Chapter 1606 - Fleeing the Northern Region

Against the Gods

“Who is… that?” Qianye Ying’er’s brow wrinkled slightly. She had suddenly appeared within the projection without a single sound. It was as if a ghost had materialized out of thin air.

The Thousand Desolation Sect Master and the Burning Moon Divine Envoy were two strong Divine Masters. Their reactions told Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er just how dreadful this person’s strength was. This was especially… due to the fact that she could draw so near to a mid-stage Divine Master like the Burning Moon Divine Envoy without being detected. That in itself was a feat that required her to be at least half a great realm of power stronger than him. 

Furthermore, the words she had just spoken… seemed to indicate that she recognized the name Yun Che.

The woman was dressed in extremely bizarre colorful clothes that resembled a collection of gorgeous rainbow colors rather than clothes. Even her long hair was made up of a myriad of colors, and she was surrounded by an ever-changing halo of strange lights.

However, even though colorful lights rippled all around her, it did not seem the least bit chaotic or messy. The only thing that this riot of colors conveyed was a dream-like sense of beauty.

Moreover, these multi-colored hues were not made up of any ordinary lights, they all seemed to be able to isolate auras. She had clearly come so near them, and they were staring at her right now, but no matter whether it was the Burning Moon Divine Envoy or the Thousand Desolation Sect Master, neither one could sense her presence. It was as though they were staring at a colorful illusion that would dissipate with a single touch.

“You… You are…” Even though the multi-colored lights made it so that the Burning Moon Divine Envoy was unable to make out her face or figure, these colorful lights which could isolate all auras caused a single name to suddenly reverberate in his head. It was a name that made his soul instantly seize up in shock and fear.

At this time, the Burning Moon God Emperor’s low and deep voice rang out from the black profound formation, “Seventh Witch, it can’t be a coincidence that you’ve appeared in this place.”

Seventh Witch… The two words uttered by the Burning Moon God Emperor caused the Thousand Desolation Sect Master’s face to blanch in shock.

This woman wrapped in rainbow light was actually one of the nine Witches who served under the Devil Queen!

An existence that stood at the very pinnacle of the Northern Divine Region!

“Sadly enough, there are indeed many coincidences in this world,” the Seventh Witch said in a faint voice. “I really did just happen to be traveling through this place when I suddenly received an order from my master informing me that the ‘divine object’ my Soul Stealing Realm lost ten thousand years ago had given off a reaction here.”

“But Burning Moon God Emperor, surely you won’t tell me that this projection and divine envoy of yours appearing in this place is also a coincidence, hm!?” The Seventh Witch’s voice had clearly darkened, even though she was facing the Burning Moon God Emperor himself.

She had not only seen the Burning Moon Divine Envoy and the Burning Moon God Emperor’s projection, she'd even heard their conversation.

“Hehe.” The Burning Moon God Emperor forced down his rage as he gave a chuckle and said, “Since the object has returned to its original master, then are these other small matters even important?”

“The object has returned to its original master?” The Seventh Witch gave a cold laugh. “If it had truly been taken by us, then all of our strength would be used to escort it back to where our master is and there’s no way I’d appear in this place!”

The Burning Moon God Emperor, “...”

“The reason why Master could sense that ‘divine object’ is because the Clear Sky God Emperor left a unique imprint on it. But previously, the Immaculate Barrier had been isolating it so she could not detect it. The fact that she sensed for an instant just now proves that it has not only been taken by someone else, but also that the Immaculate Barrier had been opened!”

“Wha… at!?” The Burning Moon God Emperor’s voice suddenly turned low and deep.

It was extremely difficult to force open an Immaculate Barrier. If that was not the case, then someone as strong as the Burning Moon God Emperor would not need to hatch this scheme of hiding it within the Thousand Desolation Divine Sect for a whole ten millennia.

If the Immaculate Barrier had truly been broken, then it undoubtedly meant that the other party could use the Untamed Divine Marrow at any time! At that point, no one would be able to recover it any more.

His ten millennia of plotting and planning would turn into nothing but bubbles and air. All his efforts would've gone to another and he would definitely suffer the Devil Queen’s wrath as well.

“For all of these years, my master has never stopped looking for traces of this ‘divine object’. These ten thousand years that have passed have also stoked the fires of her anger. Burning Moon God Emperor, if my master truly becomes enraged, I believe that you know better than anyone else how terrifying the consequences will be.”

