Chapter 1727 - Eternal Heaven Great Ancestor

Against the Gods

When Yun Che dueled Luo Changsheng in the final fight of the Conferred God Battle, a crimson flame that almost defied the natural order itself was what he used to turn the tide to his advantage and imprint its terrifying memory into everyone’s mind.

The black, devilish flames he had used to burn Honorable Tai Yu to nothing in just a couple of breaths were a million times more stunning than even that.

It also made them realize that eight years ago, Yun Che was just a Divine Spirit who had shown great potential amongst his peers in the Profound God Convention.

Back then, the words of praise the Eternal Heaven Realm awarded Yun Che were enough to make all of them envious. Had they been in his place, the glory would have remained in their hearts for a lifetime.

But today, after Yun Che had returned to the world, he had massacred the Eternal Heaven Realm with the flick of the finger.

The Devil Flame of Eternal Calamity was created from the Heretic God’s laws of fire and the Eternal Calamity of Darkness’ laws of darkness. It was a combination of the ultimate rules of both laws; a devilish flame that surpassed all existing laws of fire in the world.

Back then, it took him a considerable amount of time just to summon the crimson flames. Today, he could summon the Devil Flame of Eternal Calamity, a flame far stronger than the one he used back then in no time.

Had Tai Yu been at his best, Yun Che wouldn’t have been able to beat him easily. In his current state, he was incapable of threatening Yun Che or Qianye Ying’er in the slightest. Not only did he die in a pitiful manner, he was made into an example and a stepping stone to propel the power of the devils to greater heights.

Yan Three suddenly howled and broke the silence. “Master’s devilish might is unparalleled in the entire Primal Chaos! To think that a mere Guardian would dare to defile my master’s scales with his filthy fingers, what a fool! Jiehahahaha!”

The mad, hellish laughter that came after extreme shock turned the entire world ice cold and frightening.

“Tai… Yu…”

Zhou Xuzi had been friends with Honorable Tai Yu for tens of thousands of years. The fact that he could do nothing but watch Honorable Tai Yu die in such a pitiful manner caused Zhou Xuzi’s already grayish eyes to lose all color once more.

Beside him, the three Guardians also stopped in their tracks.

With the death of Honorable Tai Yu, all the Guardians in the Eternal Heaven God Realm had died. Even if they went back at top speed, the only things they would find were ruin and rubble.

“My lord…” They stared at the Eternal Heaven God Emperor with the darkest and most despairing expressions they ever made in their lives.

Since when were the devil people of the Northern Divine Region this terrifying? Why were these devil people completely different from the devil people they had fought until now?

How did Yun Che grow so powerful in such a short amount of time? Just a couple of years ago, he could do nothing but escape when they hunted him all over the place. Today, even their strongest Guardian had died without leaving a speck of dust behind.

Was it the end?...

Was it the end of Eternal Heaven?...


To the north of the Eastern Divine Region, in the Snow Song Realm.

The northern realms were among the earliest to be invaded by the devil people. In fact, most of them were embroiled in chaos right now. The only world that was still peaceful was the Snow Song Realm.

Every member of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was currently staring at the projection; watching that familiar yet unfamiliar figure in the sky.

Was he… really Senior Brother Yun of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect?

“How… how did he become this powerful… and scary…” a young Ice Phoenix female disciple said with a trembling voice.

Beside her, Mu Feixue shot her a glance before whispering, “Is he really that scary? Shouldn’t we be more afraid of the people who drove him to this state?”

After that, she turned around and vanished into the background of ice and snow.

All the Ice Phoenix disciples who heard her turned their heads and stared in the direction she had vanished for a very long time… to their knowledge, Mu Feixue was such an asocial person that she could stay silent for half or even an entire year.

On the other side, Mu Bingyun slowly closed her eyes and sighed.

How would you face him if you were here, sister?...

Suddenly the ice phoenix-shaped jade on her chest flashed blue as an urgent voice reached her. “Sect Master, the denizens of the surrounding star realms are starting to realize that the devil people aren’t invading the Snow Song Realm. Countless foreign profound practitioners and foreign profound ships are surging into our realm. In fact, riots have already broken out at our borders.”

“Understood,” Mu Bingyun replied indifferently. She had expected this since the beginning.



Suddenly, the entire Eternal Heaven God Realm started rumbling. The dark clouds covering the sky cleared away in an instant, and an ancient, mighty presence emerged from above.

The unusual aura and shaking paused the terrible massacre happening all over Eternal Heaven God Realm and attracted the eyeballs of countless Eastern Divine Region denizens again.

Both Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er’s eyes sharpened with focus.

The tallest tower of the entire God Realm, the one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand-meter long Eternal Heaven Tower was shaking. As the mighty presence approached swiftly from the distance, it sat in everyone’s hearts and souls like a physical object that demanded all those affected by it to kneel on the ground and worship it.

