Chapter 1440 - Senior Sister, You’ve Grown Up

Against the Gods

Chapter 1440 - Senior Sister, You’ve Grown Up

The two Ice Phoenix Palace Masters no longer had any time to think as they forcefully shifted their energy to defend instead of attack.

With a dull echo, the sky suddenly darkened and the power of the Wild Snow Divine Ape was greatly suppressed by the two great Ice Phoenix Palace Masters.

But in the next instant, they let out simultaneous muffled groans as they were fiercely batted aside and sent hurtling to the ground.

At the same time, a second Wild Snow Divine Ape dropped down with a force that could destroy the heavens.

“This...this is bad!” The two Ice Phoenix Palace Masters, who had been blasted aside, exclaimed as their faces turned pale with shock.

“Quickly get away!” The third Ice Phoenix Palace Master roared as he swiftly rushed toward the second Wild Snow Divine Ape. His sword flashed like an icy rainbow but it was still unable to fully suppress the terrifying strength of the Wild Snow Divine Ape… The moment this power was sent crashing down, more than a thousand Ice Phoenix disciples would die a horrible death.

The sky turned dusky and before that enormous force had even hit the ground, an overwhelming sense of doom seemed to shatter the souls of most of the Ice Phoenix disciples.

Uncountable cries of terror rang out… Below, Mu Xiaolan, who had just put on an impressive show, was now on her knees, her beautiful appearance turned ugly. She wanted to flee, but under the oppressive might of a Divine King, even taking a small step would be nothing more than an extravagant hope.

The other Ice Phoenix disciples around her felt the same way, many of them had closed their eyes and resigned themselves to fate.

The three Ice Phoenix Palace Masters gritted their teeth hard enough to break them, but they were powerless to do anything. They were already extremely regretful that they had underestimated the profound beast rampage that had erupted in this area and had not asked for reinforcements from the Sacred Hall.

They should have realized long ago that there was no way that the barrier would have been destroyed by these frenzied profound beasts alone.

But it was at this moment that the dusky sky was suddenly lit up by an incomparably bright and fiery light... this light was accompanied by the resonant cry of a Phoenix.

A flaming image of a Phoenix swooped down from above and crashed into the Wild Snow Divine Ape. In the blink of an eye, the immense Divine King power and oppressive aura of death that was coming from the Wild Snow Divine Ape had been completely extinguished. Its whole body was ignited in flames and it let out a miserable roar as it was sent flying into the distance.

At the same time, an icy beam flashed through the air and opened up a gigantic Frozen End barrier instantly. The barrier blocked off all remaining aftershocks left by the attack, ensuring that not a single Ice Phoenix disciple below had been harmed.

The danger that had originally caused them to despair had suddenly disappeared just like that, leaving everyone dumbfounded for a second. Mu Xiaolan, who still could not quite believe what had just happened, raised her head and saw Yun Che’s figure...

“Senior…. Senior Brother Yun!” she shouted in surprise and joy, tears about to burst forth from her eyes.

Yun Che made a grasping motion with his hand, fixing the Frozen End barrier in midair. There were no signs of it dissipating at all. Meanwhile, he swiftly flew forward, ''Three palace masters, please protect everyone, leave the two Divine King Giant Apes to me!”


Everything had happened in an instant and it was only at this moment that the two Ice Phoenix Palace Masters, who had been blasted away, had landed heavily on the ground. They leapt to their feet, their complexions dramatically changed… But before they could even reply, a beam of fiery light had already heavily exploded against the body of one of the Wild Snow Divine Apes.   

Fire was the natural bane of these ice-type profound beasts, let alone Yun Che’s Phoenix flame. As they were being bathed in scarlet flames, the two Wild Snow Divine Apes were forced to retreat by scores of kilometers. It was also as if the cold might radiating from their bodies had been incinerated by those flames, leaving them a complete mess.

They had already lost all of their rationality in the first place and they had now gone completely berserk due to the pain. Two Divine King auras firmly locked onto Yun Che’s body. With a swing of their enormous arms, they lifted up a three thousand meter tall glacier and sent it hurtling toward Yun Che.

Yun Che swiftly gauged the distance between himself and the edges of Mist End Valley, and was immediately relieved. He stretched out his arms, his Phoenix flames turning into the Golden Crow flames that burned even hotter. After that, a fiery sword burst out of his hand and made a horizontal slash.

A pale golden arc of light was suddenly carved across the world of Mist End Valley which had been pale white since ancient times.

