Chapter 1507 - The Evil Infant Returns Home

Against the Gods

“When the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations brought about the extermination of the gods and devils, it had completely exhausted its own powers and was sealed away by the Heretic God. It was naturally unable to recover while it was sealed away all these years and was instead worn down and devoured even more by the power left behind by the Heretic God. After a million years, the seal left by the Heretic God had disappeared and the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations which had broken out of the seal was naturally in an extremely weak state. It was so weak that… Jasmine, who had found it accidentally, had been able to seal it again.”  

Eternal Heaven God Emperor, “...”

“Since the Primordial Era, the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was not only feared by the gods but also by the devils. Thus, the devil race had always used all their powers to seal it away. The reason why it unleashed the Myriad Tribulations poison after being released from its seal was because of the accumulated resentment and hatred born from being sealed away for a long period of time.” 

“The more important reason that made it spare nothing to exterminate the gods and devils was that apart from its resentment, it was afraid of being sealed away once again.”

When he was in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, he personally met the artifact spirit of the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations… It had been shrouded in a black mist but its figure and even its voice was the same as any other infant.

Its darkness power stood at the very pinnacle of all darkness powers in the universe, yet it was afraid of darkness and loneliness… It was just that no one would have been able to imagine such a scene. The only thing they associated with the name “Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations” was boundless terror and its notoriety of destroying the world.

“And because it was afraid of being sealed away once again, it chose to submit itself to Jasmine and acknowledge her as master, submitting its will to hers.”

Yun Che did not say that the bigger reason for acknowledging Jasmine as master was because it was afraid of darkness and loneliness. Because he knew that these words would only seem ridiculous and absolutely unbelievable to the rest of the universe.

“Moreover, Jasmine’s motives for allowing this were because she was afraid that others with evil intentions might obtain it and use it to bring about disaster. She had never planned to awaken its powers. She only wanted to silently keep it in her body forever so that it would not one day terrorize the rest of the universe or cause any disasters.”

Eternal Heaven God Emperor, “But…”

“Does Senior know the reason why the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations woke up?” Yun Che knew what he was about to say and interrupted him.

“Why?” Eternal Heaven God Emperor asked.

“Then has Senior figured out exactly why the Star God Realm did not hesitate to use the ‘Absolute Star Soul Barrier’ to isolate their realm back then?”

“...” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor still did not know anything about this matter, even to this day.

The whereabouts of the Star God Emperor had been unknown for several years and there had been no news of him whatsoever. Meanwhile, the remaining Star Gods and elders had sealed their mouths, refusing to say anything regarding the isolation of their realm back then.

“I think that even with the abilities of Senior, to this day you definitely don’t know why the Star God Realm forcefully isolated their realm… this is because even if they had ten thousand times the amount of courage, they would definitely not dare to say it. As long as they still had the smallest bit of shame, they would never have the face to utter a single word about it!”

“So why exactly did they do it?” Yun Che’s words had violently stirred the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s heart. The Star God Realm had refused to reveal anything about this matter and he had known long ago that something extraordinary had occurred, but he had no way of knowing what had happened. Yet it was clear that Yun Che knew the whole truth.

“The Evil Infant was literally forced to appear… by the Star God Realm,” Yun Che said. Even though Jasmine, someone he thought was lost to him forever, had once again come back into his life again. He still ground his teeth together in rage whenever he recalled what had happened back then.

He would never forgive Jue Xingkong and the Star God Realm!

Immediately, he gave the Eternal Heaven God Emperor a detailed account of the sacrificial ceremony that had been held in the Star God Realm and how the Star God Emperor had plotted against his own children time and time again.

The Eternal Heaven God had a wealth of experience but when he heard Yun Che’s account, an expression of deep shock appeared on his face.

Heavenly Wolf Star God Xisu and Heavenly Slaughter Star God Jasmine, people who were chosen by the Star God divine powers, had been willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their family. But their own father, the Star God Emperor who stood at the pinnacle of the God Realm and was a symbol of the most exalted existences in the Eastern Divine Region, had not only felt no guilt or emotion because of this, but he had even used this particular point to ensnare all of them in his scheme...

