Chapter 1732 - Moon's Demise (2)

Against the Gods

He wasn’t… Luo Changsheng?

Everyone in the Holy Eaves Realm turned toward Luo Changsheng. Their eyes remained fixed on him as they confirmed his clear and all-too familiar life energy again and again. After checking the aura of his profound energy and soul as well, all of them were left with one conclusion, and that was “this person is definitely our sect’s pride and joy, Luo Changsheng”.

The Holy Eaves Great Elder was frozen in place. His gaze darted between Luo Changsheng, Luo Shangchen, and Luo Guxie without stopping and he was at a complete loss as to what to do.

Upon seeing Luo Changsheng’s clearly abnormal state, Luo Guxie’s expression changed. The sinister coldness and imperious might that was radiating from her body became far less intense and some confusion and panic crept into her aura. “Changsheng, this has nothing to do with you. Leave.”

“Master.” When he uttered that word, his eyes remained fixed on Luo Guxie. This was his master, his aunt, the person he had held in the highest esteem. “Tell me that none of this is real… That none of this is real…”

Luo Guxie felt her breath catch in her throat… Besides the time he had lost to Yun Che on top of the Conferred God Stage, she had never seen Luo Changsheng’s eyes look so confused before.

At that time, he was still young. But after he had been through those three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, he had become far wiser than he had been back then… So the only possible reason for his current state was that he had also found out about the truth. 


Luo Guxie had not known how to answer Luo Changsheng’s question, but Luo Shangchen had responded in her stead. His furious voice was filled with hatred and killing intent and it trembled as he pointed a finger at Luo Changsheng. “You… dog bastard! You’ve conspired together with this bitch to hoodwink me all these years… but you’re still acting dumb!?”

Everyone knew that Luo Changsheng was the son that Luo Shangchen loved and appreciated the most. He was the apple of his eye, the one thing he was most proud of.

Thus, when they personally heard him call Luo Changsheng a “dog bastard”, all of the residents of the Holy Eaves Realm who were within earshot felt as if they had been beaten over the head with a heavy rod. They were all completely stunned and shaken by those words.

Luo Changsheng’s body swayed as his face turned a sickly white.

The two words “dog bastard” fiercely plucked at the strings of Luo Guxie’s soul as they dug deeply into the painful memories that she never wanted to recall again.

Her head violently swiveled as she stared daggers at Luo Shangchen. Now that the painful memories of yesteryear were being pried open, the complex emotions and guilt that had welled up in her heart completely dissipated. The only thing left was a deep feeling of hatred and determination. “Luo Shangchen, didn’t you keep asking me what happened to your ‘Changsheng’ just now?”

She started laughing and her laughter was extremely cold and sinister. “How ridiculous! How utterly ridiculous! Since when did you ever have a ‘Changsheng’? ‘Changsheng’ is a name that I chose, his life is something that I brought into this world, his cultivation was personally guided by me. From his head to his toes, from beginning to the end, he never had anything to do with you!”

“As for that pathetic and pitiful son of yours, he went to accompany that pitiful mother of his a long time ago. I mean… How could I allow him to live!?”

Luo Guxie’s words exploded like deafening thunder in everyone’s ears, causing shock to instantly appear on countless faces.

Even though Luo Shangchen had already deduced that this was the only possible conclusion, when he heard Luo Guxie utter those words, the blood vessels in his eyes nearly exploded. “You bitch… YOU BITCH!!”

As he roared those words, his body shot toward Luo Guxie. A towering tidal wave of energy sucked up all of the debris in the area as it surged toward Luo Guxie in a frenzy… and the dazed Luo Changsheng was also in its blast radius.

Luo Guxie gave Luo Changsheng a shove and the moment she did that, the energy wave collapsed and the earth cracked apart. In the end, Luo Shangchen’s cultivation could not rival Luo Guxie’s and he was blasted backwards by her blow. However, the killing intent radiating from his body had not dissipated in the slightest. His face had turned as red as blood and it was as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his head in his extreme fury.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha!

