Chapter 1372 - Reunion

Against the Gods

Chapter 1372 - Reunion

A woman slowly strode out from within the bedchambers below. Clad in golden clothes, she wore a jade crown and with just those few simple steps, a sort of tyrannical might and nobility rushed forward to greet them. She slightly raised her delicate head and she gave Yun Che a faint smile as she looked to the sky, “Yun Che, you’ve returned.”

“Yes, I’m back,” Yun Che said as he looked at her, his gaze becoming incomparably warm and gentle. His eyes remained fixed on her for a very long period of time.

“Everyone else, withdraw from this place,” she said coolly, “Palace Chief Dongfang, you may withdraw as well.”


Everyone retreated en masse upon hearing her order… However, the news of Yun Che’s return spread like surging waves which traveled in every direction. Before too long, this news would spread across the entire Profound Sky Continent and would even spread to the Illusory Demon Realm. 

Feng Xian’er supported Yun Che as they descended from the sky and landed in front of Cang Yue. There was no one else around them right now, so Cang Yue did not need to maintain the imposing and majestic manner of a ruler. Her lips parted and tears stained her cheeks before she had even said a single word… She rushed forward, hurling herself heavily into Yun Che’s embrace.

“Husband… you’re back… you’ve finally… come… back…”

The warm temperature, the figure and presence that she had yearned for day and night… She softly whispered under her breath as she wept. This Blue Wind Empress, whose weak and delicate shoulders had once borne the weight of facing a crisis which involved the life and death of her nation for three whole years, who was extremely revered by all of her citizens, was always so frail and delicate in front of Yun Che… It was like this in the past and it was still like this even now.

“I’ve returned,” Yun Che said in a soft voice as he hugged her very gently. But he felt his arms unwittingly tighten around her, “I must have caused you endless worry over the past few years…”

Cang Yue shook her head as she replied in a voice choked with emotion, “As long as Husband is safe and sound… then anything else is okay…”

Her shoulders shuddered intensely and the sobbing sounds that she was struggling mightily to suppress continued for a good while before she finally calmed down… It was only at this moment that it suddenly occurred to her that there were still others around them. She hurriedly extracted herself from Yun Che’s bosom, but her arms were still firmly wrapped around his waist, as if she was afraid that he would suddenly leave again.

“Xian’er, thank you for accompanying him back,” she said with a faint smile as she wiped her tears away. When she had heard Yun Che’s voice in her bedchambers just now, she had also heard the latter half of the conversation between him and Dongfang Xiu… But she did not mention it, nor did she ask him about it. 

Feng Xian’er shook her head as she gave a faint smile, “Empress Sis, please don’t ever be so formal with me.”

As she said that, she subconsciously shifted her gaze, looking toward Chu Yuechan and her daughter who were standing to the side.

After that, the look in her eyes changed and it was only then that Chu Yuechan’s figure registered in Cang Yue’s brain. At this moment, her beautiful teary eyes froze in place and it seemed as if she had been instantly teleported into a dream. Words involuntarily spilled from her lips, “The Fairy of Frozen Beauty…”

Chu Yuechan descended from the sky as she held her daughter’s hand. After that, she gave a faint nod of her head as she said, “A single goodbye has spanned twelve years and the former Princess Cang Yue has already become an empress. One whose beauty and elegance far exceeds what it was once. Yun Che truly is a lucky man.”

“Aheheh,” Yun Che gave a chuckle.

“Mom, why… is she hugging Daddy?” Yun Wuxin asked in a small voice behind Chu Yuechan, her gaze sweeping across Cang Yue every now and then. Even though she was still very young and her notion of what a father was supposed to be was still shallow, she still vaguely knew that… a father was someone who should belong to Mother alone?

As she looked at Chu Yuechan and the girl by her side who looked as flawless as a gem, a warmth and excitement that was hard to put into words completely filled Cang Yue’s heart. She softly spoke as if in a dream, “That’s your daughter, right?”

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded his head, “her name is Yun Wuxin and she is my and Little… Yuechan’s daughter.”

