Chapter 145 - Poison Spirit

Against the Gods

Chapter 145 - Poison Spirit

“H-how… How did you get in here?” Yun Che’s brain lagged for a second, and even stuttered as he spoke.

“Weren’t you the one who told me to come?” The white-clothed goddess’s charming eyes turned as she emotionlessly replied.

“But, aren’t you too… fast!” Yun Che silently swallowed down a mouthful of saliva…. Holy smokes! It wasn’t weird for her to be able to silently enter the Middle Palace. However, the Inner Palace’s entrance had an extremely strong warding seal, as well as elder-ranked figures of the Profound Palace keeping watch all day and night. She was actually able to enter just like this, and was even faster than he, himself!

The Blue Wind Profound Palace belonged exclusively to the Imperial Family, and had existed for thousand of years. Other than Qin Wushang, there must also be other masters of the Sky Profound Realm who stood guard; yet she evaded the eyes and ears of everyone in the Profound Palace, and came here as if entering a place bereft of anyone…. Could the difference between someone half a step into Emperor Profound Realm and someone of the Sky Profound Realm actually be this great?

“When will you start the detoxification?” The white clothed goddess obviously didn’t want to speak with him much, and spoke coldly.

Yun Che walked in and closed the door. He thought for a bit then said: “We can start right now. However, you’ve also first-handedly experienced how powerful this Ice Poison of Origin is. It couldn’t be detoxified even with your profound strength; surely, you also understand that detoxifying it is definitely not an easy task. You and I are strangers, if I were to just detoxify the poison for you without any reason like this, I trust that you wouldn’t feel at ease either. And as for myself, I am also not selfless to that extent.”

“I’ve said before, I’ll repay you greatly.”

“What kind of great repayment?”

“...What do you need?” As the white-clothed goddess spoke, her gaze revealed a kind of bone-piercing chill from beginning to end. It was like a never melting ten thousand year old profound ice atop a snowy mountain.

“I want you to agree to three of my requests!” Yun Che said bluntly. Not waiting for the goddess to reveal a scowl, he continued to explain right away: “But don’t you worry, I am definitely not a person who would force someone to do something they don’t want to do. These three requests I have would never violate any of your principles or conscience. They especially would not be mixed in with any criminal activity, greed and the like, and would never harm any of your interests. Not only that, if you ever feel like any request is too much, you can immediately turn it down.

“Are you certain that you can completely detoxify the poison in my body?” When the white-clothed goddess heard him say “three requests”, her beautiful eyes distinctively became even more coldly penetrating. Only after hearing his following words, did they finally somewhat ease up.

"Not very confident." Yun Che said: "Probably around 99.999%. Because during the process, I can’t guarantee that a bolt of lightning would not suddenly come from the heavens and strike me to death."

It was a sudden sick joke, but it did not raise any trace of emotion from the goddess in front of him. What answered him was only a flat, ice-cold word: “Speak.”

“Then I’m going to say it….” Yun Che silently pouted in a dull demeanor, and secretly thought in his heart: Even though Qingyue my wife also has an ice-cold personality, she is still a sixteen year old young girl in the end, and would at least have some kind of reaction when teased. This little fairy… is simply just a chunk of profound ice! The difficulty to melt her open is abnormally high...

“The first request, is for you to tell me your name.” Yun Che said in all seriousness: “This should be something that couldn’t be any easier, right?”

The goddess went silent for a bit, then shook her head: “No.”

“Hey hey! Even though your appearance is as beautiful as an goddess, you still can’t be so stingy. If I detoxified the poison on your body, I’ll be considered as half your savior, yet you actually wouldn’t even tell me your name! I’ve already told you my name a long time ago. If nothing else, you wouldn’t even tell me your name, how am I supposed to call you?” Yun Che disgruntledly clamored.

“Call me whatever you want.” The goddess spoke coldly.

“Alright.” Yun Che revealed reluctance: “If that’s the case, then let me change my first request a little. I won’t ask for your name anymore, so just let me call you Little Fairy from now on; this has to be fine, right?”

“Little Fairy?” The goddess’s elegant brows slightly rose a little, and said coldly: “Absurd! With my age, it’s enough to be your elder!”

