Chapter 1668 - Obliterating an Emperor

Against the Gods

Twenty years ago, when Jasmine and Yun Che had first met and she had given him the Heretic God’s Profound Veins, Jasmine told him that there were seven gates in the Heretic God’s Profound Veins and there were seven corresponding skills in the Heretic God Arts which were linked to each gate. She also told him that as long as he willed it, he could open any single one of them.

However, if he did not possess an adequate amount of power and his body was unable to endure the power it gifted him, it would not end well for him. In the best case scenario, he would be wounded so severely that his body would be crippled. In the worst case, his entire body would explode then and there, resulting in his immediate death.

His true limit was five of the seven gates.

That was the limiter left behind by the Heretic God and it was also the limit of what a human body could take. Only a true divine body could endure the burden of the gates above the fifth and if a mortal tried to use them, their bodies would inevitably crumble to dust.

In a world where both gods and devils have been exterminated and the aura of the universe has grown thin and weak, no True God could ever appear again.

But the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor released this limiter for Yun Che before she left the Primal Chaos.

The Heretic God Arts, which were also known as the Devil God Forbidden Tome, had been something she had created together with the Heretic God. Releasing that limit was naturally something that was all too easy for her.

When the Heretic God left behind his legacy, it was possible that he was certain that the person who inherited his legacy would not be able to endure any skill of the Heretic God Art above the fifth. Him sealing away the sixth and seventh gate was a way of protecting his inheritor.

But Jie Yuan… She had met Yun Che herself and for some unknown reason, she had personally released the limiter that Heretic God Ni Xuan had intentionally set.

However, even Jie Yuan might not have imagined that this gate of power absolutely taboo in this current era would be opened so quickly by Yun Che.

The instant “God Ash” opened, Yun Che’s vision and consciousness were dyed blood red and he felt as if his entire body had been thrust into a hellish purgatory.

He felt as if an infinite amount of molten lava was churning through his entire body, as if a boundless storm was raging inside of it.

The Burning Moon God Emperor, whose body had started to twitch and spasm, stood in front of him.

The Burning Moon Main Hall had collapsed and all twelve Moon Eaters had been blasted away, their blood spraying through the air. Only the Burning Moon God Emperor remained in his original position.

Though, it was not because his god emperor strength had managed to completely resist that instantaneous explosion of power from Yun Che. It was because… he was completely immobilized.

An oppressive might so great that it overthrew all of his knowledge and practically caused his soul to scatter in every direction was firmly pressing down on his body. Under this oppressive might, he felt as if the entire universe was pressing down on him. Every part of his body, from his head to his limbs, his internal organs, and even his fingers and toes was completely immobilized.

He could not even twitch his fingers, much less try to escape.

The only thing he could do was shudder uncontrollably.

He was the Burning Moon God Emperor! An existence that stood at the top of this universe, a god emperor who possessed one of the mightiest powers in this universe!

Yet in this instant, he could clearly feel countless cracks spread through his will and belief...

“You… You…”

He used all of his strength to open his mouth, but the only thing he heard was the sound of his teeth chattering.

He went into a frenzy, willing himself with all he could muster to circulate his god emperor power, but just as it started to swell up, it was instantly pushed down again by an invisible pressure. He was not able to release the slightest tendril of energy.

The way Yun Che perceived his body had completely changed, but his perception of the world had undergone an earth-shattering change. The originally vast and boundless world had suddenly become so frail and tiny to him.

The mighty Burning Moon God Emperor had become nothing more than a tiny and pitiful bug he could squash with a slap of his hand.

His divine sense swept through the capital, the Burning Moon Realm, and spread out until he could sense the entire star region. The whole world seemed to be fearfully trembling due to his newly-obtained strength.

In fact, the heavenly laws themselves were shuddering and heavenly lightning wailed in the air in a rather pathetic manner.

Starlight that came from the Star God’s divine origin power shone more brightly, and to all who gazed upon him, Yun Che blazed like a star of despair. At this moment, Yun Che began to slowly raise his arm...

His body seemed to be dyed in blood and his long hair, which was also shining with a blood red light, danced wildly in the air. The moment he raised his hand, millions of bloody tears ripped into the sky far above them.


All twelve Moon Eaters fell to the ground. They raised their heads as the world shook around them and as they beheld Yun Che with their blurred and shaky vision, they felt as if they were seeing a blood-slicked ancient devil god burst into this world!


The Heavenly Poison starlight shattered… it had gone out forever!


Yun Che’s voice had already transformed into the hoarse roar of a genuine devil god. He swept his hand in the direction of the Burning Moon God Emperor… and space itself disintegrated under his touch.

