Chapter 1515 - An Omen of Darkness

Against the Gods

Eastern Divine Region, Glazed Light Realm.

A few days ago, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor appeared personally at the Eternal Heaven God Realm and announced that she was about to leave the Primal Chaos. Following that, almost all the god emperors and realm kings who were present remained at the Eternal Heaven God Realm, waiting to send the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor off personally.

But there were still some who had left at the last minute… Shui Qianheng of the Glazed Light Realm was one of them.

His heart burned with anxiety as he left the Eternal Heaven God Realm and returned to the Glazed Light Realm. After that, he brought Shui Meiyin to visit the Snow Song Realm… All for the sake of wanting to settle the date with the Snow Song Realm King for Shui Meiyin’s wedding.  

The reason why he wanted to settle the wedding date with such urgency during this frenetic period was extremely obvious: Currently, thirteen god emperors and almost all of the higher realm kings in the Eastern Divine Region were gathered in the Eternal Heaven God Realm! What a grand spectacle this was!

After sending off the Heaving Smiting Devil Emperor, he would be able to directly announce the date of the wedding to all who were present… The fact that it was convenient was secondary! The most important thing was that it would be full of swagger! It would be grand! It would be so impressive!

The son-in-law of I, the Glazed Light Realm King, is the God Child Messiah himself! Even the Evil Infant obeys him and the Brahma Monarch Goddess is only worthy enough to be his slave, but my daughter will be married off in a grand fashion! 

Shui Qianheng returned to the Glazed Light Realm after the wedding date was set but he did not embark for the Eternal Heaven God Realm immediately. Instead, he personally took charge of the wedding preparations as he assigned people to begin preparing for the wedding, and his booming voice, which was already many times hoarser than it usually was, was setting the entire sect abuzz.

In fact, it was only when it was twenty hours before the activation of the grand dimensional formation that Shui Qianheng finally decided to make his way to the Eternal Heaven Realm, bringing Shui Yingyue and Shui Yingheng along with him.

“Little sister, it’s about time for us to leave.”

Shui Yingyue arrived at Shui Meiyin’s room before looking at the items that she was currently fiddling with while a stunned expression was on her face.

Astonishingly, there were more than ten colorful and clear Glazed Sound Stones of different shapes and sizes.

“Alright, I got it! I’ll come right away.” Shui Meiyin put the Glazed Sound Stones away and stood up.

“Why are you fiddling around with these Glazed Sound Stones anyway?” Shui Yingyue asked. These Glazed Sound Stones were the lowest grade of jade stones. To her knowledge, they were not even worthy of being touched by Shui Meiyin. But just now, she had been earnestly fiddling around with them.  

“Because Big Brother Yun Che likes them and he even wears one around his neck.” Shui Meiyin said before lowering her voice into a whisper, “And he dares to say that I’m childish when he is clearly the childish one.”’

“...” Shui Yingyue did not know how to respond to that, so she turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Shui Meiyin agreed and followed after her older sister. But just as she was about to step out of the room, a black light suddenly flashed in her eyes. Her entire body was rooted to the spot and the pupils of her eyes contracted dramatically.

"What's wrong?" Shui Yingyue turned her gaze but when she looked at Shui Meiyin, she was extremely shocked. She turned around and asked in an urgent voice, "What's wrong? Did you sense something?"

“Don’t go… Don’t go…” She stared blankly into space as she murmured those words in a daze. A chaotic black light flickered in her eyes and it looked as if there were black butterflies dancing in them.  

Shui Yingyue, "...!!?"

"What's wrong?"

Shui Qianheng appeared in a flash. He had clearly sensed that something was wrong with Shui Meiyin at the first possible moment. Upon seeing Shui Meiyin’s current appearance, his eyebrows fiercely sank as his voice suddenly deepened. “Meiyin, what did you ‘see’?” 

"Don't go…" Shui Meiyin repeated that same two words.

