Chapter 1494 - A Gamble

Against the Gods

“Let me tell you something!” The Evil Infant seemed a little indignant and said, “Those who feared me weren’t just the god race, even the devil race feared me greatly back in those years! They have always used their greatest power to seal me away!”

Yun Che opened his mouth and said subconsciously, “They were right to fear you. After you were you released, you completely massacred both the god and devil races.”

“That was the punishment that they deserved!” Yun Che’s words seemed to have angered the Evil Infant. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws under the black light, “I too am a Heavenly Profound Treasure, but everyone longed for and desired the Ancestral Sword. As for me, the god race feared me, even the devil race whose powers originated from the same source as me also feared me and sealed me off for a few million years… a few tens of millions of years… I was trapped in a lonely, dark, and gloomy cage forever. If it were you, would you not get angry and would you not want to punish them after regaining your freedom!”

“…” Yun Che was momentarily stumped for words.

“Also, I only punished the god race and devil race but did not harm any mortal souls. The so called ‘World Destroying’ is simply slander that has been pushed onto me! Rather it was… the fierce battle between the god race and devil race that implicated countless mortal souls. No one knows how many souls were buried, or how many clans had been exterminated. They deserved to receive that kind of punishment! If I did not exterminate them, their battle would have continued and no one knows how many innocent souls would have been killed and exterminated… Why did I end up to be the greatest villain!? How hateful!”

Yun Che had actually no words to refute the words of the Evil Infant.

“Enough!” Jasmine frowned and said, “Go back!”

The Evil Infant did not listen to her words but continued to shout, “Even if Master gets angry I have to say it! Back then, one of the powers which sealed me came from a Devil Emperor called Jie Yuan! She is so afraid of me and if she knew of my existence, she would most probably seal both my Master and I! There is also a possibility that after she is certain that I am no longer a threat, she would kill Master and forcefully claim me as her own.”

“Hmph! Those greedy, repulsive, evil people that once sealed me would surely do it!”

“No matter what may possibly occur, you would… with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor because of Master…”

“Shut up! Jasmine was thoroughly angered and shouted, “Go back now!”

“Boohoo…” The Evil Infant stopped talking abruptly. It let out a sob and said with an extremely aggrieved voice, “I’ll… I’ll be obedient, Master please don’t be angry.”

After it finished speaking, the black light went dim and disappeared along with the Evil Infant’s voice.

But the words that were spoken just now had severely struck Yun Che’s soul.

Be it the “World Destroying” that was uttered in anger, or the “possibility” that was mentioned later…

“You’re worried that I would… break off with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor because of you?” Yun Che said, slightly baffled.

The two words “break off” was perhaps not suitable to be used. Because he completely did not have the qualifications to “break off” with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

The Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations… would indeed most probably be the cause for Jie Yuan to fear greatly. If she had wanted to seal it, then, she would also seal Jasmine without a doubt.

If Jie Yuan wanted to take it away by force… Jasmine clearly could not break away from the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations willingly, otherwise, she would have already chosen that option. So if she wanted to take it away by force, Jie Yuan would definitely have to kill Jasmine first.

No matter which…

No! Such a thing would never happen, definitely not!

“…It’s even better since you understand it,” Jasmine said. “It’s just as you said, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is the current true ruler of this era and she is also your greatest backing. With her as your backing, you would be an uncrowned king. Even if you had planted the slave imprint on Qianye Ying’er, the Brahma Monarch Realm would not be able to do anything to you. But if you lose or even go against this backing… you would have to weigh the consequences yourself!”

“If you persist on being willful, I will not allow that!”

Yun Che thought for a short while and said, “Actually, I feel that your worries are perhaps unnecessary.”

“Back then, when I had known about the truth of the impending return of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, I was incomparably nervous and terrified. But, when I saw the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor in reality, it was completely different from what I had anticipated. Not only was she not cruel and violent, she was also unbelievably warm and benevolent. I had also sensed that she was not someone who was avaricious.”

“In addition, because of the change in the aura of the Primal Chaos, the Heavenly Profound Treasures in this era are completely different from when they were in the Ancient Era. Due to the laws of the current era, no matter how much the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations recovers, it will never be able to reach its original level. Even a True God may never reach their original level and naturally, it would not be a threat to the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Thus, she would not have a reason to seal it once again or take it by force.”

“Besides, it calls you master, so you are the one in charge. It won’t even be able to cause trouble the next time.”

