Chapter 1408 - Meeting Mu Feixue Once More

Against the Gods

Chapter 1408 - Meeting Mu Feixue Once More

A boundlessly white world appeared in Yun Che’s field of vision. Ice and snow blanketed the sky, and glaciers dotted the landscape. An icy mist filled the air as flying snow drifted in the air. Every corner of this place seemed to be covered with a seemingly eternal layer of ice and snow.

This spirit energy that belonged to the God Realm, an energy that was even more unique to the Snow Song Realm, rushed to greet Yun Che, causing all of the pores in his body to open up simultaneously. The Rage God power in his body swiftly circulated in a joyous fashion, and it felt as if all his spiritual senses had escaped from a bog and had burst into new life as they became exceptionally clear… Indeed, it would not be the least bit exaggerated to say that the auras in the lower realms were as turbid as a swamp compared to the God Realm.

“Snow Song Realm…” Yun Che stared at the boundless expanse of white that lay before him as he breathed in the cold air of this place, his heart violently thumping in his chest. More than four years had passed but he had finally returned to the Snow Song Realm… This was the starting point of his journey in the God Realm. This was the place that had changed his destiny, a place that was also tightly bound to his destiny.

He did not have too much time to stand around feeling grateful. Since he had already returned to the Snow Song Realm, he had to hurry back to the sect at the first possible moment before going to see the Ice Phoenix goddess in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

Even though the dimensional stone that Mu Bingyin had given him could send him directly to the Snow Song Realm, it was unable to teleport him to an exact location. The first time he had followed Mu Bingyun here, he had also flown a very long distance before they had reached the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

This time was no different.

However, to the current Yun Che, this was no longer too much of a problem. He immediately released his divine senses at full power as he used them to sweep across his surroundings… As long as he could faintly sense the direction that pointed towards the aura of the Ice Phoenix Realm, he could fly straight there.

However… five breaths passed… ten breaths passed… twenty breaths passed...

Yun Che opened his eyes, his expression gloomy and disheartened.

He actually could not detect the aura of the Ice Phoenix Realm.

That meant that the place that he had been teleported to was a rather remote region in the Snow Song Realm, one that was extremely far from the Ice Phoenix Realm that the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was located in… In fact, it was so far away that he could not detect anything at all, even given his spiritual senses that were at the level of the Divine King Realm.

Moreover, his Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade had long ago been destroyed in the Star God Realm, so he could not even send a sound transmission to anyone in the sect even if he wanted to.

During the few years he had spent in the Snow Song Realm, other than that one time he had been “dispatched” to the Ice Wind Empire, Yun Che had basically not stepped out of the sect gates. As a result, he didn’t know anything about the territory of the Snow Song Realm, so if he wanted to try to make his way back just based on his memories alone… it would basically be impossible!

“Looks like the only thing I can do is ask around.”

As it was the sect of the Snow Song Realm’s Realm King, he was sure that even if he asked a few babies that had just been born, he could still find out the direction the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect lay in.

Yun Che did not sense the aura of any living beings in the surrounding area but he was not the least bit surprised by this. Due to the weather in the Snow Song Realm, whether it was man or profound beast, all the living creatures in the realm were spread out pretty thinly. He flew in a direction that he had randomly chosen but he immediately and suddenly came to a stop as his eyes slowly narrowed.

Because he could see that blood-red star in the eastern skies of the Snow Song Realm.

As expected, it could also been seen clearly from this place.

This also meant that the Eastern Divine Region had definitely been affected in a similar manner.

However, the Eastern Divine Region was very far from the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos, and its level of power was also far higher so the effect should be much weaker here than it was in the Blue Pole Star. If not, it was definitely a catastrophe so great that no one would be able to stop it.

After withdrawing his gaze, Yun Che muttered to himself, “I wonder if anything big has changed in the sect. They all definitely think that I am dead and if Master sees me, she’s definitely going to be very shocked.”

