Chapter 1351 - An Instant of Starlight

Against the Gods

Chapter 1351 - An Instant of Starlight

Black light radiated from every part of Jasmine’s body. Her face was cold, detached, and expressionless. One could not find any emotions or feelings on it, as though she was a puppet whose soul had been abducted.

But in reality, she was incomparably conscious and aware of what she was doing… In fact, she was more clear-headed now than she had been at any other point in her life.

She knew who she was, she knew where she was, she knew what sort of power was surging through her body. Moreover, she was even more aware of what she was doing, what people she was facing, what people she was killing and she could clearly see what kind of hell the Star God Realm had transformed into because of her devil wheel.

She did not stop, did not hesitate, and even more than that, she did not regret.

Because her world had already completely collapsed and there could no longer be any color in it from now onward. The four god emperors, the Star Gods, the Moon Gods, the Guardians, the Brahma Gods, and Brahma Kings… Now that all of these powerhouses, who were like present-day gods, had all gathered here, she knew that she would definitely be buried in this place today.

Even if she was not killed by them, she would also end herself… She definitely would not allow Yun Che to walk the road to the Yellow Springs by himself.

They would go to heaven together, descend to hell together, venture towards reincarnation together.

It was just that, before all of this happened, she wanted to take these Star God lands that had buried him and take these lives and fresh blood, lives and fresh blood that were the most precious in the Eastern Divine Region… and bury them together with him!  

Devilish light, black spatial tears, devilish mist… the world was collapsing and being torn apart again and again. Furthermore, the bodies of these supreme powerhouses, bodies which were supposed to be the hardest existences to damage in this universe, would definitely be wounded by the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations whenever they came into contact with each other. Every time that demonic wheel danced, it would definitely paint the sky with showers of black blood.


The body of a Moon God was instantly cut in half by a black tear in space!


A black beam of light pierced through the bodies of two Guardians at the same time, the invading devilish energy shattering their meridians and smashing up their internal organs...


A Moon God and two Brahma Kings were sucked into a swiftly contracting darkness devil domain, and no matter how much they struggled, they could not break free. The devil domain exploded after it had contracted to its very limit, after that the three men cried out in misery as they were sent flying, their blood spraying through the air.

Beams of power rent apart the darkness as they ceaselessly exploded against the demonic wheel and Jasmine’s body. The Evil Infant’s wails and laughter went from shrill to weak, and the image of the Evil Infant in the sky was gradually beginning to become blurry. Jasmine did not know how much power she had left, nor did she know how many wounds she had taken, but she also basically did not care what kind of wounds she had already received… and she cared even less when she would die. The only thing that remained constant was that the demonic wheel in her hand was still releasing a devilish light that was more terrifying than any nightmare as she buried one supreme Divine Master after another in the abyss of death.

Boom! Boom! BOOOM!!

Three beams of green light that merged together exploded on Jasmine’s body at the same time. Following the Evil Infant’s hoarse shout, Jasmine was blasted into the distance, the black light around her body going out for a moment. The demonic wheel also flew out of her hand for the first time ever.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s eyes suddenly flashed and he spat blood from his mouth, spraying it on his golden sword. The body of the sword immediately started glowing like the sun as he seized this rare opportunity and directly thrust it towards Jasmine’s life vein.

The demonic wheel had left her grip, the devilish light had been extinguished. Now that a big gap in her defenses had been exposed and she was left without the Evil Infant’s protection, he was incomparably sure that this sword strike would definitely be able to destroy Jasmine’s life vein.

The distance of several kilometers was merely a fraction of an instant for a god emperor. With a flash of golden light, the golden sword of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had already reached Jasmine’s solar plexus… But before the golden light could even be released, a pale white hand had already gripped the body of the sword. Black light once again flared from the hand and the body of the golden sword immediately felt as if it had been sealed in ice; it was not able to advance even a millimeter further. The god emperor might that was just about to erupt also seemed as if it had been trapped in a cage of darkness, unable to be released.

