. Also, your profound gathering room number in the Profound Gathering Tower is 101. Your body had been implanted with the corresponding Profound Imprint, and you are also the only one who is able to enter, so you may cultivate there anytime without worry. Furthermore, don’t forget to head to the Inner Palace’s Profound Pellet Pavilion every seven days to pick up ten medium Profound Recovering Pellets, three Bone Quenching Pellets, and two small Heaven Returning Pellets. Also, if you happen to encounter other Inner Palace Disciples in this Inner Palace, absolutely do not instigate any conflicts; because any single person here, is not someone you can afford to offend.”

“The Profound Palace doesn’t have any restraints towards the freedom of Inner Palace disciples. You can freely move about in the Outer, Middle and Inner Palaces, and may also freely leave the Profound Palace at any time… If you wish to waste the cultivation time in the Inner Palace.”

After he said what needed to be conveyed, Sikong Du stayed no more, went ahead and left. He had now started to become even more confident, that either there was something wrong with Yun Che’s brain, or he was simply a madman.

After half a quarter of an hour, Sukong Du appeared before Qin Wushang. He was currently sitting directly facing Qin Wuyou, leisurely enjoying tea.

“Is everything properly settled?” Qin Wushang asked while laughing.

“Yes, this disciple has already properly settled Yun Che down. Only…” Sikong Du had a muddled expression, and seemed as if he could not bear to say it out loud.

“Only what?” Qin Wushang gave a sidelong glance.

“At the Sky Weapon Pavilion, he selected that Overlord’s Colossal Sword.”

“Oh?” Qin Wushang had a surprised expression, and looked at Qin Wuyou questioningly: “That little boy specializes in heavy swords?”

“No!” Qin Wuyou shook his head, “To my knowledge, he actually doesn’t use any weapon. As for why he chose that heavy sword, this is truly curious. However, at least with my understanding of him, he is definitely not one of those simple people that would choose the Overlord’s Colossal Sword just because of its high-grade. Oh right, Sikong Du, which two profound arts and profound techniques did he choose?”

“He didn’t select a profound art.” Sikong Du took a deep breath, and said with hunched eyebrows: “Rather, he selected two profound techniques, which are respectively, [Flame Fist] and [Fire Cloud Palm].”


The tea in Qin Wushang and Qin Wuyou’s mouths simultaneously sprayed out… onto each other’s faces.

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