Chapter 1747 - Destruction of Faith

Against the Gods

In the Eternal Heaven Realm, Qianye Ying’er withdrew the four Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades and turned off the projection formation.

The Burning Moon Realm’s profound practitioners guarding the place wore stunned expressions as well.

Devil people were rejected by the world… and they themselves had gotten used to their fates a long time ago. But someone had finally spoken up for them, and it was none other than the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself!

She had shown the world the truth of devils by forgiving the world!

It was very difficult to change one’s perception of reality. But when you saw with your own eyes that the one who forgave the world was the Devil Emperor herself, and the one who saved the world was a devil person… it might just be enough to overturn the prejudice that had taken root in the people’s hearts since forever. At the very least, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s words were nailed into everyone’s mind.

“I can’t believe the Devil Master went through all that,” Tian Guhu muttered in a daze. This was the first time he understood why Yun Che hated the three divine regions as much as he did.

“Lady Qianying is correct.” Fen Daoqi let out a long sigh of relief. “These four special Profound Imagery Stones were definitely worth as much as trillions of devil soldiers.”

He might be a devil person born in the Northern Divine Region, but even he could understand how big of an impact this truth would have on the minds of the Eastern Divine Region’s profound practitioners.

Moreover, it was only a matter of time before the Western Divine Region and Southern Divine Region were affected as well.

There was a saying that goes: Besieging the heart is superior to besieging a city.

Not to mention that this particular mental attack… was powerful enough to shatter’s one willpower and faith where they stood.

Considering the sheer number of Divine Masters who appeared in all the scenes except the last one, only a perfect Profound Imagery Stone that could record a scene without a trace such as the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade could’ve eluded everyone’s senses.

Fen Daoqi saw how surprised Qianye Ying’er was when she saw that the objects Tian Guhu delivered were four Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades. This meant that the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade was rare even for someone at her level.

Someone had used something this precious to record this while all those Divine Masters and god emperors were present. They should understand how dangerous their actions were, and how real the risk of discovery was.

No matter how you looked at it, it clearly wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. The recorder had prepared all of this just in case some sort of worst case scenario happened, and it had.

Whoever this person was, their sense of danger, intelligence and ability to plan ahead was terrifying to say the last.

Qianye Ying’er shot a glance at Yun Che. The identity of the recorder was as clear as day.

The Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade was an object only the Glazed Light Realm could produce. It was said that the Divine Stainless Soul had the ability to foresee danger.

The person who passed this item to Chi Wuyao was a woman with the surname of Shui.

Not to mention that Shui Meiyin never appeared in the scenes even though Shui Yingyue and Shui Qianheng did once or twice…

Shui Meiyin was clearly the one who recorded all of these momentous occasions in secret.

The timing, the motive, the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade, the Divine Stainless Soul… it was all perfect. It couldn’t be anyone else but her.

Qianye Ying’er added, “It’s a bit of a shame that there are no recordings of the day the Devil Emperor left the Primal Chaos, or… hmph.”

It was a shame, but it wasn’t surprising. No one from Glazed Light Realm had shown up on that day after all.

It was probably because her Divine Stainless Soul had given her prior warning.[1]

What Qianye Ying’er was really curious about was why the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had purposely met Shui Meiyin alone and brought her to the Northern Divine Region.

Was it because she was the owner of the extremely rare Divine Stainless Soul?

She supposed that that was the only answer.

Qianye Ying’er commented again. “To think that that little girl had prepared something like this way back then… not to mention that the timing of the reveal is absolutely perfect!”

Had Shui Meiyin chosen to release this when Yun Che was hunted by every realm in the world… the people would be angry, but it wouldn’t change Yun Che’s fate in the slightest.

Now that Yun Che had returned as the Devil Master and massacred a king realm with absolute power, the truth was capable of shattering the wills of all those who wished to resist him. It was now ten times simpler to take control of the Eastern Divine Region, and in the future the Western Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region as well.

Yun Che didn’t rebuke Qianye Ying’er for calling Shui Meiyin a “little girl”. He simply stared forward and blanked out a little.

