Chapter 1661 - Flustered

Against the Gods

The black formation markings were only a foot wide and they seemed to vanish from sight every now and then. The devilish symbols within the formation were so simple and concise that it was abnormal.

Ordinary people would not think that they could support a darkness profound formation just from looking at them.

“What sort of… formation is this?” Shocked murmurs ran through the great hall.

The Burning Moon God Emperor’s brow furrowed heavily. His eyes had shot toward Yun Che at first, but all of a sudden, his expression changed and his head swiveled in another direction. He had turned to stare at the two Witches, Yu Wu and Chanyi.

Fen Daozang’s pupils widened dramatically at this point.

Because the moment the formation was completely formed, the aura radiating from the bodies of both of these witches underwent an outrageous transformation!

No matter whether it was Witch Yu Wu or Witch Chanyi, both of their personal auras vanished and the aura that started radiating from their body… was, astonishingly enough, a combination of both their auras!

At the same time, Fen Daozang could clearly sense an invisible force pulling at him from the void, trying to violently tear apart his dark energy field.

The sinister wind grew more and more violent as the darkness aura contained within it grew denser and denser. Gradually, it started to transform into a dark storm which continued to grow. It started gathering around the two Witches as its aura of darkness intensified.

At this moment, Fen Daozang suddenly felt a vague and dreadful sensation… All of the darkness energy in this space seemed to have been drawn into the bodies of the two Witches by an invisible energy field.

The invisible power that was tearing at his dark energy field grew stronger and stronger and the entire energy field started to shake violently.

Devilish light flashed on Chanyi and Yu Wu’s bodies as they chose this moment to attack.


The dark energy field that had been created by the strongest Moon Eater had been violently cut apart like it was a piece of cloth.

Two cold lights rapidly grew larger in his eyes but Fen Daozang did not allow his shock to fluster him. His white hair floated up in the air and his palm shot out, creating a gigantic Burning Moon Devil Formation.

His pupils suddenly shrank.

When he released his power, he was shocked to discover that his own darkness energy felt like it had been plunged into an invisible swamp. Its circulation grew exceptionally slow and sluggish. When the power of the two Witches started pressing in on him, the Burning Moon Devil Formation that he could normally form with the flick of his hand was actually still not complete.


The incomplete Burning Moon Devil Formation explosively collapsed under the frenzied power of the Witches’ attack, sending the surrounding Burning Moon Divine Envoys, princes, and princesses flying into the distance. The scattered darkness energy was also being gathered up by the storm before flowing to the Witches’ side.


Huge tidal waves of shock and emotion crashed about in Fen Daozang’s heart.

He could faintly sense that this was all the work of the strange formation that had suddenly sprung up out of nowhere.

But how could such a profound formation even exist in this world!?

Yu Wu and Chanyi’s figures urgently shot toward Fen Daozang from the left and the right. The terrifying speed they displayed was not something that level eight Divine Masters could display.

Yu Wu arrived first, a cold light that was nearly ten meters long exploded out of the jade spike in her hand. 

This attack had obviously been made by Witch Yu Wu alone but the force that pressed in on him was clearly the combined might of both Witches. Fen Daozang let out a low roar as he flung his long sleeve out, causing a gigantic vortex of darkness to start swirling in the air… However, before this vortex could be fully formed and released, its might was suddenly reduced and it looked as if it was being sucked into some sort of invisible void.

“!??” For the very first time in his life, Fen Daozang felt as if he had seen a ghost.

Fen Daozang was still the strongest Moon Eater in the end and his power was incredibly strong and robust. Even if some of that power had suddenly disappeared from this attack, it was nevertheless extremely terrifying. When the vortex of darkness clashed with Yu Wu’s attack, the beam of light was instantly destroyed. Yu Wu herself had been sent flying into the distance as well.

Chanyi rushed toward him in the next instant. The devilish image of a dark phoenix appeared over her golden longsword and as the image shot toward him, it gave a soul-shaking phoenix cry.


The image of the phoenix was smothered by Fen Daozang’s large hand and Chanyi was also blasted away by the impact. He did not even have the time to reset his stance before Yu Wu started attacking him yet again… She was still attacking him with an unreasonable speed and the force of her blows still carried the combined might of both Witches!

However, the combined might of Chanyi and Yu Wu was still far inferior to Fen Daozang’s power. Their images crossed over one another at extreme speed and their attacks rained down with such frequency that they resembled a howling storm. Their speed and the ferocity of their attacks coupled with this incredibly strange fusion of their auras forced Fen Daozang to feel like he was contending against both Witches constantly, even though he was only being attacked by one Witch at a time. 

