Chapter 1375 - Cutting All Ties

Against the Gods

Chapter 1375 - Cutting All Ties

In the air above the Demon Imperial City, the Little Demon Empress silently watched Yun Che’s reunion with his parents but she did not disturb them.

“Is there really no way for him to recover his profound strength?” she asked Su Ling’er who was by her side.

Su Ling’er replied softly, “There is not such thing as an absolute in this world. It’s just that his profound veins are far too unique, so I’m afraid that the chances are really faint. Perhaps… Master might have a way.”

Su Ling’er had said the latter half of her sentence very softly. She had just checked the condition of Yun Che’s body. It was clear that even if Yun Gu had been there, he also should have been powerless to do anything.

The Little Demon Empress’ eyes dimmed and she spoke only after a long period of silence, “If there really isn’t anything we can do about it in the end, we still need to exhaust every avenue and possibility we can to extend his lifespan… no matter the cost.”

She could accept Yun Che turning into a cripple, because they could still protect and ensure that not even a single hair on his head would be harmed. What she could not accept was that he would go before her in the future… An ordinary body also meant an ordinary lifespan.

“Mnn…” Su Ling’er gave a faint nod of her head but she was unable to make an explicit promise that it would work. She shifted her gaze to look downwards before she spoke softly, “I found out a very long time ago that Big Sister Yuechan had once been the Blue Wind Nation’s number one beauty, and as it turns out, it was completely true.”

“Hmph, in the end, he still took complete advantage of her,” the Little Demon Empress said with a soft snort.

Su Ling’er could not help but cover her lips as she said, “That’s right. This is especially true for you, the Little Demon Empress. Everything you had that should have been taken advantage of and should not ever have been taken advantage, he had completely taken advantage of them all.”

“...”  The Little Demon Empress’ beautiful eyes turned away as quick as lightning. A slightly disordered look had appeared in those eyes. Of course she knew what Su Ling’er was talking about… After she had gotten married to Yun Che, she originally thought that she only had three years of life left and her greatest desire was to have a child with Yun Che in order to continue the Demon Emperor’s bloodline. At that time, Yun Che had told her in a very serious and sincere manner that she had to continuously try out and shift through all sorts of poses and positions while making love in order to quickly conceive a child, and that they even had to do it in different places...

When it came to the affairs between man and woman, the Little Demon Empress had been a completely blank piece of white paper. Furthermore, Yun Che was the genius doctor whose name had stirred up the entire Illusory Demon Realm, one that could heal any illness. She naturally took his word as law. As a result, during that period of time… she, the distinguished Illusory Demon Realm’s Little Demon Empress, was made to display all sorts of shameful poses and positions by Yun Che every single day, shameful poses and positions that even brothel girls would be too ashamed to try. She would even listen to and cooperate with him in an incomparably obedient manner, no matter how outrageous his requests were...

It was only after Yun Che had left for the God Realm, when she, Feng Xue’er, and Su Ling’er had engaged in some girl talk, that she had found out that she had actually been defiled and humiliated by Yun Che every single day!

“Hmph! Oh, just look at how I’m going to deal with him today!” the Little Demon Empress said through faintly gritted teeth.

“Alright, alright,” Su Ling’er concealed her smile with a hand, “then I’ll let you have him tonight. You had better earn back all of those advantages that he has taken from you.”

“Oh right. Big Brother Yun Che loves this the most…”  She placed her lips near the Little Demon Empress’ ears before softly whispering the rest of it to her.

 “~!@#¥%...” The Little Demon Empress’ jade face was instantly dyed an extremely tender and beautiful shade of red. After that, she swiftly turned around and beat a quick retreat.

“Hee…” Su Ling’er gave a soft laugh as she pursed her lips. When she looked back, her expression had gradually grown solemn.

“There definitely has to be a way,” she muttered under her breath.


Eastern Divine Region, Snow Song Realm, Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall.

Mu Xuanyin descended from a sky which was filled with flying snow. She had a cold and absent-minded look in her eyes as she slowly strode into the hall and she actually did not notice that Mu Bingyun was already inside.

“Big Sister!” Upon seeing that her sister had returned, Mu Bingyun strode forward and asked, “Did you manage to find his family?”

“...I found them,” Mu Xuanyin replied in a rather wooden voice.

