Chapter 1637 - The Devil Emperor’s Words

Against the Gods

When Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er had escaped from Nanhuang Chanyi’s grasp, they had also managed to successfully ambush her. In fact, they had accomplished both tasks with exceptional ease.

In addition to this, even with their meager strength at that time, they had never felt any clear danger or sense of pressure from Nanhuang Chanyi, a Witch, when they had faced her. So once they had successfully ambushed her and escaped her grasp, it was inevitable that they had thoughts like “Oh, so this is all a Witch amounts to”.

However, anyone who could become a Witch, one of the Devil Queen’s shadows, stood at the very peak of the Northern Divine Region’s hierarchy. Every single one of them was an extremely terrifying existence. This could be easily seen from the reverence that all of the realm kings, and even Yan Sangeng and the Burning Moon Crown Prince, had shown to Witch Yao Die back at the Imperial Heaven Tower.

For someone to be chosen as a Witch by Chi Wuyao, they had to possess more than strength and natural talent. They also had to possess a temperament and beauty that was one in a million. Therefore, as a Witch, Nanhuang Chanyi definitely was not the good-natured person she seemed to be on the surface. In fact, when they thought about it carefully, all of the things she had said and done back then had been done on Chi Wuyao’s specific instructions.

However, all of these things were no longer important. Yun Che said in a deep voice, “What did the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor tell you!?”

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor… If she knew that she and her kinsmen had sacrificed themselves for such an outcome, how would she react? Shock? Pain? Regret… Or perhaps this was one of the outcomes that she had long foreseen.

“That is this queen’s private matter, this queen is not obliged to tell you,” Chi Wuyao replied with a soft smile.

Chi Wuyao’s words had already tacitly confirmed that she had met the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

It was not strange at all for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to visit the Northern Divine Region. After all, she was still an emperor of the devils when it was all said and done. The territory which made up the Northern Divine Region was merely her homeland, a home she had been separated from for a million years. What reason would she have to not visit this place?

Furthermore, it was a place filled with nostalgia, a place where she would willingly linger.

“The reason why the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor came to see you must be because you have a unique devil soul, right?” Qianye Ying’er said.

Her words caused suspicion to creep into Yun Che’s eyes.

Given the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s might, all of the living beings in this universe were but ants to her. To her, there was not much difference between a mortal who had not cultivated a dint of profound energy and a god emperor who stood at the very pinnacle of the profound way. When she had first made her appearance, she had not even deigned to look at the Dragon Monarch, the person who possessed the most strength in the universe, the person who had exuded the most robust aura on that day.

So why would she appear before this Chi Wuyao?

“When the Clear Sky God Emperor suddenly died all those years ago, it had not only shaken the king realms in the Northern Divine Region. In fact, all of the king realms in the Eastern, Western, and Southern Divine Regions had been astounded by the event. Then, Qianye Fantian, who only exchanged a short series of blows with you, did not dare to forget the two words ‘Chi Wuyao’ ever again. According to him, based on your profound cultivation alone, you were inferior to him back then, but your soul power was incomparably strange and bizarre. After that, he searched through all of the records and memories in the Brahma Monarch God Realm and the Eternal Heaven God Realm, but he didn’t manage to find anything.”

“The only reason why the Clear Sky God Realm could become a king realm was because they possessed an indestructible inheritance of power. Furthermore, it was this indestructible inheritance that formed the foundation of a king realm’s power, a power that allowed them to lord over the rest of creation. Every single one of these indestructible inheritances were something left behind by a True God, the strongest sources of power in this universe. It is a power that has been passed down from generation to generation. They are like divine flames that burn forever. They will never go out and they can never ever be interfered with.”

“Yet, you managed to transform the Clear Sky God Realm’s indestructible inheritance into another indestructible inheritance, which is the current power inherited by your Witches.” Qianye Ying’er’s voice grew softer. “This is a feat that only you, Chi Wuyao, has accomplished in the entire history of the God Realm.”

“I am very curious about one thing. In fact, I’m sure all the king realms are as curious as I am about this matter. Just what sort of powers do you, Chi Wuyao, really possess?”

A strange light flashed in Chi Wuyao’s eyes. But she replied in a cheery voice, “Before you ask about someone else’s secrets, shouldn’t you first offer up your own secrets in exchange?”

Qianye Ying’er frowned. She had never expected to get the answer in the first place. If one could obtain an answer by simply asking, then these things could not be called secrets anymore.

“It may very well be the case that the only reason the Lord Devil Emperor appeared before me was because this queen was a kinsmen of hers who had survived to this day.” Chi Wuyao’s devilish voice was as soft and cottony as a cloud and her playful tone concealed a bewitching seductiveness.

“Hmph.” Qianye Ying’er replied with a cold snort.

At this moment, Chi Wuyao’s smile suddenly vanished and the black mist coiling around her body completely stilled. When her voice rang out once more, it had turned exceptionally cold and distant.

“The yin energy of the Primal Chaos continues to disappear, even I cannot divine the true reason behind it. This final territory of the devils will continue to shrink and if there is no change in circumstances, then it will disappear completely one day. At that time, even if you possess the will to fight, you will still be utterly powerless before the might of the other three divine regions.”