Luo Guxie started to laugh as Luo Shangchen raged. Her face twisted as she wildly laughed without restraint. Her eyes were filled with contempt and delight as she crowed, “This is karma! This is the karma that you and that old dog reaped! This is the karma that the Holy Eaves Realm reaped!”

Luo Shangchen’s eyes nearly burst out of their sockets, he was painfully aware of who she was referring to when she uttered the words “that old dog”.

Their father, the previous Holy Eaves Realm King, Luo Lingtian.

Back then, she had viciously cursed at Luo Lingtian before leaving the Holy Eaves Realm. She had vowed to never return and she had only come back after Luo Lingtian had died, when Luo Changsheng had been born.

However, only her body had come back to the Holy Eaves Realm. Her heart still remained closed to them and she had not allowed Luo Shangchen to re-enter her name into the family rolls. Luo Shangchen always thought that the venomous oath that she swore all those years ago and that unerasable mark of shame were the reasons for her insistence.

It was only today that he knew...

“Could it be that everything that you’ve done is actually for… is actually for the sake of…” Luo Shangchen’s eyes had practically burst from their sockets as he glared at Luo Guxie. His aura was in such chaos and confusion that it was hard for him to even speak.

“Ning Danqing, do you still remember this name?” Luo Guxie’s voice grew solemn as a deep pain crossed her warped face. A miserable laugh escaped her throat. “No, you definitely wouldn’t be able to remember it. After all, you held yourself in such high regard that the only people you deemed worthy were realm kings and god emperors! So how is it possible that you would remember his name!? Even when you killed him all those years ago, it was an act that was beneath your dignity, something that would dirty your hands!”

When Luo Guxie uttered the name “Ning Danqing”, the expressions on all of the Holy Eaves elders’ faces dramatically changed.

Luo Guxie had sworn a venomous oath when she left the Holy Eaves Realm all those years ago… and the Holy Eaves Realm had sealed away the true reason for her departure. No one had dared to even mention it, but the ones who had lived through that time would never forget it. 

Luo Guxie was the blessed daughter bestowed to the Holy Eaves Realm by the heavens. She showed a startlingly high talent in the profound way ever since she was a child and the entire sect viewed her as a precious treasure. In fact, their expectations for her even exceeded that of Luo Shangchen, who was then the young master of the sect.

However, the number one princess in the Holy Eaves Realm, someone with a brilliant halo and a boundless future, actually fell in love with… a painter from a lower star realm.

Ning Danqing.

When the Holy Eaves Realm King of that era, Luo Lingtian, found out about it, he flew into a rage. As her older brother, Luo Shangchen would also never allow Luo Guxie to lower her dignity and marry that “peasant”. If news of this matter were to spread, it would undoubtedly tarnish the Holy Eaves Realm’s reputation and turn them into the laughingstock of the other realms.

So they took extreme measures to stop Luo Guxie… but she was madly in love with Ning Danqing. She was so lost in her infatuation that she turned a deaf ear to the commands of her father and brother and repeatedly visited that lower star realm to meet with Ning Danqing, it was as if she was possessed.

Luo Lingtian’s patience reached its limit. He flew into a great rage and ordered Luo Shangchen to personally go to that lower star realm and kill Ning Danqing. He also ordered Luo Shangchen to bring back his head… to forever extinguish Luo Guxie’s foolish thoughts.

However, Luo Guxie’s reaction upon seeing her lover’s head was far more violent than anyone in the Holy Eaves Realm had ever dreamed of. It was as if she had gone mad. She viciously cursed Luo Lingtian and Luo Shangchen and even attacked them in her rage… In the end, she fled seriously wounded. As she left the Holy Eaves Realm, she swore an oath that was so venomous that it sent chills down the spine of anyone who heard it. After that, she disappeared for the next few millennia.

When she finally returned home, she had already changed her name to Luo Guxie, already become the renowned Fairy Guxie… The strongest person in the Eastern Divine Region outside of the king realms.

She had focused all of her energy on Luo Changsheng ever since her return and she had not paid any attention to the affairs of the Holy Eaves Realm.

“You… You…” Luo Shangchen’s entire body trembled violently. “You madwoman… You madwoman!!”