The most terrifying thing was that every time Fen Daozang attacked, he could clearly sense the darkness energy that had exploded out of his body being silently diminished, causing the power of his attack to drop drastically. As for Yu Wu and Chanyi… The dark might of their attacks was not gradually weakening even though they were attacking at such a frenetic pace. On the contrary, their attacks were growing faster and faster, stronger and stronger!

They were clearly attacking with all of their might every single time, but their auras were not weakening in the slightest. In fact, it seemed like their energy was endless.

One side was gradually weakening while the other was constantly gaining strength. The absolute advantage that Fen Daozang held initially was swiftly withering away. His astonished expression soon turned ugly and he was no longer able to keep his composure.


Finally, Fen Daozang’s proud, unmoving figure was violently shoved a single step backward by one of Yu Wu’s attacks… In the very next instant, another sword beam that was accompanied by the image of a dark phoenix shot straight toward him.

In this battle, even when he was facing off against the combined might of both Witches, although his power was being bizarrely distorted every time he attacked, Fen Daozang still held the absolute advantage when it came to profound strength.

However, the two Witches could gather and release darkness profound energy at a pace that was simply far too quick and their attacks had not weakened in the slightest. On the contrary, their attacks were actually gaining in strength, something that went against all common sense. This in turn made Fen Daozang, who had been absolutely dominating this fight, feel that their dizzying barrage of attacks was very stifling.

After he had been shoved back by Yu Wu’s attack, Fen Daozang had no chance to catch his breath before Chanyi’s attack pressed in on him. Fen Daozang’s face turned into a sinister mask as he tried to grab Chanyi’s sword. 


Darkness energy violently exploded in the space between Fen Daozang and Chanyi. Chanyi’s body started to lean backwards… As for Fen Daozang, his right sleeve had been completely blasted to shreds, revealing his ancient and withered arm.


That low yell violently shook the hearts and souls of everyone present.

The Burning Moon God Emperor’s body suddenly appeared between Fen Daozang’s and Chanyi’s bodies like a ghost. He merely stood there without taking any noticeable action, but the incredibly wild and violent dark energy field swiftly shrank to nothing.

If he did not intervene at this moment and risked the chance of Fen Daozang really losing… If the Burning Moon Realm’s strongest Moon Eater were to lose to the two weakest Witches, just the word “ugly” would not be able to describe it.

“This place is our capital. If we continue this fight, this king’s palace will be reduced to dust. Let’s just put an end to it here.”

Fen Daozang was keenly aware of why the Burning Moon God Emperor had stepped in to stop this fight. He looked at his sleeveless right arm and his trembling hands balled into fists.

Yun Che’s floating black hair slowly fell to his back and the storm blowing in the great hall suddenly stilled. The formation markings on Yu Wu and Chanyi’s bodies also disappeared.

He sat down and silently closed his eyes and he did not spare the Burning Moon God Emperor a single glance.

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao gave a small, dry chuckle. “Are you afraid that this palace would disappear? Or that all your dignity would disappear?”

The Burning Moon God Emperor, “...”

Since when had Chi Wuyao ever been an amicable person? She moved on to Fen Daozang as she said, “Fen Daozang, do you now understand what the word ‘qualifications’ means?”

“...” Fen Daozang’s lips trembled but he could not muster up a response. Instead, his eyes fell on Yun Che… He could only sense the aura of a seventh level Divine Sovereign radiating from Yun Che’s body, yet it caused a strange cold sensation to engulf his entire body.

What had just happened? What the hell was that!?

The Burning Moon God Emperor did not respond to Chi Wuyao’s insults. He turned around and looked directly at Yun Che. He said, “Could this person be…”

“Why does the Burning Moon God Emperor need to ask a question he already knows the answer to?” Chi Wuyao’s soft and cottony voice interrupted him. “He is Yun Che, who hails from the Eastern Divine Region. Although he’s only made a few appearances in the Northern Divine Region, he’s already made a name for himself. If the Burning Moon God Emperor is willing, you can continue to ignore this and you can even pretend to not recognize him afterwards.”

“...” An awkward look appeared on the Burning Moon God Emperor’s face, but he swiftly regained his composure. He smiled as he said, “How can this king not know the name Yun Che? Although he only had the cultivation of a level seven Divine Sovereign, he cut down Yama Ghost King Yan Sangeng with a single blow from his sword. If the gathered higher realm kings and my own had not personally witnessed this world-shaking feat, this king would not have been able to believe such a wild tale, no matter how hard anyone tried to explain it.”

