Chapter 1426 - Xuanyin, Meiyin

Against the Gods

Chapter 1426 - Xuanyin, Meiyin

Yun Che’s words immediately drew everyone’s attention. Mu Xuanyin frowned and said, “Che’er, this has nothing to do with the medical arts. Do not speak lightly.”

“Oh?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor turned to look at Yun Che before chuckling. “This old one is very glad to hear your concern. However, the Evil Infant’s power is nothing you can imagine. Don’t worry, I will find another way.”

Yun Che stopped talking and raised his palm. An instant later, a white profound light brimming with holy power had appeared in his palm.

White-colored profound light was extremely common, and an ordinary profound practitioner wouldn’t have been moved in the slightest by the display. However, the six people surrounding Yun Che were made up of two god emperors, two realm kings, and two newly made Divine Masters who had spent three thousand years cultivating in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, and they all sensed a “holy” aura inside the profound light!

“Light… Light profound energy!?” Shui Qianheng blurted.

Even Mu Xuanyin and Xia Qingyue were trembling with shock. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor stiffened from head to toe before turning to look at Yun Che. “You… this…”

“Shen Xi… Senior Shen Xi isn’t the only one who possesses the light profound energy,” Yun Che said calmly while enduring the shocked looks everyone was shooting him. “Four years ago, during my time in the Dragon God Realm, Shen Xi… ahem… Senior Shen Xi realized that I was compatible with light profound energy and taught me the Radiant Divine Art as a result.”

Xia Qingyue and Mu Xuanyin looked at each other at the same time. It was clear from the shock and puzzlement in each other’s eyes that they had no idea about Yun Che’s possession of the light profound energy.

Mu Xuanyin had been the Snow Song Realm King for ten thousand years, and Xia Qingyue had inherited every Moon God Emperor’s memories and knowledge. Therefore, they knew full well what the “light profound energy” was, and that Shen Xi was the only light profound energy profound practitioner in the entire world. It was because the cultivation of the light profound energy was extremely stringent—it demanded its wielder to possess a pure “holy body” or a “holy heart”.

But here’s the question… What the hell did Yun Che have to do with either quality!?

“To think that there would be such a thing…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was completely stunned. He couldn’t believe that profound light in Yun Che’s hand was the light profound energy, and yet there was no faking light profound energy’s unique aura!

Yun Che continued, “This junior owes Senior Shen Xi a favor, and I dare not reveal too much information without her permission. However, this junior is willing to give it a try if the light profound energy really is of use to senior.”

Shui Qianheng’s eyebrows wriggled up and down as he muttered to himself unconsciously, “This boy… is a complete monster… He was offered refuge by the Dragon Queen herself? This… this is just…”

He did not even know how to begin to describe the shock in his heart.

Dragon Queen Shen Xi was someone that even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor couldn’t meet without overcoming many obstacles, but Yun Che… was offered refuge by hers truly?!

“Heehee.” Shui Meiyin looked pretty happy though. “My man has to be the most impressive person in the world, of course.”

“...” Shui Qianheng nodded dumbly at her comment.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor walked forward and actually grabbed Yun Che’s hands directly. He asked with clear excitement, “Is this… truly a gift from Dragon Queen Shen Xi?”

He knew immediately that he had asked a stupid question. There was only one person in the entire world who possessed light profound energy, so Yun Che’s light profound energy could only have come from her.

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded. Right now, he found the term “Dragon Queen”... extremely unpleasant to the ears.

In fact, even the title “Senior Shen Xi” felt absolutely weird to say.

That being said… No one could’ve imagined what had happened between Shen Xi and him during that one year he spent in the Forbidden Land of Samsara, not even if every head in the God Realm were put together in one place...

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor clenched his hands slightly. It was clear that he was barely controlling his excitement. “Yun Che, you are truly the miracle of the Eastern Divine Region. To think that a person with the light profound energy would appear in our world!”

“The cultivators of the light profound energy must possess either a holy body or a holy heart. Although your body is unlike any other, your aura clearly isn’t as holy and pure as the Dragon Queen’s. That can only mean that you are someone with a ‘holy heart’.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor continued to stare at Yun Che while praising, “The owner of a pure heart is someone with an unblemished soul, a pity for the fate of mankind, and a heart that encompasses the whole world. They are also untainted by sin or the six worldly desires… You are talented beyond comprehension, and you have a holy heart no less. You truly are a blessing upon all of the Eastern Divine Region.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

Xia Qingyue, “...”