Yun Che fiercely jumped up, and said with a face brimming with fury: “Even if you were an actual goddess, aren’t you a little too high-handed like this! I am someone that will detoxify the terrifying Ice Poison of Origin for you and save half of your life! I didn’t demand anything from you at all, and only wanted to know your name, yet you refused…. Alright, I endured that one, and you had also told me to call you whatever I wanted from your own lips. Now I only wanted to call you Little Fairy, and yet you refused again! You are too unreasonable!!”

“And you even lied about your seniority on purpose to take advantage of me! I’m almost seventeen, and you also look to be at most twenty; in what fashion can you be considered my elder! It’s too unfair! Forget it, I’m not detoxifying this poison anymore, not going to do it.”

Like a little kid who had been wronged, Yun Che sat his butt down, with his back to the goddess and a grumpy expression on his face.

The goddess went silent. Then, as if she also felt that she was being a little too unreasonable, she softly spoke: “In that case, just call me whatever you wish.”

Yun Che turned back around with a “woosh”, and all of the anger on his face had all vanished without a trace. He said with a grin: “Now that’s a good girl. Little Fairy, I’m about to say the second request… Take off the veil that’s covering your face, I want to see your true appearance.”

“I refuse.” The goddess immediately refused without hesitation.

“Hey! I had only wanted to know your name, this also isn’t going too far, right?” Yun Che said with dissatisfaction.

The goddess spoke in a cold tone: “You and I had only met by coincidence. If you were to really able to detoxify the poison in my body, I will naturally repay you greatly. After that, we will not owe each other and return to our respective paths, perhaps never to meet again. It is not necessary for you to know my name, and more so my appearance.”

While clearly asking a favor from others, her voice was still so unyielding and ice-cold; her demeanor and aura also repelled others thousands of mile away. If not for this little fairy’s terrifying strength and beauty, Yun Che would have definitely just washed his hands off this matter. He said helplessly: “Alright alright. Since it’s like this, then I’ll switch my second request a bit too… If I were to perfectly detoxify the ice poison in you, I wish that you can protect me for a while after two months. The time-span of protection doesn’t need to be too long either; just three or four months is good enough… Any problems with this?”

Half of the goddess’s loftiness came from her nature, and the other half was because her position was already so high that it was unreachable. However, the more that someone was like this, the more they wouldn’t want to owe others anything. Toward this request of Yun Che’s, she only thought for a short period of time before directly nodding: “Okay. This, I will accept. After two months, I’ll start to protect you in secret for a period of three months.”

“Then it’s settled!” Yun Che nodded with a joyous expression: “As for the third request… I haven’t decided upon it yet, and I’ll tell you after I’ve decided. Of course, you still have the right to decide whether to accept it or not. Now then, let’s start detoxifying the poison.”

Yun Che stood right before the goddess, extended his hand toward her, and said very seriously: “Little Fairy, extend your hand out first. I must first ascertain the condition of the ice poison in your body.

Towards the name “Little Fairy”, the goddess was extremely uncomfortable; but since she had reluctantly promised Yun Che, she could only accept it with a frown. However, what Yun Che said after, as well as the motion he made, caused her face to become as cold as condensed ice: “I had never and will never allow any man to touch my body.”

Yun Che said while beaming: “Don’t worry, as a genuine genius doctor, how could I not know how to feel the pulse without touching. I promise that I won’t touch any part of your body at all.”

The goddess’s ice-cold gaze swept over him once, and she finally extended out her right hand. Her palm was excessively white like snow, and also faintly revealed the glistening of ice. It made Yun Che, who caught sight of it, dizzy for an instant and caused him to somewhat not dare to believe that this was actually a woman’s hand… He was more willing to believe, that this was a flawless work of art meticulously carved and polished by the heavens.

Yun Che calmed his state of mind, extended out his palm and made a strange hand posture that suspended above the goddess’s jade hand. His profound energy was gently released, touched onto the goddess’s wrist, and then slowly crawled along the wrist, spreading to the meridians in her entire body…. Of course, even if he had ten times the guts, he still wouldn’t dare to misbehave in anyway with his profound energy in the goddess’s body, or else this goddess could end his life with just a single palm strike.

As he probed on, Yun Che was secretly shocked in his heart.

Because the severity of the Ice Poison of Origin she was inflicted with, had far exceeded his expectations.

Such a terrifying Poison of Origin…. It appears that, what this little fairy had killed, was at least a Sky Profound Beast!

Yun Che’s heart slightly cramped for a bit… To kill a Sky Profound Beast alone, how terrifying was this little fairy!