Jasmine, “…”

“Also, this may shock you after hearing it.” Yun Che said, “Hong’er is actually the daughter of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Heretic God.”

That sentence caused Jasmine to turn around abruptly and in shock, she shouted involuntarily, “What!?”

Yun Che did not explain immediately. He smiled slightly, “That’s why, you don’t have to worry about things like ‘breaking off’ with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Moreover, she has admitted that she owes me a huge favor for saving Hong’er’s life back then.”

“Hong’er… is her daughter with the Heretic God?” Jasmine softly mumbled repeatedly. Even the Evil Infant who had many memories of an ancient time did not know anything about this matter.

“Also,” Yun Che continued on, “the God Realm does not reject and exclude your existence to the extent that you think. For example… you should have known for a long time that Qingyue is the current god emperor of the Moon God Realm. When you killed Yue Wuya back then, I had thought that she would feel animosity towards you. But, on the contrary, she encouraged me to look for you and hoped that I would find you. She even reminded me that I am your best opportunity to be accepted by the universe. “

A complicated black light flashed in Jasmine’s eyes and she said indifferently, “She was not born in the God Realm and thus it’s not strange for her to think that way.”

“My master also said the same thing,” Yun Che immediately said. “She said that you would be the one who would be willing to use all your strength to protect me.”

“Then what about the Eternal Heaven God Emperor?” Jasmine asked instead suddenly, “He should be the person who approves of you the most currently. But at the same time, the Eternal Heaven God Realm follows the morally right way strictly. They will never tolerate the existence of the Evil infant and they will not tolerate the current Eastern Divine Region all the more! If they knew that you had associations with the Evil Infant, then… the Eternal Heaven God Realm will never treat you the same as they did before.”

“Given the prestige that the Eternal Heaven God Realm holds in the God Realm, their attitude toward you is more important than you think it to be.”

Yun Che did not refute or explain, neither did he say that he could hardly care about it, but he said suddenly, “Jasmine, let’s make a bet shall we?”

Jasmine, “?”

“If I am able to get the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to accept your existence, you will leave this place with me and then use your powers to protect me.”

“…” Jasmine parted her lips slightly.

“If I fail temporarily, I will not force you to leave this place with me, until I succeed or if things take a turn for the better one day, alright?”

Jasmine glanced back at Yun Che and their eyes met. His eyes did not show any sort of disappointment, impatience, or gloom at her or the Evil Infant’s words. Rather, they showed warmth and peace, as well as determination when he silently told her that he would never let her go.

Her heart and soul, which had been plagued by loneliness and gloom over the past few years, had long ago melted away and been thrown into chaos under his gaze. There was clearly so much fear and apprehension in her heart, but at this moment, she was unable to recall any of it, nor was she able to summon any strength to reject him.

“Alright…” She gazed at her own reflection in Yun Che’s eyes and gently nodded her head. “If you are really able to do that… I will leave this place with you. Henceforth, I will go wherever you go.”

She did not even mention the Star God Realm because it was undeserving for her to recall memories or be sad about it.

“You said it yourself.” Yun Che’s hand balled up unconsciously. “Hong’er, and even He Ling is able to bear witness. It’s too late for you to back out now!”

Jasmine: “He Ling? Ah…”

Jasmine gasped in realization as she was forcefully pulled into Yun Che’s arms. He held her tightly and before she could even finish exhalling, her lips had already been gently sealed.

A strong masculine scent lingered at her nose. Jasmine made a gentle squeak as her eyes had gone wide and her mind had completely gone blank in an instant…

In the first year they had met, Yun Che had given her blood through mouth to mouth contact. But that was to save her life and he had no other romantic thoughts. This moment was the first time that Yun Che had kissed her for real.

Jasmine’s body turned stiff. The strange sensation on her lips made her heart beat extremely fast. She was rigid for a long while before she violently struggled free. She turned her face away and breathed raggedly, “Yun Che… you… I… Don’t forget… I… am your master…”

“You have not been for a long time now!” Yun Che smiled gently and immediately picked up her exquisite delicate body. Catching her off guard, he once again planted a deep kiss on her lips. It was no longer a simple peck, having changed into one that was exceptionally wanton and aggressive.

