Chapter 168 - Decision

Against the Gods

Chapter 168 - Decision

"Have you heard of Pellet Formations?" Yun Che asked with a mysterious expression.

"Pellet Formations?"

"Pellet Formations are a type of formless formation, a type of special formation used to refine pellets. My Master once said that using furnaces and flames is the most common method, but is also the most basic method to refine medicine; because this method will cause a large percentage of the medicinal effects to be lost and also has the highest failure rate. But by deploying the Pellet Formation, you will achieve different effects. By using a formation to directly extract and fuse the ingredients, basically none of the medicinal effects will be lost during the process; the failure rate is low, and the time used is much shorter as well. What I used earlier, was the Pellet Formation I spoke of."

Yun Che finished his explanation without any change to his facial expression and heart-rate... But, what he had said was not entirely a bluff. In this world, there indeed exists this kind of thing called the Pellet Formation. His master in the Azure Cloud Continent knew how to use it, and in this Profound Sky Continent, extraordinary people who knows how to deploy Pellet Formations might exist as well. But no matter how experienced or skilled one was with Pellet Formations and purification abilities, it was impossible to compare with the heavenly profound treasure, the Sky Poison Pearl.

Little Fairy's eyebrows slightly curved... The words 'Pellet Formations' were not entirely unfamiliar to her; rather, she seemed to have a slight impression of it. And as her impression of it was this blurry, it proved that Pellet Formations appear very rarely, which also proved that people who were capable of deploying Pellet Formations were even rarer. At the very least, the number one genius doctor of Blue Wind Empire, Gu Qiuhong, did not know how to use it, and similarly, the main pharmacist in her sect also did not know how to use it... nor had she ever mentioned it before.

But the youngster before her, by just covering the ingredients with his hands, was able to turn a pile of ingredients into three pellets which emitted an Emperor Profound aura... The "Pellet Formation" he spoke of, though it did shock her, was not completely unbelievable.

"Mind if I have a look at that pellet of yours?"

Little Fairy stretched out a snow-white hand towards Yun Che. Without even waiting for Yun Che’s consent, a chilling wind blew, and a Dragon Blood Pellet flew to her hand.

Holding up the Dragon Blood Pellet with her fingers and sensing the aura contained within, Little Fairy’s eyes lit up slightly once again. What was hidden in this Dragon Blood Pellet was undoubtedly the aura of a dragon, and it had the aura of the Emperor Profound dragon.

Dragons were revered as the king of beasts. No matter the type of dragon, be it common dragons or a subspecies, dragons were still highly respected amongst the divine beasts in ancient legend, ranking above phoenixes, sky wolves, golden crows, and other similar divine beasts. The tyrannical strength of a dragon’s body can not be compared to any other living being in the world. Even its blood, bones, scales, heart, and meat… Not a single one of them were not worldly treasures. But, because of their extreme tyranny, without going through a complicated refining process, they could not be just simply used on a human’s body; otherwise, not only would that human not gain any benefits, it would cause harm to the body instead.

Something that came from an Emperor Profound Dragon was even more so.

But the dragon aura within this pellet was actually very gentle, and with the assimilation of the various other medicinal ingredients, it became even more attuned to the mechanisms of a human body. Although it possessed the aura of an Emperor Profound Dragon, even a practitioner at the Spirit Profound Realm might be able to cultivate it within his body.

Evidently, in her eyes, this pellet was definitely not a small matter.

With a single movement of Little Fairy’s fingers, the Dragon Blood Pellet flew back onto Yun Che’s hands. Her beautiful eyes looked towards Yun Che, and she calmly said, “I want to ask you a question. You claim to be a genius doctor, and your medical abilities are indeed astonishingly impressive. You were even able to detoxify the Origin Poison in my body with just a wave of your hand, and easily find out about the parasite the Medical Saint, Gu Qiuhong, planted into the Blue Wind Emperor’s body. You even know about ‘Pellet Formations’ and you’re able to casually refine such high-grade pellets… With abilities like these, any one of them is sufficient to shock the entire world. As long as you wish to join a sect, I believe every sect in the Blue Wind Empire would extend their invitations for your entry, allowing you to obtain an extremely high status and endless glory. So, why would you keep yourself within this small Blue Wind Profound Palace, and be a regular Inner Palace disciple?”

“The moment one enters a sect, one is not allowed to leave it for his entire life, and his entire life will be dedicated solely to that one sect; otherwise, he will be treated as a renegade. To me, that’s basically no different from entering a prison cell. What I strive for, is absolute freedom…”

Yun Che did not speak out the latter half of the sentence, which was… Absolute control. And regardless if it was the former or the latter, the first and ultimate condition for him to achieve his goals was to possess formidable strength. This was not because he loved authority or looking down on others, it was because he had lost too much, and now that he had reincarnated, he no longer wished to lose anymore.

Little Fairy’s expression did not change, and she did not even make a slight reaction to his arrogant words. She asked again, “Since you strive for freedom, why did you let me know of these abilities you possess? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll spread the news? If those sects are to know of the incredible medical techniques and refining ability you possess, and since you do not have the strength to protect yourself or retaliate, by then, you will not even be able to think of being free and safe from harm. You will either submit, or be forced to submit.”

“That’s because I believe in you.” Yun Che smiled. “For someone like me, given your level of strength, there is simply no need for you to spare an extra glance at me. But even for such an insignificant being like me, back when I suffered a heavy injury, you did not leave right then and there; rather, you watched over me for several days, and even used your profound arts to heal me… And, you even came back after two months because of the promise we made, and saved my life when I was in danger last night. From all this, I can deduce that even though you look ice-cold on the surface, you’re actually kind at heart. And, for such a beautiful person like Little Fairy, even if someone were to call you an actual fairy, I would definitely believe it as well. No matter how I look at you, I can’t picture you as an evil person.”

