Chapter 1707 - Icy Heart

Against the Gods

Eastern Divine Region, Snow Song Realm.

Flame God Realm King Huo Poyun wore a set of red clothes that made him look like he was covered in fire. The clothes had the divine symbols of the Golden Crow, Vermillion Bird and Phoenix on them, a sign that he treated all three sects equally despite having come from the Golden Crow Sect.

Having spent three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm and becoming the first true realm king of the Flame God Realm, Huo Poyun was no longer the innocent, stubborn, and indecisive young man he once was. His eyes looked friendly, but sometimes fire would flash behind his pupils and betray the true power inside his body.

An infinite span of snow sat beneath his feet, but it showed no signs of melting despite being walked on by the Flame God Realm King himself.

He had been cultivating inside the Ancient God Burying Inferno Prison and getting better and better at wielding fire for the past few years.

In the Ice Phoenix Realm, Huo Poyun stopped in front of a female disciple who came to welcome him and smiled amiably. “Please inform Realm King Bingyun that the Flame God Huo Poyun has come to visit.”

The Flame God Realm ascended the ranks and became an upper star realm after Huo Poyun became the realm king. But the Snow Song Realm’s status had dropped like a rock after losing their realm king, Mu Xuanyin.

Normally, when a higher realm king deigned to visit a middle star realm himself, it was a glorious moment for the realm and a questionable decision for the king.

But the relationship between the Snow Song Realm and the Flame God Realm was rather unusual. Everyone in the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect had already gotten used to the Flame God Realm King’s frequent visits.

Instead of going away and reporting to Mu Bingyun, the Ice Phoenix disciple bowed politely before replying, “The sect master is in secluded cultivation as of late, so she is not seeing guests unless it is an urgent matter. However, she has said that you are free to tour the sect as you please whenever you come visiting.”

Huo Poyun nodded. “In that case, I will save us both the pleasantries… is Fairy Feixue in the sect right now?”

Huo Poyun had come alone. The Ice Phoenix disciple who was answering his question didn’t show any sign of surprise toward his inquiry either. “Senior Sister Feixue is currently in the Thirty-sixth Palace of the Ice Phoenix Palace. You may head there on your own if that is your wish, Flame God Realm King.”

An outsider would’ve been shocked by how “poorly” the female disciple of a middle realm sect was treating a higher realm king.

“Ice Phoenix Palace?” Huo Poyun looked surprised. While the Ice Phoenix Palace was a pretty high level palace in the Ice Phoenix Divine Sect, Mu Feixue was the direct disciple of the realm king herself. Why would she be at the Ice Phoenix Palace?

The Ice Phoenix disciple replied, “The Thirty-sixth Palace is the place Senior Brother Yun Che used to live. That is why she often goes there to mediate.”

Huo Poyun’s expression froze for an instant, but it quickly melted into an amiable smile again. “I see. In that case, please lead the way.”

They entered the Thirty-sixth Palace. The ice-forged structure was cold and silent, but the interior was covered in countless snowflakes and icicles. They shone like an endless expanse of stars and gave off the impression that there was no end to its snowy borders.

Huo Poyun had detected Mu Feixue’s aura immediately, but he chose to walk around the palace instead of interrupting whatever she was doing immediately.

But his footsteps came to an abrupt stop when he saw an icy tree not far away from him.

Yun Che

Yun Che

Yun Che


Yun Che’s name was engraved on almost every leaf of the icy tree. Big, small, deep, shallow.

They looked like they were carved by a woman’s fingernail, but every word was so well made that one could practically see the grief-stricken thoughts behind them. 

Huo Poyun clenched his fists unconsciously. He was so shaken that he actually swayed on his feet and stumbled a little.

He started recalling the day his friendship with Yun Che ended when the latter came back to life and returned to the Snow Song Realm...

“Yet… I personally heard… from a discussion between two Ice Phoenix disciples that she had long ago been given to you by your master as a dual cultivation partner!! That was something that I personally heard… Personally heard! Yet you did not mention a single word of this to me! You only gave me your insincere consolation, you were basically… basically seeing my joke play out!”

Yun Che replied indifferently after he was done shouting.

“Listen, after I had just finished the ceremony of taking her as my master back then, Master did indeed nominate Feixue to be my dual cultivation partner and she even announced it in front of everyone. However… I rejected it and Master consented to my decision as well.”