Yun Che’s profound energy continued to spread. As it reached the vicinity near the profound veins, Yun Che’s brows suddenly tightened, as his expression immediately changed right after… Because in the heart of her profound veins, there was a very small ball of a fog-like thing that continuously squirmed as it emanated an icy and ghastly chill outwards. Yun Che was only touching it with profound energy, yet he could still feel how shockingly terrifying the chill emitted by that ball-thing was.

This is...

A Poison Spirit!!

This Poison of Origin that came from a powerful ice-attribute poison beast, was actually terrifying to the point of gaining awareness, and formed into a Poison Spirit! Clearly, this little bit of awareness must have been injected into the Poison of Origin by that ice-attribute poison beast before it died.

Originally, it would be very simple for Yun Che to detoxify the acute poison for her, as he only needed to purify using the Sky Poison Pearl. However, after surprisingly discovering the existence of the Poison Spirit, it was already too late to simply be purified with the Sky Poison Pearl. Because a Poison Spirit was an acute poison that grows by consuming the host’s profound energy, lives within the profound vein, and to a certain extent, had already fused with the profound vein into one. If one were to forcefully purify it, then along with eliminating the Poison Spirit and acute poison, the profound vein would receive permanent damage.

As Yun Che’s profound energy touched the Poison Spirit, the goddess had also noticed as her expression immediately swayed a little.

Yun Che retracted his palm, and said solemnly: “Little Fairy, you should have also felt it just now. The acute poison in your body actually produced a Poison Spirit! To rid of this sort of acute poison, the Poison Spirit must be eliminated first! And to destroy this ice-attribute Poison Spirit, the bond between the Poison Spirit and profound veins must be severed by flame energy that’s pure enough. The Poison Spirit then needs to be forced out of the profound veins, and sucked out by force using flame energy…. This Poison Spirit hasn’t fully taken shape yet, and my flame energy can barely accomplish it. But if we wait for it to continue developing, then it would become extremely dangerous… Don’t move!”

Yun Che shouted in an almost commanding tone. His gazed concentrated as the Phoenix blood in his body boiled, and scarlet-red colored flames began to burn on top of his palm.

“Phoenix Flame? You are someone of the Divine Phoenix Sect?”

As an incomparably strong being who was half step into the Emperor Profound Realm, how extensive was her experience! She had exchanged moves with disciples of the Divine Phoenix Sect before, and possessed some understanding toward the Phoenix flame’s special attributes. As the flame ignited on top of Yun Che’s hands, she instantly recognized that this was clearly the Phoenix’s flame. Moreover, it was even several times purer than the Phoenix flames she had seen before.

“This is indeed the Phoenix flame, but I am definitely not someone of the Divine Phoenix Sect.” The Blue Wind Empire possessed extremely great reverence and fear toward the Divine Phoenix Sect; Yun Che clearly knew this, so he casually threw out an explanation. From a distance of a few centimeters, his palm aimed at the center of the goddess’s chest, and the Phoenix flame traveled through the air and slowly extended into her body.

Everything of the ice attribute dreads fire, and the fragile ice attribute Poison Spirit was even more so, not to mention that this was an extremely high-grade Flame of the Phoenix. The instant the Phoenix flame burned in the goddess’s body, the bond between the Poison Spirit and her profound veins was forcefully severed, and the flame energy directly wrapped toward the Poison Spirit.

Next, was to force the Poison Spirit out of the profound veins… Yun Che closed his eyes completely. Because in order to chase away the Poison Spirit, he must completely concentrate his mind. Little Fairy closed her eyes as well, and as she felt Yun Che’s Phoenix flame energy move within her profound veins, surprise rippled through her heart… She was now even more certain, that this was without doubt, indeed the Phoenix’s flame.

He said that he wasn’t someone of the Divine Phoenix Empire… But if he isn’t, how could he possess the Phoenix flame?

The Poison Spirit struggled and fled in the midst of its fear…. In just a few short breaths of time, it had already been forced out of the profound veins by the Phoenix flames.

Very good... Yun Che let out a long sigh of relief. The Phoenix flame’s speed suddenly accelerated, and completely wrapped the fleeing Poison Spirit inside it in just an instant.

Good, come out for me… Yun Che made a low shout in his heart. The Phoenix flames abruptly flung, and his right hand that was controlling the flame quickly grabbed toward his front… The moment his palm touched the Poison Spirit, it also fully grasped onto a towering hill of softness as his open fingers deeply sunk in...

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