Chapter 1712 - Blood of Darkness

Against the Gods

Everyone in the Northern Divine Region originally had two opinions regarding the tragic destruction of the three star realms. The first was they had been destroyed due to some massive grudge and the second was that some elite committed this grave crime after going insane. However, once they discovered the “truth”, that it was the “Eastern Divine Region’s Eternal Heaven God Realm” who had been behind this heinous act, it had undoubtedly viciously stabbed into the nerves of every profound practitioner in the Northern Divine Region.

Furthermore, this news was not only being disseminated verbally, countless Profound Imagery Stones were also being spread through the Northern Divine Region… and the images contained within the stones included the shattered remains of the star realms, the scene of the Witches’ investigation, Ye Jiancheng’s howl of pain and despair, and… a gigantic white cauldron.

Shock, indignation, and fury… crazily swept through the Northern Divine Region like a plague as the news spread.

The dark profound practitioners had always been scorned by the world, it had been like this from the beginning. The moment their aura leaked out when they were outside of the Northern Divine Region, they would be mercilessly hunted down and killed by the profound practitioners from the other divine regions… and their killers even did this in the name of “justice”.

They were bitter and resentful, but they were also powerless to do anything about the situation… But at the very least, they had a place they could hide in. As long as they hid in that dark prison forever, they would not be hunted down by those profound practitioners from the “righteous” factions.

But now, these “righteous” powers from the other divine regions had actually stretched their claws towards the last place of refuge. And the one who had perpetrated this act was the “Eternal Heaven God Realm”, the king realm which was the symbol of “righteousness” in the Eastern Divine Region.

This act was akin to cutting off their escape route, crossing their bottom line.

And they had even destroyed three star realms in one night!

Shock, fear, bewilderment… These feelings soon transformed into a raging fury which burned hotter and hotter.

One day passed...

Two days passed...

Three days passed...

While throughout the entire Northern Divine Region, the dark blood of its people had reached its boiling point. At this time, a dark screen was projected towards every corner of the region.

This was the first time this had happened since the grand coronation ceremony a year ago.

The Soul Stealing Sacred Region slowly materialized on these dark screens again. The three king realms had already been gathered within the Sacred Region, along with a group of realm kings who had rushed over after being hastily summoned.

When the image on the screens started to move again, the Northern Divine Region, which was shaking in fury, fell into a swift silence. The response of the king realms, something which they had been eagerly waiting for, had finally arrived.

The figure of Devil Queen Chi Wuyao appeared in the center of the screen. Her body was still cloaked in that faint black mist, but no one could sense any alluring seductiveness emanating from her body this time. Instead, a dark coldness which pierced one’s soul radiated from her body and even those watching through the screens were chilled by it.

Chi Wuyao pushed a hand forward and an image sprang up from a Profound Imagery Stone. Astonishingly enough, it was the images that had come from “Bo Xishan’s” Profound Imagery Stone and they could clearly see the silhouette of the Great Void Cauldron among those images.

“As everyone can see,” Chi Wuyao said in a cold voice. Her words were curt and to the point. “The tool that was used to destroy three star realms in the south of the Northern Divine Region was this cauldron.”

“This cauldron is known as the Great Void Cauldron. It is the divine artifact left to the Eastern Divine Region’s Eternal Heaven God Realm by the gods. It is impossible to forge the divine inscriptions on its surface, impossible to duplicate the divine light that is unique to it alone. Many of the star realms in our Northern Divine Region have detailed records of its appearance and characteristics.”

After the Devil Queen spoke those words, restless whispers immediately started to circulate among all the people who were watching.

In the end, a rumor was only a rumor. But once the Devil Queen had confirmed this rumor as fact, when the last bit of doubt and uncertainty had been shattered. The hearts of those who dwelled in the Northern Divine Region were violently shaken.

Chi Wuyao continued, “When profound practitioners from the other divine regions enter our Northern Region, they will definitely be attacked by the darkness. However, this Great Void Cauldron, the strongest spatial artifact in the Eastern Divine Region, can allow its user to teleport over long distances as long as you inject enough Eternal Heaven divine power into it.”

“The people from the Eternal Heaven God Realm used the spatial powers of this cauldron to avoid as much damage from the darkness as they could when they ventured deep into the southern part of our divine region. So as to not leave behind any traces of their Eternal Heaven divine power, they poured their power into the cauldron and used it to destroy three star realms. After that, they immediately used the Great Void Cauldron’s spatial divine power to flee the scene of the crime.”

