Chapter 1496 - Useless Bargaining Chip

Against the Gods

After he spent five days in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning with Jasmine, Yun Che finally left with great reluctance in his heart.

During these past five days, Jasmine and Yun Che had spent nearly every moment glued to one another.

The relationship that they shared had always been exceptionally delicate. Without even talking about Jasmine’s own feelings, even Yun Che, who had many wives, had a hard time putting the special feelings he had for Jasmine into words.

Ever since they had spent that one month together in the Star God Realm, that delicate feeling had continued to persist… and Jasmine had even shoved Yun Che toward Caizhi for the majority of that month.

Today, without the chains that were the Star God Realm binding her, Jasmine, who was shunned by the rest of the world, no longer had anything to fear or worry about anymore. So she stuck herself to Yun Che as much as she wanted to, whether it was as his lover or as a family member… whatever was fine.

In the past, she used to have unlimited contempt for those girls who were completely infatuated with Yun Che, the ones who he had tricked using various “despicable and underhanded means”. But right now, she had already acknowledged that she herself was actually already one of those girls… and perhaps it had been that way for a long time already.

As Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er left, Jasmine watched him fade into the distance and she continued silently looking in that direction for a very long time.

Yun Che, back then I awakened the Evil Infant because of you, but I was also able to completely suppress that extremely terrifying hatred and desire to kill because of you as well...

Just when exactly did you become such an important person in my life… So important that you far surpass the desire for vengeance that I once viewed as my very life itself. 

For her, Yun Che had plucked a Netherworld Udumbara Flower… For her, Yun Che had abandoned everything to make the long journey to the God Realm… For her, Yun Che had been unwilling to fall on the Conferred God Stage… For her, Yun Che had put his life on the line as he rushed towards the Star God Realm...

Even though she had transformed into the Evil Infant who was feared by the world, Yun Che’s current situation left her with endless cheer.

Of the four king realms in the Eastern Divine Region, the Moon God Realm and Eternal Heaven God Realm stood on Yun Che’s side, the Star God Realm could not afford to be bothered about him, and within the Brahma Monarch God Realm, the most dangerous Brahma Monarch Goddess had become his most loyal slave.

In the Snow Song Realm where he resided, he also had an inscrutably powerful master who was extremely protective of him.

What’s more, he was the one who had pacified the danger of the returned Devil Emperor and he had also come under the protection of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. Even more than that, his fate with Hong’er had become even more tightly intertwined.

Those upper star realms which knew the truth all rushed forward to curry favor with him.

The current Yun Che was no longer the same as he was back then, a person from the lower realms who had to tiptoe his way carefully around the God Realm.

All of these things combined with her own strength meant that even if Yun Che was a cripple, his words would still carry an extremely heavy weight and they would not be any less significant than the words from any god emperor. As long as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor existed, unless he pushed someone to the point where their only option was to die together with him, no one would dare to offend him or harm him.

He said very confidently that even with her status as the Evil Infant, she would still definitely be accepted by the world… and even if they could not accept her, as long as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor said something, they would have no choice but to accept her.

Everything seemed to be heading in the best possible direction, so Yun Che no longer needed to grow anymore.

“Yun Che, you will definitely win that ‘bet’, right…”

As she looked into the distance, Jasmine whispered those words to herself. Her lips unconsciously curved upwards as a dreamy haze settled over her eyes.


“Master, where are we going now? Are we going to find the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor?” He Ling asked after they had left the God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

The date for the return of the devil gods was gradually coming closer, and Yun Che’s reluctance to leave the God Realm of Absolute Beginning had delayed him quite a bit as well.

“Mn, we’ll go back to the Blue Pole Star. Let’s go!”

He summoned out the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace and pulled Qianye Ying’er inside the warship before he sped toward the Blue Pole Star at full speed.

In the past, the thing Yun Che was most afraid of was exposing his place of birth. Because there were far too many eye-catching oddities about him and his body, it would undoubtedly arouse the God Realm’s curiosity about his place of birth, and this would very likely bring calamity down on that place.

Thus, when he had been targeted by Qianye Ying’er in the God Realm, it was impossible for him to go home and he could only hole up in the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

But now, the attention the rest of the world paid him far exceeded what it had been back then. So unless he never returned home, no matter how careful and cautious he tried to be, he would definitely end up exposing it one day.

