Chapter 148 - Day of the Arranged Battle

Against the Gods

Chapter 148 - Day of the Arranged Battle

“Heavenly… Wolf… Slash… Haaah!!!”

With an explosive roar, a tremendous wave of aura like the rough sea was suddenly released from the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. Instantly, the surrounding space stirred and the air was forcefully split open. The instant the heavy sword slashed downwards, an illusionary image of a blue wolf roaring towards the sky flashed momentarily behind Yun Che...


The heavy sword slammed onto the ground and the Profound Room which had a strong profound energy resistance greatly shook. Countless wide cracks spread at an extremely fast pace as large amounts of fragmented rocks scattered into the air. A thick cloud of dust filled the entire Profound Room in an instant… If not for the protection of the strong profound energy in place, with this one blow, the entire Profound Room would have been shattered into pieces.

“Su… Success!!” Yun Che grasped his heavy sword and slowly knelt onto the ground. He was panting heavily, yet an extreme excitement could be seen from his expression: “Finally… Finally, I have succeeded in executing the Heavenly Wolf Slash!”

Jasmine had originally believed that for Yun Che to comprehend the fundamental stage of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome in one month was already his limit. She did not expect that not only did Yun Che completely comprehended the main stage, he was even capable of executing Heavenly Wolf’s First Sword Style, the Heavenly Wolf Slash. And within this period of time, other than the times when he occasionally left the Profound Room, the heavy sword had never left Yun Che’s side. He even carried the heavy sword on his back when he slept. And when he was practicing with the heavy sword, he was extremely harsh on himself. Every single time, he had to thoroughly exhaust himself to the point where his fingers were not even able to move… At first, he thoroughly exhaust himself ten times in a single day. Then after, the number of times decreased. The Overlord’s Colossal Sword also became lighter and nimbler in his hands and the strong winds brought about by the dance of his heavy blade were even more tyrannical than before.

The cloud of dust in the Profound Room did not disperse for a long while. Behind the cloud of dust, Jasmine silently looked at Yun Che’s blurry figure with eyes that were already filled with the glint of her tears… It was for this very moment that she taught Yun Che the Great Way of the Buddha on impulse, and even taught him the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome...

Earlier, when Yun Che executed his first complete “Heavenly Wolf Slash”... the swing of his sword, his roar, his stance, and even the sound caused by the slamming of his heavy sword… was so similar, causing her to suddenly see the figure of her dreams...

But, her reasoning mercilessly told her that the person currently in front of her was not her brother. Her brother would no longer appear ever again.

A single “Heavenly Wolf Slash” emptied every bit of strength Yun Che had. He knelt onto the ground and did not get up for a long time. At this moment, the Sound Transmission Jade in the Sky Poison Pearl suddenly flashed and Xueruo’s voice resounded in his mind:

“Junior brother Yun, tomorrow is the appointed date for your arranged battle with Murong Yi. Remember to finish your preparations early. It would be best if you have a nice rest for an entire day. Early tomorrow morning, I will come over and call for you.”

Lan Xueruo’s voice caused Yun Che to open his mouth widely… Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the appointed date of my arranged battle with Murong Yi?

When one fully concentrates on cultivation, it was hard to perceive the flow of time. Sometimes, when one enters a state of meditation, a few days worth of time may fly past. Without realizing it, since the first time Yun Che had entered the Profound Room, an entire three months had passed.

During these three months, other than the time he went out once when he met Little Fairy and had encountered a little “accident”, he basically spent the rest of the time in the Profound Room. Three months could be said to be a long period of time, but it could also be said to be short as well. And in these three months, the results he obtained were fairly large. With just the cultivation in both the Great Way of the Buddha and Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, it had caused a complete reformation of his body.

Since tomorrow was the appointed date of his arranged battle, Yun Che naturally would not continue his cultivation. He was already satisfied with his mastery of Heavenly Wolf’s First Sword Style. After recovering a little of his stamina, he changed his clothes and left the Profound Gathering Tower. He returned to his quarters, leapt onto his bed, and slept.

Half a month ago, his profound energy had already reached the peak of the first level of the True Profound Realm. In his sleep, Yun Che’s profound energy ripened under the calmness and made a quiet breakthrough into the second level of the True Profound Realm.

During his stay in the Profound Room, Yun Che had only slept four to six hours every day. However, this time, he slept from noon all the way into the morning of the next day, and was only woken up by the knock on the door.

“Junior brother Yun, are you in here?”

Yun Che woke up from the knock on the door. He had an exceptionally sound sleep, and after waking up, his mind and spirit were extremely refreshed. He stretched his waist and after leaping off the bed, he straightened his clothes and went to open the door. Lan Xueruo was standing outside the door spiritedly with a light smile with a big lunch box, which was emitting out a delicious aroma, in her hands.