“This expedition was not only cruel and vicious, it was also exceedingly clever.” Chi Wuyao’s voice grew solemn. “If several things hadn’t all happened, we would not have been able to identify the perpetrator based on the traces of energy left behind. Fodder Realm King Ye Jianchen survived and managed to catch a glimpse of the cauldron before slipping into unconsciousness. A profound practitioner who was just passing through the area recorded the image. If these things and more hadn’t all happened, we might even have started questioning each other because of this disaster.”

Even as Chi Wuyao was announcing the “truth” to the entire Northern Divine Region, she was also assuaging their doubts and questions. The words stoked the fires of shock and fury in their hearts even as they sent a chill down their spines.

No wonder they could venture so deep into the Northern Divine Region without leaving a single trace behind!

“Devil Queen, why exactly did the Eastern Region’s Eternal Heaven God Realm do such a thing!?”

The one who yelled those words was the leader of the gathered realm kings, Tian Muyi. His voice grew sorrowful and tragic, “The three divine regions have always viewed us dark profound practitioners as a heresy that must be stamped out. They’ve ground us under their heel. To the point where we don’t even dare to take half a step out of the Northern Divine Region! We’re already in such pathetic and dire straits, but… are they actually preparing to deliver the coup de grâce now?”

“Preparing?” Desolate Calamity Realm King Huo Tianxing yelled, his hair standing on end. His entire body was trembling as he continued, “They destroyed three of our star realms in the span of a single night. Does it still look like preparation to you!? They’ve already started their wicked scheme! In fact, this calamity might very well fall upon our heads the next time they strike!”

“How dare they!? How far do they want to push our Northern Divine Region before they’re satisfied!?”

“This Great Void Cauldron is far too terrifying! There’s basically no way to defend against it. Furthermore, this may just be their opening hand… To think that the Eternal Heaven God Realm would act so tyrannically!!” 

The gathered realm kings had already worked themselves up into a furious rage when they had gathered in the Sacred Region and this fury soon spread to countless profound practitioners across the Northern Divine Region.

Chi Wuyao raised a hand before suddenly giving a long sigh of lament. She said, “The Eternal Heaven God Realm actually does have a reason for doing this.”

When she finished saying those words, she tapped the air with her finger, causing another image to be projected to the rest of the Northern Divine Region.

Astonishingly enough, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself appeared in this image. And beside him was his son, Zhou Qingchen!

Besides the two of them, there was also a cluster of exceptionally pure and brilliant green light… That was the Untamed Divine Marrow in the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s hand.

“You told me that Yun Che has the power to eliminate the dark energy inside my son.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor on the screen continued to speak. “I hope… you’re not playing a trick on me.”

Amidst everyone’s dazed bewilderment, the scene quickly changed. It turned into a scene of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and Honorable Tai Yu flying into the distance. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s voice was filled with grief and hatred as it rang throughout every corner of the Northern Divine Region.

“I will gather everything the Eternal Heaven God Realm has… the Eastern Divine Region… and even the three divine regions themselves… to destroy the Northern Divine Region and grind both of you down to ash!”

The image started to slowly fade after those words had been broadcast. Chi Wuyao turned around to look at the wide-eyed realm kings. “The person within these images is the Eastern Divine Region’s Eternal Heaven God Emperor, and his son, the Eternal Heaven Crown Prince, Zhou Qingchen.”

“One and a half years ago, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor used the Untamed Divine Marrow to set up a meeting with this queen so that I could get rid of the darkness energy inside his son’s body. We arranged to meet at the border of our two regions. But in truth, he was actually looking for an opportunity to ambush this queen. After the Devil Master and I saw through his scheme, we killed his son in retaliation…”

Chi Wuyao suddenly paused before continuing, “That is how it all started.”

Chi Wuyao had continued speaking, but the vicious and determined vow of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was still reverberating in their ears.

He would gather everything the Eternal Heaven God Realm has, the Eastern Divine Region, and even the three divine regions themselves… to destroy the Northern Divine Region!?

It was at this moment that Yun Che descended from the sky. His gaze swept across the people gathered below him before he spoke in an impassive voice, “The entire world knows that this Devil Master was born in the Eastern Divine Region. The fact that I now call the Northern Divine Region my home may be the will of the Devil Emperor, but it is also something the Eastern Divine Region drove me to. And even though I am forced to live in this land of darkness, I’m still viewed as a budding calamity that has to be rooted out.”

Yun Che slowly raised his head to the sky. His eyes glimmered with black light and his devilish might caused everyone’s heart to palpitate. “When this Devil Master was crowned, I made this devilish vow. I vowed that I, as the Devil Master of these lands, would no longer let the land I dwell in be bullied or oppressed by anybody!”