Luo Guxie’s return and Luo Changsheng’s birth, events that had happened nearly simultaneously, had been seen as a double blessing by both him and the Holy Eaves Realm. Over the last few years, he had tried his best to repair his relationship with her and her doting love for Luo Changsheng had been the thing that had comforted him the most over the last few decades.

As it turned out though, everything was a lie.

The memory of that peasant was still clear in her mind even though all these years had passed. She was still deeply buried in the hatred of the past.

“That’s right, I am mad,” Luo Guxie said in a voice that was equal parts sinister and sorrowful. “But you were the ones… who drove me to this insanity!”

“Don’t you want to know the truth? Fine… then let me tell you everything! Because this was a gift that I have always intended for you anyway!”

She stretched out a hand and grabbed Luo Changsheng’s sleeve. Her smile turned twisted and ugly as she said, “Why don’t you guess whose child Changsheng really is!?”

Luo Changsheng’s face turned even whiter.

“Who… Who!?” Luo Shangchen said in a shaky voice as his eyes drilled holes into Luo Changsheng.

“He is Danqing’s… He’s the child I had with him!” Luo Guxie roared in a low voice.

“He, hehe…” Luo Shangchen laughed in spite of his anger. “You really did go mad!”

Luo Guxie’s voice turned deep and cold and every word she uttered was filled with hatred. “I was already pregnant when you killed Danqing all those years ago. After leaving this filthy Holy Eaves Realm, I tried every method I could to stop the baby’s growth and seal him in my womb. Eventually I succeeded. After that, I started cultivating and accumulating strength at all costs… There was nothing I wouldn’t do to obtain power.”

“Do you know how I had to live during those years!?”

“Do you know how much hatred and pain I felt when I received news of that old dog Luo Lingtian’s death… Because he actually had not waited for me to personally end him!”

“However, forty years ago, I caught wind of the pregnancy of your proper wife, so I finally allowed the baby in my womb to grow and I gave birth to Danqing and my child… After that, I personally sent off both mother and child and let Danqing’s child take his place! Hehe… Hahahahaha!”

Luo Shangchen’s vision went black for a moment and his shuddering lips turned a shocking purple. “You were also… responsible for Ziyu’s death!?”

“She deserved to die!” Luo Guxie shouted. “Despite also being a woman, she actually took your side and forced me to leave Danqing back then… She deserved to die!”

“You!” Luo Shangchen’s body swayed violently as he felt blood surge through his chest.

More and more people had started to gather and every single one of them looked completely dumbfounded… As for Luo Changsheng, all of the blood had drained from his face and it was as if his soul had left his body.

“The best resources of your Holy Eaves Realm, the most exalted position, all of the acclaim and renown, belongs to the child born to Danqing and I!”

“This is something all of you owed me! Something all of you owed Danqing! Hahahaha…” Luo Guxie started laughing wildly, but if anyone looked closely, they could see tears forming in her eyes.

“I had originally planned to give you this great surprise once Changsheng had officially inherited the position of sect master and realm king… But I’m fine with you finding out about it now as well.” She gave a low chuckle. “Before too long, the entire God Realm will find out that Young Master Changsheng, the most brilliant jewel of your Holy Eaves Realm, the apple of your eyes, isn’t even the son of your Luo family! His father is Ning Danqing! All of these years… your Holy Eaves Sect has been raising Danqing’s son for him! In order to atone for killing him!”

“You… You…” Numerous blood vessels had appeared in Luo Shangchen’s eyes. His vision went pitch-black before it went blank white. Finally… as his vision failed him, an arrow of blood which had flowed in reverse erupted from his mouth. 

“Sect Master!”

All of the elders and children of Luo Shangchen yelled in alarm as they surged forward to support him. After that, all of them turned to look at Luo Guxie and Luo Changsheng. Their eyes were trembling violently and they found that they could not bring themselves to believe or accept this, no matter how hard they tried to rationalize it.

