Chapter 1612 - The Girl Who Commands a Dragon (2)

Against the Gods

“It truly is a divine fruit. Its aura alone is worthy of the word ‘divine’,” Honorable Zhu Liu said. “The young master’s future is secured if we can obtain it.”

“Our lord himself said that this Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning is very close to full maturity. The divine energy it contains may even exceed the three fruits our Eternal Heaven obtained in the past,” Honorable Tai Yin said with excitement in his eyes. “The young master’s future is Eternal Heaven’s future. Failure isn’t an option.”

“There is no reason we should fail,” Honorable Zhu Liu declared.

Since the Eternal Heaven God Realm wasn’t aiming to fight a war against the Dragons of Absolute Beginning, greater numbers absolutely wasn’t the way to go here. The reason they were the best candidates to retrieve the divine fruit was because they were incredibly accomplished in the art of space, and they had brought with them the realm’s greatest spatial artifacts. With their knowledge of the dragons’ territory, the Eternal Heaven Spirit’s aura tracking, and their ancestors’ experiences in retrieving the divine fruit...

There was no reason they should fail in their endeavor!

The duo tried their best to suppress their aura before approaching the dragons’ territory. The closer they approached, the greater the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning affected their bodies and souls.

“Alright, this is it.” Honorable Tai Yin stopped in his tracks and said, “The divine aura of the divine fruit will nourish the body and soul of a dragon by a lot. As a result, their spiritual senses will be a lot stronger than normal. We cannot get any closer than this.”

“This distance is enough,” Honorable Zhu Liu said.

The duo stood still and pushed out their palms together. A gray white colored cauldron immediately appeared in front of them.

The cauldron’s name was “Great Void”. It was the strongest spatial profound artifact not just in the Eternal Heaven God Realm, but the entire Eastern Divine Region. Even the super large transdimensional formation the Eternal Heaven God Realm had built to teleport directly to the edge of the Primal Chaos used it as its core.

The two of them pressed their hands against the cauldron at the same time. A moment of silence later, a weak, white light rose from the surface of the cauldron and spread into a small-sized spatial profound formation.

The two Guardians gathered all of their concentration and circulated the laws of space to the absolute limit. They didn’t forget to keep the outgoing aura to a minimum either. A long time later, the spatial profound formation surrounding the cauldron slowly solidified. Although it looked very small and weak on the surface, the fact that it was the culmination of power of two Guardians and the Great Void Cauldron proved that it was no ordinary spatial profound formation.

“Alright…” Honorable Tai Yin opened his eyes and said in a low tone, “We’ve successfully pinpointed the orientation and position. Now it’s all up to fate. Our lord once said that the position provided by the Eternal Heaven Spirit wouldn’t deviate more than ten kilometers. If the heavens are truly with us…” 

“A deviation of ten kilometers will not be a problem,” Honorable Zhu Liu said.

“I’ll control the formation while you take the fruit! Remember… the fruit is our only goal!”

Their gazes grew firm as they chanted something and took a step forward at the same time. They vanished alongside the cauldron the moment they entered the profound formation.

They were in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning. The act of teleporting was difficult enough already, much less teleporting to a specific location.

However, the teleportation was completed perfectly due to the power of two Guardians and the Great Void Cauldron!

The scene before their eyes changed, and the world was still gray white in color. However, the sudden change in aura made them feel like they had teleported into a completely different world.

An infinite amount of draconic pressure crashed down on them. It was so incredibly heavy and ancient that it was as if it came from the ancient past.

At the same time, they sensed a divine aura so rich it was as if it hailed from a distant god realm.

The Guardians got a surprise so pleasant that their blood stopped circulating for an instant. The source of the aura was very close.

Three hundred meters… the fruit was actually just three hundred meters away from them!!

To a powerful Guardian, this distance was almost the same as an arm’s length. It was the best case scenario which they had only envisioned in their dreams!

However, they didn’t waste even a single moment to express their excitement or look at their surroundings. Honorable Zhu Liu finally unleashed his hidden energy and charged toward the source of the divine aura like lightning.