“Don’t go where?” Shui Qianheng brows sank even further, “Could it be… the Eternal Heaven Realm?”

“...” Shui Meiyin’s pupils contracted even more as she tried her best to release the soul energy of the Divine Stainless Soul to try and get a “clearer picture” of something. But the world she saw was turning darker and darker and in the end, it had actually become pitch black.

It was like a never-ending dark night, a bottomless abyss.

The black light that flickered in her eyes dispersed and her eyes lost their luster as her body slowly sank to the ground.

Shui Yingyue immediately rushed forward and cradled her in her arms.

“Don’t go… to the Eternal Heaven Realm…” Shui Meiyin’s lashes trembled and her voice turned weak, “You must...not...go…”

Her eyelids fluttered before she finally stopped resisting and lost consciousness entirely.

Shui Yingyue looked at Shui Qianheng and a deeply shocked expression could be seen on both of their faces.


Twelve hours passed very quickly. A white ray shot up toward the sky from the Eternal Heaven’s Conferred God Stage and the outline of the grand dimensional formation appeared.

The thirteen god emperors and the other great higher realm kings had already gathered at the Conferred God Stage. As a brilliant halo of spatial energy slowly revolved in the air, the thirteen god emperors stood in the center but everyone’s eyes had been focused on Yun Che. 

Yet the Yun Che today seemed to be a little strange and the Snow Song Realm King that had previously accompanied him was not by his side either. He had displayed an exceptional indifference toward the probing, questioning and flattery of the various great realm kings. In fact, he had spent most of the time standing alone at the edge of the profound formation.

Qianye Ying’er had been silently standing just behind Yun Che the entire time. She was dressed exactly as she had always been described. Golden armor adorned her body and a golden mask covered her face. The three words “Brahma Monarch Goddess” made it so that none of the higher realm kings dared to approach her or even gaze at her directly… They did not even dare to talk about her, only shooting glances at the Brahma Heaven God Emperor every now and then. However, they found that he wore a perpetual smile on his face and his mild demeanor concealed a majestic presence that seized one's soul. There was absolutely nothing odd about him.

It was at this moment that the grand dimensional formation was activated. 

One could well imagine just how much energy it took to activate a dimensional formation that connected the Eternal Heaven God Realm to the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos. The last time it had been activated, they felt as if they were going to bear witness to a dark and gloomy apocalypse. But this time, the atmosphere was completely different. Not a single person in the Eternal Heaven God Realm felt pained and everyone was relaxed and excited.

Profound light illuminated the sky as a matchlessly powerful spatial energy spread out and whisked everyone away from the Eternal Heaven’s Conferred God Stage.

After they made their long jump through space, the world in front of them suddenly changed and transformed into vast emptiness.

But the difference was that they were not greeted by a destructive storm this time around. There was also no strange crimson light which could pierce one’s soul. In fact, it was exceptionally calm.

A diamond-shaped crimson crystal lay embedded in the distant Wall of Primal Chaos… that was something that had been engraved by the World Piercer, a spatial tunnel that was connected to the void outside the Primal Chaos!

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had arrived from that passage and would return the same way.

“This day has finally arrived,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said with a sigh. “Even though this dimensional formation was not able to fulfill its original purpose, it will witness the coming and going of a Devil Emperor. As a result, it also bore witness to a great upheaval in the Primal Chaos’ destiny. In this case, its construction can still considered to be worth it.”

“Let’s hope that there won’t be any other variables or changes in the plan,” the Western Region’s Qilin Emperor said.

If the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor were to suddenly go back on her word, then all of their rejoicing would have been for naught and a calamity would soon follow after. Therefore, they could not truly be at ease until they personally witnessed the Devil Emperor’s departure and the destruction of the spatial tunnel.

“This old one believes in God Child Yun.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor laughed heartily. Nowadays, it was exceptionally easy for him to say the three words “God Child Yun” and he was the most relaxed out of all the god emperors. 

