Chapter 1548 - Trample

Against the Gods

The Wan Star Formation Disc’s restriction, the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron’s suppression and refinement, the Soul Cry Bell’s demonic sound and the Poisoned Hand’s deadly poison… There was no one who thought that Yun Che might survive this, not even if he had ten lives.

The Nine Great Sects… or more accurately, the seven sects had returned Yun Che an incredibly cruel and gorgeous death for his unmatched display of arrogance and strength.

Ming Xiao walked over from a distance and said with a smile, “This went faster than I expected. I was worried that news of this would reach the great realm king.”

“Reach the great realm king?” The Blue Profound Spiritual Master replied with a disdainful smile, “The likes of him doesn’t deserve the attention. This boy killed Zixuan, he was lucky he died this quickly!”


A dull noise suddenly interrupted the Blue Profound Spiritual Master. His face suddenly turned deathly pale as a shudder coursed through his whole body.

He abruptly turned to look at the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron.

Everyone’s face changed at the same time. The noise seemed to have come from inside the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron. “What’s going on?”


This one was even louder and duller than before, overwhelming even the demonic sound of the Soul Cry Bell. There was no mistake, it was coming from inside the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron!

Their faces changed again into shock and disbelief. “It… it can’t be…”

Blood seeped into the Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s face unnaturally quick. He was even starting to tremble.


The noise happened for a third time, and a pale white hand abruptly burst out of the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron’s body. Cracks spread madly across the surface of the profound artifact not unlike the number of visible blood vessels growing in everyone’s eyeballs.


The Great Yin Ghost Cauldron exploded in a shower of blue and black pieces in an instant. A jet of black blood burst out of the Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s mouth and he staggered backward as if he was the one who was hit by the attack. When he looked up and saw the man slowly walking out of the ruined profound artifact and the black mist surrounding it, his pupils widened to the point where they could’ve ripped themselves apart.

Yun Che’s eyes were as emotionless as the first time he saw him. Not only did he look completely unhurt, there wasn’t even a wrinkle on his black clothes.

This was an outcome that no one had even dreamed of. The Poisoned Hand was knocked back by the explosion earlier, and as the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign’s expression darkened he made it unleash an incredibly concentrated poisonous gas of darkness that engulfed Yun Che in an instant.

However, Yun Che continued to walk unhurriedly amidst the gas. The moment the Poisoned Hand started falling toward him, he reached out, grabbed the edge of the profound artifact and released a burst of black energy.


The black energy engulfed the entire Poisoned Hand in an instant. It was quickly followed by a terrifying shredding noise as Yun Che ruthlessly ripped the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign’s entire hand from his wrist.


The Blood Hand Poison Sovereign let out a bloodcurdling scream as he collapsed to his knees. Blood poured out of the gaping hole where his right hand used to be like a fountain… Meanwhile, Yun Che was tearing his black glove, his identity, apart piece by piece like it was nothing but a piece of old fabric.

“You…” The Blood Hand Poison Sovereign trembled violently as his eyes turned bloodshot. His shock and fear far exceeded even the pain he was feeling.

Yun Che made another grabbing motion, and this time it was the Soul Cry Bell that was sucked into his hand. Shocked, the Soul Cry Grand Elder immediately urged the Soul Cry Bell to unleash a demonic sound that was even greater than the ghastly wails.

However, Yun Che remained completely unmoved despite bathing inside a demonic sound that could destroy the soul. It was like he was a pool of stagnant water that hadn’t moved an inch for countless years. He turned slightly in the Soul Cry Grand Elder’s direction, and a black flash winked once from behind his pupils.


The deafening roar of a dragon suddenly appeared in the Soul Cry Grand Elder’s heart and soul, and a pitch black dragon the size of the sky itself appeared in front of him and opened its mouth.


The Soul Cry Grand Elder let out the most terrified scream of his life. Yun Che hadn’t attacked him, but he ran, rolled, and crawled away on all fours before flattening himself on the ground like a trembling dog scared out of its wits.


The Soul Cry Bell warped in Yun Che’s hands before breaking completely. He then discarded the useless pieces of metal on the ground.

The Great Yin Ghost Cauldron, the Poisoned Hand and the Soul Cry Bell were their sects’ greatest demonic artifacts, but not only had Yun Che broken free from them with ease, the thought to claim them for himself didn’t even cross his mind once. He had destroyed them all in the blink of an eye like he was discarding a pair of worn shoes.

Silence enveloped Cold Cloud Mountain once more, and this time it was more oppressive than it had ever been since the beginning. Everyone was frozen like they had seen a ghost, and the eight great sects who were sure that Yun Che was killed earlier felt like they had fallen into the most ridiculous and terrifying nightmare in the world. They could neither believe nor break out of their trance.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Yun Che sneered disdainfully, “Bunch of trash!”

Terror… soundless terror was spreading like a plague in everyone’s heart. It wasn’t just the grand elders and sect masters of the eight great sects either, everyone who was watching this scene felt like a terrible demon had spawned inside their heart.