Shui Meiyin, “...”

Yun Che: “~!@#¥%……” (Who the f*ck is he talking about?)

“Cough… cough cough…” By now Yun Che’s face was completely red, and his hands trembled with shame. He hurriedly said, “This junior seriously doesn’t deserve your praise, senior. Although I am capable of wielding light profound energy, my cultivation is ultimately weak and shallow. Therefore, I cannot guarantee a complete cure of your ailment. All I can do is to try my best, if you don’t mind.”

“Alright.” This time, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor didn’t turn down his offer. He nodded gladly as color entered his dark gray cheeks.

To him, the birth of a light profound practitioner in the Eastern Divine Region was something that was a hundred times more worth celebrating than a cure to his health.

Mu Xuanyin said immediately, “In that case, let us move to the Ice Phoenix Palace, Eternal Heaven God Emperor. This junior shall guard you personally.” She sent word to Mu Bingyun immediately after that.

After Yun Che and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had entered the Ice Phoenix Palace, Mu Xuanyin personally laid down a frost barrier around them.

Yun Che might not know exactly how to cure the dark devilish energy lurking inside the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s body, but that wasn’t an issue. The god emperor himself would be guiding him through the steps.

A terrible secret would draw another person’s attention and greed, but the light profound energy was unlike any other secret. It was a revelation that would shake the entire God Realm, but it wouldn’t draw greed and envy like the Heretic God divine power or the Sky Poison Pearl because it was something no one could take away from him. Instead, they would beg him to use his powers on them.

For example, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor would be owing Yun Che a great favor today.

When the barrier was complete, Mu Xuanyin instantly appeared in front of the Shui father and daughter and gave them her thanks. “Xuanyin is very grateful for the Glazed Light Realm King and the little princess’ timely aid today. Since this is your first arrival, would you like to stay for a couple more days before returning home? I’m sure that Snow Song Realm’s scenery will not disappoint you.”

Shui Qianheng smiled at her and said, “It is already a boon to me to be able to witness your glory, Snow Song Realm King. I dare not trouble you with my presence any longer. However…”

“Please, speak directly if you have any instructions, Glazed Light Realm King.”

“Instructions? I wouldn’t dare. It’s just…” He looked at his daughter beside him. “I know that the Snow Song Realm King didn’t enter the Eternal Heaven God Realm back then, but you might have heard that my daughter and Yun Che fell in love during battle and became engaged with one another during the Conferred God Battle. Their wedding is supposed to be completed after she was done cultivating in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for three thousand years.”

After the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had suddenly declared his wish to marry the Brahma Monarch Goddess to Yun Che, Shui Qianheng had leaped to his feet and announced the engagement to everyone present. There was literally no one who hadn’t heard of this in the Eastern Divine Region.

Later on, Shui Qianheng caught wind that Yun Che had perished in the Star God Realm. He thought in regret that Shui Meiyin’s affection for the boy would’ve lessened or even faded outright after “three thousand years”. However, Shui Meiyin cried so hard that it was as if she would die then and there. It was only then that Shui Qianheng really knew that Shui Meiyin hadn’t been playing around.

That was why he had brought up the engagement of his own accord.

“My daughter was greatly saddened by the news of Yun Che’s death, but now he is alive and well, I believe that the engagement from three years ago should be treated seriously… What do you think, Snow Song Realm King?”

“...” Mu Xuanyin stared at Shui Meiyin, and Shui Meiyin stared right back at her. Their eyes met each other briefly… and surprisingly, it was Mu Xuanyin who turned away first.

“I have a question for you, Little Glazed Light Princess,” Mu Xuanyin asked after looking away. “How much contact did you have with Yun Che back at the Eternal Heaven God Realm?”

“Hmm…” Shui Meiyin thought for a moment before answering seriously, “Not much. He refused to speak with me too much, and he even seemed to be avoiding me on purpose… Hmph.”