The Burning Moon God Emperor remained completely still… but countless blood vessels had popped open in his eyes due to his utter despair.

It was a power that transcended human limits, a power that had belonged in the domain of the gods.

How many of his ancestors had chased after this power all of their lives? They had not hesitated to sacrifice anything in pursuit of this power. But none of them had managed to fulfill their ambition.

Right now, he was looking at it, feeling it. It was right in front of him.

However, it was not excitement that filled his body and soul at this moment. Instead, it was boundless inferiority and despair!!

“My… king… you… must… flee!!”

An incomparably hoarse and resolute voice rang in the air, every word sounded like it had been ripped from his throat.

The oppressive might of a god firmly wrapped around the Burning Moon God Emperor’s body. Although the gathered Moon Eaters and Burning Moon Divine Envoys were not targeted by this oppressive might, their courage had been broken by this spectacle and they could barely feel the existence of their own bodies or consciousness...

Only a single withered and ancient figure managed to move. He needed to exert all of his might just to move and blood sprayed from his body as he rushed toward the Burning Moon God Emperor, who was about to collapse from utter despair.

Fen Daozang!

Due to Yun Che’s power, which had reached the domain of the divine, the weak space around him kept crumpling up and shattering into pieces.

The swiftly disintegrating space seemed to turn into countless knives which shredded Fen Daozang’s Divine Master body. Every single second, a whirlwind of blood, meat, and bone flew away from his body. However, he did not stop or retreat at all. Instead, he spread his hand wide and a pinprick of dark light shot out of it, swiftly growing larger in the air.

It was a piece of black jade in the shape of a crescent moon. It was called the Moon Seal and it was the Burning Moon Realm’s strongest defensive devil artifact.

Under Yun Che’s peerlessly dreadful divine energy field, the devilish light emitted by the Moon Seal became incredibly dull and dim. However, it still continued to shine silently and when Yun Che’s arm fell, it appeared in front of the Burning Moon God Emperor to block his strike.


In this instant, the gigantic Burning Moon Realm violently heaved. Countless buildings and ancient ruins broke apart and collapsed as one crack after another appeared in the ground. All of these cracks were centered around Burning Moon’s capital and they crazily spread out up to five thousand kilometers in length.

Before he could even let out a miserable scream, Fen Daozang’s body was snapped in half at the waist. In the next instant, his body had scattered into dust which disappeared into the void. 

The Burning Moon Realm’s strongest Moon Eater, a ninth level Divine Master, who had a Divine Master body, the hardiest and strongest body in this current era… was nothing more than a collection of weak soap bubbles in front of Yun Che’s might. His body had been so utterly destroyed that not a single trace of it remained.


A huge sound shook the heavens and the Moon Seal’s light was extinguished… This was an artifact left behind by the primordial devil race, an object that could not be destroyed by any power in this current era. However, after that huge sound reverberated through the air, it instantly cracked, then shattered into fragments. Those fragments glowed with a few remaining flickers of light before being carried away by the wind.

At the same time, a miserable wail that was filled with boundless pain and despair ripped through the air above Burning Moon Royal City.

The mighty Burning Moon Emperor resembled a blood bag that suddenly burst as a large fountain of blood erupted from his body. He was then sent hurtling down toward the churning and collapsing ground that surrounded the capital.


The Heavenly Origin starlight was the next to go after the Heavenly Poison starlight.

Only the Star God divine light belonging to the Heavenly Strength Star God and the Heavenly Chief Star God still shone from his body. They were lights of despair to the Burning Moon Realm as they helped Yun Che endure the power flowing through him.


The Burning Moon God Emperor smashed into the ground heavily, causing a bloody mist to hang in the air… However, his life had not run out just yet. Fen Daozang had sacrificed himself and the Moon Seal to forcefully block Yun Che’s divine strike, but he had managed to protect the Burning Moon God Emperor’s life. The only things that had hit the Burning Moon God Emperor were the aftershocks of Yun Che’s attack.

His life had not ended yet, and his god emperor strength, which had left the radius of Yun Che’s oppressive might, now suddenly erupted. The Burning Moon God Emperor suddenly shot into the air as he frantically tried to flee into the distance.

His body was covered in blood and wounds, and he was even missing half of his left arm, but he very nearly exceeded the limits of his own speed when he tried to run away. He could not feel any pain nor did he care about a thing like dignity. He only felt fear and despair and the only thing he was focused on… was escaping!

Just like a mad dog which had lost its nerve!

However, Yun Che’s blood-colored eyes had not lost him for a single instant.

He did not take a single step forward as his long blood-colored hair wildly danced in the air. Instead, he slowly began to raise his arm and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword, which You’er had transformed into, appeared in front of his palm.