“...” The Burning Moon God Emperor did not speak. Even though it was only a projection, it still radiated an incomparably shocking and heavy darkness that everyone could sense.

“You'd better pray that my master can get back that divine object. If not… I really can’t imagine what you, the Burning Moon God Emperor, can do to calm my master’s wrath.”

The Seventh Witch’s voice fell. She stretched out an arm and a colorful image suddenly burst out of her body. It was as if millions of colorful ribbons had burst out and twined themselves around the Thousand Desolation Sect Master… This powerful higher realm king could only let out a startled shout before he was completely sealed in that multi-colored barrier. He was not even able to put up a fight.

The Burning Moon Divine Envoy’s pupils shrank as he started to swiftly retreat.

“I’ve taken in this incompetent dog of yours. I trust that the Burning Moon God Emperor has no objections?” the Seventh Witch said coldly. The Thousand Desolation Sect Master was the one who had uttered the name “Yun Che”, so it was clear that he knew a lot of useful things.

“Hmph, send the Devil Queen this king’s regards.” The Burning Moon God Emperor gave a cold snort and the profound formation also suddenly collapsed and disappeared.

“We respectfully… respectfully send off our king.”

The Burning Moon Divine Envoy forcefully steeled his resolve, but now that he was facing a “Witch”, he could not suppress the fear that bubbled up from his soul and his knowledge of these dreadful creatures. “The current… The current matter that is most urgent is the recovery of the divine object. Those thieves definitely haven’t fled too far. Given Your Highness’s powers, catching them will be as easy as flipping a hand. This humble servant… is willing to aid Your Highness in this endeavor.”

The woman in front of him was the Soul Stealing Realm’s Seventh Witch 【Hua Jin】, who was also called the “Illusory Concubine of Myriad Colors”. She was said to have a thousand faces and ways to get the job done. It was also rumored that no one else had seen her true face besides the Devil Queen herself.

Every single one of the nine Witches that served under the Devil Queen had their own speciality. The Seventh Witch’s strong point lay in the art of transformation and this ability of hers was practically unrivaled in the Northern Region. She could disguise her face, her voice, the shape of her body, and her aura. It was also rumored that no one could see through her disguises.

“I’ve already dispatched people to lay down a net over the entire Thousand Desolation Realm.” Witch Hua Jin turned around, “You should take this chance to scram… while I still don’t feel like dirtying my own hands!”

“...” The Burning Moon Divine Envoy’s feet had already been backpedaling. Upon hearing these words, his very first reaction was not shame or rage. Instead, he felt as if he had received salvation. He did not dare say another word and scuttled off in fear.


“Yet another Witch!” Yun Che said in a low voice. They had met Nanfeng Chanyi not too long ago and it had not been easy for them to escape her notice. To think that they would meet another one!

“You should ask yourself exactly why this has happened!” Qianye Ying’er said in a very huffy voice. “It would be rare for a commoner to meet someone like a witch even once in their lives. But you have only been in the Northern Divine Region for about a year and you’ve already met two of them! They were practically sucked in by your constitution of ill omen and calamity!”

Yun Che, “...”

Qianye Ying’er suddenly extended a hand and grabbed Yun Che. “Let’s go! Let’s leave this place immediately.”


“The God Realm of Absolute Beginning!” Qianye Ying’er said in a low and unhurried voice.

“There’s no need,” Yun Che said. “They won’t be able to find us.”

He could disguise himself and he could change the darkness aura he radiated while Qianye Ying’er possessed the Ni Yuan Stone. Both of them could turn invisible. As for the Untamed Divine Marrow, even though it was marked with a tracking imprint, it would not be able to be sensed if it was in the Sky Poison Pearl, no matter how strong that tracking imprint was. 

“No, the seriousness of this matter far exceeds what I had imagined,” Qianye Ying’er said in a deep voice. “At first, I thought that we would only offend a Burning Moon King Realm at most, but now… the Soul Stealing Realm has also been dragged into this!”

“You think that our ability to hide ourselves is completely infallible? Heh… if you look down on a king realm, you will die a miserable death. Much less two king realms!” Qianye Ying’er’s voice grew deeper and darker. “There is no such thing as being truly “infallible” in this world. You haven’t so quickly forgotten the lesson dealt to you by Nanhuang Chanyi, right? Given our current power, meeting anyone from these two great king realms would mean our certain doom.”