“This calamity also arose because of this Devil Master. So… this Devil Master will personally go to the Eastern Region’s Eternal Heaven God Realm and extract our pound of flesh from them! I will make them pay back this debt a hundredfold! I will let them know that the Northern Divine Region ruled by this Devil Master is not a place that can be oppressed!”

Yun Che’s words shocked everyone who was listening. Yama Emperor Yan Tianxiao swiftly spoke up. “How can we blame the Devil Master for this!? Your Magnificence, you are exalted above all devils, you bear the future of the Northern Region on your back! We can’t let you throw yourself into danger!”

“This was not merely the destruction of three star realms. It was a shot across the bow! The Eastern Divine Region is taunting us, looking down on us, and trying to humiliate us! They’ve not only acted in such a vicious and despicable manner, they have also… crossed our bottom line! Trampled on our pride!”

“Devil Master!” Yan Tianxiao suddenly dropped to his knees as he shouted, “Yama Realm King Yan Tianxiao has received the favor of the Devil Master and my dark powers are no longer reliant on these dark lands. I request that Your Magnificence allows this Tianxiao to mobilize the Yama Realm. We will charge out of the Northern Region and avenge both today’s tragedies and yesterday’s shame!!”

Just as Yan Tianxiao finished speaking, another person swiftly dropped to his knees. “Burning Moon’s Fen Daoqi requests permission for the Moon Eaters to mobilize and do battle with the Eastern Divine Region! We are willing to use our bodies and the dark powers Your Magnificence has bestowed upon us to avenge the wrong that has been done to us today, to wash away the resentment of the past!”

Stepping out of the Northern Region, attacking the Eastern Region, avenging the grievances of the past… These fantastical words, words that seemed to come straight out of a dream, fiercely crashed into the hearts of every profound practitioner of the Northern Divine Region.

That was right, it was a dream… Because the only thing they had been able to do for the past million years was to cower in this dark cage as they were hemmed in on all sides by the other three divine regions. 

One era had passed after the other, older generations gave way to new, but no one had ever stepped outside of this prison.

As their prison grew smaller and smaller, the Northern Region also grew increasingly pathetic and this so-called “escape” had become more and more of a dream.

But right now, these words had actually been uttered by two of their great king realms, they were actually reverberating through every corner of the Northern Divine Region.

“That’s right!” Devil Queen Chi Wuyao said in a low voice. “In the past, our dark powers were limited because of this. But today, with the blessings of the Devil Master, we have obtained the qualifications to step out of this place! If the Eastern Divine Region chooses to behave in such a tyrannical manner, then how can we, the leaders of the Northern Region, tolerate this anymore!?”

“No! This is definitely not a matter that only concerns the king realms!” Imperial Heaven Realm King Tian Muyi raised his head. His voice was filled with emotion as it shook. “My father’s generation, grandfather’s generation, great-grandfather’s generation… they were trapped in the Northern Divine Region for their entire lives. They weren’t able to take even a single step out of it! We can elevate ourselves, exalt ourselves, all we want in these dark lands, but… in the eyes of the world, in the eyes of the three divine regions who trapped us in here, we are nothing more than a bunch of domesticated beasts!”

“One million years. ONE MILLION YEARS!” Tian Muyi’s voice grew even more agitated. “And what’s even more tragic than this is that countless numbers of our dark brethren have long since resigned themselves to their fates, long since grown numb to their circumstances. Let us not even speak of struggling against fate, because our last bit of pride and hot-bloodedness had been extinguished. We had truly been reduced to nothing more than animals!”

Tian Muyi’s words shook everyone’s soul, they cut straight to the heart.

“But… my Imperial Heaven Realm has had enough!” Darkness surged up from his palm, his transformed dark powers radiating a pure devilish might. “There is no need for us to tolerate this anymore!”

“The Eastern Divine Region trampled on us once more by destroying three of our star realms, but at the same time… this was also a warning given to us by the heavens! Guidance given to us from above!”

He pointed his palm to the sky as dark energy spread out from it. “The Imperial Heaven Realm seeks permission to step out of the Northern Region. With the darkness in my hand, I will avenge today’s debt, and… take back the dignity that our Northern Divine Region has lost over these last million years!!” 

Countless profound practitioners felt their bodies and souls hum with vibrant energy. This was especially true for the profound practitioners of the Imperial Heaven Realm. When they heard their realm king’s shocking words, their first reaction was not shock and fear. Instead, they felt their blood start to boil as pure rage surged through their bodies.

