Chapter 161 - Ling Yun, Ling Jie

Against the Gods

Chapter 161 - Ling Yun, Ling Jie

The Burning Soul Flower was a type of toxic organism that had a mystical and frightening “soul detach” function, and was also the only thing Yun Che could think of that could remove the Soul Devouring Life Binding Parasite. But the number of Burning Soul Flowers in existence was extremely small; its “soul detach” function was not inferior to the concealing ability of the Star Concealing Grass, and its rarity was also similar to that of Star Concealing Grass. No more than ten plants should exist in the entire Profound Sky Continent.

“Burning Soul Flower… Burning Soul Flower…” Lan Xueruo repeated the name several times in succession and firmly engraved it into her mind. Yun Che’s simple statement of “extremely rare” manifested just how difficult it was to find it, but no matter how difficult it was, it was also the only hope she had been able to grasp: “I will utilize all my ability, and immediately search for the Burning Soul Flower. My Blue Wind Imperial Family controls the Blue Wind Empire; we’ll definitely be able to find it no matter how difficult it is to do so.”

Yun Che knew that this would happen after he spoke about the “Burning Soul Flower”, but after hesitating a bit, he still did not speak out to stop her. After all, this was related to her father, and the life of the Blue Wind Empire’s emperor.

At this time, the middle-aged eunuch hurriedly walked in, and said with a bowed head: “Reporting to Your Majesty and Princess Cang Yue, Heavenly Sword Villa’s Young Villa Master Ling Yun, is requesting an audience; he is currently waiting in the Blue Cloud Hall.”

“Oh?” Cang Wanhe and Lan Xueruo simultaneously exclaimed in surprise.

“Heavenly Sword Villa?” Yun Che’s heart shook… He had just heard Cang Wanhe declare the shocking strength and backing of the Heavenly Sword Villa, and it had changed his impression of the Heavenly Sword Villa greatly. And now, someone from the Heavenly Sword Villa suddenly came to visit, making his heart go into turmoil.

“Could it be that they’re here to see father? Or is it that… the actions of the Xiao Sect and Burning Heaven Clan caused them to mobilize?” Lan Xueruo said with a low voice.

“No!” Cang Wanhe shook his head slowly: “Unless We die, or the Xiao Sect and the Burning Heaven Clan interfere with the imperial regime, the Heavenly Sword Villa will not reach out to do anything. Calculating the time, it seems about right. Their visit this time is probably to deliver an invitation. Yue’er, bring us to receive them… Yun Che, you seem to want to go too. If you’re interested in the Heavenly Sword Villa, then you should go with Yue’er.”

Lan Xueruo nodded slightly: “Yes, father. As for the parasite Gu Qiuhong implanted in Father, should we bring it up with the people from the Heavenly Sword Villa?”

Cang Wanhe was silent for a moment, then shook his head: “No! Don’t bring this up with anyone, and especially don’t alarm Gu Qiuhong. Even if we expose it in front of him, he must have countless ways to explain himself. Also, Gu Qiuhong has a very wide network of connections; even the four major sects are willing to garner his favor. Although We’re the emperor, We do not have the resources to reveal his true colors.”

Lan Xueruo nodded bitterly: “I understand. After seeing the guests from the Heavenly Sword Villa off, I will immediately send people to the Black Moon Merchant Guild, and search for a Burning Soul Flower, no matter the cost.”

Yun Che followed Lan Xueruo to the Blue Cloud Hall. In the hall, two people were already there waiting. One looked to be around twenty years of age, was clad in white without a speck of dust, and had an elegant expression. He stood silently in front of a landscape painting, and seemed to be examining the meaning of the painting. The other person looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old, and his expression slightly resembled that of the young man, but he still possessed a trace of childhood innocence. He was also clad in white clothing, but he wasn’t as calm as the young man; he was currently walking to and fro about the hall while looking in all directions, and seemed to be extremely curious about all aspects of the imperial palace.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the young man looked away from the painting. Seeing that it was Lan Xueruo, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he cupped his hands in greeting: “Heavenly Sword Villa Ling Yun pays his respects to Princess Cang Yue.”

At the same time, his gaze landed on Yun Che, and politely smiled at him.

As the Young Villa Master of the Heavenly Sword Villa, Ling Yun’s status was definitely not inferior to that of the imperial princess, and he possibly had an even higher status. But from his body, Yun Che could not detect even a little arrogance or air of haughtiness; not only did he give a gentleman’s salute in front of Princess Cang Yue, he was not lacking in manners to even the “unremarkable” person behind Princess Cang Yue… All this, could be said to be deliberate, but Yun Che could not detect even a trace of impurity within his expression; it was crystal clear, and without any filth.

This is a true gentleman, definitely not an idiot like that Xiao Kuangyun… Yun Che silently praised in his heart.