“You…” As he looked at Jasmine’s black eyes which slowly swung around to meet his, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor felt as though a ghost god had terrified his soul as his whole body suddenly went cold.

The reason why Jasmine’s power had suddenly become so dreadful was indeed because of the awakening of the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

But what the world was unaware of was that she had not been seized and transformed into the “Evil Infant” by that demonic wheel. On the contrary, she was the master of the Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations! 

She had not been forced into becoming the Evil Infant. Instead she was the Evil Infant’s master!

Thus, the power of the Evil Infant was her power as well! Even if the Evil Infant had left her grasp, the power that surged through her body was still the complete power of the Evil Infant!

Unfortunately for him, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor realized this far too late and right before his eyes, eyes that were filled with the muted light of disbelief, Jasmine’s other hand heavily smashed into his chest… That delicate palm that was surrounded by a dense black light pierced right through him and emerged from his back with an explosion of blood.

Dark energy that came from the abyss itself directly exploded inside the Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s body and his complexion turned a dusky gray at an even faster rate than the Eternal Heaven God Emperor… However, it was also at this time that three golden seals… three clusters of dreadful power that had come from the Brahma Monarch Three Brahma Gods exploded simultaneously against Jasmine’s back.

Bang bang bang——

Those three golden beams of light exploded on Jasmine’s back before piercing into her body and exploding out the front… The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s eyes grew gray and dim and he dropped toward the ground like a falling stone. Meanwhile, it was as if Jasmine had been struck by a meteor. She was sent flying into the distance, leaving behind trailing streaks of black light and traces of blood in the air. 

“God Emperor!”

The Three Brahma Gods had combined their strength to severely wound Jasmine. But after that, they immediately swooped down to catch the Brahma Heaven God Emperor. The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s complexion was greenish black but he gave a strict yell that was accompanied by blood, “Don’t bother with me… Hurry up… and kill… her… We definitely cannot let her escape! Hurry up… and go!!”

All four of the Eastern Divine Region’s god emperors had sustained severe injuries. In fact, these were the worst injuries they had ever received in their lives. However, the power of the Evil Infant had finally started to weaken bit by bit. But what a bitter price they had to pay. If they allowed the Evil Infant to escape today, not only would it make all the serious losses they had sustained today worthless, the trouble they would have in the future would be unimaginable.


The Three Brahma Gods swiftly replied. They pushed the Brahma Heaven God Emperor to one of the Brahma Kings as they shot off into the distance, golden light radiating from their bodies.


A streak of black light explosively split the sky and Jasmine stood up from a pile of rubble. The Evil Infant Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had already flown back into her hand, but the moment she stood up, she fiercely stumbled to her knees. After that, she vomited out more than ten mouthfuls of sickly black blood… Her vision was also starting to grow more and more dim and blurry.

Have I also… finally reached my limit...

No… I still need to kill even more… I still haven’t killed that old villain...

The old villain that most deserves to be buried together with him!!

Yun Che… Wait for me, I’m going to join you real soon...

As she slowly raised up the demonic wheel, the black light surround her strongly flared up. Yet this caused everything around her to suddenly go black and Yun Che’s figure floated up in her increasingly blurry vision… He had faced the Star God Realm for her, he had been soaked in his own blood for her, he had been turned to ashes by flames because of her...

To be turned to ashes… by flames...

All of a sudden, it was as if a lightning bolt had flashed through her mind and a cluster of long-extinguished starlight faintly flared to life in her eyes...

She floated up in the air, but she did not rush towards the Brahma Kings or Moon Gods who were trying to surround her. Instead, she turned around and struck a cold and lonely figure as she fled towards the empty distance, to the unknown distance...

“Damn it! She’s trying to run!”

“Hurry up and chase after her!!”

“We definitely can’t let her get away!!”


On the completely broken ground, Caizhi silently observed the direction that Jasmine had left in and she saw one figure after the other desperately give chase. Her ears rang with incomparably chaotic and deafening roars and wails.