How was it possible for someone to tear apart the demonic artifact of a sect, especially one that was powered by a sect master or a grand elder, so easily? Forget seeing, they had never even heard of such power in their lives. At the same time, they realized that Yun Che had purposely allowed himself to be trapped by the Wan Star Formation and the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron...

No, it wasn’t even that. It was because it was beneath him to dodge such things!

“Senior Yun… is… amazing…” Dongfang Hanwei muttered in a daze. She felt like her world was turned upside down.

“...” This time, it was the Eastern Frost Monarch who couldn’t say a word.

“You… you… you…” The hand the Wan Star Hall Master used to hold the star formation disc wouldn’t stop shaking as he stuttered. “Who on earth… are you!”

“Submit, or die,” Yun Che said in a low tone.

He hadn’t tried to kill anyone yet. He needed tools, not dead bodies.

The Wan Star Hall Master’s face twitched unnaturally. There was no way he could “submit” to Yun Che before so many eastern realm profound practitioners, and yet he couldn’t find it in himself to control his fear and throw a scathing retort at all. When he looked sideways, he discovered that his peers were equally shaken and trembling in fear.

There was only so much emotion a person could handle. The only reason these sect masters and grand elders seemed fearless was because they’d never encountered someone who could terrify them, until now.

The Blue Profound Spiritual Master breathed heavily. Blood was still pouring out of his throat because of the backlash from the destruction of the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron. He shakily raised his head and stared at Yun Che with fear and hatred, and when that fear turned to violence he let out a half-insane scream, “He must’ve suffered huge damage inside the Great Yin Ghost Cauldron, and he was poisoned by the Poisoned Hand… He’s just putting on a front, he has to be…”

“Kill him! Let’s join hands and kill him together!!”

He abruptly leaped into the air, summoned a black storm with his blue sword and charged Yun Che once more.

His half-crazed cry was the force that pushed everyone over the edge as they subconsciously reacted at the same time. Six different blasts of darkness flew toward Yun Che with the promise of death.

The Soul Cry Grand Elder was the only one who didn’t react to the Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s cry, still lying on the ground and shaking like a leaf. Unlike his peers, he’d suffered huge mental damage when his Soul Cry Bell was destroyed. Considering that even Shui Meiyin, the owner of the Divine Stainless Soul had lost to Yun Che in a mental battle, his choice to use the Soul Cry Bell on him was practically suicide.

As for Ming Xiao, he moved away from the battlefield once more.

The combined power of six Divine Kings was certainly out of the world for the people of these lands. Cold Cloud Mountain shook violently under their power, and countless profound vessels were knocked down again despite having moved very far away from the battlefield.

Yun Che looked unmoved despite being at the center of the six Divine Kings’ attacks. He wasn’t even looking at anyone. He simply moved his right arm behind him, and swung down with his left hand casually.

In that instant, a gigantic azure wolf appeared before everyone’s eyes and roared.

The palm becomes the sword. It was the second technique of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome, Wild Fang!

But unlike before, the eyes of the wolf glowed black instead of blue.

Every Divine King saw a giant wolf pouncing toward them, devouring their energy, spirit, and even their body...


The unfortunate Cold Cloud Mountain finally snapped in half, and the darkness profound energy the six Divine Kings injected all their power into was annihilated in an instant. They were thrown backward in six different directions, scattering blood everywhere like six leaking blood bags.

Yun Che rushed toward them like a ghost.


First, he pierced the Wan Star Hall Master’s Wan Star Formation Disc with his arm and struck the latter in the heart, depressing it and causing a jet of blood to spray out of his mouth.


Then, he broke the Blue Profound Spiritual Master’s blue sword in half with one finger before stabbing the latter’s arms with halves through his clothes.


The left arm of the Blood Hand Poison Sovereign who already lost his right hand suddenly broke into pieces, drawing yet another bloodcurdling scream from the man.




Yun Che had attacked all six Divine Kings again and seriously injured them before they even hit the ground. All of them were covered in blood, and they couldn’t climb to their feet despite hitting the ground and being given several seconds to breathe, much less retaliate or struggle against Yun Che.


Yun Che then dropped down from the sky and slammed his right foot into the Soul Cry Grand Elder’s chest, caving it in and pushing his victim into the ground completely. A mist of blood and dust quickly spread out of the man-shaped hole.

“This is your last chance,” Yun Che said slowly like a devil declaring his final warning, “submit, or die!”

This time, everyone could sense his bone chilling killing intent.

The seven Divine Kings panted, groaned and hissed desperately in pain. Right now, they looked like seven writhing dogs at death’s door.

From eyeballs, to hearts, to profound vessels and even the air—everything was shaking in fear. 

No one had expected the unparalleled rulers of the eastern realms to lose to Yun Che so decisively and terribly.


A long sigh suddenly appeared beside everyone’s hearts and ears. It sounded like it came from afar, but it also sounded like it was right next to one’s ear.

The eight despairing Divine Kings looked up at the same time. The onlookers’ expressions also turned into that of deep shock.

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