Luo Guxie had always pampered and doted on Luo Changsheng. She delved into the God Realm of Absolute Beginning time and again… She even threw away her pride and dignity as a Divine Master during the Profound God Convention when she attacked Yun Che in front of all the king realms with the intent to kill.

Ever since Luo Guxie had returned to the Holy Eaves Realms, all of her eccentricities and extreme behavior had been due to Luo Changsheng. To the rest of the realm, this was only regarded as the love she had for him as his master and his aunt. But it was only today that they found out that...

They were actually… mother and child!

“What are… What are you saying? What are all of you saying…”

Luo Changsheng finally spoke. His voice was hoarse and his body was trembling violently, as if he was caught in the middle of a blizzard.

Luo Guxie turned around and her eyes turned exceptionally gentle. She spoke in a soft and soothing voice, “Changsheng, do you know why I gave you the name ‘Changsheng’? Because your father… your real father, drew a painting of longevity for you the moment he found out that I was pregnant with you This is the name that your father gave to you.”

As she spoke, she gently lifted her hand. A painting scroll appeared in that hand and it was sealed in a gentle-looking profound light. It looked like it was from a bygone era but not a single mark could be seen on it.

When that gentle white light entered Luo Changsheng’s eyes, it seemed oh so glaring to him. He spoke in a trembling voice, “Lies… It’s all lies! You’re lying to me! All of you are lying to me!”

“Changsheng, listen to me,” Luo Guxie said. “You haven’t become the Holy Eaves Realm King yet, so revealing everything to you at this point is indeed a little premature. However… now you will know the truth! That I am not your aunt but your mother instead! The reason I returned to this filthy Holy Eaves Realm together with you was all for your sake!”

“For my… sake?” Luo Changsheng’s handsome face twisted up. His vision grew blurry and everything in his world suddenly seemed so ridiculous and absurd. He replied in a lifeless voice, “No… no… You’re destroying me… You want to destroy me!”

“I am Luo Changsheng… I am ‘Young Master Changsheng’, I am the Young Master of the Holy Eaves Sect! I’m not a bastard… It’s a lie! It’s all a lie!”

“Of course you’re not a bastard!” Luo Guxie grabbed Luo Changsheng’s arm as she yelled shrilly, “Your father was the best man in this world! Everything you obtained in the Holy Eaves Realm are things that you deserved! They were things that they owed to our family!”

“No, it’s a lie… A lie…” Luo Changsheng frantically shook his head as his aura grew weak and confused. “It’s a lie!”


As Luo Changsheng let out a shrill and miserable howl, he violently hurled Luo Guxie aside as he fled into the distance. His entire heart and soul were in extreme pain and he felt as if his entire being was collapsing from the pain and shame that he felt...

————Line that separates Traitor #1 and the rest————

Moon God Realm.

The moon shone brightly in the sky, giving the Divine Moon City an enchanting silver sheen.

The Moon God Emperor silently stared at the projection from the Eternal Heaven God Realm. At this point, its fate had already been sealed.

The will and the strength of the Eternal Heaven God Realm were centered around the word “protect”. Their defensive capabilities were exceedingly strong and they had the strongest realm-protecting barrier in the Eastern Divine Region, various grand formations they could use to reflect or counter enemy attacks and the terrifying powerful “Kalachakra Ark Cannon”.[1]

However, the devils of the Northern Divine Region had not attacked the Eternal Heaven Realm from outside, they had appeared in the heart of the Eternal Heaven itself, causing the most powerful defenses in the Eastern Divine Region to lose all of their potency.

Even so, if one looked at it from another point of view, even when a large horde of devils suddenly descended from the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s skies, no one believed that the vast Eternal Heaven God Realm would be so utterly trampled in such a short period of time.

“The three founding ancestors of the Yama Realm,” the Moon God Emperor whispered. “The most incredible and unbelievable rumor of the Northern Divine Region actually turned out to be true… No wonder it happened so quickly.”

At this moment, her head suddenly swivelled around, but her eyes regained their composure nearly instantaneously before an incredibly frigid purple light started gleaming in them.

Qianye Ying’er!!

1. Kalachakra means Wheel of Time, represents the concepts of time (kala) and cycles (chakra)

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