Chapter 1753 - Burying the Brahma Monarch Realm (3)

Against the Gods

The Southern Sea God Emperor wasn’t sure if he should be glad or terrified when the barrier was unlocked, and he felt a dark, poisonous wind brushing against his face.

“The Sky Poison Pearl, the ultimate treasure of the ancients!” The Southern Sea God Emperor muttered dazedly to himself. “One day was all it needed to turn the strongest king realm in the Eastern Divine Region, a power with almost a million year of history into a living hell!” 

At the same time, his desire for the “artifact of eternal life”, a Heavenly Profound Treasure that was rated even higher than the Sky Poison Pearl grew infinitely greater than before.

At the center of the capital, Qianye Fantian opened his eyes… when the barrier was unlocked, Qianye Zixiao was the closest Brahma King to its core.

“My lord!?” All the Brahma Kings looked at him gravely.

Even now, the Sky Poison was growing more violent because of their shock.

“It was Zixiao…” The First Brahma King’s face turned green. “Why is he…”

“Hehe, anything is possible when a person is driven to a dead end.” The Second Brahma King sighed deeply.

Qianye Fantian slowly rose to his feet. Surprisingly, he looked calm and collected.

“Prepare to fight.”

That was all he said before leaving the main hall for the sky.

At a glance, the world beneath him had turned into a cold, greenish hell.

Forty hours. Forty hours, and almost seventy percent of all life in the capital had died.

Everyone who lived in the Brahma Monarch Capital either had a noble background, impressive cultivation or the Brahma Monarch bloodline running in their veins… but they were equally as small as ants before the Sky Poison.

The Divine Kings and Divine Sovereigns were still dying one after another. The young disciples and the offspring of the Brahma Monarch Realm were dead a long time ago.

The unending cries of despair filled every corner of the world and turned the greatest realm of the Eastern Divine Region into a living hell.

If even the Brahma Kings and Brahma Heaven God Emperor himself were suffering, how much worse was it for those who weren’t even in the Divine Master Realm? 

Qianye Fantian slowly closed his eyes. Not even he was so cold-hearted that he couldn’t feel a stab of deep pain and sorrow in his heart.

When he opened his eyes once more, he saw the Southern Sea God Emperor, the two Sea Kings, the six Sea Gods, and last but definitely not least… Qianye Zixiao!

Ignoring Qianye Zixiao, Qianye Fantian adjusted his breathing before addressing the Southern Sea God Emperor, “What a pleasant surprise you’ve brought here. You didn’t even bring this many people with you on the day I was crowned god emperor.”

The Brahma Kings were standing behind him, but each of their expressions was uglier than the next. They were all glaring at Qianye Zixiao with disappointment, hatred, and killing intent.

Qianye Zixiao on the other hand, looked calm and grim… perhaps it really was as he told Nan Wansheng earlier. Once he had made up his mind, he wouldn’t regret his decision.

The Southern Sea God Emperor smiled before looking down on purpose. “What is my pleasant surprise compared to Yun Che’s gift?”

He then opened his palm and revealed the light gold light of the Southern Sea Divine Pearl. “Speaking of which, are you sure you don’t want to test out the artifact in my hands?”

Qianye Fantian replied grimly, “There are idiots in this world who aren’t aware of the limits of the Southern Sea Divine Pearl, but not me!”

“You won’t actually know until you try it out, no? Who knows, maybe a miracle might happen?” The Southern Sea God Emperor smiled brightly. “You should learn from your Tenth Brahma King. He is an intelligent man who gives ten thousand percent for even one percent of hope.”

“Hehehe…” Qianye Fantian suddenly barked out an odd laugh. “There are no traitors in the Brahma Kings. Have you forgotten, Southern Sea God Emperor? We have the Brahma Soul Bell. We can withdraw anyone’s Brahma God divine power by force.”

“...” The Southern Sea God Emperor frowned a little before looking at Qianye Zixiao.