“Wa! What is this? It smells so good!” In this period of three months, Yun Che had been eating different types of dry rations. Although, he usually wasn’t bothered by that fact, he was hooked by the aroma of the food in front of him, and his entire stomach trembled.

“Your breakfast.” Lan Xueruo raised the lunchbox in front of his eyes with a wide smile.

Opening the lunch box, four exquisite dishes and a soup appeared in his eyes, overflowing with fresh aroma. Ever since he left the Xiao Clan, he ate whatever he could find in the wild for the first half a year, and ate dry rations that were simply only capable of satisfying his hunger for the second half of the year. Such delicacies had not appeared before him for so long.

Yun Che sat next to the table, and started to eat wildly. After eating a few bites, he suddenly thought of something, and said embarrassingly: “Senior Sister, have you eaten yet?”

Lan Xueruo slightly smiled, and replied: “I’ve already eaten. Take your time, it’s only eight in the morning. There’s still an hour till the appointed time of your arranged battle.”

Yun Che then began to wolf down his food again. With her chin resting on her two hands, Lan Xueruo silently looked at his child-like behavior, and unconsciously smiled lightly to herself. In less than half a quarter of an hour, Yun Che had already cleanly finished his meal with not even a single bit left. She blinked her eyes, and asked with a smile: “Was it delicious?”

“Un, it was very good. It seems to be comparable to the food my little aunt makes.” Yun Che patted his stomach, and said satisfyingly.

“Un, then that’s good.” Lan Xueruo cheerfully nodded as her brows revealed a hint of comfort and joy.

Her slight change in expression startled Yun Che, and then, he probed: “Senior sister, did you personally make these dishes?”

“Un.” Lan Xueruo nodded, and then smiled. “It’s good that they suited your taste. But when you’re eating, you really look like a little child.”

“I’m already seventeen, how am I a child!?” Yun Che pressed the tip of his nose, raised his head, and with a hint of shallow anger, directed his gaze into Lan Xueruo’s beautiful eyes. “Senior Sister, you’re so beautiful and gentle, and yet you’re able to cook so well as well… I wonder which man, who is lucky enough to even be struck by lightning from the high heavens, will obtain your favor in the future… Ahem, are you really not going to consider a married man, who is also younger than you?”

“Here you go again.” Lan Xueruo gave him a helpless look. “If you dare to tease your senior sister again, I’m not going to make you anymore food in the future.”

“Uh… In other words, as long as I don’t tease you, senior sister will still frequently make me food in the future?” In an instant, Yun Che made a surprised expression, and smiled.

“It depends on your performance.” Lan Xueruo lightly smiled. Within her tenderness, she unconsciously brought out a bit of her feminine charm. She took out a set of a clean white silk garment from her spatial ring, and placed it in front of Yun Che. “This is the training uniform I made for you earlier, it should fit well with your body figure. This training uniform underwent special handling; not only does it allow convenient movements, it also has a certain degree of defensive ability against attacks. Wear this for your match with Murong Yi later.”

When Yun Che took the uniform, he did not immediately wear it. Rather, he lightly sniffed the scent on the clothes. Although it was faint, the scent was familiar, as it was the exact gentle and touching fragrance on Lan Xueruo’s body. He smiled and said: “Did senior sister personally make this set of training uniform for me as well?”

Lan Xueruo’s lips moved, and snow-white skin revealed a slight blush of red. She avoided his gaze as he said: “This is the first time I made clothes for a man, so, I’m not really sure if it will fit you… In any case, try it out.”

After saying that, Lan Xueruo turned her back against him. Looking at Lan Xueruo’s back, Yun Che started to slightly smile as a feeling of warmth surged in his heart. With his fastest speed possible, he took off the clothes he was wearing, and changed into the training uniform Lan Xueruo had personally made.

“Senior sister, I’m done changing.”

Lan Xueruo turned back to face him, and when she saw Yun Che who changed into the white training uniform, a strange luster suddenly bloomed in her beautiful eyes.

Compared to three months ago, Yun Che was now a little bit taller. When Lan Xueruo was sewing it, she took this point into consideration; hence, the training uniform fit his body completely and there was not even a single feeling of discomfort. But in these three months, it was not only Yun Che’s height that changed. From the reformation of his body brought about by the Great Way of the Buddha, his eyes, skin, aura, and temperament underwent slight changes. His eyesight were now even more profound. With just a simple glance, it was as if he could see the boundless starry sky. In the midst of the warmth in his smile was an indescribable strange feeling, and his maturing face displayed an abnormal charm… She had seen countless of handsome men, and her heart had never been moved by any of their looks but when she looked at the current Yun Che, her vision suddenly blurred, and her heart flopped about erratically.