Back at the Profound God Convention, the fifteen-year-old girl had inexplicably attached herself to him after their “fierce” battle on the Conferred God Stage. He had had to hide from her and her father because the latter wanted to kill him for “seducing” his daughter.

Despite having spent three thousand years cultivating inside Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, it didn’t look like she had grown a day older since the day they met. Her love for him hadn’t faded either. Every time she looked at him, it was as if there were a billion stars shining inside her eyes.

If there was one change he noticed in her, it would be that her temperament was now a mixture of innocence and womanly charm. Sometimes she acted as pure as a maiden, and sometimes she was as bewitching as a vixen.

He never noticed the secret efforts of the girl he had thought to be “naive” until now…


In the Flying Star Realm, the battle between the Dreaming Soul Sword Sect and the Falling Star Realm had come to a pause when the projection started. Even after the projection ended, blood stench and an oppressive silence still enveloped the entire battlefield.

The Falling Star Realm King was so agitated that he was shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly, he turned around to face the Dreaming Soul Sword Sect and shouted, “Did you hear that… did you hear that!? The Devil Emperor herself is defending us, and our Devil Master is the one who saved all your lives! The true Messiah! But not only was he betrayed by the people he saved, they tried to silence him once and for all!”

“Besides that, we, the children of darkness were called devils for a million years, when you are the ones who have oppressed us without reason all this time! You… are the true devils!”

Yan Wu was staring at the sky even after the projection had ended.

As a member of a king realm, she wasn’t completely unaware of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s return. But after seeing the whole truth and knowing what happened to Yun Che before he escaped to the Northern Divine Region… who wouldn’t feel sad for him?

The moment the God Child Messiah had saved the world, he was immediately driven to a dead end and slandered as a devilish threat that must be cleansed… was there anything in the world that was sadder and more ironic than this?

Even a True Devil would at least express their gratitude first before baring their fangs, right!?

The Falling Star Realm King’s impassioned statement drove the rest of the dark profound practitioners to shout at the Flying Star Realm profound practitioners as well, but the latter… couldn’t say anything in return. Their faces were blank, and their eyes looked empty.

“Sect Master…” A Dreaming Soul Sword Sect disciple murmured, “Is… is this all true?”

Even after they saw and heard everything with their own eyes, they still couldn’t—wouldn’t—believe the truth.  

Everyone turned to look at Meng Canyang and Meng Duanxi. They were present in all three scenes, meaning that they had experienced all those events firsthand.

“...” Meng Canyang’s expression changed again and again. It was impossible to deny this when the proof had just been broadcasted throughout the entire Eastern Divine Region.

He let out a sigh before shouting strongly, “Is this the time to question right or wrong? Our sect is in danger right now! How many of your kin have been killed by the devil people? They are just one step away from destroying our home!”

Meng Canyang’s words jolted everyone’s senses back to normal. When they looked at the sea of blood and corpses around them, their fighting spirit and profound energy returned to their bodies once more.

Then a weak voice suddenly rang from a corner, “If it wasn’t for Yun Che… our home would be gone a long time ago… isn’t this… just the karmic retribution… the Eastern Divine Region... deserves?”

The speaker was a perfectly ordinary disciple. He was covered in blackish wounds, and he was on the verge of dying and joining the pile of corpses beside him.

Normally, someone like him wouldn’t have any say in a realm king sect at all. But his dying sigh had punched into everyone’s hearts and extinguished their renewed fighting spirit almost instantly.

“Hehe…” another grievously wounded Dreaming Soul disciple let out a bloody chuckle and caught everyone’s attention. He was about to die, and he wasn’t going to hold back his last words. “I spent half a lifetime cultivating and working to get to where I am now, and I was honored to join the Dreaming Souls Sword Sect. It was because our sword is known as the sword of righteousness and goodness.”

“So Sect Master… why is my sword… so dirty…?”

This time, even Meng Canyang and Meng Duanxi were starting to break under the immense pressure that was guilt.

Back then, the Dragon Monarch, the Southern Sea God Emperor, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor were all present when Yun Che was attacked. Whatever their true opinions might be, they thought that they had no choice but to choose a side.

At the time, their guilt wasn’t that strong because everyone else, even the god emperors were siding against Yun Che… and it was lessened even more when Yun Che revealed his dark profound energy.

