Chapter 1715 - Devilish Blades

Against the Gods

Southern Divine Region, Southern Sea God Realm.

The Southern Sea God Emperor was the number one god emperor in the Southern Divine Region. But he was also “number one” at something else, something rather unique.

He was the god emperor who had the most imperial harem palaces.

His imperial harem palaces numbered in the thousands in just the Southern Sea God Realm alone, and they were dotted all over the various regions of the realm.

These imperial harem palaces had been built solely for his pleasure.

The Southern Sea western region, in front of the great hall of one of the Southern Sea God Emperor’s imperial harem palaces.

An elegant and beautiful lady dressed in luxurious robes walked toward the great hall with soft steps. She stopped right in front of the hall and bowed her body forward as she waited in respectful silence.

The sounds of many bodies moving rang in her ears, sounds that were punctuated by the Southern Sea God Emperor’s wild laughter.

The woman did not flinch when she heard those sounds, she had long since grown used to them.

It was a commonly-known fact in the God Realm that the Southern Sea God Emperor considered sex to be as important as his life. Moreover, he himself had never sought to conceal his lust. He even seemed to take pride in it.

The woman waited for a very long time before the great doors of the imperial harem palace were violently flung open. Nan Wansheng swaggered out of the hall. His golden robes hung loosely around his shoulders and his chest was completely exposed. His youthful face was so stunningly handsome that it could dazzle any woman.

“What’s the matter?” His eyes slanted as he stopped in front of the beautiful lady. It seemed as if he was very cross that she had disturbed his fun, but he also knew that no one would dare to come to look for him here if the matter was not important.

The beautiful lady gave a bow as she lifted up both hands. “My king, this concubine suddenly received this message about an hour ago and I was told that my king must be the one to personally open it.”

“This concubine feared that something momentous had happened so I did not dare tarry. This concubine deserves to die for disturbing my king’s pleasure. I beg my king’s forgiveness.”

A very small soul crystal lay in her spread palms and it was emitting a dull white light.

She was at the peak of the Divine Sovereign Realm, but she could not sense the item that lay in her hands. Furthermore, the level of power radiating from this soul crystal was so high that it caused her heart to skip a beat.

As a result, she truly did not dare to wait to present it to him.

Nan Wansheng picked up the soul crystal, his already long and narrow eyes slowly turning to slits.

This soul crystal could only be read once, so it was not possible for anyone else to even peek into it. Furthermore, a person needed to at least have the cultivation of a level eight Divine Master to safely wipe away the power contained within this crystal.

Nan Wansheng did not immediately read the contents of the soul crystal. Instead, he stared at the beautiful lady through slitted eyes before letting out a deep chuckle. “You really do deserve death. Because you’ve currently only been able to find a bunch of repulsive hags to service this king.”

The beautiful lady’s head drooped as her entire body started to tremble. “This concu… This concubine has sinned. However, these were the most beautiful women I could find in the hundreds of realms that surround us, so this concubine is truly… is truly…”

“Heh.” Nan Wansheng let out a cold laugh. He crooked a finger under the beautiful lady’s chin as he slowly raised her head to meet his gaze. He stared straight into her eyes, eyes filled with a fear that she sought desperately to smother, as he spoke in a slow and languid voice. “Sigh, what a good-looking face. But too bad, once you compare it to Ying’er, it simply looks far too ugly.”

“...” The beautiful lady bit down on her lower lip as she said, “The only person whose beauty can compare to the Brahma Monarch Goddess is the Dragon Queen herself. This concubine… is truly far too useless.”

“Then are you bringing these ugly women to this king every day to feed me shit!?”

The beautiful lady did not dare to explain herself any further. She replied in a voice filled with shame, “This concubine is simply too useless.”

He would have regarded these women as first-class beauties in the past, women fit to enter his harem.

But ever since he had laid eyes on the Brahma Monarch Goddess, he couldn’t find a single acceptable-looking woman among the countless women that surrounded him.

This was amplified by the fact that he had pursued Qianye Ying’er for years, and had practically bent over backwards to fulfill her every request, but had yet to be given an opportunity to even spend some time with her. His heart yearned for her, it was a maddening itch he couldn't scratch, yet it just inflamed his passion for her more. He was even becoming more and more violent and ill-tempered toward the women who served him, women whom he used to treat with tender loving care.

“Since you already know that you’re incompetent, are you actually waiting for me to kick you out!?”