“...” Cang Yue closed her eyes, feeling as if she had been caught in an illusion.

During what happened in Heavenly Sword Villa all those years ago, she and Chu Yuechan had experienced the same thing. She was well aware of the world shocking actions Chu Yuechan, the leader of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, had done for the sake of the “dead” Yun Che. She was even more aware of just how much pain and guilt Yun Che had borne all of these years in regards to Chu Yuechan...

Today, he had returned and he had even brought Chu Yuechan and the child they had all those years ago together with him...

All of this was as perfect and flawless as a dream. 

“Big Sister Yuechan, I…” She softly called out to Chu Yuechan but she found it hard to speak afterwards.

Even as a woman, even as Yun Che’s proper wife, there was no way she could feel even a smidgen of jealousy toward Chu Yuechan… Any woman who knew about what Chu Yuechan had done for Yun Che would not feel any jealousy either, and would only feel boundless appreciation for her.

“...” Ripples appeared in Chu Yuechan’s eyes. Her lips moved slightly, as if she wanted to say something but in the end, she did not.

Cang Yue had always addressed her as “Senior” before this but today she had addressed her as “big sister”. As Yun Che’s proper wife, this form of address was naturally a form of recognition and acceptance… Given the heart of ice Chu Yuechan had possessed for many decades, she should not have cared about any etiquette of this mortal world. But right now, great waves were surging up in her heart uncontrollably because of the words that Cang Yue had just softly spoken to her.

“Big… Brother… Yun…”

The dreamy voice of a young girl rang out from behind them. It was as gentle and beautiful as a cloud, as soft and light as the wind.

“Xue’er…” Yun Che muttered under his breath before jerking his body around. Feng Xue’er entered his vision. She was standing there dressed all in red in front of a teleportation formation which pulsed with white light. Those hands which were as white as snow were forcefully pressed against her lips. That absolutely beautiful snow white face, a face that was beautiful enough to make celestial fairies feel ashamed of their own inferiority, was now completely drenched by the tears that were wantonly flooding from her eyes.

All light seemed to have dimmed in the place where Feng Xue’er had appeared… Chu Yuechan lifted her eyes and with just a single glance, she had confirmed this woman’s identity. Those red phoenix cloud robes and that face that was as beautiful as a celestial fantasy—this could only be the Phoenix Goddess herself, the number one goddess in the Profound Sky Continent, Feng Xue’er.

“Pre… Pret… Pretty…” Even Yun Wuxin’s lips had parted slightly as she involuntarily muttered something under her breath.

With a flash of firelight, Feng Xue’er had already rushed to Yun Che’s side amidst a flurry of dancing red clothes. The face that had been drenched by tears was now tightly stuck to his shoulder. She closed her eyes and savored the smell and aura that belonged to Yun Che alone as she said in a teary voice, “Big Brother Yun… you’ve finally come back… you’ve finally come back… Sniff… sniff sniff…”

When Feng Xue’er had rushed toward them, Feng Xian’er could not help but take a step back due to the Phoenix spiritual pressure that had come from her bloodline. After that, she stood there completely dumbstruck... 

Feng Xue’er and Yun Che’s engagement was an event that no one in the Profound Sky Continent was ignorant of. But to see the Phoenix Goddess, the first person who had reached the divine way in the history of the Profound Sky Continent, the person who all the profound practitioners in the realm regarded as a divine being, rush sobbing to Yun Che’s side like a little girl… This was a scene that she was unable to imagine, it was a scene that no one even dared to imagine.

The tears that poured down his chest nearly caused Yun Che’s entire heart to melt. He hugged Feng Xue’er tightly as he said in a loving and affectionate voice, “Xue’er, I’m…”

“Little… Che…”

Yet another voice rang out from behind them and it was a voice that heavily plucked at Yun Che’s heartstrings.