The words evil, despicable, and twisted were not even enough to describe this act. 

“To think that something like this actually happened…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor could be considered one of the people in this universe who understood the Star God Emperor the most, yet even he felt a deep sense of shock and disbelief when he heard Yun Che’s words.

As fellow god emperors of the Eastern Region, he even felt a deep sense of shame because of it.

Even the Brahma Monarch God Emperor, who was the most heartless and cold-blooded person he knew, had always treated his daughter as a treasure and he would never allow any harm to befall her.

“I found out about all of these things because of a special reason back then and that’s why I forced my way into the Star God Realm. I was also able to enter the ‘Absolute Star Soul Barrier’ because my body contained the Star God blood that she had given me.”

Yun Che recounted these things in a simple and serious manner. “Unfortunately, I was simply too weak and I couldn’t accomplish anything meaningful in the end. Instead, I very nearly lost my life and I only managed to escape in the end via a special method. However, all of them thought that I had died, and that included Jasmine as well, and it was only because of the extreme disappointment, despair, and resentment that caused the power of the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulation to awaken.”

Back then, the Star God Emperor had informed the Eternal Heaven God Emperor that Yun Che had died at the hands of the Evil Infant. It was only today that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor found out that he had actually fallen into the evil scheme of the Star God Realm. He felt extremely shocked and angry at first, but soon after that, severe fear gripped his heart.... If Yun Che had indeed died back then, the entire Primal Chaos would not have been so lucky as to escape the calamity of the Devil Emperor.

Not only did the Star God Emperor extinguish all traces of his humanity and moral values, he almost became the greatest sinner in the history of the God Realm.

“It’s no wonder that Xin Juekong’s whereabouts have been unknown for so many years. Come to think of it, he must have known that the truth would be exposed one day, so he decided to go into hiding for a while. Because he knew that if the universe found out that he had awoken the Evil Infant, they would never forgive him.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out a sigh as a wave of complicated emotions washed over him and said, “God Child Yun, what exactly… are you trying to say?”

“I’m telling Senior this because I want you to understand the truth and also to ask Senior for a favor.” Yun Che felt his heart quiver with apprehension, but his gaze and tone were exceptionally resolute and said, “I hope that Senior is able to accept and allow the existence of the Evil Infant and to also make this known to the public.”

“This…” Even though he already had a feeling this was going to happen, a conflicted expression appeared on his face when he heard Yun Che’s words. He hesitated for a short while before replying with a sigh, “This old one just said that you have the qualifications to make any request you wanted to. But… but the Evil Infant is the same as the Devil Emperor and the devil gods, all of these things affect the safety of the God Realm.”

“They are all devils, so why is it that Senior has never rejected the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor who is even more frightening?” Yun Che said those words pointedly.

“It’s not the same,” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor shook his head. “The Devil Emperor is powerful and even if we gave our all, we would have no hope of winning against her. If we wanted to live, the only way was to submit to her. But with the Evil Infant… at least, there is still a possibility that we can destroy its host and cause it to go dormant again.”

“I’ve said this before, her mind isn’t hijacked by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations. She calls the shots and what you are worried about will never come to pass.” 

“This is the Evil Infant we’re talking about,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “It exterminated every True God and True Devil in the past and completely changed the era and structure of the Primal Chaos. Everyone knows that its power is the ultimate and most terrifying negative power in existence.”

“I believe in your words and also believe that it acknowledges the Heavenly Slaughter Star God as its master. But… the Heavenly Slaughter Star God is originally the most heartless and bloodthirsty Star God among all the other Star Gods. Her bloodthirst and evil tendencies had originally been exceptionally intense. How many Star Gods, Moon Gods, Guardians, and Brahma Kings died at her hand? Even the Moon God Emperor was killed by her.”

“If she was not being controlled by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, then all these people were killed of her own volition.”