A black light so dense and profound that no words could fully describe it shone from the body of the sword. The moment that black light appeared, every other light in the world went out. Yun Che pressed a finger against the hilt of the sword and gave it the gentlest of pushes.


The Heavenly Strength starlight went out forever.

The final light remaining, the Heavenly Chief starlight was also growing exceptionally faint and dim.

The world seemed to strangely freeze at this moment.

Earth and space stopped shaking and the Burning Moon God Emperor’s body suddenly froze in midair. All sound ceased to exist and the only thing that everyone could see was a black scar cutting the world in two. It passed through the Burning Moon God Emperor’s body and sank into the ground in front of him.

All of a sudden, the world started moving again but it had completely changed… The darkness swiftly receded and a deafening sound blasted into everyone’s ears.

But the earth, heaven, and space had stopped shaking. The despair that had left them trembling and the oppressive might which had very nearly suffocated them had vanished into thin air. It was as if there had been a storm that had been swallowed by the void.

It was as if they had been switched to an entirely different world, as if they had suddenly woken up from the most absurd nightmare.

Yun Che’s body remained in its original spot, not having taken a single step from it throughout this entire affair. However, the spot that he was standing in, which had once been inside the Burning Moon Main Hall, had now been transformed into an empty space. This was incredibly terrifying...

Beneath him lay a pitch-black abyss, it was so deep that even spiritual perception would not be able to reach the bottom.

The terrifying aura that was radiating from his body vanished and his blood-red hair, which had been dancing in the air, became black again, gently falling over his shoulders. His entire body was stained with fresh blood which was slowly dripping from his body into that bottomless abyss below him.


The already frail Heavenly Chief starlight finally went out at this moment. It would never shine ever again.

From this day forth, four of the Twelve Star Gods, whose fame echoed through the history of the Star God Realm, who stood at the pinnacle of the profound way, who countless profound practitioners admired and revered...

Their powers had been lost forever. From now on, there would never again be a Heavenly Chief Star God, Heavenly Origin Star God, Heavenly Strength Star God, or Heavenly Poison Star God...

The Burning Moon God Emperor was also quietly standing where he had been caught. He still looked like he was frozen in the midst of his desperate flight, but he remained completely still. Even his eyes had stopped their trembling.

“My… my lord?” Fen Daoqi was the first to speak. That dreadful imperious might had clearly disappeared, but his body still felt as limp as a wet rag and he could only raise up a single hand.

“Royal… father…” The various princes and princesses called out to their father in weak and trembling voices. They wanted to stand up but their limbs were refusing to heed their commands.

Although it had only lasted an extremely short two breaths, they had experienced a terror and despair that had destroyed their beliefs and convictions in a single instant. Those who were Divine Masters also had an extremely hard time recovering in this short period of time… In fact, it was likely that this event had left a nightmarish dark shadow on their hearts, a shadow they would never be able to escape for the rest of their lives.

“...” The Burning Moon God Emperor dumbly stared into the space in front of him. He could hear the shouts ringing in his ears, but he was unable to reply or even turn his head to look at them.

In this instant, he suddenly could not feel fear anymore. In fact, he could not even feel his own existence.

There was only a single thought left in his heart and soul...

Why… Did… You...

Kill… Me...


A gentle breeze brushed past him at this moment.

The moment that gentle wind touched the Burning Moon God Emperor’s body, he shattered into countless motes of fine dust, his ashes scattering with the wind.

Fen Daojun. After Yue Wuya fell at the hands of the Evil Infant, he was the next god emperor to fall.

But at least Yue Wuya had fallen because he had fought a life-and-death battle with the Evil Infant, and he still managed to leave behind his will and his power. Though he had died a miserable death, he had not lost any of his might or dignity as a god emperor. He had died in a manner befitting a god emperor.

Fen Daojun, however… had not managed to put up the slightest resistance, nor even leave behind a single word. Under the power of a True God, he was no more than a bug squashed under someone’s heel. He had died in an incredibly pathetic and pitiful manner.

The gathered denizens of the Burning Moon Realm had just managed to climb to their feet, but they sank to the ground in despair once more. They had witnessed the Burning Moon God Emperor vanish into a cloud of scattered ashes and shock paralyzed them all.

With a single strike of his palm, he had killed Fen Daozang and shattered the Moon Seal.

With a single stroke of his sword… the Burning Moon God Emperor had been reduced to scattered ashes.

That was the Burning Moon God Emperor! One of the symbols that represented ultimate strength in this universe, a god emperor! An existence that nearly no power could vanquish!

What an absurd nightmare...

This was all simply far too absurd!

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