But the good thing was that there was no place that was safer than the Blue Pole Star in this universe right now and there was even less reason to fear that it would be coveted by others.

Because it was the first planet that the Evil God and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had created together. It was the greatest attachment the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had to this world, so if anyone dared to touch the Blue Pole Star, they were undoubtedly digging their own grave.

Furthermore, all of the humans and other living creatures on the Blue Pole Star were completely unaware just how special an existence their own planet was. They were also unable to perceive that they had received the greatest protection in this universe.

In the future, even if the devil gods returned to the world and started causing calamities everywhere, even if countless planets, star realms, and star regions were destroyed, the Blue Pole Star would still remain safe and sound.

Moreover, if the origin of the Blue Pole Star were to be revealed, this inferior planet in the lower realms, a planet that no one had even known about before, would become the most sacred and holy place in this universe in the span of a single night, and all living creatures would have to admire and worship it.

The Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace’s speed was exceedingly excellent. Three days later, an azure planet that glowed with an abnormal radiance amidst the vast sea of stars appeared in his vision.

Upon returning to the Blue Pole Star, the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace landed on top of the Azure Cloud Continent’s Cloud’s End Cliff. Yun Che instructed Qianye Ying’er to wait at the side of the cliff. After that, he leapt off the Cloud’s End Cliff and dove straight to the bottom.

World of Darkness, Sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers.

It was probably because her soul was not complete that You’er spent most of her time asleep. At this time, she was quietly sleeping in the midst of that sea of Netherworld Udumbara Flowers. However, unlike all the other times Yun Che had visited, her small and delicate body was no longer tightly curled up like it had been before. Instead, she simply lay very comfortably on her side and her sleep was exceptionally deep and peaceful.

Because Jie Yuan was quietly accompanying her now.

Upon sensing Yun Che’s arrival, Jie Yuan soundlessly stood up and arrived in front of Yun Che in a single instant. As she cast an arm backwards, she had already erected an absolute isolating barrier as she was not willing to disturb the soundly sleeping You’er in any way.

“You’ve finally come,” Jie Yuan said with an expressionless face. “It was quite a bit later than I had expected. However, from the looks of it, you seem to have already found a good enough reason or ‘bargaining chip’.”

“Erm…” Yun Che gave a rather awkward laugh but after that he straightened out his expression and spoke in a frank and honest manner, “As someone who belongs to this current era and world, no matter whether it is for others or for myself, this junior is obligated to do so… So I request that Senior be willing to spare this junior some time and listen to what this junior has to say.”

“Speak, I’ll hear your reasons or about the bargaining chip that you have to offer me,” Jie Yuan said without rejecting him.

He did not know if he was mistaken, but Yun Che felt that Jie Yuan’s attitude seemed to be slightly different from before.

Yun Che exhaled lightly before speaking, “Senior is more clear than anyone else regarding what will happen when Senior’s kinsmen return to the world. This junior is also deeply aware of why Senior would choose to let them run amok and I am even more aware that the mortal creatures of this era have no right to make any requests of Senior or Senior’s clansmen. However, in regards to Senior’s clansmen, is allowing them to vent their hatred and resentment really the best way to treat them?”

“...” Jie Yuan did not react in any way.

“Fate can sometimes be very cruel and unjust, but it can also be incomparably beautiful at other times. For example… fate turned its back on Senior all those years ago, causing you to suffer a calamity that no ordinary person would be able to imagine. However, Senior did not despair because of this calamity. Instead, you returned safe and sound and it was actually because of this calamity that you escaped the following calamity that engulfed the world and completely destroyed both the god and devil races. Furthermore, the daughter you had with the Heretic God is still alive and safe in this world, so how can this not be recompense for what fate did to Senior?”

“It’s also the same for Senior’s clansmen. They’re returning to this universe filled with boundless hatred and resentment, but the people who harmed them all those years ago are no longer in this world and all of the living creatures in this current era are innocent. If they do vent their hatred and resentment on these innocent mortal beings, not only will they be unable to truly vent their hatred, it will also end up increasing their sins and distorting their hearts and souls even more. Furthermore, it will cause this universe, a universe that they will rule over in the future, to collapse and descend into great chaos and turmoil.