As he mumbled to himself, his hand swiftly moved over his face in a haphazard manner. By the time his palm left his face, it had already been changed quite a bit. It was a completely different face, but his bearing was still extraordinary and his gaze was still filled with a very natural frivolousness. 

Even though it was very simple to use profound energy to change one’s appearance, a person with great profound strength would see through it with a single glance. Furthermore, Yun Che was an expert at using cosmetics to change his appearance, so unless that person was also expert in this field, it would be very hard to see through his disguise.

He did not restrain his aura either. Instead, he deliberately released the lightning aura which belonged to the Yun Family’s Purple Cloud Art, an aura that absolutely no one in the God Realm would be able to recognize. Furthermore, he also hid the flame and ice energy that he was most adept at wielding… Given his Heretic God divine powers that could control the power of the elements perfectly, accomplishing this was as simple as flipping his hand.

As such, unless it was someone whose cultivation not only far exceeded his but was also extremely familiar with him, it was very unlikely that they would recognize him.

This, coupled with the fact that he was already dead in everyone’s minds, meant that it was extremely unlikely for even those who knew him to recognize him.


His figure started to cut through this world of boundless white snow as his speed grew faster and faster.

Upon returning to the God Realm, the thoughts and memories that had lain dormant during the three years in the Blue Pole Star had naturally started to stir up again. One figure after the other floated up in his mind.

Shen Xi… Huo Poyun… Huo Rulie… The Moon God Emperor… The Dragon Monarch… The friends he had made and the opponents he had faced during the Profound God Convention.

Xia Qingyue, who just like him, also bore the burden of possessing a unique ability. Xia Qingyue, whose destiny was as explosive and climactic as his was and who was also born on the Blue Pole Star...

The Star God Emperor and Qianye Ying’er, people who he bore an extreme hatred toward...

Jasmine and Caizhi, who were lost to him forever...

In this world, he had ended up owing a great many debts and he had also left behind countless grievances and regrets...

But given his current power, he still could not repay those debts and he still could not avenge those grievances...

After flying over an indeterminate amount of space, as countless memories and scenes chaotically jumbled in his head, his spiritual perception finally picked up the auras of human beings.

But his eyebrows immediately knitted together abruptly in the next instant.

Because he had sensed auras that did not only belong to human beings, he had also clearly sensed a large amount of auras that belonged to profound beasts!

No matter whether it was the auras of the humans or the profound beasts, they were all incomparably chaotic… It was clear that they were engaged in fierce battle.

A profound beast rampage!?

Those four words flashed through Yun Che’s mind, his speed abruptly shooting up as he rushed straight in that direction.

Very quickly, an ice city that spanned several hundred kilometers appeared in his vision. To the south of that ice city, a multi-layered barrier was flashing with a bright light. In front of that barrier lay a horde of profound beasts… a horde that was so gigantic that it stretched as far as the eye could see.

The thronging black mass of profound beasts looked like roiling black clouds as they surged towards the ice city. All of them attacked the barrier and the profound practitioners who blocked them in a frenzied manner. Shattered ice and snow that had been blown into the air danced as they filled the skies, and the roars and exploding energy that came from the profound beasts shook the heavens and earth like a violent snowstorm.

In front of this absolutely terrifying tide of profound beasts, those profound practitioners who were resisting with all of their might seemed exceptionally tiny and insignificant. They destroyed wave after wave of profound beasts but the profound beasts that lay in wait seemed to be absolutely endless. As a result, they exhausted their energy, suffered serious injuries and started lose their lives one by one...

The outermost layer of the barrier started to violently sway under the massed assault of the profound beasts as an increasingly heavy and gloomy aura of despair engulfed this ice city that had stood safe and sound within the ice and snow since time immemorial.

A profound beast rampage… Even though it appeared to be only the beginning stages of that crimson influence based on his “experiences” in the Blue Pole Star a profound beast rampage in the God Realm was undoubtedly a completely different concept from a profound beast rampage in the lower realms.

