Chapter 1689 - The Devil Queen Sighs

Against the Gods

Soul Stealing Realm, inside the Soul Stealing Sacred Region.

Chi Wuyao slowly floated down toward the ground before landing gracefully. The moment her toes touched the ground, her black robe wrapped around her, unintentionally showing off every bewitching curve of her sultry body.


A voice rang out in the distance just as she appeared.

After that voice rang out in the air, a girl’s figure soon swirled into existence in front of Chi Wuyao. Her face was as beautiful as exquisite jade and her skin was the color of cream. Her exquisite lips were as red as rubies even though she had not applied any rouge. Her bright eyes were especially eye-catching. Strange colors rippled in those clear and limpid pools, and they looked both pure and alluring.

Her elegant and airy robe clung to her body at her waist and the colorful and enchanting light that shone from her body clearly stated her identity.

The Soul Stealing Realm’s Seventh Witch Hua Jin!

“What’s the matter?” Chi Wuyao asked.

“Reporting to Master, something huge has happened in the Yama Realm. The Yama Barrier collapsed for no reason and the Three Yama Ancestors left the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness and publicly proclaimed Yun Che their new master. After that, the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness itself shook and black clouds filled the skies… All of these events seem to have something to do with Yun Che.”

Chi Wuyao: “...”

“We still don’t have the details of what happened next, but it’s very likely that the Yama Emperor has reached some sort of compromise with Yun Che.”

“I was already aware of these things,” replied Chi Wuyao.

Hua Jin’s voice was filled with anxiety and worry but Chi Wuyao’s voice was exceptionally calm and serene. Not a single ripple could be heard within it.

“He had long planned to go to the Yama Realm even before we headed out to the Burning Moon Realm. He already said that there was a possibility that he could use the Eternal Calamity of Darkness to control the dark yin energy in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness. He intended to use that to deal with the Three Yama Ancestors and coerce the Yama Realm.”

“It looks like he succeeded beyond even his wildest expectations. To think that the mighty Three Yama Ancestors were willing to accept him as their master. He has yet again accomplished something that no one could even imagine.”

Chi Wuyao let out a very soft laugh. “It seems like he really was holding back at that time.”

As she observed the change in Chi Wuyao’s expression, Hua Jin could no longer hold herself back. She asked, “Master, why does it seem like you’re completely unconcerned about this?”

“What is there to worry about?” Chi Wuyao said in a relaxed voice.

Hua Jin said in a worried voice, “There is one thing that we’ve confirmed, and that is the matter of the Three Yama Ancestors recognizing Yun Che as their master. Furthermore, the Three Yama Ancestors personally said that Yun Che has freed them from the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness. This should be the main reason why they were willing to take Yun Che as their master.”

“As for what happened after that, it is clear that the Yama Realm ended up reaching a compromise with Yun Che. If Yun Che is now able to mobilize the forces of the Yama Realm…”

“You’re worried that he will use this opportunity to suppress our Soul Stealing Realm?” Chi Wuyao asked. Her voice did not falter in the slightest when she said those words.

“Yes.” Hua Jin bent her head. “Previously, Yun Che and Yun Qianying were alone and friendless in the Northern Region, but Master was willing to strike a deal with them as equals. But now, if he has truly gained full control of the Yama Realm, the full might of the forces at his disposal, which include the terrifying Three Yama Ancestors, I…”

“Don’t worry, he won’t do such a thing,” Chi Wuyao replied with a faint smile. “Uniting the three king realms was always a shared goal of ours. It’s just that he has accomplished this goal with his own strength.”

“Master, there’s something you’re unaware of,” Hua Jin said. “The Yama Realm swiftly closed off their borders after that and our spies were all pushed far away. It will be very hard for us to get any more information in the meantime. Right now, more than twenty hours have passed and Yun Che shows no sign of returning. In fact, he has not even sent any news back to us.”

Chi Wuyao said, “Such a huge event occured, so there’s no real way to hide it. This forceful intervention is probably Yun Che’s way of sending us a message.” 

“...” Hua Jin’s head jerked up in shock. “Master, since you already know about this, then why don’t you… look the least bit concerned?”

Chi Wuyao smiled faintly and stretched out a jade hand, her delicate fingers gently brushing Hua Jin’s cherry lips. “Don’t you worry, he won’t become our enemy… He won’t ever be our enemy.”

Hua Jin’s lips parted involuntarily. She did not understand where Chi Wuyao’s confidence came from, but the only thing she needed to do when it came to her master’s words was to obey them.