“But because Master had announced this thing in front of everyone, if she were to then announce publicly that I had rejected Mu Feixue, it would have undoubtedly led to Mu Feixue being ridiculed by others. As a result, this was not announced to the public. But Feixue and I never had a relationship as dual cultivation partners and the amount of time I have spent interacting with her during the years I was in the Snow Song Realm did not even amount to the few words exchanged between us in the Illusory Smoke City!”

“It’s fine. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. This is no longer something important to me. Also, this is the last time I will call you Brother Poyun.”

“Young Sect Master Huo… See you some other time.”

Huo Poyun remembered clearly how indifferent Yun Che sounded. Forget anger or agitation, he could barely sense any emotion behind his voice at all.

The only time he saw a bit of emotion from Yun Che was when the young man looked back at him after throwing down the words, “Young Sect Master Huo.”

Huo Poyun exhaled slowly before returning to normal, the temporary confusion completely gone from his eyes… he was the Flame God Realm King now. He could no longer afford to lose control over himself this easily.

But as he continued staring at the words on the leaf, his mind became dragged into the rivers of memories again… he recalled the day the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left the Primal Chaos, and Yun Che’s fate took a drastic turn…


Huo Poyun was flying on his own. Today was the day the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was to leave the Primal Chaos, and as a level five Divine Master he absolutely had the right to see her off.

But he didn’t feel any excitement even though he was about to witness the end of the devilish threat, and the making of a new history. All he felt was irritation and frustration.

At his level, he was of course aware that Yun Che was the one who gave them the best outcome they could possibly hope for. As the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said, he was without a doubt the God Child Messiah.


He slowed down until he came to a complete stop. A long time later, he suddenly turned around and started traveling back to the Flame God Realm.

“This is the first and last time anyone’s going to send off the Devil Emperor herself. So why are you turning back, Sect Master Huo?”

Huo Poyun stopped again when he heard the voice. He replied with a smile, “And why are turning back, Brother Luo?”

A figure quickly approached him from the horizon. He was dressed in white robes, and he looked absolutely outstanding. He was none other than Luo Changsheng.

“My reason is a simple one.” Luo Changsheng smiled. “I just don’t want to see a certain someone, that’s all. Let me guess… is your reason the same as mine?”

Huo Poyun: “...”

“Since fate has brought us together today, would you like to visit the Holy Eaves Realm?” Luo Changsheng offered.

“Sure.” Huo Poyun didn’t turn down the invitation. “I had been planning to visit your master for some time and apologize to her. After all… I was the reason she got hurt in the first place.”

After Yun Che came back, and he accidentally heard his conversation with Mu Feixue, he lost control of his jealousy and revealed to Luo Changsheng the fact that he was alive… as a result, Luo Guxie personally traveled to the Snow Song Realm to exact her revenge.

However, the only thing she got for her efforts was a broken arm.

Huo Poyun had regretted his decision the moment he sent the message to Luo Changsheng… but what was done couldn’t be taken back, and what happened afterward was absolutely beyond his ability to control.

Surprisingly, Luo Changsheng shook his head before saying, “Master has been in a foul mood since that defeat. It is best if you visit her another time. Once her feelings have improved, I will transmit your feelings to her myself.”

“As for the apology…” Luo Changsheng shook his head again and sighed. “You did nothing wrong at all. In fact, I’m the one who owes you a big favor. Please be assured that I will repay it when an opportunity presents itself.”

“It’s fine,” Huo Poyun replied indifferently and gloomily.

Luo Changsheng stared at Huo Poyun for a long while before replying, “Speaking of which, there was something that I have been curious about for the longest time. Before you entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, you and Yun Che were close friends. When you heard that Yun Che had passed away, I could also see that your grief was as real as it was deep. So why are you suddenly holding a grudge against him?”

“Knowing your character, you’ll never harbor ill will toward anyone without good reason. I wonder if you would kindly share your reason with me?”

“There is no reason,” Huo Poyun replied. “I was petty-minded. That’s all there is to it.”

“Is it because of a certain Fairy Ice Snow called Mu Feixue?” A smile spread across Luo Changsheng’s face.

Huo Poyun abruptly slowed his steps.