Nan Wansheng tapped the air with a finger, as he roughly shoved the beautiful lady a very far distance away. “If you bring such trash to me next time, you can leave forever.”

Sorrow flashed across the beautiful lady’s face. She gave him a deep bow before she swiftly left.

Nan Wangsheng held up the soul crystal and gave it a light squeeze.

The message contained within the soul crystal instantly appeared inside his soul sea. His eyes slowly started to widen as a strange light began to burn in the depths of Nan Wansheng’s eyes with incredible intensity.

“Heh heh heh, to think that they actually want to use this king to block a spear heading their way.”

His lips curled up with dark glee. “However, this king will definitely let them use me.”

“After all, who can resist the allure of ‘eternal life’.... Hahahahahaha!”


Seven days were really too short.

Before the red-hot gossip regarding the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s huge news had even begun to die down and outrageous ideas were still percolating in the heads of countless Eastern Divine Region profound practitioners, the deadline for the “Eternal Heaven God Emperor to commit suicide to atone for his sins” had already passed. 

But no one paid any mind to it.

A rabid dog would strike fear into anyone’s heart but no one would truly pay any attention to one in a cage, no matter how fierce it looked, no matter how loudly it barked… Besides, this was a dog that had been trapped in its cage for one million years.

No one knew that a sea of pitch-black shadows was slowly creeping towards the southern border like dark clouds gathering to blot out the sun.

The skies above the Northern Divine Region were getting darker and darker with each passing day.

In a low level and resource-starved lower star realm on the Northern Divine Region’s southern border.

When the Devil Master and Devil Queen personally visited his realm, the realm king of this small star realm could not even breathe without trembling.

Yun Che, Chi Wuyao, and Qianye Ying’er hovered high in the clouds as they stared southward.

Their gazes pierced the black clouds and stared into the Eastern Divine Region.

Seven days had passed.

A black mass thronged below them. In fact, they were completely surrounded by this black horde.

The number of dark profound practitioners who had been willing to step out of the Northern Divine Region and stake their lives on its revival had far exceeded Yun Che’s expectations… No, it had far exceeded all of their expectations.

No matter how dreadful Yun Che’s devilish might was, he had only been crowned emperor a year ago, so it was unbelievable that he could rally so many people by his words alone.

However, the hatred and battlelust of the Northern Divine Region, who had been oppressed for a million years, were undoubtedly the easiest to stoke among the four divine regions.

This was the only other “advantage” that the Northern Divine Region possessed in addition to their escape route.

“The day has finally come,” Chi Wuyao said in a soft voice as she stared into the distance.

No matter the outcome, no matter what the future held, this would definitely be a day that would go down in the history of the Northern Divine Region, of the entire God Realm itself.

If they succeeded, they would not only change the fate of the Northern Divine Region, the destiny and structure of the entire God Realm would be flipped on its head. 

All of this had occured because of Yun Che. Without him, even if the size and the strength of the Northern Divine Region was multiplied several fold, they would still never be able to take this step.

However, his goal had never been the wellbeing of the Northern Divine Region, it had always been about achieving his own petty vengeance… On the contrary, everything in the Northern Divine Region had been nothing more than a tool to him.

At this time, Tian Guhu swiftly flew toward the trio. He stopped in front of Yun Che before saying, “Your Magnificence, the time has arrived.”

When he finished speaking, he raised his head to look at Yun Che. A battlelust that was practically bursting out at the seams simmered beneath his calm exterior.

“Have you made your preparations?” Yun Che said in a low voice as he stared at Tian Guhu.

“Your Magnificence.” Tian Guhu’s eyes were as deep as an abyss and his words were steely and resolute. “Tian Guhu has been preparing for this moment for his entire life.”

“Good.” Yun Che gave a slow nod of his head. His body blurred and he instantly appeared at the head of the dark devilish horde.

“Let’s be off.” Those three calmly-spoken words were the order that the Devil Master gave to begin the Northern Divine Region’s war of vengeance and rebellion against their fates. “Use your rage, hatred, and desire to paint those filthy and wretched lands with darkness and fresh blood.

“This period of hibernation, that has lasted for a million years, is finally over. Now it is time for you to open up a new chapter in our dark history!”


Earth-shaking shouts filled the air like crashing peals of thunder as an immeasurable amount of dark profound energy was released into the air all at once. Blood and battelust churned in the veins of this dark horde as the Northern Divine Region began the first act of their vengeance.