Yun Che shook his head and said in a soft and gentle voice, “If she truly was filled with the malice and bloodlust you spoke of, then why hasn’t she made a single appearance or killed another person from the God Realm for more than three years?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was struck dumb by Yun Che’s words.

“If she truly wants to bring chaos to the universe like you fear, then does Senior truly think that there is anyone in the universe that can stop her?"

Looking at the slight change in the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s expression, Yun Che continued on, “Her speed and ability to conceal herself was already recognized as unrivaled in this universe even before she awakened her Evil Infant’s powers. Even when the vast Southern Divine Region had successfully ambushed her, she still managed to escape from their grasp.”

“In these three years, with the Dragon Monarch at the helm, the king realms of the three Divine Regions have mobilized the full force of their finest experts. But in the end, they have not even gotten a single trace of her whereabouts. In other words, unless she appears out of her own volition, the chances of finding her are almost zero. Not to mention gathering your forces to encircle and annihilate her… am I right?”

“...” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was visibly moved but he was unable to deny it.

Even when all the king realms had mobilized under the leadership of the Dragon Monarch… they still had not even been able to touch the corner of Jasmine’s robes.

“Then…” A strange light flashed across Yun Che’s eyes as he said, “Given her current powers, she only needed to wander around the various realms and massacre people if she wanted to cause chaos and vent her malice and bloodlust. Putting aside the lower, middle, and upper star realms first, even if it were a king realm, she would be able to claim countless lives in a short span of time. She would even be able to cover up her act perfectly before you even had the time to react.”

“As such, no matter whether it is one time, one hundred times, or one thousand times… Besides dying, living in dread, or being whittled down to nothing, what can any of you truly do to her?”

“...” Yun Che’s words concerning the Evil Infant were exactly what the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, as well as everyone from the king realms, feared about it the most.

“But the truth is that she has not even killed a single person in the past few years. Does Senior think that it’s because she doesn’t dare to do so, or because she is not willing to do so!?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he had no words to refute what Yun Che had said.

Back then, after the Evil Infant had awakened, it shocked the universe greatly and subsequently killed the Moon God Emperor, but it had not appeared or killed anyone since then. Even then, they had never and would not be willing to believe that this was the benevolence of the Evil Infant.

At this moment, after hearing Yun Che’s account and hearing the words which ruthlessly pierced right through his greatest worries, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had no choice but to believe that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God was really the one in charge. Otherwise… there would be no other explanation for it.  

“Although I was born in the lower realms, it is very clear to me that the God Realm deeply loathes ‘devils’ and it’s not something that can be changed in a short period of time. Their fear toward the Evil Infant has penetrated so deeply into their bone marrow that the God Realm will live in eternal fear and unease as long as it exists, regardless of whether they believe that the Evil Infant has acknowledged someone as its master.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was flabbergasted. He had already known that Yun Che’s motive was for the Evil Infant to live peacefully in the universe. He did not know why Yun Che would say something like that.

“And so, I am able to make Senior and the God Realm a promise.”

Yun Che’s expression became more solemn than it had ever been. The words he was about to say were words that ran through his head many times since he left the God Realm of Absolute Beginning a month ago.

“After the matter concerning the Devil Emperor has been resolved, the Evil Infant will leave the God Realm forever. We will leave for my birthplace, which is also the planet that we met in, and never return. We will also never kill another person from the God Realm… unless the God Realm provokes us first!”

As Yun Che had said, as long as the Evil Infant existed in the God Realm, no matter what its intentions were, the people of the God Realm would always be terrified of it. Neither would he be able to anticipate what the people of the God Realm would do when faced with such great terror that they could never be rid of. 

Other than Caizhi, Jasmine had no other reason to miss the God Realm or be reluctant to part with it. Her greatest wish was to return to the Blue Pole Star together with him.

As a result, this was the best outcome that he could come up with.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor heard what was said, he raised his head abruptly and shouted excitedly, “Are...are you serious!?”

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