Chapter 1543 - Slaughtering Kings Like Dogs

Against the Gods

This scene was far too bizarre and shocking and it felt as if the entire world had completely frozen… with the exception of Ming Ao’s terrible cries of misery, which sounded like the shrieks made by evil spirits from purgatory.

The shock that Ming Xiao felt in that instant caused his extremely gloomy eyes to widen until they looked like they were about to explode. He went still for half a breath before he came back to his senses. It took a good half a breath before he recovered. After that, his body flashed and he swiftly went to check on Ming Ao’s injuries.

It was just when he was bending over to check on Ming Ao that an incomparably dark and cold aura suddenly pressed down.


As a huge explosion shook the air, fresh blood and black energy simultaneously soared hundreds of meters into the air.

Yun Che had appeared like a ghost as he landed heavily on the ground, his right foot stomping down on Ming Ao’s body. Within the black light, Ming Ao’s miserable shrieks stilled as his body and the ground beneath him were instantly split into many pieces. Those pieces were still within that black light as they were transformed into fine powder that filled the sky.

“You…” Ming Xiao retreated in panic… Ming Ao, the Dark Roc Clan’s great elder, a fifth level Divine King whose might could shake the eastern region, the person who was second only to him in the clan, had actually… died!

And he had died so suddenly and so easily.

Yun Che was right in front of him, his expression was still as stiff and cold as a corpse. Even though he had instantly eradicated a fifth level Divine King, no emotion crossed his face. He looked so cold and indifferent that it seemed like he had merely stomped a nearby ant to death.

His aura… was clearly that of a first level Divine King and it could not be any clearer!

Everyone present was so shocked that they forgot to breathe. Even if they were to shatter all the experience and knowledge they had accumulated in their lives, they still would not be able to believe what they had just witnessed.


A profound sword that was wreathed in purple light had already appeared in Fairy Zixuan’s hand as an indescribable coldness and a sense of peril assaulted her entire body.

“The Dark Roc Clan…” Yun Che muttered in a low voice as he faced Ming Xiao. “I was wondering just how capable you were, but it turns out you’re all just a bunch of trash.”

“Who… exactly… are you!?” One could already hear a faint tremble in Ming Xiao’s voice. He repeatedly scanned Yun Che again and again to confirm the aura of his profound strength and the only thing he sensed was that he was at the first level of the Divine King Realm… But he had blasted Ming Ao apart in two exchanges! 

How could this possibly happen!?

He had expressed his astonishment in words, but… the Dark Roc Clan Master was still the Dark Roc Clan Master. As his final word fell, profound energy abruptly erupted from his originally aura-less body. His right hand morphed into a claw as it shot towards Yun Che’s chest while covered in a greenish-black profound light.

The two people were not more than five steps apart. Ming Xiao was a seventh level Divine King and his power far exceeded Ming Ao’s, so one could imagine just how powerful his blow would be when he launched this abrupt attack from such a short distance.

If not for the fact that Yun Che caused him to feel an extremely heavy sense of danger, he would definitely never stoop to such an action.

Space had already started to faintly warp beneath his roc talons and the dreadful gale he had created was rending the space around it like millions of sharp knives.

Ming Xiao’s eyes were dark and sinister. He imagined that even if Yun Che did not die to this sneak attack, he would still be heavily wounded. However, a palm that was thrust out of nowhere appeared before his abruptly widening eyes, and it was growing closer and closer, bigger and bigger. For every inch it drew closer, the storm Ming Xiao had generated subsided a bit. When the palm finally neared him, the dark tempest he had unleashed with his power as a seventh level Divine King had actually completely vanished.

After that, the palm that seemed to have appeared out of thin air, a palm that seemed to have extended out from some deep abyss, gently and lightly swept across the arm that Ming Xiao had thrust out.


Ming Xiao felt as if a huge hammer that weighed millions of tons had smashed into his arm. His right arm… the arm of a seventh level Divine King, had shattered into dozens of pieces in an instant, and his entire body was flung into the air like a spinning top.

Yun Che did not even move his body but a cluster of black fiery light formed in his hand and started blasting toward Ming Xiao.

However, it was at this moment that a beam of purple light abruptly shot towards the center of his back.

“Senior, watch out!!”

