Chapter 1739 - Icy Figure (1) alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Eastern Divine Region, Snow Song Realm.

Just when Yun Che had just chased Xia Qingyue into the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, a completely expected disaster… finally struck the Snow Song Realm.

As the star realm where Devil Master Yun Che originated from, its safety amidst the ongoing dark calamity that had struck countless star realms was already a sort of sin.

When everyone realized that the Snow Song Realm would not be attacked by the devils, countless profound practitioners from the surrounding star realms scrambled over each other to escape to it. Nearly all of the human cities in the border regions of the Snow Song Realm had been filled to the brim and many incidents and conflicts, both big and small, had already occurred.

However, very few of these foreign profound practitioners dared to approach the Ice Phoenix Realm that lay in the center of the Snow Song Realm, it was as if they were afraid of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect… This fear was not entirely due to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s own strength, it was due to the fact that Devil Master Yun Che had once been a disciple of the sect.

When his sinister visage had been broadcast from the Eternal Heaven God Realm to the rest of the Eastern Divine Region, it had left an incomparably frightening dark shadow in the hearts of all the profound practitioners of the region. This dark shadow also caused all of them to unconsciously fear the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect as well.

However, deterrence was not the only thing this fear would bring about…


Purple lightning suddenly filled the snowy sky. After a deafening explosion rocked the sky, a hundred bolts of lightning suddenly descended from the heavens, crashing into the barrier surrounding the Ice Phoenix Realm.

Multiple cracks immediately appeared on the surface of the Ice Phoenix Barrier when the exploding bolts of lightning struck it. Loud crackling sounds reverberated through the air as the barrier shook, violently breaking the serene silence that had reigned over this region of snow and ice.

In the distant skies above, Witch Chanyi looked down as she shot a glance in the direction of the barrier.

The inevitable had finally happened.

Countless icy figures took to the air as the Ice Phoenix Barrier shook. Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi were the first two to fly out of the Ice Phoenix Realm and they raised their heads to stare at the uninvited guest hurtling down from above them.

This person had been able to damage the Ice Phoenix Barrier so severely with just a few bolts of lightning, so they were clearly a Divine Master!

As the flying icy mist slowly dissipated, the figures of eight men slowly descended to the icy ground. All of them were dressed in deep purple robes embroidered with symbols of lightning which were stained with blood, Their arms and faces were filled with wounds and their expressions were dark and sinister.

“Howling Divine Lightning,” Mu Huanzhi muttered under his breath. He had immediately recognized the lightning that had struck the Ice Phoenix Barrier, it was the profound lightning unique to the Thunderclap Realm. Once he realized who was leading those eight men, his old pupils violently contracted and his remaining doubts completely vanished.

The Thunderclap Realm King… Li Daoan!

“So it was the Thunderclap Realm King who decided to visit.” Mu Bingyun greeted him with icy-cold eyes. “My Snow Song Realm and your Thunderclap Realm never had much of a relationship, but if the Thunderclap Realm King has come here to escape the current crisis, you can do as you want. There’s no need to make such a grand gesture!”

“Heh…” Li Daoan chuckled coldly, his grin ugly and twisted.

Darkness profound energy lingered on the many wounds covering his body. It was clear that he had been fighting a devil person who was stronger than him not too long ago and the results were clear for all to see.

“Snow Song Realm King,” Li Daoan did not bother to hide his true intent as he spoke in a deep and sinister voice. “Right now, nearly all the realms in the Eastern Divine Region are being besieged by devils, but only your Snow Song Realm remains safe and sound! It looks like Yun Che… that Devil Master of darkness, really is rather sentimental!”

There were only eight of them, but they were being confronted by one level two Divine Master and seven Divine Sovereigns! Even if the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect mobilized all of their forces, they would still have no hope of winning.

Mu Huanzhi stepped forward and spoke as warmly as he could, “Thunderclap Realm King, Yun Che was indeed a disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect back then, but he was kicked out of the sect a very long time ago and he has not had anything to do with us for a very long time.”

“Also…” Mu Huanzhi’s voice started to grow stern. “Our Snow Song Realm is being protected by the Moon God Realm. This is something that the entire Eastern Divine Region is aware of. If the Thunderclap Realm King has come as a guest, our sect is more than happy to welcome you. But if you have come for other reasons, I think the Thunderclap Realm King should reconsider.”

Everyone in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect knew that no one was to mention the three words “Moon God Realm” in front of Mu Bingyun, but now that the Thunderclap Realm King had come with clearly malicious intentions, he had no choice but to use the Moon God Realm as a shield.