From the beginning to the end, she had merely dazedly witnessed everything unfold. Her face was expressionless and she did not say a single word and the same lightless emptiness that had appeared in Jasmine’s eyes had also appeared in hers. In this Star God Realm that had been transformed into a calamitous purgatory, in this place that had been engulfed by the Evil Infant’s dark shadow, nearly no one could spare the attention to notice her existence.

Jasmine’s figure flew far away, disappearing in the place where the earth met the sky. After that, Caizhi slowly closed her eyes… for a long time. When she finally opened them, what shone in her eyes was a foreign coldness and determination.

She rose up and moved her legs as she soundlessly left. The figure of that impish and delicate young girl and those rainbow-colored skirts that fluttered and danced in the wind… What accompanied them was a dim and shattered heart and soul.

Amidst the chaos and panic, no one noticed her leave and there were even less people who knew where she went… In fact, even she herself did not know it.


Eastern Divine Region, Snow Song Realm, Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall.


A very light and faint shattering sound rang in the sea of Mu Xuanyin’s heart.

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s icy eyes trembled and her expression froze on her face. The dancing of the ice spirits surrounding her slowed down before completely going still… but after that, they started to dance chaotically.

A shocked expression crossed the face of Mu Bingyun, who had just been conversing in a soft voice with Mu Xuanyin. After that she said, “Big Sister, what’s the matter?” 

Mu Xuanyin slowly stood up. She looked at the flying snow that filled the skies outside the hall before saying in a gloomy voice, “Yun Che’s soul crystal… has shattered.”

“...” Mu Bingyin shot to her feet, “What… did you say!?”

“...” Mu Xuanyin closed her eyes and did not say anything for a very long time.

Mu Bingyun’s snowy figure blurred and she arrived at Mu Xuanyin’s side as she said in an urgent voice, “Are you saying that Yun Che, he… he…”

“He’s dead,” Mu Xuanyin said, her voice cold and detached, there was no joy or sadness in it.

“How did… he die?” Mu Bingyun’s chest heaved dramatically and her cherry-colored lips had now been tinted by a shade of ghastly-white, as if a layer of snow had covered them.

“He died in the Star God Realm, for the sake of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God,” Mu Xuanyin said in a soft voice. The moment the soul crystal broke, it also showed the last thoughts and images that the dead person saw right before his death to the person who had inserted the soul crystal. So she had very clearly seen how Yun Che had died in the end… She had seen it more clearly than anyone else.

Mu Bingyun’s lips faintly parted but it was only after a long time that she was able to speak in a voice that was as light and faint as a dream, “Wasn’t he in the Dragon God Realm… Why would he suddenly go to the Star God Realm… Just what exactly happened…” 

“Dead is dead, so there is no need to bother about it any longer,” Mu Xuanyin’s voice was gloomy and cold, so gloomy and cold that it startled Mu Bingyun. “He was not killed by anyone else. He stubbornly sent himself to his own death despite clearly knowing that he was bound to die… So many people wished for him to live, so many people did their utmost to protect him, yet he… still chose to… send himself to his death…”

“It’s fine if he died… It’s for the best that he died! I, Mu Xuanyin, do not have such a stupid and foolish disciple!”

With a heavy wave of her snowy sleeve, Mu Xuanyin turned around and coldly left.

“Big Sister…” Before the cold voice had faded from her ears, Mu Bingyun spoke in a worried voice as she gazed at her sister’s back, “Are you.. alright?”

“In the next few years, I will be secluding myself in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. You are not to disturb me even if a momentous event occurs,” Mu Xuanyin’s figure slipped into the ice and snow causing her icy hair to dance in the mournful cold, “Also, since Yun Che is already dead, then treat it as if he had never appeared before. After this… you are not to mention his name in front of me ever again!”

As her cold voice fell, her icy figure disappeared into the distance and the snowy winds outside the palace seemed to grow somewhat chaotic. Mu Bingyun was dazed for a long time and she rather absentmindedly walked out of the hall before staring dumbly at that row of messy footprints that were left in the snow. 

For one born in the Snow Song Realm, they had been accompanied by snow and ice all their life, so even the most ordinary Ice Phoenix Palace disciple would not leave a single trace if they stepped on snow.


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