“Did you tell them?” Mu Bingyun walked over. The two sisters stood together, immediately painting the most aesthetically beautiful scene that could appear in the Snow Song Realm.

“No, I did not,” Mu Xuanyin’s cold voice sounded rather soft and whispery when she said these words.

Mu Bingyun was the person who understood Mu Xuanyin the best in this world. Even though she could tell that something was off from Mu Xuanyin’s gaze, she did not ask about it. Instead, she gave a faint nod of her head as she said, “If Big Sister does not know how to broach the subject, then allow me to go and do it instead.”

“You’re not allowed to go!” Mu Xuanyin’s voice rang out sharply in retort just after Mu Bingyun had voiced her thoughts.

“Why?” Mu Bingyun asked with a small frown.

“I said that you’re not allowed to go, so you’re not allowed to go!”

Once those words left her lips, she realized the anxiety and curtness of her tone. She closed her eyes slightly as her tone grew gentler, “Even though Yun Che is dead, the commotion that he caused in the past was simply far too great, and the secrets that he possessed are things that many people still want to search for and chase after. Furthermore, the starting point of his journey in the God Realm was our Snow Song Realm, so there might very well still be many eyes on us at this point. I can use Moon Splitting Cascade, so no one will be able to detect me coming and going… However, if you travel to that place and someone picks up on your trail, then you might just end up putting that place in danger.”

“...” Mu Bingyun silently stared at her but she did not wait for their eyes to meet. Instead, she gave a soft sigh and said, “I understand.”

Her fairy-like figure turned around and left slowly… When she neared the hall door, her feet halted and her beautiful eyes faintly closed as she spoke in a soft voice, “Big Sister, did you realize? In the past, you’d never hide anything from me. But over the last few years, as long as it had something to do with him, you’d always either avoid the subject or hide the truth…”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“We are sisters bound by blood, we are each other’s only family. You can hide it from anyone else, you can even lie to yourself… But did you really think that I wouldn’t notice anything?”

Mu Xuanyin’s gaze grew troubled.

“Even though he is a junior, even though the two of you are master and student…” Mu Bingyun’s delicate head rose as she looked at the rainbow-like flying snow as words that even she still found hard to believe spilled from her lips, “Possessing the power of a Creation God, he fearlessly went to face the horned dragon in the Inferno Prison for your sake. He also used just three short years to defeat the previous Four God Children. Furthermore, he threw the Star God Realm into great turmoil and caused the Heavenly Slaughter Star God to be willing to transform into the Evil Infant… This sort of man. I don’t think that it’s impossible for Big Sister to like someone like him. On the contrary…”

Mu Bingyun’s chest rose and fell beneath her snowy robes. But she did not continue. Instead, she started to leave once more.

“He isn’t dead,” Mu Xuanyin’s voice rang out behind her.

Her feet halted once again as Mu Bingyun jerked her body around, “What did you say!?”

“He isn’t dead,” Mu Xuanyin repeated, her eyes still closed. “In that planet called the Blue Pole Star, I saw him again.”

Mu Bingyun swiftly strode over, her icy aura a little disordered, “But, his soul crystal had clearly shattered and you even witnessed the reason for his death and the state in which he died in. How could…”

“I don’t know,” Mu Xuanyin shook her head, “but that’s him, I definitely can’t be wrong. It’s just that he has lost all of his profound strength. Perhaps he used some sort of method to escape death and he was returned to the place where he was born. But the price he had to pay was the loss of all of his strength and powers.”

Even if what she had said was simply far too inconceivable, Mu Xuanyin had said this with such confidence that Mu Bingyun had no choice but to believe her, “Then you…”

“I did not see him,” Mu Xuanyin said. When she finally turned back her gaze toward Mu Bingyun, her eyes had become exceptionally calm, “He is doing very well over there. Even though he has lost his profound strength, there is nothing wrong with his body. Over there, he has parents and relatives who love and protect him, he has friends, he has his wives, and he even has an adorable daughter… All of the strongest auras and the best women in that world are on his side. There is no danger, no pressure, no enemies. There isn’t even a single person who could threaten him.”

“Even more than that, there isn’t a master like me, a master who is always harsh and merciless towards him, a master who always scolds and berates him. Every single day he spends on his home planet is a hundred thousand times better than a single day he spent in the God Realm.”