“The Moon God Realm?” Li Daoan had not reacted with any fear when he heard Mu Huanzhi’s words. He actually sneered at him instead. “Hehehe… do you think there’s still a Moon God Realm!? It’s already been blown to smithereens by the devils. What? You didn’t know?”

“Wh… What!?” Mu Huanzhi was greatly shocked by that announcement. He could scarcely believe his own ears.

Mu Bingyun’s head had also jerked upwards, astonishment clear in her eyes.

The Snow Song Realm was located in one of the most remote areas of the Eastern Divine Region and it had closed itself up a long time ago, so it had not received this shocking piece of news yet.

Li Daoan waved a hand. Raging lightning wrapped all around his body as a destructive might enfolded the entire Ice Phoenix Realm. His eyes were cold and somber as he said in a dark voice, “Back then, my son Jianming died at the hands of a devil! So my Thunderclap Realm… will never be able to coexist with the devils!”

“But now, my Thunderclap Sect has been besieged by the devils and we’ve suffered terrible losses! It’s time for us to extract some payback.”


After he stretched his hand open, lightning wildly crackled as a shockingly oppressive might descended on all of them.

Li Daoan’s voice trembled. When they had fought against those fearless devils, his Thunderclap Sect had suffered far worse than “terrible losses”. He was also too ashamed to say that he had abandoned his sect and fled. His heart was so filled with resentment and distress that the only thing he wanted to do was to vent it on the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

“If I massacre your Ice Phoenix Sect, that Devil Master of the North…” His lips curved up into a sinister grin. “Will definitely be in for a huge surprise!”

“Wait a minute! There’s definitely some misunderstanding here!” Mu Huanzhi said in an anxious voice. “The very first rule of our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is that we must exterminate every devil we met…”

“There’s no need to waste any more time talking to them!”

Mu Bingyun coldly interrupted Mu Huanzhi before he could even finish speaking. Cold light flashed in her eyes as the Snow Princess Sword began to shine with a glaring icy light. “Li Daoan, the Thunderclap Realm has been struck by a devilish calamity but here you are. It looks like you’ve actually chosen to be a cowardly and defeated dog!”

“Bingyun!” Mu Huanzhi was so shocked… that he had yelled out her name directly.

“Now, after you have fled to my Snow Song Realm, you actually dare to spout your righteous drivel while threatening us!? Are you really fit to be a higher realm king? You’re simply disgraceful!”

She had immediately figured out that this Thunderclap Realm King had only come here to vent his hatred after being defeated by the devils. Trying to come to any compromise with him would only end with egg on their face.

“Hehehe.” Li Daoan’s expression turned ugly. “What a fine… Snow Song Realm King!”

As she stared at the lightning energy that was about to erupt from Li Daoan’s body, Witch Chanyi was about to tap a finger in the air… when her expression suddenly changed and she swiftly withdrew the darkness profound energy she was about to release. She immediately sank her body even deeper into the cloudbank.

“Hahahaha, well said. Is this piece of trash really worthy of being a higher realm king?”

A tepid laugh suddenly rang out in the air. What followed that laugh was a formless restrained might which instantly stilled all the winds inside this vast snowy region.

Even the thundercloud which Li Daoan had just formed into the air instantly vanished without a trace.

Li Daoan’s expression dramatically changed once he felt this oppressive might. He swiveled around… to see a figure standing quietly in the boundless field of snow. No one knew when that man had appeared and it was very possible that he had been present from the very start.

A faint smile appeared on a face as fair as snow. He was dressed in dull golden robes and the moment he appeared, the endless snowy light had grown dim.

The moment Li Daoan noticed the symbols embroidered on his golden robes, his body shuddered and he gasped in a voice filled with deep shock, “A Brah… Brahma King!”

He immediately came to his senses once that startled cry left his lips. He hurriedly bowed then and said, “Thunderclap Relam King Li Daoan greets Lord Brahma King.”

The moment they heard the two words “Brahma King”, color drained from the faces of the seven Divine Sovereigns standing behind Li Daoan. They also hurriedly bowed toward him.

This person was one of the Brahma Kings of the Brahma Monarch God Realm!

His Braham Monarch might and the unique golden symbols embroidered on his robes clearly announced his identity.

He didn’t even bother sparing Li Daoan a single glance as he slowly walked forward and made a slight bow in front of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s incredulous eyes. “This servant is the Brahma Monarch God Realm’s Tenth Brahma King Qianye Zixiao. I have come here on special orders from my king to invite Snow Song Realm King Mu Bingyun to visit our realm as a guest of my king.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly waved a hand behind him before anyone from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect could even muster up a response. A golden energy hand flew through the air.