“Men who have been holed up in the darkness!” Tian Guhu roared in an impassioned voice as he stood at the forefront of this dark horde. “Every single one of you make up the vanguard which will be the first to break out of this wretched prison!”

“For the glory of our descendants, in order to avenge the humiliation of our ancestors, become the sharp sword of vengeance! ON...WAAAARDS!!”

The darkness, which had lain dormant for a long period of time, finally erupted. In the distant horizon, ten pitch-black devilish shadows transformed into dark blades which bled boundless malice as they tore through the borders of the Northern Divine Region. These shadows were led by one hundred Northern Region Heavenly Sovereigns and the rest of the shadows were formed by ten million dark profound practitioners. They had broken free of the cage they had never dared to step out of, and they rushed toward the nearby Eastern Divine Region with violent intensity.

The usual calm reigned over the Eastern Divine Region so this tidal wave of darkness sprang upon them with nightmarish suddenness. It had caught them with their pants down… even though Yan Tianxiao had given them ample warning seven days ago.

Chi Wuyao and Qianye Ying’er were hovering in the clouds far above the border of the Northern Divine Region as they bore witness to the first step the Northern Divine Region took out of its cage.

Even though this was only a very small step.

“We have ten divisions and each division is made up of one million dark profound practitioners and led by ten Heavenly Sovereigns. They have each been assigned to conquer one star realm,” Qianye Ying’er muttered under her breath. “Why don’t we use the Heavenly Sovereigns to conquer the heart of these star realms first before we send our devil troops after them to hold and pacify the territory? If we do it in this current manner, we will definitely suffer heavy losses.”

Chi Wuyao gave a soft and dry chuckle. She said, “The easier it is to agitate an emotion, the easier it is for it to die down. So what do you think will continue to fuel the rage and the lust for battle that currently burns in the hearts of the Northern Divine Region’s profound practitioners?”

Qianye Ying’er, “...”

“Sacrifice and death,” Chi Wuyao said those cruel words with a small alluring smile.

“Heh, I got it.” Qianye Ying’er laughed coldly as well. “You truly are worthy of being Yun Che’s former ‘master’, a senior who easily gains the respect of others.”

“Senior? His master was Mu Xuanyin. I happen to be his empress. As for you…” Chi Wuyao calmly turned her bewitching eyes toward her as she spoke in a languid voice, “You need to call me Big Sister. Don’t get it wrong again, okay?”

“Hmph!” Qianye Ying’er’s nostrils flared slightly as she gave a soft snort.

Devilish eyes that rippled with bewitching allure turned towards the south. Chi Wuyao stared at those ten devilish blades of darkness which were streaking toward the Eastern Divine Region as she muttered, “How will the Eternal Heaven God Realm respond? This queen really can’t wait to see it. Speaking of which…”

“Have you thought of any other dangerous variables that might put our plan at risk?”

Qianye Ying’er had told Chi Wuyao that there were two major variables that might endanger them on this first stage of battle.

The first was the Eternal Heaven Pearl. As one of the Heavenly Profound Treasures, there was no one else besides the Eternal Heaven God Realm that knew its true power or all of its secrets.

The unknown was always the most dangerous obstacle.

This was especially important since the Brahma Monarch God Realm had always suspected that the founding ancestor of the Eternal Heaven God Realm had never truly “died”.

The second was Moon God Emperor Xia Qingyue.

She was the only woman who had ever left a dark and heavy shadow on Qianye Ying’er’s heart.

It was her incredibly frightening instincts and cunning which gave Qianye Ying’er pause, which unsettled her heart… The other thing that worried Qianye Ying’er was her understanding of Yun Che.

After all, they had known each other since they were sixteen years old. She had once been the person that Yun Che was closest to, that he trusted the most… In fact, she had even been a person that he used to rely on.

“I haven’t,” Qianye Ying’er said. “We need to be careful of the Eternal Heaven Pearl and Xia Qingyue. As for the rest….”

Cold light flashed through her brain as a thought suddenly occurred to Qianye Ying’er, causing her to frown. But after that, she shuddered as her body went cold.

“What’s wrong?” Qianye Ying’er’s sudden change caused Chi Wuyao’s crescent brows to arch.

“I actually… forgot about one terribly dreadful variable,” Qianye Ying’er muttered as she stared into the distance.

Chi Wuyao turned around, her expression turning incredibly serious as she asked, “What is it?”

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