“If we can suppress their hatred and resentment, and pacify their hearts and souls, we can then divide the current Primal Chaos Realm into one hundred seperate star regions that they will each take control of. After that, they can vie for supremacy with one another and thus, they will have found a goal and objective that they can spend the rest of their lives pursuing. They might even end up being revered by all living creatures, enjoying a status and glory that they were unable to receive in the Ancient Era.”

“The most important point is that, bit by bit, we can use this chance to finally completely change the perception the world has regarding ‘devils’ and truly fulfill the greatest wish Senior and the Heretic God had back then.”

“If we can realize all of these things, then no matter whether it is for devil gods, the people of this universe, or even Senior herself, this outcome will be much much better than simply allowing your clansmen to be utter demons possessed by hatred.”

When Yun Che spoke about how they “could completely change the perception the world has regarding ‘devils’, and truly fulfill the greatest wish Senior and the Heretic God had back then”, Jie Yuan’s eyes flickered in a nearly imperceptible manner, but she had not had any other reactions during his speech.

“Are you finished? Hmph, that was very well-said.” Even though Jie Yuan had praised him with her words, her face was not moved in the slightest. “It’s a pity that you seem to have completely forgotten what I said to you last time.”

“This junior did not forget,” Yun Che said calmly, “and this junior knows that it will be extremely hard to suppress the hatred and resentment that they have accumulated in their hearts over millions of years. However, Senior is their Devil Emperor and it is also because of Senior that they could even survive until today and return to this world. This means that it isn’t completely impossible for Senior to accomplish this and Senior is the only person who can accomplish this as well… even if it’s just an attempt.”

Yun Che paused for a bit before continuing, “This junior is aware that he has no right to make any requests of Senior, so as long as Senior is willing to even make the attempt, this junior… will definitely repay Senior in some way. In other words, I will use that bargaining chip that Senior just spoke of.”

“Oh?” Jie Yuan seemed to be very amused by that. “What bargaining chip? Tell me.”

“The Ancestral Divine Art!” Yun Che said in an extremely sincere manner.

Jie Yuan glanced to the side as she gave him an indifferent look. After that, she asked, “Oh really? So which part did you find? Was it the part that belonged to that old dog Mo E, or was it the part that had never been seen in this world before?”

Jie Yuan’s reaction was so indifferent that it alarmed Yun Che, it was completely outside of his expectations.

Countless thoughts immediately flashed through Yun Che’s brain, but in the end, he still spoke up and said, “Both parts are in this junior’s hands! In addition to the part that is in Senior’s possession, Senior will be able to complete the legendary Ancestral Divine Art.”

The complete Ancestral Divine Art… If these words had been said in the Ancient Era, it would have been enough to cause world-shattering shockwaves to be sent through the entire universe. They were enough to cause all of the gods and devils, including the Creation Gods and the Devil Emperors, to go completely crazy.

Yun Che had originally thought that these words would have a devastating impact on Jie Yuan, after all, it was the thing that she sought but could not obtain all those years ago. However, when he said those words, Jie Yuan’s expression was actually completely unchanged, her pitch-black eyes were like pools of gloomy and stagnant water and not a single ripple could be seen in them.

“To think that you were actually able to find two parts consecutively in the amount of time you have existed. It looks like this World-Defying Heavenly Manual and you are quite fated,” Jie Yuan uttered the name of the Ancestral Divine Art in an incomparably cold and indifferent manner. “Since that is the case, then you should just keep them and play with them by yourself.”

“...” She had not even made any request to see them or showed any interest in looking at them, much less demanding them to be handed over to her. This outcome left Yun Che utterly flabbergasted.

“Other than that,” Jie Yuan continued, “the part of the World-Defying Heavenly Manual that I possessed back then is no longer on my person anymore.”

Yun Che’s eyebrows jumped at those words as he said, “Could it be that Senior threw it away outside the Primal Chaos?”

“I did indeed throw it away.”

When Jie Yuan said those words, she wore a smile that did not seem like a smile on her face. The tone of her voice was exceptionally indifferent, it was as if she was merely talking about some small and insignificant matter that could not even catch her attention.

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