“Since Eternal Heaven has said so, this king feels greatly relieved.” Qianye Fantian laughed and said, “This matter has weighed heavily on me during this period of time. When this matter is over, we will finally be able to relax as much as we want for a while.”

“Oh? It looks like the Brahma Monarch God Emperor really likes God Child Yun.” Someone had silently creeped up on them. It was a man with a frail stature and an elegant and youthful face, but his eyes would chill the soul of anyone who made eye contact with him. Astonishingly enough, this person was the Southern Sea God Emperor. “No wonder you were willing to give your own daughter to him as a slave.”

The space around them suddenly froze as all the god emperors immediately fell silent.

Qianye Fantian, however, was not the least bit angry. Rather, he flashed him a smile as he said, “This king cannot help but admire Ying’er’s taste. She had looked down on a bevy of god children and god emperors like they were worn-out shoes. Yet when God Child Yun first displayed his magnificence atop the Conferred God Stage all those years ago, Ying’er stepped forward to get this king to take him as a son-in-law. But her wish was left unfulfilled.”

“But now, she has used this method to be able to stick to God Child Yun day and night. How is this not a wonderful thing?” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor said with a beaming smile. “Is it possible to find a man more suitable than God Child Yun in this entire universe?”

“Of course,” Qianye Fantian’s tone suddenly changed as he continued, “the entire world knows that you, the Southern Sea God Emperor, have always fancied Ying’er. But now, Ying’er has become Yun Che’s property so the Southern Sea God Emperor can try to ask God Child Yun for her. If he does not agree, then given the abilities of the Southern Sea God Emperor, I’m sure you can try any scheme or trick that you want. This king eagerly looks forward to the day that you can fulfill your wish.”

The words of the Brahma Monarch God Emperor caused all the god emperors around him to frown deeply.

The Brahma Monarch Goddess, Qianye Ying’er, had always been Qianye Fantian’s greatest pride and joy. He doted on her immensely and gave her everything that she wanted. He had said more than once that even though she was a woman, she would inherit the position of god emperor from him in the future. He had even given her a status and authority that was practically equal to his in the Brahma Monarch God Realm. Not only could she order around the Brahma Kings, she had also been able to order around the Three Brahma Gods as well.

But when he had mentioned Qianye Ying’er just now, he had actually said that she had “already become Yun Che’s property”.

Perhaps Qianye Fantian said those words flippantly and it held no other meaning. But if one were to consider his words carefully...

Nan Wansheng narrowed his eyes and gave a half-hearted smile, “Good, that was well said! The Brahma Monarch God Emperor has indeed never disappointed this king!” 

After he finished speaking, he turned around and did not speak another word. However, an extremely terrifying dark glint flashed across his eyes.

To ask for her from Yun Che? To use those sinister tricks which he was most proficient in on Yun Che?

Even if one were to put aside Yun Che’s halo, a halo that had come from saving the universe… Just solely based on the fact that he was the main reason why the Evil Infant and God Realm had agreed to a pact of mutual non-aggression already meant that no one in this world would dare to touch Yun Che. And this was regardless of whether the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor existed or not. 

No matter how deranged the Southern Sea God Emperor was, even if Yun Che had killed his father, he absolutely would not dare to offend Yun Che… Let alone over a mere woman!

This was the absolute deterrence produced by absolute power! 

Also, Yun Che had the Sky Poison Pearl and he was the only one in this universe who had inherited the powers of a Creation God. His display at the Conferred God Battle had already proven his unprecedented potential to the rest of the world. No one doubted that his strength in the future would surely rise above all of creation.

And that time could very well arrive sooner than expected.

For such a person, one had to either eliminate him from the start or never become his enemy.

But Yun Che had the halo of saving the world, the Evil Infant by his side, the Goddess as his slave and had an ambiguously romantic relationship with the Moon God Emperor. Even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was extremely protective of him, while the king realms of the three regions praised him to high heavens and gave him the title of God Child. The various big upper star realms of the Eastern Region could not wait to kneel down and lick his feet...