“Well said!” Desolate Calamity Realm King Huo Tianxing yelled. Darkness flared from his body and his voice sounded even more strident and fierce than Mu Tianyi’s. “We had no choice but to grit our teeth and bear these indignities in the past. But now that the Devil Master has blessed us with his exalted darkness, why do we have to endure this any longer!?”

“Let us do what our ancestors could not!”

“My Desolate Calamity Realm requests for permission to step out of the Northern Divine Region! Even if our bodies break, even if our bones shatter, even if our blood soaks the ground of the Eastern Divine Region, our efforts will not be in vain!”

“Your Magnificence!” Tian Guhu stood up. His body was as straight as an arrow and his eyes were like two cold pools of water. One hundred of the youngest Divine Sovereigns in the Northern Divine Region stood before him. He spoke in a proud voice, “We Northern Region Heavenly Sovereigns have been crowned with glory our entire lives, yet we have not made even a single notable contribution.”

“For the last bit of glory and honor that remains to the Northern Divine Region, we Northern Region Heavenly Sovereigns seek permission to step out of the Northern Region! Furthermore, we are also willing to be the vanguard, the spearhead that is thrust first into the Eastern Divine Region. We will not regret the choice we make today, even if we die undertaking it!”

Tian Guhu’s words shook all of the profound practitioners in the Northern Divine Region yet again… His words especially stirred the hearts and souls of the Northern Region’s young profound practitioners.

Every single one of the Northern Region Heavenly Sovereigns were undoubtedly the creme de la creme of the Northern Divine Region’s youth. Nearly all of them possessed the most exalted of statuses and the world could only admire, look up to, or envy them.

But today, these young profound practitioners, who were born into a life of luxury, whom the commoners thought lived like princes and princesses high above the clouds, were not only requesting permission to step out of the Northern Region, they were even requesting to be the vanguard of the expeditionary force. They had truly… placed the dignity of the Northern Divine Region above their own lives.

Once they heard Tian Guhu’s words, any doubt and fear that still lingered in the hearts of the youngest Divine Sovereigns of the Northern Divine Region completely disappeared. A fierce determination and resoluteness that went beyond anything they had ever felt appeared in their hearts as the world gazed upon them.

This was the first time they had felt so proud to be the Northern Region’s Heavenly Sovereigns.

In fact, even death did not seem so frightful at this moment.

Tian Guhu turned around. His penetrating gaze seemed to reach through the screen and stare into everyone’s eyes and hearts. “Our Northern Divine Region has been oppressed for too long. They destroyed three star realms in a single night, they even swore to destroy the entire Northern Divine Region. This is no longer something that can be dismissed as “humiliation and bullying”! If we continue to tolerate this like the days of yore, everyone in our Northern Region… will become the laughingstocks of the world! We will no longer be able come back from this!”

“Men of the Northern Divine Region, could it be that you truly want to continue enduring this!? Could it be that you are perfectly happy to kneel down and let the Eastern Divine Region trample on us in such a wanton and cruel manner!?”

If one wanted to set hearts and minds aflame, or spread new ideas, young profound practitioners were the easiest to affect.

After a brief period of silence, the Northern Region finally started to erupt in sound and fury.

“He’s right! The Eastern Divine Region has gone too far! How can we endure this any longer!?”

“Domesticated beasts… Hahahahaha! How ironic! Even if we obediently allowed ourselves to be ‘reared’, they still seek to trample all over us! If we can still endure their behavior any longer, even dogs and pigs would look down on us!”

“The noble realm kings are absolutely right. Right now we have a Devil Master who was given to us by the Devil Emperor. With the dark blessings of the Devil Master, our powers won’t weaken even if we leave the Northern Divine Region! Now that we have the ability to fight back, we no longer need to suffer their humiliation.”

“The Devil Master and the king realms are leading the charge and even the exalted Heavenly Sovereigns are spitting in the face of death, so what do we have left to fear!? Anyone who isn’t a craven coward, stand up and be counted! Revenge! Revenge! REVENGE!!”

“We need to make the Eastern Divine Region pay a price for trampling on us! How can we continue to let everyone ride roughshod over us!?”

“If we still don’t fight back, our star realm may very well be the next to go!”

“I have already decided to follow the noble Heavenly Sovereigns and become part of the spear that thrusts into the Eastern Divine Region! My comrades, let us put our blood debts aside! As for all the gutless cowards among us, I will despise you now and forever!”


The rage over the destruction of the three star realms started to boil over. The unbending determination of the king realms and star realms to break out of their cage, the will to never bow their heads to anyone ever again, ignited the hatred that the Northern Divine Region had been swallowing for countless years. The blood of darkness which had lain dormant for countless years was now churning in their veins.

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