Chapter 1724 - Wails of the Eastern Divine Region

Against the Gods

The projection that filled the blue sky of the Eastern Divine Region was ravaging the willpower of both the Eternal Heaven profound practitioners currently outside the Eternal Heaven Realm and the Eastern Divine Region profound practitioners alike.

The Eternal Heaven Realm was the most well-reputed king realm in the Eastern Divine Region, but not only was it invaded and crushed by the devil people in almost no time at all, the invaders themselves were countless times stronger than they were supposed to be!

In the sky, the forces of Eternal Heaven Realm continued to crumble as the devil people pressed them… how could they resist a force that washed away a supposedly mighty king realm like sand when their own faith was crumbling? Did they even have the strength to resist a force this powerful?

Their morale was extinguishing, and their hearts were dyed increasingly in fear and despair. Slowly but surely, more and more people started retreating and running away...

Honor broke before survival instinct. When one person ran away, the rest followed.

It wasn’t long before the number of people who escaped or surrendered exceeded the number of people who were killed in action...

The dark profound practitioners of the Northern Divine Region all shared the same faith and beliefs. They hadn’t planned to return alive the moment they stepped out of the Northern Divine Region.

The Eastern Divine Region, though... had been completely spoiled by peace. They utterly lacked the fatal determination of the devil people.

Not to mention that it was all so sudden and terrifying.

One by one, the Northern Divine Region took over the one hundred or so “footholds” Chi Wuyao had determined prior to the invasion in an insanely short amount of time.


Outside the Moon God Realm, a small profound ark was flying toward space.

When the Eternal Heaven Projection appeared in the distant sky, a girl curled up into a ball in a corner of the vessel slowly looked up before murmuring dreamily, “Young… Master… Yun…”

“That… that’s!” Not far away, a middle-aged man was also staring at the projection. A while later, he made a snap decision and ordered, “Full speed ahead! We’ll worry about energy efficiency later!”

The profound ship abruptly sped up. The girl herself had risen to her feet before she realized it. After staring at the projection for a moment, she suddenly shivered violently before running toward the edge.

“Jin Yue!” But she was stopped by a tall figure. The middle-aged man asked sternly, “Where do you think you’re going!”

Jin Yue answered in a panicked tone, “I’m going back! Eternal Heaven God Realm has already fallen, and Young Master Yun hates Master deeply, so he might, might… Master is in danger! I need to head back immediately!”

“Are you crazy!” The middle-aged man yelled harshly. “The Moon God Emperor just exiled you! She even gave the order to kill you if you enter the Moon God Realm again! I don’t even understand why you still care about her after she treated you like this…”

“Don’t stop me, father!” Jin Yue clenched her hands tightly. “I cannot abandon my master during her time of greatest danger no matter what!”

She gathered her profound energy and pushed the middle-aged man away from her. She was about to take off when her father shouted,

“Jin Yue! You didn’t abandon her, she abandoned you! Also, who do you think the Moon God Emperor is? Do you really think your meager strength is of use to her if even she is in danger!?”

“Don’t forget, you’re not the only one who was exiled by her! Are you really going to risk your family’s lives on the off chance that she might be feeling merciful!?”

His words froze Jin Yue in her tracks right before she could step out of the profound ark.

“Big… sis?” 

The voice of a young girl behind her finally shattered her determination. She turned around and hugged the little girl gently, consoling her. It was also to hide the tears sliding down her own cheeks.

“I’m sorry, father. I acted impulsively,” she whispered before hugging the little girl tighter.

The middle-aged man shook his head as pain flashed across his eyes. He knew full well how important the Moon God Emperor was to his daughter, and how much pride she took in being able to serve her as her attendant.

But the Moon God Emperor… was ultimately the emperor of a king realm.

She didn’t need to justify her cruelty and ruthlessness to anyone.

Their profound ship flew quickly toward the south.

They could be escaping to the Southern Divine Region. They could also be escaping to the lower star realms even further down south.

Countless Eastern Divine Region profound ships appeared behind them not long after they left. They were escaping in every direction like headless flies.


In the Star God Realm, or more accurately the biggest auxiliary star realm owned by the Star God Realm.

A warship covered in starry symbols was making its way toward Eternal Heaven Realm at top speed.

The Star God Realm had lost their own homeworld, and their forces had dwindled to just six Star Gods and seventeen Divine Master Realm elders in the wake of the Evil Infant disaster. One night was all the time it took for them to drop to the bottom of the barrel.

That wasn’t even the worst of it. They had lost the Star God Emperor and the Star God Wheel as well.

There were only twelve people on the warship: the Heavenly Demon Star God, Heavenly Jade Star God, Heavenly Flame Star God and nine Divine Master Realm elders.

They had decided to answer the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s plea for help because the Eternal Heaven Realm wasn’t the only force Yun Che held a grudge against. If the Eternal Heaven Realm fell, it was only a matter of time before they were targeted as well. They knew that much.

They were only twelve, but they represented literally half of the Star God Realm’s core forces. The other half had stayed behind just in case the devil people attacked the star realm while they were gone.

The Star God Realm simply didn’t have the strength to take another devastating blow.

However, the warship hadn’t flown more than five hundred kilometers when a terrible spatial storm suddenly threw them off course. Unable to resist, the warship was tossed backward like a top for several breaths before they finally regained control of it.

“What’s going on!?”

All the Star Gods meditating inside the warship opened their eyes and flew out into the open. Then, they all froze in their tracks.

A small and delicate girl was blocking the way to the Eternal Heaven God Realm. Her back was facing toward them, and dark mist that looked like it came from the depths of the abyss itself was circulating above her rainbow-colored dress.