“There isn’t any need to find out what’s happening in the Yama Realm,” Chi Wuyao continued. “In fact, there’s only one thing I need you to do right now.”

“Send something over to the Yama Realm for me.”

“...What do you want me to deliver?” Hua Jin asked.

“An invitation card.”


Hua Jin left with many misgivings in her heart. Chi Wuyao gently turned her body in the direction of the Yama Realm. Then, she let out a soft and gloomy sigh.

“In the end, the will of heaven will always be stronger than the schemes of man. Everything has happened far too early.”

“But this is fine too…”

“From the beginning to the end, I... am also my own pawn.”


Several days passed before Yun Che emerged from the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness.

Yan Wu had personally been standing guard over the entrance of the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness all this while. The moment she saw Yun Che, she gave him a deep bow and said, “Yan Wu greets my lord. Yan Wu greets the ancestors.”

Compared to the frigid scowl she had worn on her face just a few days ago along with the sharp and icy glares she used to give Yun Che before, Yan Wu’s attitude had undergone a drastic change.

“Have you found the person I’m looking for?” Yun Che asked in a calm voice.

“Reporting to my lord, we have already brought that person here twelve hours ago and we did not leave behind any tracks. Only a few people from the Imperial Heaven Realm are aware of this matter.” Yan Wu reported to Yun Che.

“Very good.” Yun Che’s gaze swept past her as he walked towards the imperial hall.

Tian Guhu had been brought to the Yama Realm in a daze. The news of the Yama Realm’s dramatic transformation had not yet reached the Imperial Heaven Realm when Yan E came to get him.

Tian Guhu had suffered a miserable defeat to Yun Che in front of all the other Heavenly Sovereigns and notable figures of the Northern Divine Region during the Heavenly Sovereign Assembly. However, his defeat had not created any lasting trauma for Tian Guhu. On the contrary, the words that Yun Che had left him had greatly shaken his conceited beliefs. 

The Yama Emperor had given an order summoning him to the Yama Realm and a Yama Devil had personally arrived to escort him there. Even though Imperial Heaven Realm King Tian Muyi had great misgivings about this, he did not dare go against the summons. Instead he had been determined to follow him here and it was Tian Guhu who had persuaded him not to. So Tian Guhu had followed Yan E back to the Yama Realm by himself.

Even though Tian Guhu was the most heralded youngster in the Northern Divine Region, the most famous person in his generation, none of these things applied to the king realms. They existed a level above the rest of them.

The Imperial Heaven Realm had been friendly with the Yama Realm for generations, but once someone scratched the surface, this “friendly relationship” undoubtedly turned into a relationship between a superior and subordinate. Furthermore, it was a gap of superiority that the lesser person could never hope to overcome. Even with Tian Guhu’s status, it was exceedingly rare for him to see someone like the former leader of the Yama Ghosts, Yan Sangeng, much less people like the Yama Devils or the Yama Emperor.

One could only imagine how badly Tian Guhu’s heart was shaken upon seeing the fabled Yama Devils as he entered the imperial hall.

His eyes quivered with reverence and fear as he looked towards the center of the imperial hall. His feet froze and his eyes widened dramatically when he saw what was before him. He could not bring himself to believe what he was seeing, no matter how hard he tried.

The emperor of the Yama Realm, Yan Tianxiao. Tian Guhu had the fortune to see him once when he had followed his father here after entering the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereign Ranking.

However, the strongest and most exalted god emperor in his eyes was actually standing to the side of the throne!

And the person who was seated on that throne was...

Yun Che!?

“Tian Guhu,” Yun Che said in a cool voice, “it’s been a few months since we last met. Do you still remember me?”

“Yun… Che!” Tian Guhu’s voice trembled as he blurted out that name in shock. He checked his surroundings once more, but he still could not bring himself to believe what he was seeing.

These days, the entire Northern Divine Region had been shaken by the name “Yun Che”.

He was the inheritor of a Devil Emperor’s legacy and he had unleashed the power of a True God to cut the Burning Moon God Emperor down in the heart of his own realm. It had been such a shocking sight that the Moon Eaters had given up without a fight… There were even rumors that he was going to be crowned emperor of the Soul Stealing Realm!

Each rumor was more shocking and unbelievable than the next… However, news of Fen Daojun’s death and the Burning Moon Realm’s surrender soon followed and these rumors became irrefutable facts. When everyone heard the news, it literally took their breath away.

It was also this news that caused the words that Yun Che had said to Tian Guhu to reverberate in his heart more and more violently. In fact, his emotions had become so strong and intense in the last few days that he had been seized by the impulse to rush over to the Soul Stealing Realm to beg for an audience more than ten times, and had almost given in.