That was definitely the loudest slap any of them had heard in their lives.

When that golden hand smacked into the Li Daoan’s face, the earth itself shook violently as all the snow in the region was thrown into the air, immediately forming a blizzard which blocked out the sun.

The slap had sent Li Daoan flying. He flew over several dozen kilometers with all of his teeth broken. Every bone on the right side of his face had been fractured and by the time he managed to stagger to his feet, the left side of his face had been reduced to a bloody mess. He barely even looked human anymore.

“Hmph! You were beaten by the devil people, yet you came here to bully an innocent middle star realm?” Qianye Zixiao said with a dry chuckle. He did not even turn his head to look at Li Daoan as he addressed him. “How disgraceful.”

Li Daoan’s vision had become blurred with blood. His entire body trembled and fresh blood gushed from his numb mouth just as he was about to speak. Several teeth could be seen mixed in with the blood.

“Realm King Bingyun is the honored guest of my king, but you actually dared to be so rude to her. I only gave you a small punishment as a warning this time, but if there is ever a next time…” He glanced to the side. “Hmph, just get lost!”

Li Daoan pressed a hand to his face and turned around. He scrambled to flee, not even daring to utter another word. The seven Divine Sovereigns that had come with him hurriedly ran after him, and the sight of them fleeing was incredibly pathetic.

After he turned back to look at Mu Bingyun, a slight smile had reappeared on Qianye Zixiao’s face. “Realm King Bingyun, I believe that this servant’s intentions have already been made abundantly clear. I hope that Realm King Bingyun will give me some face, and follow me back to the Brahma Monarch God Realm.”

In the distant skies above, Chanyi withdrew her aura and immediately sent a sound transmission to Chi Wuyao. “Master, the situation has changed. The Tenth Brahma King has appeared in the Snow Song Realm.”

“He wants to take Mu Bingyun away, but he hasn’t acted aggressively at all. He’s actually treating her with the greatest courtesy.”

In another location, Chi Wuyao frowned deeply.

A Brahma King from the Brahma Monarch God Realm? Why would he appear in the Snow Song Realm at a time like this?

The Brahma Monarch God Realm was located in the southern part of the Eastern Divine Region while the Snow Song Realm was located at the borders of its northern territories. Even though they had destroyed the most important dimensional formations in the Eastern Divine Region at the very start of their invasion, a Brahma King had actually evaded all devilish eyes and appeared in the Snow Song Realm.

There was only one possible explanation for this.

The Brahma Monarch God Realm had already quietly dispatched a Brahma King to the Snow Song Realm when the devils were attacking the northern territories, before they had launched their all-out assault!

At that time, not even the Eternal Heaven God Realm attached importance to them, nor did they ever imagine that they would be destroyed. Yet the Brahma Monarch God Realm had already moved.

Qianye Fantian… The number one god emperor of the Eastern Divine Region really did have incredible senses!

He surely wouldn’t have been able to foresee this current situation. This had been the result of extreme caution and preparedness.

“Don’t interfere,” Chi Wuyao said with sunken brows.

“Chanyi understands.” Witch Chanyi’s face was somber as she observed what was happening below her.

If they were to fight, she was not the least bit scared of this Tenth Brahma King.

However, the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect definitely would not be able to survive the shockwaves of energy that would result from their clash.

“Once he escorts Mu Bingyun further away, I will find a chance to rescue her within this star region,” she replied in a soft voice.

“No,” Chi Wuyao said. “You are to remain in the Snow Song Realm to prevent any other accidents from happening. I will resolve this matter personally!”

When she withdrew her sound transmission jade, Chi Wuyao’s bewitching eyes had already turned cold. She suddenly felt very glad that she had stayed behind in the northern territories.

Mu Bingyun was Mu Xuanyin’s only remaining family in this world.

Whether it was for Yun Che or herself, she couldn’t allow her to come to harm!

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BIG NEWS: This is a fix to what we originally thought was a typo but actually isn't in 1731 for those of you who are reading advanced chapters. May or may not be important later on. Zhou Xuzi was influenced by Chi Wuyao here when she snuck into him a few more chapters back.

“Where are we going to go?” Zhou Qingfeng asked.

Several star realms away, Chi Wuyao’s lips moved in a whisper, “The Dragon God Realm.”

“We will go to the Western Divine Region. The Dragon God Realm,” Zhou Xuzi slowly said as he cast his eyes toward the west.