Dongfang Hanwei gave a cry of alarm, but how could her voice match the speed of a Divine King? Before the first word had even finished leaving her mouth, Fairy Zixuan’s sword had already shot forward like a bolt of lightning, striking Yun Che in the center of his back.


She felt as if she had thrust her sword against an indestructible boulder, and the dark look in Fairy Zixuan’s eyes instantly morphed into a look of extreme shock. The huge backlash of her attack caused her entire arm to go numb and several streaks of blood sprayed out.

The tip of the purple sword crumbled in the exact same instant.

As for Yun Che… Not even a trickle of blood spurted out from his body, much less receiving any puncture wounds.

In fact, his body had not even been pushed forward by the sword might contained in her blow, it had not even moved a single inch.

Yun Che did not turn around and it was as if he had not seen or sensed her presence. Instead, his body blurred as he rushed straight toward Ming Xiao, his Golden Crow flames that were tinged with dark profound light mercilessly smashing into Ming Xiao’s body.


A miserable shriek of pain resounded in the air as Ming Xiao was turned into a human torch. The scorching heat of the Golden Crow flames inflicted an immense amount of pain on Ming Xiao and he crazily released wild gales and darkness profound energy as he rolled on the ground and howled in agony, destroying the land around him. Yet he was unable to smother any of the golden fire that seared his body.

“Ah… Ah…” Fairy Zixuan’s legs were shivering as she stumbled backwards. As indescribable shock and fear seized her, she sensed that her body was becoming weak and limp of its own accord, and she hastened her flustered retreat.

“Vice Palace Chief, this… this person…” The Great Protector arrived at her side.

“Leave… We need to leave quickly!” Fairy Zixuan spoke in a soft and trembling voice as she was jerked back to her senses… Now that it had come to this, how could she be bothered with the Heavenly Martial Nation anymore?

However, in the instant that Fairy Zixuan turned around, her body suddenly stiffened in place as the fear and shock in her eyes instantly grew much greater.

Because Yun Che had appeared in front of her like a ghost, and he was no more than… three steps away from her!

“Ah…” Fairy Zixuan opened her mouth as the hand which gripped the broken purple sword swiftly turned white and trembled. Amidst her extreme fear, she managed to force out a smile that could still be considered pretty as she said, “Se… Senior, just now… I was only…”

What replied to her was the palm that Yun Che had thrust out indifferently.

Fairy Zixuan’s pupils contracted as she thrust both her arms out in front of her chest to block Yun Che’s blow with all of her strength… However, just like a rotten log caught in a storm, a crisp “crack” clearly resounded in everyone’s ears. Both of Fairy Zixuan’s arms had been snapped and a long arrow of blood shot out from her body as she plummeted downwards.

Ming Ao, Ming Xiao, Fairy Zixuan… All of them had either been killed or grievously wounded in a single exchange of blows!

Yun Che extended a claw-like hand and that purple sword which had been blasted away was sucked into it. After that, he casually flung it at the plummeting Fairy Zixuan. The sword directly pierced her chest as it nailed her to the ground. The darkness profound energy wreathed around the sword wildly surged into her body as it instantly devoured all of her life force.

The Vice Palace Chief of the Great Yin Immortal Palace was dead.

In the past, unless he held a deep and unquenchable hatred for that person, he was never willing to attack a woman, much less kill one.

But he had clearly changed.

The current him no longer viewed women with any pity or compassion, it was only whether he was willing to or not!

“Vice Palace Chief!”

The Great Yin Immortal Palace’s Great Protector let out a sorrowful cry, but before his cry even ended, a dark shadow had already engulfed him.

The figure that had been within his vision just an instant ago had actually suddenly appeared in the air above him. A foot stomped down on his throat as it shot towards the ground.


Countless cracks ruptured the ground and there were some that even extended dozens of kilometers. Black mist that was mixed with shattered stones and flying dust flew hundreds of meters into the air… Yun Che leisurely walked out from within that black mist, but the Great Yin’s Great Protector had completely vanished from everyone’s sight. Even when the black mist finally dissipated, no one could see even a shred of his clothes.

Ming Xiao was still letting out heart-wrenching howls of agony as he burned. Other than those howls, the world seemed to have become completely silent… Everyone from the Eastern Frost Nation and the Heavenly Martial Nation wore completely distorted expressions on their faces. There were some of them who did not even realize that they had sunk limply to the ground until a full half a breath later, but they found that they were unable to stand up due to their shock and terror.