The flaming sword cut through the glacier and even passed through one of the Wild Snow Divine Apes, causing a golden line to appear on the both of them simultaneously.

In an instant, the glacier was broken, but at that moment, as it was about to collapse, it turned into mist which filled the sky…. In the next moment, even the mist had disappeared without a trace.

The upper half of the Wild Snow Divine Ape’s massive body slid across the golden line and fell…. It let out a despairing howl as its bisected body was buried by suddenly erupting golden flames and swiftly turned to ash.

The Wild Snow Divine Ape was still a Divine King Beast after all. Though it had grown violent due to the influence of the crimson calamity, it should not have gone completely insane like those low level profound beasts.

The two Wild Snow Divine Beasts were originally a pair and had guarded the Mist End Valley for many years. When the first one fell, the other immediately gave out a mournful howl filled with incomparable despair and pain. It went completely insane, launching its gigantic body towards Yun Che...

Yun Che’s brows tightened slightly…. Those Ice Phoenix’s disciples were still too close. He could not retreat, neither could he drag this battle out. He made a prompt decision. With a wave of his arm, the Heaven Smiting Sword appeared and he welcomed that beast with a Wild Fang.

The Heaven Smiting Sword broke through the Wild Snow Divine Ape’s energy storm as it heavily smashed into its chest. After that, the image of an enormous azure wolf instantly flashed into life across its chest as it let out a howl that could cow all of creation.


A long trail of blue light dragged behind Yun Che as he brandished the Heaven Smiting Sword and cut across the body of the Wild Snow Divine Ape.

The trail of blue light dragged on for several kilometers behind the Wild Snow Divine Ape before finally coming to an end.

A massive hole was carved into the center of the Wild Snow Divine Ape’s body. Everything in the world froze at this moment and following that, the frenzied light in the Wild Snow Divine Ape’s eyes began to slowly dissipate as it turned into relief and sorrow.

Countless cracks spread out swiftly from the center of the hole in its chest before they covered its entire body. Following that, it broke apart like an ice sculpture that had been completely shattered, shattering into countless snow-white fragments that fell from the sky.

The Heaven Smiting Sword disappeared from Yun Che’s hand and he heaved a long sigh of relief. So as to not affect the rest of the Ice Phoenix Disciples, he could only end the battle swiftly.

But, when the Wild Snow Divine Ape had died, he could feel its sadness, pain... and relief.

This rampage of theirs had not been borne out of their own desires. It had happened entirely due to the influence of that terrifying aura which should not have existed in this world… By comparison, they were actually the greatest victims.

Following the extermination of the two Wild Snow Divine Apes, this chaos that suddenly erupted should have finally come to an end. However, Yun Che’s heart had grown heavier instead.

The return of the Devil Emperor… Just what would become of the future world?

On the other side, the three Ice Phoenix Palace Masters had just soared into the air. Before they could erect a barrier, the two terrifying outstanding Wild Snow Divine Apes had already been exterminated.

Their hands stopped in midair as three jaws dropped open simultaneously, unable to close for a long time.

The Ice Phoenix disciples below were all sluggish and lifeless, unable to recover for a long while.

The last time they witnessed Yun Che’s strength was at the Profound God Convention four years ago where he had defeated the Luo Changsheng, who had just entered the Divine King Realm.

And now, when facing off with two Divine King giant beasts, he simply… simply finished them off just like that?

After his body flashed a few times, Yun Che had already arrived in front of the three Ice Phoenix Palace Masters. Then, he spoke, “Even though it’s a pity, the situation was critical, so I had no choice but to kill them off immediately. I’ll have to trouble the three palace masters to deal with the clean up.”

“Erm…” They stared at Yun Che for a good long while before finally recovering, “Yun Che, you… have already become a Divine King!?”

“Mn.” Yun Che nodded his head, “I have something urgent to attend to, so I can’t stay any longer, farewell.” 

With those words, he immediately turned around and flew away, leaving the three Ice Phoenix Palace Masters with stupefied looks on their faces.

Four years ago, during the final fight of the Conferred God Battle, Yun Che had entered the Divine Spirit Realm after enduring a nine stage heavenly tribulation. Furthermore, everyone knew that he had not entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

However, just four years had passed… They simply could not imagine how Yun Che, who had not even entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, could have become a Divine King in the short span of four years!

If they knew that Yun Che had actually already become a Divine King three years ago, they would have been shocked out of their skulls.

“Senior Brother Yun, Senior Brother Yun! Hey! Wait for me!”