“Unless there comes a day where a man named Yun Che enters into this final bastion of devildom with darkness and vengeance in his heart.”

Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er furrowed their brows as they stared at Chi Wuyao, whose aura had drastically changed.

When she finished speaking, the black fog around Chi Wuyao seemed to spring to life once more as it started to slowly swirl. Her voice also became as cottony and bewitching as it was before. “These were the words that the Lord Devil Emperor left with me back then. Interesting, aren’t they?”

“...” Yun Che looked as if he had been frozen in place, his hands balled into tight fists.

“This queen wouldn’t dare to forget even a single word the Lord Devil Emperor told me. When the Lord Devil Emperor said these words, she clearly did not expect that it would happen, so this queen has never truly had any expectations.”

“But who would have thought that you’d actually show up, and so quickly at that. You even came here with a heart filled with darkness and vengeance, heeheeheehee.”

It was very clear that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had thought of this possibility when she had decided to leave.

She understood human nature far too well… No, it would be more accurate to say that she had an overly-pessimistic view of things like human nature. After all, even she, a Devil Emperor, had been viciously tricked by the Heaven Punishing Divine Emperor Mo E, the person who had been viewed as the most righteous in the universe, a person who was famous for disdaining the use of trickery or subterfuge.

“The words I said just now were merely a test,” Chi Wuyao said. “After all, this queen has had no prior contact with either of you. But from the looks of things, the two of you are far more interesting than what the rumours say.”

“Interesting?” Qianye Ying’er coldly replied. She really disliked having this word applied to her.

“Of course.” Chi Wuyao’s gaze travelled over their bodies as she said with a wide smile, “The Eastern Region’s Yun Che that this queen heard about was an obedient and compassionate child, a good child. In order to save the world, he did not hesitate to thrust his frail and weak body before the Devil Emperor in a bid to change her mind. Such a good and obedient child. Just hearing about you filled my heart with tenderness and pity.”

“However, the Yun Che who stands before me, his eyes are filled with bloody knives. And whenever one mentions the God Realm, that frightful gaze turns even scarier… It looks as if he simply can’t wait to slaughter everything that is still alive.”

Yun Che, “...”

“The legendary Brahma Monarch Goddess is said to possess a beauty that could overturn an age and a pride that disdained the world. This was especially true in regards to men. You never even deigned to spare them a single glance in the past. However, the Brahma Monarch Goddess that I see right now is leaning against a man and even seems to take pride in becoming a man’s plaything… So how could any of this not be interesting?”

Qianye Ying’er narrowed her eyes as she laughed. She said, “It is indeed interesting and what’s about to happen in the Northern Divine Region is only going to get even more interesting.”

“The Northern Region has three emperors, but you have directly chosen this queen so I really do appreciate your perception and judgement.” Chi Wuyao stretched out a hand, the tip of her finger gently playing with her fluttering hair. “You won’t regret this choice. Even though this queen does not know much about you, as a devil, how can this queen doubt the Lord Devil Emperor’s words. In fact, this queen is truly looking forward to how we will cooperate in the future.”

“You won’t be disappointed,” Yun Che said in a cold voice. “Tell us where the Soul Stealing Realm is, we will make our way there ourselves.”

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao’s gaze turned towards him. After that, she gave a sweet smile and spoke in that devilish voice that could melt bones. “Oh, I see. Having the Brahma Monarch Goddess by your side at all times must make you feel like your bones are melting from ecstasy at every moment. Having an old demoness like me tag along would indeed ruin the view, heeheehee."

She stretched out a finger and a devilish light that contained the coordinates of the Soul Stealing Realm touched Yun Che's forehead.

"Let's go." Yun Che did not say anything else. He simply turned around and prepared to soar into the sky.

But he suddenly stopped moving in the very next instant. His back still faced Chi Wuyao as he said coldly, "Chi Wuyao, this alliance between us is purely based on shared interests. We aren't enemies or friends. I know very little about you, but even I've heard that your skill as a seductress is unrivaled in this universe. Even a god emperor was willing to die beneath your skirts. That truly fills me with admiration."

"However, a word of advice." Yun Che slowly turned his gaze to the other side, a black devilish shadow appearing in the corner of his eyes. "Never try to seize my mind or soul. The consequences will be far more terrifying than you could ever imagine.”

“It would be far better if you never tried to probe or test it. Because probing such a matter is very dangerous.”

Yun Che had already taken to the skies and flown into the distance before Chi Wuyao could reply.

“My skill as a seductress is unrivaled huh…” Chi Wuyao softly uttered those words as she gave a silent laugh. After that she muttered to herself, “After hearing you say those words, it truly makes me feel ‘flattered’.”


A very soft ring chimed in the air. It sounded like the sound of rain falling on fresh green leaves. A colorful light flashed into existence behind Chi Wuyao as a woman covered in flowing, multi-colored light appeared out of thin air.

“Master,” the woman said as she knelt down before Chi Wuyao. The rainbow light wrapping around her body had not faded or started to dissipate even after she had appeared.