But he had never dreamed that he would get his desired meeting in the Yama Realm! He had never dreamed that he would meet Yun Che again when he was sitting on the throne that only the Yama Emperor could touch!

This was a scene that would astound anyone, a scene that utterly boggled the mind.

“Tian Guhu,” Yun Che said with narrowed eyes, his gaze becoming exceptionally sharp. “This is such a minor occasion, but you’ve reacted in such an ugly manner. Do your so-called pride and aspirations only amount to this much?”

Yun Che’s words were like a hammer smashing against Tian Guhu’s heart. His soul shuddered as he secretly bit down on the tip of his tongue. His mind finally regained some clarity amidst that intense pain.

He slowly sucked in a breath of air as he gave a solemn and respectful bow. “Imperial Heaven Realm’s Tian Guhu has come to visit the Yama Realm. It is my great honor to be able to see Senior Yun, the Yama Emperor, and all of the Yama Devils.”

Yun Che did not reply. Instead, he slowly got to his feet and began walking in his direction.

As he stood up, the Three Yama Ancestors hurriedly followed behind him.

Tian Guhu had never seen the three stooped and ugly old men behind Yun Che before, but when he looked at them… just when he looked at them, he felt his soul go numb as it soundlessly quaked. It was as if an invisible claw had seized him so tightly that he could not even hope to struggle free, a claw that only needed an instant to consign him to the eternal abyss of death. 

He had only felt such a sensation when he had paid a visit to the Yama Emperor all those years ago.

Given his current cultivation, his mind was far stronger than it had been before. Yet the three old men behind Yun Che made him feel the same frightening sensation he had felt back then.

Tian Guhu’s incredible astonishment had caused his body to tremble all over, an action that he was entirely incapable of controlling. However, he forced himself to stand up straight as he fiercely fought to keep his gaze calm and aloof… He was well aware that a piece of trash that would sink to his knees due to the other person’s aura would never be respected.

“I heard that you gave yourself the name Tian Guhu.”

Yun Che walked toward him. When he finally spoke again, he was only a few steps away from Tian Guhu. “You were infuriated by the fact that everyone around you was content to be trapped inside this prison. They either lived dispirited lives or sought to kill one another for personal gain. Not only did they have no determination to defy their fate, they were even active participants in digging their own grave. A grave that was already as deep as an abyss.”

Tian Guhu’s heart was violently shaken by those words. He slowly nodded his head as he replied, “Yes.”

“But… what did these high-minded aspirations amount to? I, Tian Guhu, am not only alone in these aspirations, but I am also nothing more than a piece of trash who can’t even cause a single ripple as the Northern Divine Region tumbles toward its inevitable fate.”

“You’re very self-aware.” Yun Che said coolly. “No matter how high-minded your aspirations are, they will be nothing more than a fatuous joke if you do not possess sufficient power.”

“...” Tian Guhu clenched his teeth.

“Then, I will give you an opportunity.” Yun Che gave him a deep look as he said those words. “I can give you power that exceeds your father’s, but I have one condition. I want you to become the spear that breaks out of the cage that is the Northern Divine Region, a spear that will pierce into the three other divine regions… A spear that can break at any instant. Do you dare to accept this condition?”

Tian Guhu was utterly stunned by those words. For a moment, he even suspected his hearing had gone awry. “What did… you say?”

“You don’t need to doubt my words or worry whether I can accomplish what I said or not. You only need to give me one answer. Do you ‘dare’, or do you ‘not dare’?”

The Yama Ancestors were behind him and the Yama Emperor and his Yama Devils formed a ring around them. Yun Che’s every word evoked a spiritual pressure that was no less heavy than the might of a god emperor. They brooked no suspicion.

“...” Tian Guhu’s mind swam in confusion, but his will and beliefs had received an incredibly violent blow. He practically spoke without thinking when he gave his reply, “This is something I have dreamed of my entire life, an opportunity that I’ve been begging for. Why… wouldn’t… I… dare!?”

“Very good.” Yun Che praised him in a cold and calm voice. After that, his brows suddenly sank. “Restrain him.”

As he gave that order, the Three Yama Ancestors immediately appeared around Tian Guhu. They simultaneously released their power, instantly forcing Tian Guhu to his knees. His power had been utterly suppressed and he could not even move a single muscle.

Tian Guhu had the strength to fight against level ten Divine Sovereigns despite only being a level seven Divine Sovereign, but he was nothing more than a pitiful worm in front of a Yama Ancestor.

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