“As such, why should we bother him again?”


“There are no buts.” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze grew more and more clear and cold, “Thinking that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God is already dead is indeed something that will pain him for his entire life. But if he were to find out that she isn’t dead, it would only be even more cruel to the current powerless him. I think that if the Heavenly Slaughter Star God herself knew that Yun Che was still in this world, she would definitely hope that Yun Che would not find out she was still alive and she would hope even more that Yun Che would not try to find her.”

Mu Bingyun’s lips moved slightly but upon seeing Mu Xuanyin’s cold expression, she did not know what to say.

“Compared to the situations he has found himself in over the past few years, his current situation is undoubtedly the best outcome for him. Let us just allow him to live on the planet he should have never left in the first place. He can live a life without worry or care, without disaster or trouble. We should not allow him to get embroiled again in the quarrels and grudges of the God Realm, we should also not provoke any memories he has of the God Realm… There can be no better outcome than this one…”

As those gloomy words entered their hearts, both sisters grew silent.

In Yun Che’s world, Jasmine had not transformed into the Evil Infant, instead she was already dead. Furthermore, to the best knowledge of the God Realm, Yun Che was already dead as well… so this was indeed the best outcome for Yun Che. It would allow him to live a life free from danger, free from any longing or attachment to the God Realm.

It was just that...

“Big Sister, have you truly decided to do this?” Mu Bingyun asked in a very soft voice. Mu Xuanyin’s heart of ice, a heart of ice that had existed for ten thousand years, had been melted by Yun Che in a few short years… The pain and sorrow she would feel at this moment would be equivalent to how hard it was for her to even fall in love in the first place.

“From now on, I will no longer go to that place and you aren’t ever allowed to go there either. Just treat it as if he had never appeared before,” she said in a soft but resolute voice. She turned around and faced the cold pond in the center of the Sacred Hall, “After you leave, announce these three things to the entire sect.”

“One, the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake was opened up to prepare for the Profound God Convention. As a result, the heavenly lake has lost a great amount of spiritual energy. Starting from today, no one is allowed to open the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake in the next thousand years and all the elders, palace masters, and divine hall disciples will also not be allowed to enter that place!”

“Second, Yun Che is already dead, so no one in the sect is to mention his name again. Otherwise… they will be punished severely!”

“Third, take Mu Feixue as a direct disciple. Convene a grand sect meeting seven days from now and undergo the discipleship ceremony.”

“...” After listening to everything Mu Xuanyin had to say, Mu Bingyun gave a faint nod of her head before slowly departing.

Before she reached the palace doors, she looked outside. She saw that it was still snowing outside and it had not stopped for several months. Mu Bingyun’s footsteps halted yet again as she quietly glanced at the figure of Mu Xuanyin’s back. She sighed gloomily in her heart but she did not say anything in the end. Instead, she silently left.

Mu Xuanyin faintly closed her eyes and remained motionless. A pure white Ice Feather Spirit Flower floated in the middle of the cold pond at the center of the Sacred Hall.

In the waters of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, it would never ever wilt.


As the Illusory Demon Realm’s “Demon Lord”, as the “Spiritual Master Yun” who had saved the Profound Sky Continent, he was not only a legend to the rest of the profound way. He had long ago become a household name in both continents and there was not a single person, whether it was the elderly or children, who did not know who he was.

The news that Yun Che had returned from the world that existed at a higher plane spread like wildfire. But at the same time, rumors that his profound strength had been crippled and that he had returned to being an ordinary person had also been spread.

Since he had already accepted his crippled state, to the point where he was prepared for it to be like this for the rest of his life, and he would not hide from or run away from the truth, he had never stopped people from spreading these kinds of rumors. When the people beside him asked about it, he also would not try to hide it or avoid the subject.

His parents were safe, his family was revitalized, he had wives and a daughter, beauties surrounded him and he had no enemies or worries… Compared to the heavy burdens he bore and great dangers he faced in the God Realm, this sort of life was undoubtedly one that was extremely satisfying and comfortable to him. This was especially true in regards to the girls who were by his side, they were women that others would not even dare to dream of even if they had ten thousand lifetimes.

In fact, his life was so satisfying that it was hard for him to notice the swift flow of time.

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