She was abandoned and sacrificed by the Star God Realm, the world could not tolerate her existence…

Just as well, in this way, I can belong to him. I would be his and his alone…

Jasmine subconsciously struggled, but that struggle became weaker and weaker and gradually, she closed her eyes quietly and tilted her slender neck upwards. Her delicate arms held Yun Che tightly as her subconscious retreat unwittingly turned into a shaky response. A beautiful soft pink aura slowly radiated out from her body and even the Evil Infant devilish energy that terrified all of creation had soundlessly disappeared.


Brahma Monarch God Realm.

“Master, Miss followed Yun Che to the God Realm of Absolute Beginning and has not returned for several days.”

Gu Zhu stood behind Qianye Fantian with his back bent and spoke with a deep hoarse voice.

“Oh really,” Qianye Fantian replied casually, as if he was not too bothered by it.

He had just been plotted against. He lost all his prestige and Qianye Ying’er was forced to bear the slave imprint. If it were anyone else, they would be extremely furious. But, Qianye Fantian was incomparably calm and gentle, as if only a small and insignificant matter had just occurred.

“News of Yun Che planting the slave imprint on Miss has spread to many great star realms within these few days. It seems that everyone even in the west and south God Regions know about it.” Gu Zhu’s voice was obscure and his gaze was exceptionally complicated, “Even news of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor as a witness has completely spread, sigh.”

“Hmph, that’s to be expected.” Qianye Fantian snorted indifferently. “This king would find it strange if Xia Qingyue did not add fuel to the fire!”

Heh… the unapproachable Brahma Monarch Goddess, whose celestial beauty stood above the rest of the world’s, had actually become Yun Che’s slave! How ironic, what an earth-shattering joke!

Xia Qingyue who hated Qianye Ying’er to the core, racked her brains to force Qianye Ying’er into this situation. How could Xia Qingyue not humiliate her as she pleased and make her a laughingstock for the world to mock!

“The poison that Master was afflicted with has already been cleansed and it has also been confirmed that other eight Brahma Kings are all in good health. In this case, it should not bring about any future problems,” Gu Zhu said.

“Oh?” Qianye Fantian cast a slight sideways glance.

“We can undo the slave imprint on Miss now,” Gu Zhu said slowly. “When Miss was cultivating the ‘Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark’, her brahma soul and true soul were fused together. When the slave imprint was exerted on her, it was planted on both her brahma soul as well as her true soul. If the Brahma Soul Bell took back Miss’s brahma soul by force, the slave imprint will break down and disperse.”

“Currently, only Master and Miss have successfully cultivated the perfect fusion of the true soul and brahma soul. No one in this universe is able to understand this, including the Moon God Emperor as well as the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. And this old servant had already ‘imprisoned’ Miss’s memory regarding this matter.”

“Although this move would completely cripple Miss’s Brahma God divine power, it would only be a matter of time for Miss’s complete recovery given her innate comprehension.”

“There’s no rush.” Qianye Fantian smiled faintly instead.

“…a day later would mean being humiliated for a day more.”

“Did Ying’er pass you the stone slab that the World-Defying Heaven Manual was engraved on?” Qianye Fantian asked.

Gu Zhu said, “How would this old servant have the qualifications to even touch such an important thing?”

“Haha,” Qianye Fantian laughed as a strange light flashed in his eyes, “This is indeed humiliating, but it could also be an opportunity.”

“… Does Miss wish to understand the World-Defying Heaven Manual through Yun Che?” Gu Zhu’s obscure voice seemed to contain a sigh.

“Ying’er has understood for a long time that she would never be able to comprehend the World-Defying Heaven Manual as long as it was in her hands,” Qianye Fantian said. “But now, the person who is able to understand the World-Defying Heaven Manual has appeared and that person is the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.”

“After Yun Che has obtained the World-Defying Heaven Manual from Qianye Ying’er and found out that it is the primordial Ancestral Divine Art, he will definitely look for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Because no one in this universe is able to resist the temptation of the Ancestral Divine Art… Not even the Creation God, let alone Yun Che."

“If everything goes smoothly, Yun Che would not have to be on guard against an absolutely loyal Ying’er… Haha, Ying’er would perhaps gain something even if it were a tiny bit because this is the only chance she has.”


“You don’t have to say anything anymore.” Gu Zhu wanted to say something but was interrupted by Qianye Fantian, “This king has a clear idea of when to undo her slave imprint. You don’t have to bring it up again.”

“…” Gu Zhu bowed his head and did not say anything but his pair of old eyes turned exceptionally troubled.

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