“Big brother Yun.” Lan Xueruo subsequently requited his salute, and smiled elegantly: “It’s been a long time since we last met, I didn’t think you would actually personally visit.”

Ling Yun smiled lightly: “It has been almost two and a half years since I last met Princess Cang Yue at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. To be able to witness Princess Cang Yue’s noble appearance once again, is my, Ling Yun’s fortune…”

As Ling Yun was speaking, the youngster accompanying him scuttled over with a “whoosh” sound, and cried out in surprise while staring at Lan Xueruo: “You’re the legendary Blue Moon Princess? Whoa whoa whoa! Big Bro, this Princess Sis is even more beautiful than you described!”

“Little Jie, don’t be rude!” Ling Yun glanced at the youngster meaningfully, then said with an apologetic expression: “Princess, this is my younger brother Ling Jie. He’s just fifteen and a half this year, and is young and inexperienced. He also rarely leaves the Heavenly Sword Villa so he doesn’t quite understand etiquette; I hope Princess won’t take offense.”

Ling Yun’s younger brother… Which also meant that this youngster was also the son of the leader of the Heavenly Sword Villa. This status was naturally no small matter. Just as Lan Xueruo was about to speak, Ling Jie had already began to mumble discontentedly: “Hey, Big Bro! I’m almost sixteen, and I’m already an adult; how am I young and inexperienced! Princess Sis’s incredible beauty goes without saying, I didn’t say anything wrong.”

Lan Xueruo couldn’t help but smile, and said in a playful mocking manner: “Little brother Ling Jie, Big Sister thanks you for your praise; you’re also very cute too. When you grow up, many little sisters will definitely be attracted to you.”

Lan Xueruo’s voice was always as gentle as water. Added with to her beauty that was capable of ruining an entire city, it was enough to captivate all kinds of “little brother’s” hearts. Ling Jie had bitterly trained with the sword since a very young age at the Heavenly Sword Villa and rarely left, so he had never met a woman with such beauty like Lan Xueruo; and she had spoken to him so gently. All of a sudden, he felt his heart beat faster, and even his young and tender face had flushed a little. He stared unblinkingly at Lan Xueruo, and said absent-mindedly: “Princess Sis, not only are you very beautiful, even your voice is very pleasant to hear… Ah, right! Princess Sis, marry me and be my wife, okay?”

Ling Yun and Yun Che’s eyebrows simultaneously twitched slightly.

If anyone else had said those words with such a face of infatuation and gaze of immorality, no matter who he was, Yun Che would directly greet him with a slap… Having your own woman be taken advantage of in front of you was something a man cannot endure. But regardless of facial expression or gaze, this Ling Jie did not have the slightest trace of obscenity; there was only the most simplest of fondness and longing that an inexperienced youngster would have for a beautiful girl who had touched his heartstrings. This type of simple and pure directness that held no falsehood, made Yun Che incapable of resenting and disliking him.

“Little Jie! Don’t speak nonsense! You’re offending the Princess; if you mess around anymore, I won’t bring you out next time.” Ling Yun tugged Ling Jie’s arm, and said somewhat strictly. Then, he directed an apologetic smile at Lan Xueruo: “Your highness, Little Jie is still young and babbles a lot of nonsense; please do not take offense.”

“I’m not babbling nonsense!” Ling Jie said with dissatisfaction: “And I’ve already said so many times, I’m not young anymore; don’t treat me like a little child. I’m almost sixteen, even Father said that I can make my own decisions now. I want Princess Sis to be my wife, and I’m being very serious; I’m not babbling nonsense at all! Mother also explicitly warned me before that if I meet a girl that I like, I must say it out loud, so no one else can snatch her away. And just now, Princess Sis said I was very cute; maybe Princess Sis really likes me too and will immediately consent... Princess Sis, isn’t that right?”

The corner of Yun Che’s eye twitched again. This time, he was unable to stay unperturbed, and said as he took a step forward: “Little brother Ling Jie, you might as well give up. Your Princess Sis won’t be able to agree to you.”

“Ah? Why?” Ling Jie turned his gaze to Yun Che with a “whoosh”, and stared at him with perfectly round eyes. Ling Yun also glanced at him a few times; his heart was secretly amazed at his mysterious temperament, which he was completely unable to examine. And being able to be by Princess Cang Yue’s side also sufficiently proved that he was out of the ordinary.

“The reason is very simple.” Yun Che grinned slightly: “It’s because your Princess Sis already has a man.”

Lan Xueruo’s pink lips opened, yet didn’t speak. Her head unconsciously bowed slightly, and her face touchingly glowed red.

“Eh? Already has a man?” Ling Jie stared with wide eyes, and shouted very unhappily: “Who is it! Who snatched my Princess Sis, I’m going to challenge him. Mother had said that one can yield other things, but one must never yield the woman they like. Even if she has been snatched away by someone else, one must use the most masculine of methods to snatch her back! I’ve fallen for Princess Sis; I want to defeat him and snatch Princess Sis back.”