Behind him, Honorable Tai Yin also unleashed his profound energy to sustain the spatial profound formation beneath his feet.

A ray of red light entered his pupils at this exact moment.

It was a red-colored fruit that was only as big a fingernail. However, it glowed like a star that dyed most of its surroundings blood red.

Hordes of giant, gray dragons could be seen sitting around the fruit and bathing in its rich aura. The Dragons of Absolute Beginning viewed the formation of every Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning as a heavenly miracle. Not only could its aura purify a dragon’s aura and soul, it had the potential to wholly change a dragon.

Honorable Zhu Liu had appeared out of nowhere, and he had pounced toward the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning at the soonest opportunity. Naturally, the dragons weren’t able to react in time… Even before the first dragon could angrily roar, Honorable Zhu Liu had already passed through them and made a grab for the fruit.

Since the dragons wished to bathe in the divine fruit’s aura, no barriers were erected around it as a matter of course. That was why Honorable Zhu Liu was able to close in on the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning completely unobstructed… if he succeeded, his connection to the Great Void Cauldron would teleport him back to the transdimensional formation instantly. Then, he would escape with Honorable Tai Yin.

Thirty meters… fifteen meters… nine meters… three meters...

He was a thousandth of a second away from succeeding. Then, a dragon’s roar exploded beside his ears and inside his soul.

As an Eternal Heaven Guardian, Honorable Zhu Liu’s experience and knowledge were far superior to the common profound practitioner. However, he had no doubt that the roar ringing in his soul was the most terrifying dragon roar he had ever heard in his life.

The roar caused him to black out and drop toward the ground. His hand grabbed only air as a result.

An even more terrifying result had happened alongside his blunder. The dragon roar had shaken his soul and destroyed his connection to the Great Void Cauldron!

Behind Honorable Zhu Liu, Honorable Tai Yin paled in shock seeing the impossible happening right before his eyes. When he looked up toward the dragon that blocked the sun itself, he immediately felt like his pupils were pierced by needles. He blurted out in shivering fear, “The… the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning!”

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning was the emperor of his race. He was also the strongest dragon in the entire God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

The fact that he was called an “Emperor” should ring alarm bells in anyone’s head. As its title might suggest, it was almost as strong as a god emperor!

Of course, Honorable Tai Yin and Honorable Zhu Liu had accounted for the possibility of encountering the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning and made appropriate preparations. That was why they had used their strongest spatial technique to teleport themselves obscenely close to the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning… The Dragon Emperor might be incredibly powerful, but not even he could react toward their sudden ambush in time.

However, not only was the dragon emperor waiting right next to the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning, it had let out a soul shaking roar in that critical moment that was shorter than even a flash!

It was almost as if he knew they were coming and was waiting for this exact moment!

But that just couldn’t be possible, could it? Both the teleportation and the ambush had happened in only an instant, and they had made sure to begin their preparations far enough from the dragons’ domain! It was a fact that none of the dragons had detected them!

After Honorable Zhu Liu had collapsed toward the ground, angry, draconic roars started appearing from every direction. Space and even the blue sky above their heads started shaking as countless dragons focused their auras on the thieves… especially Honorable Zhu Liu, who was the closest person to the fruit.


The shout pierced through Honorable Zhu Liu and woke him from his daze… Although the Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning was right in front of him, the Guardian knew that he had missed his best, if not his only, chance to steal the fruit. Even if he were to make a second attempt, it was entirely possible that he would fail and lose his life because of it, even if he was a Guardian of the Eternal Heaven God Realm!

Honorable Zhu Liu let out a growl before summoning a strange glowing fan into his hand. When the fan was opened, the draconic auras holding him in place like real ropes instantly broke off from his body. He had no intentions of fighting whatsoever, and he gathered his spatial powers quickly to teleport back to Honorable Tai Yin.

However, a draconic might that felt like the sky itself froze all space within the area. Honorable Zhu Liu didn’t even travel ninety meters before he was stopped dead in his tracks.