Yun Che’s speed slowed as he gradually grew closer and observed the situation from the distance… The scene that unraveled before him clearly showed him the current state of the Eastern Divine Region.

“Shit… A crack has appeared in the southeastern side! Hurry up, go there and hold the line!!”

“We can’t! We simply don’t have any extra forces left… UWAAAHHH!!”

“How come the reinforcements still haven’t arrived yet!!?”

“We have already sent a sound transmission to beg for help from all of the nearby sects that we can seek help from… But there are hordes of out-of-control profound beasts everywhere now and they can barely even fend for themselves, so which one of them can spare any extra strength to care about this place!?”

“Seventh Brother… No… Seventh Brother… Don’t die!! Seventh Brother… AAAAAHHHHH!!!”


After a profound light broke into fragments which filled the sky, yet another layer of the defensive barrier collapsed. This was accompanied by many roars which seemed to border on the edge of despair.

The barrier was down to its last two layers.

“Sect Master, it’s already hopeless! The Ice Mist Sect has been completely annihilated. Let’s flee… While there is life, there is…”

“Silence! The roots of our sect are in this place! Even if I die, I will also die in this  City! Cowards who are scared of death can feel free to run with their tails between their legs! But in the future, don’t ever claim to be a disciple of our Nine Star Clan!!”

Every single breath of this vicious battle between the humans and these mad profound beasts was incomparably violent and terrible. This snow region that had remained white for countless years had long ago been completely soaked in scarlet blood and the icy-cold wind carried along a stench of blood that was so acrid that it made one feel nauseous.

Even though they were laying down their lives in this struggle, the only thing that they had bought with this bitter price was death and a doom that inched ever closer to them. The final barrier was also shuddering as it teetered on the verge of collapse.

Once all of the barriers had been shattered, this enormous tide of profound beasts would surge into this ice city… and one could well imagine what scenes would unravel within it.

Yun Che stretched out a hand and light profound energy started to condense in his palm… But he immediately completely withdrew it in the next instant.

No… This was not the Blue Pole Star, this was the God Realm.

Sigh… Forget it, I had just promised that I would not be a busybody and meddle in other people’s business, which would end up creating more and more issues for myself.

Yun Che shook his head as he completely abandoned the idea of interfering. But just when he was about to leave, his gaze suddenly flickered as his head jerked toward the north. 

That was...

The aura that belonged to the sect!

There were more than a thousand people and all of them had reached the divine way. Most of these thousand people were in the Divine Origin and the Divine Soul Realm, and there were a small number of them who were in the Divine Tribulation Realm. However, the cultivation of the person who led them… was at the Divine Spirit Realm and they also seemed to possess the Ice Phoenix bloodline. Moreover, the aura of this person also… felt somewhat familiar?

Yun Che did not leave. Instead, he hid his aura as he stared straight to the north… Soon enough, the figures that he had sensed appeared within his field of vision.

No matter whether they were male or female, all of them were dressed in the same kind of white clothes. Those white clothes were the Ice Phoenix Snow Robes that Yun Che could not be more familiar with. Furthermore, different Ice Phoenix Snow Robes represented the differences in one’s status. Some of them had come from the Freezing Snow Hall, others had come from the Ice Phoenix Palace, and those few score Divine Tribulation Realm profound practitioners were all, astonishingly enough, Divine Hall disciples!

Yun Che’s gaze was firmly fixed on the person who led them all as he lapsed into distraction for a short period of time.

She had an absolutely beautiful face that seemed to be formed from ice and snow. It was so beautiful that it took one’s breath away, yet it was also so cold that it caused one’s soul to go cold. This was especially true for her eyes; there was no emotion contained in them, and they were cold and icy enough to freeze everything… Just like Chu Yuechan all those years ago.

Her appearance, her existence was like a proud and solitary ice lotus that could cleanse the world, an ice lotus that bloomed in this world covered in snow and ice.