“Besides, the current problem isn’t only that we have obtained the Untamed Divine Marrow,” Qianye Ying’er continued. “The Northern Region’s Devil Queen used Nanhuang Chanyi to communicate with us before and she used the word ‘cooperation' back then. We somehow managed to agree to stave it off with a ‘three hundred year’ agreement. But today, the Northern Region’s Devil Queen will very soon discover that we were the ones who took the Untamed Divine Marrow and at that time, the speed of your growth will be exposed.”

“When you first met Nanhuang Chanyi, defeating a mid-stage Divine Sovereign was our limit. But right now, we managed to ruin the comparatively large Thousand Desolation Divine Sect and we even managed to open the Immaculate Barrier that even the Burning Moon God Emperor has been helpless to open. It has not even been a year between now and then!”

“This speed of growth is enough to deeply shock even the Devil Queen. She will immediately realize that the ‘three hundred year’ agreement was nothing more than a pretense to get her off our backs.”

“The reason why she wants to recruit you into the Soul Stealing Realm is because of your potential, the ‘True God Prophecy’ that hangs over your head, and your hatred of the Eastern Divine Region. But it is precisely because of these things that she definitely won’t allow you to grow beyond her control before she can fully sink her claws into you.”

“Previously, given all logic and common sense, it was impossible for you to grow beyond her control in a short three hundred years. But after the events of today, she will definitely no longer feel this way! There is no way she will really stick to our previous agreement of three hundred years… We hold Nanhuang Chanyi’s weakness in our hand, but the most we can influence is Nanhuang Chanyi herself! We won’t be able to affect the Devil Queen!”

Qianye Ying’er’s gaze swiveled toward Yun Che as she glowered at him. “Do you know why the Soul Stealing Realm is called the ‘Soul Stealing’ Realm? If the current you were to fall into the hands of the Northern Region’s Devil Queen, you might very well become her puppet for the rest of your life!”

“Do not ever think that she won’t be able to do such a thing to you! I think that I am a clever person, yet I spent my entire life dancing like a toy in the palm of that old villain, Qianye Fantian. Yet the Northern Region’s Devil Queen Chi Wuyao is someone who left a lifelong shadow in his heart. Right now, you don’t have the qualifications to go up against her… do you understand!?”

“What else?” Yun Che said.

“The Untamed Divine Marrow is an item that should be extinct.” A strange light briefly flashed in the depths of Qianye Ying’er’s eyes. “So the piece that fell into our hands may very well be the only one that still exists in this present age! If we were to simply use it like this, it’d be far too much of a pity.”

“If we are able to find a fabled Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning and use these two items to refine the ‘Untamed World Pellet’... it won’t be as simple as taking a huge step forward on our road to vengeance! At that time, with the power of the Eternal Calamity of Darkness, you might very well have truly obtained the qualifications to cooperate with the Northern Region’s Devil Queen!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Don’t worry. Chi Wuyao is an extremely intelligent and ambitious person,” Qianye Ying’er said in a low voice. “Even though she will be extremely furious once she finds out that you’ve used the Untamed Divine Marrow and there is no way to recover it, she will know how to cut her losses and cooperate with you. After all, even though there won’t be another piece of Untamed Divine Marrow in this world, there also won’t be another you.”

I’m afraid the second result is what you’re truly aiming for, right… 

Yun Che gave Qianye Ying’er a deep look but he did not speak the words that were on his mind. Instead he said, “Well said. Let’s go then.”

“You’re sure that you want to go now? You’re not worried about the people of the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan?” Qianye Ying’er said. “No matter whether it is the Soul Stealing Realm or the Burning Moon King Realm, both parties will definitely trace them to you.”

“I’m not worried,” Yun Che said. “If that Devil Queen is truly as intelligent as you say she is, then she won’t touch the members of the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan. At the very least… she will make sure to protect Yun Shang.”

“Let’s go!”

Perhaps Yun Che was truly possessed by a star of ill omen. He was wanted dead or alive by the three divine regions and had been forced into the Northern Divine Region. After a short year, a Witch had discovered his identity and he had unwittingly laid his hands on a piece of Untamed Divine Marrow, an object that concerned two king realms. But now even the Northern Divine Region had become a dangerous place where he could find nary a place to rest.

The God Realm of Absolute Beginning had seemingly become the last place they could go.

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