Xiao Lingxi and Su Ling’er stood side by side in front of the teleportation formation. A faint smile played across Su Ling’er’s jade-like mien and her eyes had turned misty. But from the very first moment Xiao Lingxi had laid her eyes on Yun Che, sparkling tears fell from her eyes like jade beads from a broken string. After time had frozen for just that one brief instant, she let out a low cry. She rushed toward Yun Che with tears streaming from her eyes and tightly hugged him from behind, the tears flooding from her eyes swiftly drenching a large part of his back.

“Little Che… Little Che… Little Che…” she muttered again and again. Compared to Cang Yue and Feng Xian’er who were both trying to hold it in, Xiao Lingxi’s emotions had burst forth like water from a broken dam and she was very soon reduced to soundless sobbing.

There was a girl hugging him from both sides and they were unwilling to let him go even after a long time had passed. Yun Che’s chest heaved and it felt as if a warm aura was coursing through every part of his body.

He had previously sworn that he would not let them worry or cry… but he broke that promise time and time again...

He did not dare to imagine how many lifetimes it would take to repay the debt of emotion he owed all of them if he truly was not able to return this time...

“Xue’er, Lingxi, please stop crying… Can’t you see that I’m already back,” he said in a soft voice.

“Ah, let her cry.” Su Ling’er walked over with a faint smile on her face, “After you left, because of her worry for you, Big Sister Lingxi would keep on having the same nightmare over and over again. Now that you’ve returned safely, she can finally feel completely at ease.”

“...” His heart was filled with boundless guilt as he stretched out a hand to softly pat Xiao Lingxi’s soft and tender back, “Lingxi, all those dreams were fake. Take a look, not only have I returned, I have not even lost a single strand of hair on my head. If you don’t believe me, you can take a good look yourself later on.”

“Hmph! Fancy that, you did remember to come back!”

In this warm atmosphere created by the continuous reunions, an atmosphere that made one’s heart throb with every breath, an icy voice that could pierce one’s heart rang out at an inopportune moment… Just like before, a girl who looked to be only fifteen or sixteen years of age proudly stood in front of teleportation formation. She was dressed in opulent and luxurious long robes that were the color of pure gold. The skirt of her robes dragged along the ground and her clothes hugged her waist, revealing a slender and willowy waist. Her face was jade-white and flawless, her lips as pink as powdered rouge. Her starry eyes were cold and detached, but it also seemed as if some moisture glimmered within them.

Chu Yuechan turned her gaze to the newcomer… She could sense a tyrannical might radiating from this girl, a tyrannical might that surpassed any such aura she had ever felt in her entire life. This tyrannical might was not being unleashed deliberately, but something that was carved into this girl’s very bone marrow. Coldness… Pride… The scent of blood… The aura of an emperor… Due to Yun Che’s previous description of this person, the girl’s identity floated up in Chu Yuechan’s heart.

The Little Demon Empress!

Yun Che had said that she was the ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm and she was also the absolutely beautiful number one beauty in the entire Illusory Demon Realm… and it truly was as he had said. As another woman, Chu Yuechan was absolutely convinced that if this girl’s beautiful eyes arced or fluttered just a little, all living beings would be mesmerized, and nothing else in this world would seem appealing.

As for Su Ling’er and Xiao Lingxi, the former had been his companion through two lives while the latter had grown up together with him. They were the people who were the closest to him in his life. For them to be smitten with him was perhaps to be expected.

But as for the other three women… Cang Yue was the Blue Wind Empress, Feng Xue’er was the Phoenix Goddess and she was also the number one person in the Profound Sky Continent. The Little Demon Empress was the emperor of the Illusory Demon Realm, the supreme ruler of an entire continent...

It could be said that the most illustrious women in this world had all gathered around him. The moment they had heard of his return, no matter what their status or position was, they had all rushed to his side… This was true even for the Little Demon Empress, even though her words and her eyes were cold and her oppressive might assailed the world around her.

This was something he had earned with his own life… As she thought about back to the time when her own heart and soul had been melted by Yun Che, Chu Yuechan softly muttered those words in her heart.

“Caiyi!” Yun Che said as his eyes turned toward the Little Demon Empress as quick as lightning.