A pair of pupils slowly opened across the bloodstained sky. They looked like a pair of human eyes, except that they were radiating a peaceful and holy light. Wherever they looked, the holy light wiped away the violence, killing intent, and fear in everyone’s heart.

Outside the Eternal Heaven God Realm, Zhou Xuzi slowly stood up with tears running down his cheeks. He raised his arms into the air and cried out sorrowfully, “An… cestor!”


Inside the bloodstained grounds of the Eternal Heaven God Realm, the disciples of Eternal Heaven dropped to their knees when they saw the great ancestor. They wanted to shout, but the only sounds that came out of their throats were sobs.

Their last hope had finally appeared, but they couldn’t feel even a shred of joy at all. Their eyes were full of blood and corpses, and their hearts, despair.

“Stop, Yun Che.”

A transient voice came from above. It was the voice of an old woman, and it sounded as ancient and vast as a mantra from time immemorial.

The moment the voice reached their eas, every soul in the Eastern Divine Region felt like they were being cleansed of impurities and evil emotions. They subconsciously looked at the sky wanting to hear more from the extraordinary voice.

She was the Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit.

Everyone in the world knew of its existence. It was the only Heavenly Profound Treasure that openly existed in the world. It was also recognized as the closest being to a “divine being” in the entire Primal Chaos.

Yet, to the knowledge of the world including most Eternal Heaven disciples, this was the first time it appeared in public.

The Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit’s divine voice was transcendent and all-encompassing.

In that moment, the denizens of the Eastern Divine Region felt like they had witnessed the descent of an ancient True God. They couldn’t remove the sense of smallness, the feeling of humility or the impulse to drop to their knees as they stared at it.

Yun Che was raising his head as well, but he didn’t turn his body to face the divine spirit directly. There wasn’t even a shred of respect or fear on his face. When he opened his mouth, a cold, ridiculing voice escaped his lips. “You are just the Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit, and you dare look down on me from above, the Devil Master? Get down from there!”

Everyone in the Eastern Divine Region was stunned. Who would’ve thought that Yun Che would dare speak with such vitriol and rudeness even when he was facing a divine spirit? Zhou Xuzi was so angry that he nearly fainted again.

The divine eyes in the sky narrowed slightly. It looked like it wasn’t expecting Yun Che to act so arrogantly even after it had appeared.

Yun Che grinned darkly and before golden flames burned around his body. A golden sun suddenly appeared in the sky!

It was followed by a second, a third… he only stopped when nine glaring suns had appeared in the sky.

It was the Nine Suns’ Heaven Fury!

The denizens of the Eternal Heaven Realm felt like they had descended into a fiery hell all of a sudden. The earth started to turn black, and they could smell the pungent scent of their own burning flesh.

If just the heat radiation alone was this bad, it was unimaginable what would happen if he dropped it on the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

“Get… down!”

Yun Che ordered again.

The divine eyes let out a quiet sigh and closed slowly.

Then, a transient shadow appeared on the ground.

Yun Che made a clawing motion and dispelled his Nine Suns’ Heaven Fury. At the same time, he finally turned around to look at the divine spirit… the shadow looked so translucent that it might dissipate at the blowing of a wind, but he could still make out the outline of an old woman.

The shadow had a special divine aura. Although it was incredibly faint and impure compared to He Ling’s, it still made her a special existence that stood above most living beings.

“Heh.” Yun Che chuckled. “You finally came out. And here I thought you were going to hide in your tortoise shell until the end. Tsk.”

The Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit had never been humiliated like this, but she didn’t display any anger toward it. She said, “Yun Che, aren’t you afraid that the heavenly law will punish you for your sins?”

The fucking heavenly law again.

Yun Che’s smile was dark and cold. He actually started walking toward the imposing Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit. “Heavenly law, you say? What the hell is that? And who do you think you are!?”

“Where were you and the heavenly law when the crimson disaster struck, and the devil emperor returned!?”

“Where were you and the heavenly law when I saved the entire world!?”

“Where were you and the heavenly law when I was abandoned by the people I saved, when my home and family fell into ruins!!?”

Every word Yun Che said was chilling and soul-gutting. “You didn’t show up when the calamity struck. You didn’t say a word when Eternal Heaven took the lead to conceal my achievements and did everything in their power to stop me!”

“Now you come out to speak to me of the heavenly law!? HAHAHAHA!!”

Yun Che laughed like a mad devil. Not only did he feel no respect toward this divine spirit whatsoever, all he had to offer was scorn and disdain. “I ask you again: who the hell do you think you are!? What gives you the right to lecture me!?”

“...” The Eternal Heaven Pearl Spirit couldn’t say anything.

That’s right. She had no idea how to refute that at all.

Meanwhile, every profound practitioner in the Eastern Divine Region was exchanging confused glances with each other.

What devil emperor? Who saved the world?

What… in the world was this devil talking about!?


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