“... Hmph, glib-tongued.” Little Fairy’s beautiful eyes shifted to the side. Although she did not sound bothered by his words, her gaze inadvertently softened by a little.

“Little Fairy, may I ask you a question?” Yun Che suddenly said.


“You should be… someone from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, right?” Yun Che probed.

Little Fairy did not answer. She did not admit it, nor did she deny it.

“If you don’t say anything, I will take your silence as a yes.” Yun Che laughed, and then, after a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Then, do you know of a person called Xia Qingyue? She should be a disciple of your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

Little Fairy suddenly set her eyes on Yun Che, “You know of Xia Qingyue?”

Yun Che was shocked by Little Fairy’s reaction to the name “Xia Qingyue”. He nodded and said, “Mn, I know her. I have known her since I was young. Because, like her, I was also born in Floating Cloud City. However, I heard that she had married someone, and not long after her marriage, left Floating Cloud City and headed to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

“That’s right. Qingyue is indeed a disciple of our Immortal Palace. But, you don’t have to inquire about things regarding her any further.” After pausing for a moment, she gave Yun Che a glance, and said, “If you were to represent the Imperial Palace in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament this year, you might be able to see her.”

“She will be participating in this year’s Blue Wind Ranking Tournament?” Yun Che said in surprise. “But, she’s the same age as me. She just turned seventeen recently, isn’t it too forceful for her to participate?”

Back when he had separated from Xia Qingyue, Xia Qinygue’s profound strength had been at the tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm… Even if she had hidden her true strength, at the very most, it would have only been at the Nascent Profound Realm. With the Nascent Profound Realm as her starting point, participating in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament in just a year and a half’s time, is more than just “forceful”.

“Hmph, it’s naturally impossible for others, but it’s possible for Qingyue! In the previous tournament, Ling Yun was able to take the top place at the age of seventeen; our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue is capable of doing it as well! Qingyue’s talent and comprehension ability are never-before-seen since ancient times, and can be said to be unparalleled. Even Ling Yun definitely cannot be compared to her. In the upcoming Blue Wind Ranking Competition, Qingyue only has one opponent, and that’s Ling Yun! If Qingyue had participated in the previous Ranking Tournament, our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would definitely have come up on top! And even if she were to face the current Ling Yun, Qingyue will definitely not lose either.”

As she talked about Xia Qingyue, Little Fairy’s demeanor was completely different from usual. Her indifferent tone carried a deep sense of pride and expectation, and of course, a deep sense of confidence.

Yun Che was speechless for a long while… Lan Xueruo had once described to him the terrifying strength that Ling Yun possessed. And currently, from Little Fairy’s words, she actually had a lot of confidence that Xia Qingyue would be able to defeat Ling Yun, who had already turned twenty years old. He had bestowed the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins upon Xia Qinyue, but talent did not solely consist of gifts brought about by the profound veins, but also understanding of the profound laws, the ability to control them, comprehension, etc...

The year Ling Yun acquired the top seat in the Ranking Tournament, Xia Qingyue was only fourteen years old, and had only entered the Nascent Profound Realm, while Ling Yun was already at the ninth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. Currently, Ling Yun must already have broken through the Spirit Profound Realm, and stepped into the Earth Profound Realm. To be able to enter the Earth Profound Realm below the age of twenty, in the younger generation of the entire Blue Wind Empire, Ling Yun was most probably the only one. It’s impossible for Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to not know of this large difference in strength, but they still possessed such confidence that she would be able to compete against Ling Yun…

Yun Che’s heart started to convulse uncontrollably… If what she said was true, then the talent his wife Qingyue possessed, was truly a little terrifying.

“I know you will not believe it, and you don’t have to believe it either. You have already met Ling Yun yesterday, and even praised him to be ‘devoid of flaws’. But it’s a pity this upcoming Blue Wind Ranking Tournament will become the cause of his fall in fame.”

Yun Che nodded slowly, and said softly, “So she had already become this formidable… Kuh, Little Fairy, do you happen to know of this extremely lucky man who could actually marry such a formidable girl and have her as his wife?”

“The reason she married was to cut away her remaining worldly bonds, and so that her family would not carry the weight of a name as one that goes against promises. When Palace Master had a fateful encounter with her talent, she felt her sincerity, so she was not the least bit worried… Adding on to that, the person she married was someone with crippled profound veins since birth, and he could only be a cripple for his entire life. Qinyue also swore that she would never develop any feelings towards him; hence, an exception was made and she became our Immortal Palace's first married disciple. After her marriage, she immediately returned to our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. In the future, she will never meet the person she married again.”

Yun Che: “…”

“Just as you said, he’s indeed a very lucky man. Even if there’s tens of thousands of him, he would never be worthy of Qingyue. But, since him and Qinyue are officially married, it can be considered a great favor granted to him by the heavens.” Little Fairy glanced at Yun Che, and continued, “Regarding Qingyue, this is all that I can tell you. Since you revealed many of your secrets in front of me, these words can be considered my repayment.”

Thump, thump.

A light knock on the door sounded, and Lan Xueruo’s voice came from the other side of the door. “Junior brother Yun, are you inside?”

At the same time as the knock on the door, an ice aurora fluttered before Yun Che’s eyes, and like a scattering dream, Little Fairy disappeared from the room.

Yun Che walked over to open the door, and before Lan Xueruo could say anything, he said firmly, “Senior sister, I have decided. I want to participate in this upcoming Blue Wind Ranking Tournament!”

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