Facing the gaze which he had now directed towards her, the Little Demon Empress chose to look away before giving a cold snort, “Four years… and you don’t seem to be missing an arm or a leg either. Hmph! At least you didn’t go back on your promise! If you dared to be late by even a year… I would definitely go to that God Realm or whatever to break your legs and drag you back here!”

The Little Demon Empress’ words were cold and harsh, but everyone could hear that her voice had clearly trembled as she had spoken that last bit.

“Errr…” Yun Che took a peek at the Yun Wuxin who had been hiding behind Chu Yuechan before he said in a soft voice, “Caiyi, let’s slowly talk about these kind of things when we go back to your room, uh… In front of my daughter, can you please leave some dignity for me as a father.”

“...” The Little Demon Empress was stunned for a brief moment and her eyes whirled. Feng Xue’er, Xiao Lingxi, and Su Ling’er were also all completely flabbergasted, “Your… daughter?”

In their shock and suspicion, their gazes all fell on Yun Wuxin’s body. Upon looking at this girl who was adorable as a porcelain doll, the same strange and indescribable feeling welled up in their hearts. After that, Su Ling’er softly said, “Big Brother Yun Che, you mentioned your daughter. Could it be that…”

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded with a faint smile on his face, “this is my and Yuechan’s daughter. Her name is Yun Wuxin and she’s already eleven this year.”

“AAAAHHHH!!” The same cry of startled astonishment issued from all of their lips. After that, it was if they had all realized something as they looked toward the Chu Yuechan who was standing beside Yun Wuxin, “Could it be that she is… Big Sister Yuechan?”

Among all of them, only Cang Yue had ever seen Chu Yuechan. But as people who had been at Yun Che’s side, how could any of them not know the name Chu Yuechan?

The Little Demon Empress descended from the sky, softly landing in front of Chu Yuechan and Yun Wuxin. At this moment, the coldness in her eyes had melted into a gentle softness that even Yun Che had rarely seen, “Little Sister Yuechan, the fact that you are safe and sound is the best news we have heard over the last few years. During those years… both of you, mother and child, must have had it hard. If you are willing to acknowledge us as your sisters, then from now on, we will return whatever Yun Che owes to the both of you together with him.

“...” A faint smile appeared on Yun Che’s face but a slight feeling of envy arose in his heart… Because he could not seem to recall any such occasion where the Little Demon Empress had spoken to him in such a warm and gentle manner!

“There’s no need for that.” Chu Yuechan shook her head, “The past few years have not been hard or bitter for me and I have not regretted or resented anything.”

A faint smile appeared on the Little Demon Empress’ face and her heart was filled with a boundless appreciation and gratitude. She knew, all of them knew, that Chu Yuechan had always been a heavy burden in Yun Che’s heart that he would never be able to let go of. But today, he had not only returned, he had also found Chu Yuechan, who was safe and sound, and their daughter, who was safe and sound as well.

There could be no ending more perfect than this in this world.

Because she was being scrutinized by many gazes, Yun Wuxin’s body began to shrink backwards more and more. Chu Yuechan bent over slightly and said in a gentle voice, “Xin’er, what are you waiting for? Go and greet your aunties.”

“...” Yun Wuxin did not take a step forward. Instead she spoke in a small and timid voice, “All of them… seem to like Daddy a lot.”

“Mn,” Chu Yuechan nodded her head, “to be able to be liked by so many people proves that your daddy is very powerful. So you should be happy for your daddy instead.”

“...” Yun Che’s normally thick-skinned face turned a slight shade of red.

“...Mn,” Yun Wuxin nodded her head as if she understood, but also as if she still did not quite understand.

However, none of them noticed that there was a pair of eyes silently watching them from a place even higher than the peaks of the clouds.

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s snowy hand pressed against her heart, her celestial body trembled as if she was caught in a cold wind that she was unable to endure. She kept looking at Yun Che, it was just that her eyes had already become incredibly misty, as misty as a dense fog that appeared in one’s dream.


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