“You… you are?”

There was no mistaking that familiar back, dress, and Star God divine power… even if the latter was now tainted by a dark aura that belonged to a devil.

“Princess… Caizhi?” The Heavenly Jade Star God, Aster asked tentatively.

Instead of turning around to face her, Caizhi said in an icy tone, “Turn back!”

“Princess Caizhi, is that really you?” The Heavenly Demon Star God, Rose asked while taking a tentative step forward. His voice sank as he stared at the terrible energy surrounding Caizhi. “Why are you—” 

“Watch out!” Aster grabbed Rose and pulled him back. At the same time, Caizhi turned around and swung the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword… no, the Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword without mercy.


A mighty but sorrowful roar resounded throughout space as the entire ship was split in half. The fifty-kilometer long warship was empowered by dozens of profound formations, but the bluish black aura of the heavenly wolf split it as easily as a hot knife through warm butter and destroyed it completely.

The nine Divine Master Realm elders escaped the destroyed warship before it took them down with it. Three of them were drenched in blood. Everyone was staring at Caizhi in complete disbelief.

All three Star Gods stared at Caizhi with shaking eyes. Their impression of her had completely changed in just one move.

The Heavenly Wolf Star God was the youngest Star God of them all. Although she was shockingly compatible with the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power, everyone thought that it would be at least a thousand years before she became fully compatible with her divine power.

Although that strike had only lasted for an instant, the divine pressure it gave off...

Was clearly that of a level ten Divine Master!

In fact… it was as strong as Xing Juekong’s power, if not stronger!

It had only been seven years since Caizhi vanished in the wake of the Evil Infant disaster.

How in the world did she evolve from a level eight Divine Master who just accepted the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power to a peak level ten Divine Master in seven years!?

It was an unprecedented achievement be it in the history of the Star God Realm or their common sense.

“Turn… back!”

She pointed the Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword again at three Star Gods and the trembling Star God Elders. The weapon that should be glowing with bluish energy was now covered in a layer of darkness.

The eye of the Heavenly Wolf at the tip of the sword especially, was flashing with a violent, reddish black light.

Her power and killing intent were above all of theirs. The message was clear: she wouldn’t repeat herself a third time.

Tightening her grip around Rose’s hand, Aster said, “Come, let’s return.”

No one took another step forward. They all turned around and went back where they came from.

Some time later, Aster turned her head and sneaked a glance at the distant Caizhi.

The bright, innocent smile on her face was long gone. The endless stars that used to reside in her eyes had all winked out of existence.

All that was left was a stifling darkness and devilish power that stopped even the bravest men dead in their tracks.

She didn’t think about how Caizhi was able to grow this powerful in just seven short years. Instead, she thought of pain and sorrow.

Just whose fault was all of this?...


In another Eastern Divine Region king realm.

A profound ship had departed for the Eternal Heaven God Realm at almost the same time as the Star God Realm’s warship.

Qianye Fantian had a dark expression on his face as he stood atop the profound ship. The Brahma Kings behind him were wearing gloomy faces as well.

The terrible sight of the Eternal Heaven God Realm had worried him deeply.

As the god emperor of the Brahma Monarch Realm, there were very few people who knew the Northern Divine Region better than him, if at all.

Just the battle taking place at the Eternal Heaven God Realm right now had shredded his preconceptions of the Northern Divine Region.

He was especially worried about the three old men he saw on the projection. The mere sight of their ugly eyes had sent shivers into the heart of the strongest god Emperor of the Eastern Divine Region.

Not long after he left, three people slowly walked up to the gates of the Brahma Monarch Capital.

Wherever they went, the world itself froze in its tracks.

The leader of the group stopped in front of the gates and said, “Please tell Qianye Fantian that the Southern Sea God Emperor is here to see him.” 

The Brahma Monarch Guard bowed politely. “Greetings, Southern Sea God Emperor… the Eternal Heaven Realm is currently under assault by the devils, and our god emperor has just left the realm to rescue them.”

“Is that so?” Nan Wansheng smiled faintly. “Then I will wait for him to return… what’s wrong? Are you going to try and stop me?”

“Of-of course not.” The Brahma Monarch Guard immediately retreated and bowed his head. “Please, come in.”

The Southern Sea God Emperor often visited the Brahma Monarch Capital to see Qianye Ying’er, but even if that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t dare to stop the strongest god emperor of the Southern Divine Region from doing what he wanted.

The man strode into the capital like he owned the place before expanding his consciousness. He instantly identified the locations of several Brahma Kings before grinning to himself and taking out a dark gold-colored disc.

A small profound formation enveloped him and his entourage, and they suddenly appeared before a tower.

The tower itself looked like nothing special, but it was covered in hundreds of sealing formations and guarded by a ridiculous number of people. 

The greed behind the Southern Sea God Emperor’s eyes only burned even brighter. So bright in fact, that it borderlined maniacal.

He strode toward the tower. He had barely taken a few steps when a figure descended from the sky.

It was a short man with a big head, big ears, and a round body. His aura was as dense as a million mountains. It was none other than the eighth Brahma King.

“Southern Sea God Emperor, Southern Hell Sea King, Western Hell Sea King.” The Eighth Brahma King smiled as he greeted the visitors, but his heart was really sinking like a rock. “My god emperor would be greatly delighted to see you all had he been here. Now, please follow me to the main palace for a short break. My god emperor will be returning very soon.”

“Is that so?” The Southern Sea God Emperor smiled, but his eyes suddenly gleamed with killing intent. “But I can’t wait any longer.”

The moment he said that, golden light burst out of his fingers and traveled straight toward the Eighth Brahma King’s throat.

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