Yun Che had not gone far when he heard the frantic shouts of a girl ring out behind him.

Yun Che stopped, and behind him, Mu Xiaolan, who was chasing after him with great effort, gasped for breath and asked in an annoyed voice, “You… Why are you running away so quickly.”

“Mn?” Yun Che grasped his lower jaw as he scrutinised her carefully, “Isn’t this Senior Sister Xiaolan? It’s only been a few years since we last met but you’ve grown up so fast.”

Although she had already heard that Yun Che had returned alive, upon seeing him, and at such a close distance at that, Mu Xiaolan’s eyes brimmed with unrestrained emotions, “Hmph, rubbish! My looks have not changed over the years, okay! Rather, it’s you…”

As she was talking, she found that Yun Che’s gaze was rather crooked…. Its direction was, astonishingly enough, aimed at her chest, the smile on his face unspeakably lewd. She reacted suddenly, and with a sudden squeal, she unconsciously brought her arms up to hug her chest as her face turned red and she sputtered out, “, you, you… you’re now already an important figure, but your personality still… still... has not changed one bit!”

“But of course.” Yun Che replied cheerily, “I happen to be the person who you said was the most despicable, shameless, and vulgar person that you had ever met. Something like personality wouldn’t change after eighty or a hundred years, let alone four or five years, right?”

Even though he had clearly already reached the point where his name shook the entire God Realm, his current behavior was even worse than it was back then. However, what greatly surprised Yun Che was that Mu Xiaolan did not run away in a huff of anger and embarrassment like she used to. Instead, she suddenly lowered the arms that covered her chest and laughed, “Senior Brother Yun Che, would you like to check for yourself to see if I have grown up or not?”

“...” Yun Che was instantly shocked…. The f*ck? What was going on with this lass? It’s only been a few years since we’ve last seen each other but she knows how to tease someone back now!?

But what had Yun Che not seen before? After that second of surprise, a sharp glint instantly flashed in his eyes and the shock disappeared from his face, “Good, good. I’m an expert at ascertaining such things. If I say I’m number two in all of Snow Song Realm, no one would dare claim to be number one.”

Mu Xiaolan, “...”

“Mn…. just from the looks of it, Senior Sister Xiaolan has indeed grown up quickly, and you do indeed possess a lot of potential. In the future, you may even catch up to… half of your master’s potential, heh heh heh.”

 Mu Xiaolan, “...”

Yun Che said this cheerily while stretching his arms out wide, his fingers arched into claws and he looked like he was about to pounce on her… But what made him even more surprised was that Mu Xiaolan was actually still smiling widely, and it looked like she did not have any intention to turn hostile or dodge his grasp at all.


Something doesn’t seem right!

His heart tightened, and he subconsciously turned around abruptly…

A snowy figure of absolute beauty was right behind him, no more than thirty odd meters away. Her countenance like the first snow, her eyes like a pair of deep pools, not emitting a single sound.

Mu Bingyun.

“~!@#¥%...” Yun Che retracted his fingers at lightning speed and swiftly turned around to bow. His face was serene and respectful, but his words had a slight tremor to them, “Disciple Yun Che, greets Palace… Palace Master Bingyun.”

“Master.” Mu Xiaolan’s icy figure flashed as she moved to stand beside Mu Bingyun. Her delicate head hung down slightly, with an obedient and shy expression on her face…. But in the next moment, she suddenly lifted her hand and covered her mouth with it. Her body trembled and it took all of her might to not laugh out loud.

Mu Bingyun glanced at him and said, “Your master is waiting for you at the Sacred Hall, go and see her.”

Her words were always so cold yet gentle, just like the gentle endless flying snow in this snow region.

“Yes," Yun Che agreed, “this disciple will go now.”

After that, he raised his head and said anxiously, “Palace Master Bingyun, just now… Uh… Senior Sister Xiaolan and I…. erm no, Junior Sister Xiaolan and... “

It seemed like he wanted to explain something, but when the words left his mouth, he found that whatever he said would only make things worse.

He glared at Mu Xiaolan from the corner of his eye, as he gnashed his teeth and thought: Just you wait, little girl. If I don’t strip you naked and throw you into the Heavenly Lake, my surname won’t be Yun anymore!!

She had once been such an innocent and cute little girl…. Could it be that girls all become so terrifying when they grow up!? 

“...” Mu Bingyun did not say a word, but she merely shot Yun Che a dull glance before leaving with Mu Xiaolan.

That particular glance left Yun Che stumped and he stood rooted to the ground for quite a long while.

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