“There aren’t many pains in the world that could rival the loss of love.” Luo Changsheng sighed. “And that is especially true for someone like you…”

“Enough.” Huo Poyun’s breathing grew visibly rapid, and it took him a moment before he finally regained control of himself. “As I said earlier, it is I who had been petty-minded. Please… don’t speak of it again.”

“Forgive me,” Luo Changsheng said and fell silent.

The two traveled very slowly toward the Holy Eaves Realm as Luo Changsheng talked about nothing in particular.

Suddenly, Luo Changsheng stopped talking as his expression changed drastically. His shock only grew worse and worse over time.

“What’s wrong?” Huo Poyun asked with a frown.

“Yun Che… is a devil person!” Luo Changsheng muttered.

“What!?” Huo Poyun abruptly turned toward him.

Luo Changsheng waved his hand and gave Huo Poyun the sound transmission he just heard.

The Devil Gods almost managed to enter the Primal Chaos… the Devil Emperor forcefully ejected herself and her people outside… the Evil Infant suddenly showed up to seal the Crimson Crack… the Eternal Heaven God Emperor attacked her and threw her outside of the Primal Chaos as well… when all was well, and all threats to Primal Chaos were gone, Yun Che suddenly leaked darkness profound energy and spouted absolutely outrageous things.

Panic and confusion spread inside Huo Poyun’s heart like wildfire. He couldn’t even begin to imagine what had happened at the edge of the Primal Chaos. Suddenly, Luo Changsheng said, “Oh no… the Moon God Emperor was going to execute Yun Che herself, but the Brama Monarch Goddess was able to send him away with the Void Illusion Stone at the last moment!”

“The god emperors are ordering everyone to search for Yun Che everywhere…”

Luo Changsheng suddenly stopped talking again. Both he and Huo Poyun were staring at a certain object right ahead of them.

It was a motionless figure. They could even see a faint amount of dark energy seeping out of the body.

“Yun Che!” Huo Poyun and Luo Changsheng shouted at the same time.

The motionless person was none other than Yun Che himself.

The slave imprint was about to crumble completely when Qianye Ying’er tossed out the Void Illusion Stone. As a result of the conflicting wills inside her head, she lost control of her power slightly and accidentally knocked Yun Che out even though the rescue attempt was a success.

“Heh, hahahaha!” Luo Changsheng laughed loudly after overcoming his shock. “This is truly… a gift from the heavens themselves.”

He was about to pounce toward Yun Che when an arm suddenly blocked his way. “Wait a second.”

Huo Poyun watched the unconscious Yun Che cautiously before saying, “Don’t be careless.”

He then started circulating his profound energy and summoned the golden crow flames. “Yun Che has countless secrets and trump cards. He was a man who was able to escape what seemed to be certain death again and again. We cannot be…”

He hit Luo Changsheng squarely in the ribs before he finished his sentence.

Luo Changsheng’s attention had been completely drawn to Yun Che, and he never thought that Huo Poyun, another man besides himself who bore a grudge against Yun Che would attack him at this moment.

Completely caught off guard and far too close to Huo Poyun to dodge out of the way, Luo Changsheng was sent flying tens of kilometers away while blood sprayed out of his throat. Meanwhile, Huo Poyun had rushed to Yun Che’s side, grabbed him, gathered all his power and raced toward the horizon.

Luo Changsheng pressed a hand to his chest and stared darkly at the fleeing Huo Poyun. 

“Huo Poyun!” A savage roar exploded from behind Huo Poyun. “Yun Che isn’t the God Child Messiah anymore! He is the heretic everyone wishes to eliminate! Do you mean… to drag the entire Flame God Realm into the grave with you!?”

“...” Blood seeped from between Huo Poyun’s teeth. He didn’t reply or slow down even the slightest.

Although Luo Changsheng was hurt, he was still much faster than Huo Poyun. As the distance between them shortened more and more, Luo Changsheng threatened in an even darker tone than before. “I have not told anyone about this yet. I’ll give you one last chance to change your mind considering our friendship. Give Yun Che to me… or the Flame God Realm won’t be the only thing that’s going down with you!”

A war was happening in Huo Poyun’s head, but he still didn’t speak or slow down at all.

Suddenly, his pupils shrank.

He sensed two incredibly powerful auras coming his way… both were stronger than him.

The masters of the auras appeared in front of him in the next breath.

One of them was Jun Xilei, one of the profound practitioners who entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm with him!

The other person was her master, Sword Sovereign Jun Wuming.


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