Eliminate him my ass!

"Southern Sea God Emperor." A cold and calm female voice rang out. Surprisingly, it was the Moon God Emperor who spoke, "This king thinks that it would be best for you to stay far away from Yun Che. Otherwise, if you stir up Yun Che or the Evil Infant’s memory of you almost killing the Heavenly Slaughter Star God back then, I’m afraid that it would not be a good thing for you or for the Southern Sea God Realm.”

“Hmph!” Nan Wansheng narrowed his eyes until they became extremely fine slits as he coldly snorted.

Back then, he had spared no effort to assassinate the Heavenly Slaughter Star God just to please Qianye Ying’er. As the number one god emperor of the Southern Divine Region, he was extremely haughty and domineering to everyone else. But because he was madly infatuated with Qianye Ying’er, he would give all out to fulfill any of her requests… Moreover, in his eyes, Qianye Ying’er was the only person who had enough qualifications to make him give it his all. 

But so many years had passed and he, the distinguished number one god emperor of the Southern Divine Region, had not even touched the corner of Qianye Ying’er’s robes… Yet she had become Yun Che’s slave!

A slave!!


After speaking, Xia Qingyue stepped aside and left. But before she left, she seemed to have unintentionally glanced at the Dragon Monarch.

"You don't seem to be in a good mood." Xia Qingyue stood beside Yun Che before looking at him and asking, "Did something happen?"

Yun Che kept his gaze on the distant crimson passageway as he shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, just something personal.”

When she saw that he did not wish to share, Xia Qingyue did not pursue the topic anymore. Instead, her eyes swept over the surrounding area as she said, “To think that no one from the Glazed Light Realm actually came. I overheard some time ago that your wedding ceremony with Shui Meiyin is just around the corner, and I thought that the Glazed Light Realm King would take this opportunity to announce this matter… this is a little strange.”

Yun Che shot her a sideways glance and said, “There’s probably been a change in the wedding plans and thus it’s inconvenient for them to come.”

The reason why his mood had suddenly turned very sour was because he noticed that Shui Qianheng and Shui Meiyin had not arrived yet… In fact, they had not come even when the grand dimensional formation had been activated.

His marriage to Shui Meiyin had been largely facilitated by Mu Xuanyin.

Mu Bingyun had said that the reason she had poured so much effort into making this work was because she had wholeheartedly entrusted something to Shui Meiyin.

But now… those feelings that had been wholeheartedly entrusted to another had definitely turned into humiliation. 

It would be totally normal for her to forcefully cancel this event. The fact that Shui Qianheng did not come could only mean that this had already happened.

“?” Xia Qingyue’s delicate brows knit together slightly, “What happened?” 

“...” Yun Che shook his head and forced out a small smile, “I don’t feel like talking about it right now. I’ll tell you about it in the future.” 

“Mn.” Xia Qingyue nodded her head gently and said, “It just so happens that I also have something to tell you later.”


“It's regarding Senior Shen Xi,” Xia Qingyue replied.

Yun Che’s brows twitched violently and he swivelled his head abruptly to look at her. “What happened to Shen Xi?” 

As he was deeply concerned, Yun Che had anxiously shouted “Shen Xi” instead of “Senior Shen Xi”. But Xia Qingyue seemed not to have noticed it as she gently said, “Some time ago, I took a trip to the Dragon God Realm and I found out about some matters regarding Senior Shen Xi.” 

Yun Che, (Some time ago?)

“However, it is not the right time to tell you about this now,” Xia Qingyue said. “The reason why I am mentioning it to you right now is to tell you that you do not need to visit the Dragon God Realm in the near future. When the time is ripe, I will explain everything to you in detail. But there are more important things at hand, so don’t get distracted.”

“...Alright.” Yun Che nodded before letting out a small breath as he tried to focus his mind as much as possible and waited for Jie Yuan to arrive.

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