Shui Qianheng, “Cough cough cough…”

Shui Meiyin’s interaction with Yun Che was in every sense of the word, shallow. In fact, the only true interaction they really had was the soul battle on the God Conferred Stage… After that, Shui Meiyin was the one who initiated every contact with Yun Che. She gave the impression to Yun Che and everyone else that she was a girl who had just awakened to love and was acting upon it like a lovestruck fool, and that her “passion” was something that was going to disappear sooner or later. “Has he given or done you anything that’s unforgettable for you?” Mu Xuanyin asked again.

“Nope!” Shui Meiyin answered without the slightest hesitation.

“If you haven’t interacted much with him, and he hasn’t done anything for you before, then why are you going so far for him?” Mu Xuanyin frowned slightly, “Your affection for him lasted for three thousand years, and you came to see him immediately after you heard rumors of his survival. You even went so far as to bring your father with you… It can’t be as simple as love at first sight, can it?”

“...” On the other side, Huo Poyun turned around and closed his eyes.

“Well, there is one very important reason,” Shui Meiyin said. “Back then, when I was about to beat Big Brother Yun during the soul battle, he had used a… very… bad… way to claim victory by surprise. Moreover, his soul imprint was left behind in my Stainless Divine Soul after a ‘rebound’ of some sort.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“That’s why…” Shui Meiyin smiled very warmly as she spoke. “That’s why I thought about him every day, especially during the years spent in the Eternal Heaven God Realm. Cultivation is so dull and boring, but he would always appear during my happiest moments no matter how much time had passed. I never grew tired of them, and the joy I felt when I knew that I was finally going to leave the Eternal Heaven God Realm to see him was pretty much indescribable.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin was surprised by her reply. She frowned deeply and asked, “If you know that, then why didn’t you wipe out his soul imprint? Why did you allow it to interfere with your emotions?”

Interference with one’s will was something no profound practitioner could endure, so why did Shui Meiyin look like she was enjoying it?

“Why should I wipe it away?” Shui Meiyin countered with a smile. “I adore the feeling of thinking about someone and concerning myself with them. It is a kind of expecting, joyful, and happy feeling that no other feeling can possibly replace. I love it so, so much… Don’t you like it as well?”

Her dark eyes looked like stars were sparkling in them when she said this.

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s expression froze instantly.

“Meiyin, you can’t speak so cheekily in front of a senior.” Shui Qianheng reprimanded her before turning to face Mu Xuanyin. “Snow Song Realm King, we still need to consult with Yun Che regarding the engagement, and he’s currently busy curing the Eternal Heaven God Emperor of the devilish energy, so I suppose we’ll be staying until…”

“Daddy!” Shui Meiyin said suddenly, “Let’s return to Glazed Light Realm right now.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...?”

“Huh?” Shui Qianheng was caught off guard by her declaration. “Now? But… the engagement… you haven’t even spoken to him yet. Are you going to just leave?”

“Hmph, he clearly is trying to avoid paying me too much attention,” Shui Meiyin muttered in a very tiny voice before replying, “Mother said that a girl shouldn’t be too forward when dealing with a man. She also said that a man wouldn’t appreciate you too much unless you keep some distance from him. I must show that I can come to meet him without hesitation, and that I can turn around and leave just the same. Maybe then he’ll think about me and remember me a little more.”

“Mother also said that’s what she did to daddy. That’s why mother has always been your most favorite.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“But… this…” Shui Qianheng was still trying to catch up to her logic.

“Come on, come on, let’s go.” Shui Meiyin pulled her father’s sleeves gently before she suddenly smiled at Mu Xuanyin. “Senior Mu, I’m very happy and glad to know that Big Brother Yun has a good master like you. I know that my engagement with him has been a one-sided thing from the start, but I will work hard… and one day, I will make him fall in love with me.”

Who would believe that such words would come out of a seventh level Divine Master’s mouth?... Even better, she was the youngest seventh level Divine master in the history of the God Realm. She was also the daughter of the Glazed Light Realm King, and the only person in the world to possess a Divine Stainless Soul. In the eyes of the world, she was slowly but surely becoming a daughter of the heaven on the same level as the Dragon Queen and Lady Goddess themselves.

“Er… Goodbye then. Goodbye.”

Just like that, Shui Qianheng was dragged away by Shui Meiyin.

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