This teleportation was completely fueled by Honorable Zhu Liu’s own spatial energy, not a profound artifact. Unfortunately, a huge amount of spatial energy was required to teleport even a short distance in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

The forceful freezing of space caused the spatial energy within the area to rapidly collapse. Honorable Zhu Liu trembled all over and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t even have the time to take a breather. The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning was already swooping down on him!

None of the dragons were moving toward Honorable Zhu Liu. In fact, they were moving away from him.

It was because the Dragon Emperor was taking matters into his own claws. Attempting to interfere would only be an affront toward their emperor!

The might of the Dragon Emperor was terrible and deadly. The second Honorable Zhu Liu was caught by the pressure, he immediately felt like his internal organs were wrung like a towel… Of course, he knew of the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning. But he never thought that he would run into him the second he teleported into their territory.

They were supposed to be the ambushers who took the dragons by surprise, but they were the ones who got surprised by the Dragon Emperor’s roar and had their initiative robbed from them instead.

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning was not an opponent they could fight just by working together, and to lose the initiative right in front of him… they might be the Guardians of Eternal Heaven God Realm, but even they weren’t immune to death.

A giant claw descended from the sky, and absolutely everything beneath its claw was annihilated to dust. The Divine Fruit of Absolute Beginning was the only thing that continued to glow quietly and unharmed despite how close the destruction was taking place.


Honorable Zhu Liu had no choice but to raise his hands and bear the full brunt directly. He was barely able to stop it from crushing it outright, but couldn’t stop vomiting blood after the destructive blast of energy. He lifted his head abruptly and shouted hoarsely, “Leave me and run!!”

His connection to the Great Void Cauldron was severed, the Dragon Emperor was on him, and his profound energy was in chaos. This was without mentioning the fact that he was currently surrounded by countless other dragons. He knew that there was little to no chance he was escaping today. On the other hand, Honorable Tai Yin was still inside the profound formation and could teleport away at any moment. If his colleague tried to save him, this disaster might claim his life as well.

“Zhu Liu!” Honorable Tai Yin shouted and hesitated for an instant. Then, he moved out of the profound formation, charged forward, and threw a giant hand seal straight at the dragon claw.

The hand seal successfully threw the Dragon Emperor’s claw away from Honorable Zhu Liu. Both Guardians immediately took off in different directions.

Honorable Zhu Liu was finally able to take a breather after escaping the Dragon Emperor’s suppression. Again, he gathered his power and tried to circulate the spatial laws… but just as the thought entered his mind, the terrible shadow of a blue wolf suddenly appeared in his soul. He instantly felt chilled to the very bones.

He turned around with difficulty, and the image of a giant wolf abruptly appeared above his head. Its gaping mouth was several thousand meters wide, and its teeth were glowing black and blue.

“Heavenly… Wolf…”

He was engulfed just as the words flashed across his mind.


Honorable Zhu Liu was knocked heavily toward the ground, the blood spewing out of his throat in gouts at least dozens of meters long. The second he hit the ground, the Dragon Emperor’s claw hit him again without mercy.

The earth instantly crumbled exaggeratedly. The fact that the attack caused a terrible spatial storm across the whole domain of the dragons showed just how deadly it was.

The Dragon Emperor removed his claw, revealing a bruised and bloodied Honorable Zhu Liu at the center of the crater. Nearly half his bones had shattered from the impact alone. Still, he was a level eight Divine Master. He wasn’t going down easily.

His eyes regained their focus once more… but a delicate, colorful figure suddenly jumped off the head of the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning.

It looked like a girl. There was a flash of rippling colors, and blue divine light suddenly enveloped the whole area. A huge sword at least three meters long dropped down on Honorable Zhu Liu while accompanied by the roar of a heavenly wolf.

It was almost as powerful as the Dragon Emperor’s roar!

“You… are…”

Honorable Zhu Liu only managed to say two words before the blue sword pierced his solar plexus like it was made of rotten wood. It mercilessly nailed the Guardian of Eternal Heaven God Realm to the shattered ground.


The pierced body suddenly exploded into pieces. However, both the body and the fluid inside it turned to dust before they could scatter to the surroundings.

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