She hurriedly shifted her gaze slightly to the side, and with a slight fluster, she said: “It fits well, and… and looks really good.”

Yun Che raised his arms, lightly sniffed the scent on the sleeves, and said with a smile: “This is a set of clothes personally made by senior sister. I will definitely cherish it well…

Thank you senior sister.”

“Then… How are you going to thank me?” Lan Xueruo’s eyelids slightly curved, and asked a little saucily.

“Well, let me think.” Yun Che raised his head, and went into deep thoughts. Then, he suddenly smiled mysteriously, and said: “Senior sister, first, close your eyes.”

“Mn?” Lan Xueruo’s beautiful eyelids blinked, and then, obediently closed while waiting for Yun Che’s “thanks”. She guessed that Yun Che was going to give her a surprise. Girls, no matter their personalities, will always irresistibly look forward to things like “surprises”, without fail.

She had only just closed her eyes and felt the scent of a familiar male suddenly approach. Then after, a pair of arms suddenly wrapped around her waist. Before she could even react, in an instant, her lips had already been kissed, and the thick scent of a man came from right under her nose.


Lan Xueruo instantly opened her eyes wide. Her tender body suddenly stiffened as her mind completely blanked out. Then after, she instinctively struggled, and a whimpering sound similar to what an injured little animal makes leaked out from her mouth. But Yun Che was hugging her really tightly, and her weak struggle was basically not enough to escape from his embrace. The feeling of the warm touch on her lips was becoming clearer, and the scent of the man that was at such close proximity to her heavily tugged her heartstrings, causing her heart to beat erratically. The strength in her body slowly dispersed, her struggle was becoming weaker and weaker. Before her raised small hands were about to fall on Yun Che’s chest, they gently drooped down, her body stiffened, and she no longer dared to move. Finally, her eyes slowly began to close.

Lan Xueruo’s reaction had also caused the nervousness in Yun Che’s heart to vanish, and a hint of a smile curled up on the corner his lips. He was no longer satisfied with the simple contact between their lips. He began to greedily suck on her delicate petal-like lips. This invasive aggressive action caused Lan Xueruo to breathe erratically, and the pounding of her heartbeat became even more frantic. She, who had no prior experience to this, was basically unsure of how to defend against his advances. Yun Che’s long tongue easily bypassed her set of light, jade-like teeth to finally touch her soft lilac tongue.

“Uuu…” Lan Xueruo’s body trembled as if her entire body had been electrocuted. Thin strands of scented saliva entered Yun Che’s mouth, and the taste was surprisingly sweet, tempting him to demand even more. His two hands held tightly onto her waist as he encroached into every corner of her mouth.

Lan Xueruo slightly opened her eyes. Her vision blurred, and she was breathing heavily. Under Yun Che’s increasingly aggressive advances, she stretched her delicate neck up high. From her subconscious retreat to her unconscious quiet response, the hot air that she breathed out had been landing on Yun Che’s face. The temperature of her body had begun to increase, and unknowingly, her slender arms were also tightly wrapped around Yun Che’s body.

Yet one of Yun Che’s hands quietly left her slender waist, and misbehaving landed on Lan Xueruo’s silky towering breasts. Grabbing onto that plump ball of softness, he began to gently rub them through her not very thick clothing.


The strong stimulation caused Lan Xueruo’s body to stiffen. Her beautiful eyes widened as she suddenly emitted out a short moan. Her body instantly escaped from Yun Che’s embrace in a panic as she subconsciously raised her hands to cover the part of her body where she had been violated. Her eyes were misty, her expression was flushed red, and her hair was in a slight mess as she heavily panted.

“Senior sister, I…” Yun Che’s mind also instantly cleared up a little, realizing that he had violated her too abruptly.

“You…” Lan Xueruo bit her lips, and did not dare to look at Yun Che. No matter what she did, she was unable to suppress the franticness in her heart.

“B… Bad man!” She had originally wanted to lecture Yun Che, but the moment she started talking, the situation that was similar to one between an annoyed girl and her own lover caused her entire face to flush red. As if to escape from her dilemma, she ran out of the room.

“Senior sister, wait for me.”

Yun Che hurriedly chased after her and caught onto Lan Xueruo’s small hand. Lan Xueruo instinctively tried to break free from his grasp, but no matter how many times she tried, she was unable to break free. She had no choice but to allow him to hold onto her as they walked side-by-side together. Her head fell and drooped. She did not dare to look into his eyes the entire time.

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