At the time, there was only one way things could’ve ended for Yun Che, and it was so final that even they thought that that was the way it should be… they had sworn to lock the truth in their hearts and keep it from the world forever.

Unfortunately, that the truth was now exposed, the depths of their ingratitude, their shamelessness, and their vileness were dragged out into the open, even they were so ashamed that their scalps were numb.

The one who forgave the world was the Devil Emperor, and the one who saved the world was the Devil Master… in comparison, the masters of the Eastern Divine Region were about as dirty as they could get.

When the disciples and even the elders started looking at them in a new light, Meng Canyang and Meng Duanxi knew that their image was tainted forever.

In the sky, Yan Wu slowly lowered her Yama Devil Spear and pointed at her disheartened enemies. Her dark, imposing voice pressed down on their already chaotic minds like a mountain. “You have one last chance… surrender, or die!”


A fearless and impassioned sword attendant who was fighting at the frontline lost his grip on his sword. It clattered against the ground loudly and shrilly.

The belief that had empowered him his whole life had just been shredded to pieces a minute ago.

The stronger the belief, the worse the destruction.

The first sword to hit the ground was like the first drop of water to leak out of a breaking dam. After that, ten… a hundred… ten thousand… countless swords fell from their master’s hands, lost their light and became one with the bloodied ground.

Everyone knew that there was a world of difference between the ideal and the reality of the righteous way, but it was still something most profound practitioners strove to achieve. It had been an honor they were willing to devote their whole lives to protect.

To lose even that… was a blow to the mind so cruel that it was unbearable.

The Flying Star Realm was but one of the many realms that were undergoing a similar change. The entire war was cascading in the devil people’s favor.

At the same time, the truth of the crimson calamity  was rerecorded in many forms and spread toward the Southern Divine Region and the Western Divine Region at an insane speed. It was unstoppable.


Eastern Divine Region. There was a small profound ark hiding in a desolate corner of a smaller star realm. It was old and only several dozens meters long, but it was covered in dozens of high level isolation profound formations.

The identity of the passengers it carried would stun anyone should they learn of it.

One of them was Golden Moon God Yue Wuji. He was temporarily appointed as the leader of the Moon Gods since the death of the Moon God Emperor.[2]

However, the Moon God Realm had just been annihilated some time ago. Hundreds of thousands of years of history gone in just the blink of an eye...

Could they really still call themselves “Moon Gods” after losing even their homeworld?

Yue Wuji watched the projection from Eternal Heaven Realm quietly. For a moment, his eyes were trembling with emotion, but he quickly regained his cool when he turned around to face his people. “Let’s go.”

“No! Why are we leaving? We haven’t taken revenge for our master yet!” Blue Jade Moon God Yao Yue cried tearfully as she struggled. Unfortunately for her, several Moon Gods were working together to completely seal her movement. She couldn’t break free no matter what she tried.

“This is an order!” Yue Wuji declared while opening his hand. The light of the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl glowed through his fingers.

“Yue Wuji!” Yao Yue uttered through gritted teeth. “Our star realm is destroyed, our master is dead… and you, the temporary Moon God Emperor choose to hide like a coward!? You coward! The title of the Moon God Emperor will be tarnished forever if someone like you were allowed to bear it!”

“Struggle some more and leak our auras, and you might get us all killed!” Yue Wuji said expressionlessly.

Yao Yue’s struggle finally subsided a bit.

Yue Wuji slowly withdrew his fingers before saying, “As long as the Imperial Moon Glazed Pearl doesn’t fade, the Moon God Realm will rise again one day. But if we die now, then there won’t be a divine moon now and forever.”

He closed his eyes as a bit of pain entered his voice. “Yao Yue, I was a Moon God for almost ten thousand years, so trust me when I say that my love for the Moon God Realm exceeds my love for my own life, and that is on par with yours at the very least. One day… you will understand my decision.”

The old profound ark took off and carried the surviving Moon Gods and Moon God Envoys toward the unknown.


1. Chapter 1515: An Omen of Darkness

2. Yue Wuji is Yue Wuya’s younger brother and the fastest man in the Moon God Realm.

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