A Divine King. In this part of the world, in countries like the Eastern Frost Nation and the Heavenly Martial Nation, they were revered as gods and to be able to obtain even one of them was the greatest of fortunes. No matter what country it was, a Divine King was always considered a “guardian” of the nation.

Ming Ao, Fairy Zixuan, the Great Protector, Ming Xiao… They were no ordinary Divine Kings. In fact, they were people who possessed an extremely high status within the Nine Great Sects! In fact, they were the great elder, vice palace chief and great protector of their sects respectively! They were figures that even the king of a country would rarely get to meet.

And Ming Xiao was the sect master of one of the Nine Great Sects!

Yet in the span of a few short breaths, three of them had died at the hands of Yun Che! And one of them was in such a miserable state that he wished he was dead!

All of these things had really happened in the span of a few short breaths. It had happened so quickly that they did not even have the time to react or accept them.

It was as if these Divine Kings, which were acknowledged as gods in their eyes, were no more than a bunch of lowly and useless dogs and chickens in Yun Che’s eyes.

The Golden Crow flames on Ming Xiao’s body finally looked like they had started to dim, but Yun Che did not deal him a fatal blow. His body slowly turned around and he faced the forces belonging to the Heavenly Martial Nation.

Everyone in the Heavenly Martial Nation seemed to see hell itself in that gaze. The Heavenly Martial Monarch’s body fiercely swayed and he nearly sank to the ground limply. But the guardian Divine King by his side, Bai Pengzhou, suddenly started to flee like a defeated dog.

In his extreme shock and terror, his profound energy was in complete disarray and even though he was a grand Divine King, the trajectory of his flight was in complete shambles.

Yun Che waved a finger and a beam of fiery light shot through the air before it pierced the body of the fleeing Bai Pengzhou.


Bai Pengzhou could barely let out a single wail of misery as his Divine King body was blasted apart in a fiery conflagration before it was reduced to a pile of charred ashes.

He had no grudge or grievance against Bai Pengzhou. In fact, he had not even spoken to him once.

He cared even less whether he lived or died.

However, the current him just happened to hate betrayal the most!

If Bai Pengzhou had honestly stayed put in his original location, Yun Che might not even have bothered to look his way, much less kill him.

Bai Pengzhou’s death had completely severed the very last and weak life-saving straw the Heavenly Martial Monarch had been holding onto. The Heavenly Martial Monarch’s eyes widened to the largest they had ever been and the Yun Che that appeared in his eyes was undoubtedly a true devil god.

As Yun Che’s gaze swiveled towards him, he thought that he had wanted to destroy his Heavenly Martial Nation for the Eastern Frost Nation. As his body shook, he slowly sank to his knees. But after that, he seemed to think of something. His head shuddered as he raised it to look at Yun Che and he shouted with all of his might, “Venerable… Venerable… Venerable Yun… Whatever the Eastern Frost is giving you, my Heavenly Martial… is willing to give you twice… No… No, no… is willing to give you five times the amount… Five times!”

Yun Che's eyes faintly narrowed as the corner of his mouth curled up and his expression seemed to have become calmer in everyone's eyes. "Oh really? Then I would really like to hear what you have to say. What exactly can you give me?"

It was as if the Heavenly Martial Monarch had seen a ray of hope as his eyes widened and he desperately shouted in a hoarse voice, "This humble king… this humble king is willing to confer upon Venerable Yun the title of guardian… No, the title of Grand Imperial Advisor and your status will be equal to this humble king in the Heavenly Martial Nation! Everything in the Heavenly Martial Nation, no matter whether it is profound crystals, rare treasures, power, or women, as long as the venerable one desires it, you can have it all.".

The words of the Heavenly Martial Monarch and Yun Che’s attitude had caused the Eastern Frost Monarch to become completely agitated. He anxiously shot to his feet as he roared, “Venerable Yun! Even though the Eastern Frost Nation is weaker in the profound way, our resources far exceed that of the Heavenly Martial Nation, so it is far more suitable as a base for the Venerable One! This humble king is willing to confer Venerable Yun the title of Grand Imperial Advisor and anything that the Heavenly Martial Nation can give the Venerable One, our Eastern Frost Nation can give ten times of!”

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