“It’s also rumored that he has inherited the primordial Heretic God’s legacy and he is also the recognized master of one of the Heavenly Profound Treasures, the Sky Poison Pearl.”

“This king has long wanted to make friends with such an extraordinary person.”

“Ah, what a pity. It’s too late for that now.” Chi Wuyao slowly got to her feet. Once she stood up, a faint but irresistible force started silently pressing down on everyone’s souls. “Yun Che will soon be our Soul Stealing Realm’s new emperor and from this moment forward, this queen will only be the queen of the Soul Stealing Realm in name only. So what use is there to try to strike up a friendship with him now?”

After she said those words, the jaw of every person in the room dropped to the floor. The Burning Moon God Emperor’s eyes violently swiveled to the side and his eyebrows knitted together tightly.

Qianye Ying’er’s eyebrows twitched but she remained silent.

Yun Che, “?”

“Soul Stealing Realm’s… new emperor?” The Burning Moon God Emperor shot a glance at the overly-silent and composed Yun Che. Then, he looked toward Chi Wuyao again and tried to find any hints of mockery or deceit from her aura or expression. “Is the Devil Queen being serious?”

Chi Wuyao placed both hands behind her back as she spoke in a cold and clear voice, “It seems that the Burning Moon God Emperor has been quite concerned with the affairs of our Soul Stealing Realm recently. Over a short span of ten days, you have tried to spy on us on thirteen separate occasions, and some of these attempts were even undertaken by your Moon Eaters.”

The Burning Moon God Emperor, “...”

“Although this queen remained indifferent to your actions, your Burning Moon Realm actually took this as a sign to act even more outrageously. I did not even bother to ask you to clear that large ‘old debt’ you owe me. Did this queen’s long period of silence make your Burning Moon Realm feel like I was easy to bully!?”

“Heh heh.” The Burning Moon God Emperor let out a dry chuckle before replying, “In this world, there are many people who do not fear the king of hell. However, as for someone who thinks that the Devil Queen is easy to bully? I’m afraid that this person hasn’t been born yet. Even if there were people who once held that notion, their bones have long since turned to dust.”

“This king did indeed dispatch people to the Soul Stealing Realm in recent days.” The Burning Moon God Emperor made a calm and honest admission with immaculate composure. “However, we never intended to offend and we were not scheming anything. It was just that we heard that the Devil Queen had summoned all of her Witches, Soul Spirits, and surprisingly all three thousand six hundred Soul Attendants. I thought that something big had happened in the Soul Stealing Realm so I sent my men there to try to get a handle on the situation.”

“Given the Devil Queen’s tolerance, surely you wouldn’t get angry over such a small matter, right?”

“Small matter?” Chi Wuyao gave a smile which was not a smile. “Then did the Burning Moon God Emperor find his answer?”

The Burning Moon God Emperor smiled and shook his head. “I did not.”

“Then allow this queen to enlighten you.”

Chi Wuyao’s reply stunned the Burning Moon God Emperor. 

“Do you recognize the darkness formation that appeared on this queen’s Witches just now?” she said in a measured tone.

The eyes of the Burning Moon God Emperor, Fen Daozang… and all of the Moon Eaters present flashed with a strange light. Just what was that incredibly bizarre devil formation which allowed these two little Witches to suppress Fen Daozang!? They were dying to find out.

“That devil formation is incomparably bizarre and fantastical. This king has never seen or heard of it before.” The Burning Moon God Emperor calmly glanced at Yun Che as he said those words. “Please enlighten us then, Devil Queen.”

“Calamity… and… Misfortune,” Chi Wuyao’s jade lips moved as she softly breathed out those words. “Has the Burning Moon God Emperor ever heard of this before?”

Those three short words exploded like universe-destroying tribulation lightning inside the Burning Moon God Emperor’s mind. The Burning Moon God Emperor’s face had remained an impassive mask even when Chi Wuyao had been riding roughshod all over him, but now it finally started to crack. His body violently swayed and something occurred to him just as he was about to speak. His gaze swiftly moved away from Yu Wu and Chanyi and he started to fixedly stare at Yun Che.

“Could it… Could it be that he’s…”

“That’s right. As expected, no matter how lax the Burning Moon God Emperor has become, you still have not lost all of your brain cells.” Chi Wuyao’s mockery was clear for all to see. She continued in a calm voice, “Everything is just as you’ve imagined it.”

“So now do you understand?”

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