“Mu… Fei… xue…” Yun Che could not help but mutter that name softly.

She had grown several degrees more beautiful during these years that he had not seen her, but she had also grown several degrees colder. It felt as if the higher her cultivation got, the more her emotions were being completely sealed in ice. Her cultivation had also already broken through the Divine Tribulation Realm and entered the Divine Spirit Realm.

Furthermore, the Ice Phoenix Snow Robes that she was wearing… The Ice Phoenix pattern embroidered on it was something that he could not be more familiar with.

Because that was the symbol of the direct disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s Sect Master!

Moreover, the Ice Phoenix bloodline aura that radiated from Mu Feixue’s body, an aura that was far denser than before, was also representative of this fact.

A throng of Ice Phoenix disciples had arrived and it was as if an icy blue light flashed across the horizon, causing the color of the entire sky to visibly change. Everyone involuntarily looked in that direction before raucous shouts of extreme surprise and joy erupted in the air.

“It’s the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect! It’s the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect!!”

“Hurry up and open the barrier!!”

As hoarse and excited shouts which tore from everyone’s throats filled the air, a gap appeared in the last two protective barriers. Mu Feixue, whose speed was the fastest, dashed right in front. The ice sword in her hand swept upwards as an ice lotus bloomed in the midst of the profound beast horde, causing several hundred profound beasts who had been standing at the head of the horde to freeze over instantly.

The Ice Phoenix disciples behind her followed closely behind. Under the power of the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, they instantly covered tens of kilometers of ground under snow and ice, instantly and forcefully blocking the advance of the surging and snarling tide of profound beasts.

Even though this only took a few short breaths, the entire scene unfolded in a most natural and smooth manner. Clearly, this was not the first time they had had to respond to this sort of situation.

The Illusory Smoke City's profound practitioners who had been desperately fighting with their lives on the line could finally take a breath. The majority of them knelt to the ground and once their nerves had eased, some of them directly broke out into tears as they wept loudly. The aid from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had arrived, so they knew that they had been saved and they also knew that Illusory Smoke City had been saved.

“F… Fairy Feixue!?” At this time, the Illusory Smoke City’s governor who had been at the very front of all the action let out an extremely emotional shout, a shout that also carried a deep sense of disbelief.

Every single word of that shout resounded in the air like a bolt out of the blue, startling everyone so much that their entire bodies shuddered.

“Lord Governor, is what you said… really true?”

“Fairy Feixue is the great realm king’s direct disciple, so why would she personally descend upon this poor and remote land?”

“I can’t be wrong… I can’t be wrong!” Illusory Smoke City’s governor shouted in a voice filled with emotion. “When I visited the Divine Sect last year, I was fortunate enough to catch a glance of her from a distance… With such a celestial appearance and such strength, I can’t be wrong… That’s really Fairy Feixue!”

Agitated and stirred up emotions flowed over the profound practitioners who had been defending the city like a tide before it spread through all of Illusory Smoke City at an extremely fast speed.

The great Realm King’s direct disciple had personally come, it practically felt as if they were all dreaming. Amidst their extreme excitement, even the beast tide that had nearly forced them into a dead end did not seem so scary anymore.

Mu Feixue turned a deaf ear to all of these words. Instead, she directly rushed toward the profound beast horde that milled about in the distance. The image of an Ice Phoenix floated up from her body and with a small thrust of her sword, a beam of arcing light that appeared to be like icy clouds forcefully ripped apart the beast horde that stretched for as far as the eye could see...

“As expected,” Yun Che muttered under his breath as complex emotions filled his heart.

Indeed, after his own “death”, the one who had the most qualifications in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect to become Mu Xuanyin’s direct disciple could only be Mu Feixue.

It was just that… Yun Che could not help but feel that slight twinge of jealousy.

It was the kind of feeling… that a person felt when something that had belonged to them alone had been snatched away from them.

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