If Yun Che or Qianye Ying’er were still there, they would have recognized her immediately.

Because they had seen this woman when they had stolen the Untamed Divine Marrow. She was the Witch who had appeared at the Thousand Desolation Divine Sect, the Seventh Witch—Hua Jin.

“So what do you think of them?” Chi Wuyao stretched out her hands and gently laid them on Hua Jin’s shoulders, helping her to her feet.

“Replying to Master…” Hua Jin seemed to be hesitating. However, her brows knit together as she finally gave a reply. “No one has ever dared to show such rudeness to Master before! Hua Jin… finds it hard to understand Master’ intentions.”

“When we return to our realm, you will understand,” Chi Wuyao said in a gentle voice. “Do you still remember the ‘Eternal Calamity of Darkness’ that this queen spoke to you about all those years ago?”

Hua Jin pondered the question for a moment before replying, “So what Master is saying is that Yun Che has cultivated this Eternal Calamity of Darkness. But Master previously told me that the Eternal Calamity of Darkness is the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s unique devil art and even the other Devil Emperors could not cultivate it. How can Yun Che possibly…”

“It is indeed something that is impossible for other people, but you cannot evaluate Yun Che using common sense.” Chi Wuyao’s lips barely moved but her tone started to change. “The Brahma divine power that Qianye Ying’er inherited from the Brahma Monarch God Realm and cultivated for her entire life was crippled, but in less than three years, her control of darkness profound energy is not the least bit inferior to Yao Die’s. The only possible explanation for this is that she obtained and successfully refined the Devil Emperor blood left behind by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.”

“Also Yao Die’s account of the strange and bizarre phenomenon that afflicted her made me think of the Eternal Calamity of Darkness.” The devilish light in Chi Wuyao’s eyes flashed faintly. “It looks like the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left Yun Che a way out before she departed the Primal Chaos. Even if he was pushed into the darkest and most desperate situation, he could still fight back by taking control of this region of darkness.”

“His circumstances are obviously miserable and tragic, but it still makes one jealous.”

Hua Jin lifted her head and stared at Chi Wuyao in a very serious manner. The Witches were the people closest to the Devil Queen, so they were also the people who understood her the most. This was the first time she had ever seen her master display such an attitude towards anyone. She decided to enquire further, “Master, do you really believe everything that Yun Che told you just now?”

“I do,” Chi Wuyao replied.

A deep look of bewilderment appeared on Hua Jin’s face. “Although there are many rumours regarding Yun Che, today is the first day Master has truly met the man. Even if we leave his insolence aside, his words were so boastful that they’d shock the heavens and the earth. Furthermore, they completely went against all logic and common sense. Moreover, if he truly did possess such powers, then how did he end up in such a state?”

Hua Jin shook her head while speaking in a very certain manner. “I know that Master has extreme respect for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. However… Hua Jin was born because of Master and I’ve accompanied Master for so many years, so I know that there is no way Master would display such complete trust for someone just because of another person’s words, even if those words came from the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself.”

Chi Wuyao glanced at Hua Jin as her lips seemed to purse up gently. “And how exactly do you know that this is the first time I’ve seen him?”

Hua Jin was stunned by that response. But after that, she seemed to realize something and she immediately replied. “Could it be that Master has been secretly observing them from the very first moment they stepped into the Northern Divine Region?”

Chi Wuyao did not confirm or deny Hua Jin’s words. She merely said in a soft voice, “I understand him far better than you think I do… In fact, I might even understand him better than that Qianye Ying’er.”

“...” Hua Jin was stunned by those words. She did not quite understand what Chi Wuyao had said but she replied, “Hua Jin does not even dare to guess at Master’ will, much less doubt your words. However, I beg that Master be extremely cautious around Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er. In fact, Master already made a miscalculation just now.”

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao glanced at Hua Jin before finally realizing what she meant.

“Hua Jin’s ability to disguise and conceal myself is something that only Master can see through. But Master said that Yun Che could definitely see through it. However, Hua Jin was right next to him just now, but he was none the wiser. Just based on this point alone, I feel that Master… may have truly over-estimated him.”

Hua Jin was ranked seventh among the Nine Witches, but the unique Witch power she had inherited had granted her incredible powers of disguise and concealment. They were so incredible that her ability to disguise and conceal herself was unparalleled in the entire Northern Region.

She had the ability to disguise and conceal her appearance, voice, and even aura in a perfect and flawless manner. It was rumored that there was only one person in the Northern Divine Region who could see through her disguises, the one who had granted her the power of a Witch, Chi Wuyao.

Chi Wuyao’s brows knit together delicately before Yun Che’s parting words suddenly echoed in her head.

“Because probing such a matter is very dangerous.”

“Hua Jin,” Chi Wuyao suddenly said, “have you spat out the medicinal pellet that he gave you?”

“Of course not,” Hua Jin replied. “He gave me a very low-grade medicinal pellet. If I spat it out, its aura would spread out and he would notice it immediately. So why should I have…”

Her words were cut off mid-sentence as her entire body suddenly seized up. Those eyes which originally sparkled with a multi-colored light instantly widened as two bizarre and gloomy emerald lights appeared within them.

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