Yun Che curled his lip indifferently, then stepped forward, took Lan Xueruo’s small hand, and said while beaming: “This person is seemingly far away, yet is actually right before your eyes; it’s me.”

This was Lan Xueruo’s first time holding his hand in front of others, and was also the first time she was intimate with a man in her princess identity. She initially panicked subconsciously, but she did not let go and allowed him to gently hold it. Evidently, Yun Che was being impetuous; a good deal of trouble would come if others knew about their relationship, because it may attract Cang Lin and Cang Shuo’s attention, as well as assassination attempts from Fen Juecheng.

She was very clear why Yun Che was being this impetuous; he was trying to uphold his claim on her. Even though being jealous of a little kid made her feel a bit silly, she also felt and enjoyed this almost overbearing feeling of care.

Yun Che’s actions and Lan Xueruo’s reactions caused Ling Yun’s eyes to reveal a flash of amazement. He was very clear about the foolish love Fen Juecheng, the Young Clan Master of the Burning Heaven Clan, expressed to Lan Xueruo, and how he had even sworn in front of the Blue Wind Emperor that he would not marry anyone other than her. If Princess Cang Yue really had this person in her heart, it would, without a question, evoke Fen Juecheng’s jealousy, resentment, and desire to kill.

“You?” Ling Jie sized him up. Just as he was able to voice his disbelief, he suddenly saw him take Princess Sister’s hand. He immediately opened his eyes wide, and exploded out like a young tiger gone mad: “Y-y-y-y-you actually dare to take my Princess Sis’s hand! How are you fit for Princess Sis; you’re so weak, and you’re not even as good-looking as me… I want to fight you! To take back my Princess Sis.”

Yun Che also instantly became angry… It was alright to call him weak, but this little brat had actually said that he wasn’t as handsome as him; this was completely unacceptable: “Fight? Tch! Why would I be afraid of a hairless brat like you! What do you want to compete in, come at me! Watch me educate you to the point of making you look for your teeth all over the ground!”

Once Yun Che said this, Ling Yun’s gaze at Yun Che instantly became very… complicated. And Jasmine’s voice sounded from within Yun Che’s mind, clearly enjoying a feeling of schadenfreude: “Are you sure you want to compete against him? Even though this person named Ling Jie is much younger than you, his profound strength is already at the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm…”

Jasmine had only spoken half-way, and Yun Che was already extremely shocked… third level of the Spirit Profound Realm? This fifteen year old little kid’s profound strength was actually at the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm! How could this be possible?

Number one on the Blue Wind Profound Palace Inner Palace’s Heavenly Profound Ranking, Fen Juechen, was only at the second level of the Spirit Profound Realm, and he was seventeen years old. The other two at the Spirit Profound Realm were both a full twenty years old. And this person, Ling Jie, in front of him who looked completely harmless, and also a little stupid and adorable… Was actually a fifteen year old at the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm. An existence scary enough to be called a “freak”.

“And that’s not all! The profound art he cultivates is very overbearing, and the aura he faintly releases from his body is incomparably incisive, far surpassing the category of the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm. This is enough to prove that, not only is he at the third level of the Spirit Profound Realm, he should be able to fight those of a higher level. If you reveal all your trump cards, you may be able to meet face-to-face for four or five strikes with difficulty after encountering an ordinary third ranker of the Spirit Profound Realm, but facing him… You’re simply asking to be abused!”


Author's Note

Star Soul Sword Saint: My name is Ling Jie.

Ling Jie: What a coincidence, my name is also Ling Jie.

Star Soul Sword Saint: I also have a brother, his name is Ling Yun.

Ling JIe: What a coincidence! I also have a brother, and his name is also Ling Yun.

Star Soul Sword Saint: Bullshit! Who named you and your brother? Mars Gravity named me.

Ling Jie: Mars Gravity also named me.

Star Soul Sword Saint: … This person who deserves to be cut by a thousand blades is actually lazy at naming! I won’t accept this! I’m going to inform my boss!

Ling Jie: Oh! Who’s your boss?

Star Soul Sword Saint: Listen up, my boss is Holy Child Guo Guo’s husband, has a might that shakes the kings of the six realms, is the king of the gods, and has an immortal and eternal saintly body. Do you have a boss?

Ling Jie: As of now I don’t… But my future boss Yun Che will definitely unite the six realms, and he’ll be even more incredible than your boss!

Star Soul Sword Saint: What! You actually dare say he’s more incredible than my boss! You’re looking to get beaten!

Ling Jie: Afraid of you? Take this!

Bang! Boom! Smack! Boom! Slap...

TL Note: A character from the author's previous work.


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