“I am still a Divine Master even if you rob me of the Brahma God divine power!” Qianye Zixiao uttered. “But if I die, then I lose everything!”

“Don’t blame me for this, God Emperor! Blame yourself for not working together with the Southern Sea God Emperor sooner! The Brahma Monarch Realm wouldn’t have suffered this tragedy otherwise!”

Qianye Zixiao’s vehement protest chipped away at Nan Wansheng’s suspicion bit by bit. Then, he recalled what he saw in Qianye Zixiao’s mind and felt easier. No one could forge another person’s thoughts and memories, least of all a Brahma King. He then raised the Southern Sea Divine Pearl with one hand and extended his other hand toward Qianye Fantian. “You know full well what I want, Brahma Heaven God Emperor.”

“This may be the last chance in your life. Do not repeat your foolishness a second time.”

“Southern Sea,” Qianye Fantian said calmly, “Have you wondered why Yun Che declared a seven-day time limit? Have you wondered why he hasn’t attacked us yet even though we are this weak?... who do you think he was really waiting for?”

“Oh?” The Southern Sea God Emperor’s eyebrows sank just a little.

“He’s using ‘eternal life’ as the bait and the Sky Poison as the catalyst to draw you into his trap… are you going to tell me that you can’t see through a ploy as simple as this?” Qianye Fantian’s eyes seemed colder than usual due to the eerie gleam of the poison. “Who knows… Yun Che may even be hiding somewhere around the corner and waiting for us to kill each other right now!”

A certain person in hiding: “...”

“Well said!” The Southern Sea God Emperor agreed completely with his words, but his only response was to stretch his hand even further. “I am glad that you’ve thought this through already. That will certainly save me some breath.”

“Give me what I want, and I promise to give you the Southern Sea Divine Pearl. We’ll both have what we need, and we won’t have to hurt each other. It is the perfect arrangement, isn’t it?”

“I know that you’ve already weighed your options. You should know that this is your best… and only choice!”

The Southern Sea Divine Pearl’s purifying aura was almost brushing against Qianye Fantian’s face, but he never looked at the artifact for even a second. Seeing the flames of greed burning brightly in Nan Wansheng’s eyes, he knew that his “friend” would never back down even if he knew that he was being manipulated and used every step of the way.

It was because the bait was simply too much for him to resist!

“Hehehehe…” Qianye Fantian suddenly started chuckling. What was a low chuckle eventually turned into mad laughter. “HAHAHAHA!”

Golden light burst out of his eyes as he summoned his Brahma Monarch divine power. It was like ten thousand cracks of thunder.

It was the power of the strongest god emperor of the Eastern Divine Region. Nan Wansheng’s hair and clothes were flapping wildly from the pressure, but he himself was unmoved in the slightest. The Sea Kings and the Sea Gods behind him didn’t fare so well, however. The eruption of power had shocked them and pushed them back.

“My… my lord!” The Brahma Kings shouted in unison.

His divine power wasn’t the only thing that had erupted.

Ignoring the poison ravaging his entire body like angry devils, Qianye Fantian stared at Nan Wansheng with eyes as dark as the abyss and declared, “The Brahma Monarch God Realm may perish to the Sky Poison, but I have no qualms about this. He beat me fair and square, so that’s that!”

“If you are going to try to rob us while we’re down, hehehehe…” All of his friendliness was replaced with a savage look that not even Nan Wansheng had ever seen in his life. “I promise to spill your blood across this land even if the price is my own life!”

“In your state!?”

Nan Wansheng’s own savagery was lit on fire as he put away the Southern Sea Divine Pearl and summoned his own power.

The strongest god emperor of the Eastern Divine Region and the strongest god emperor of the Southern Divine Region clashed atop the Brahma Monarch Capital just like that, splitting the sky itself in half.

Qianye Fantian was clearly being suppressed due to the corruption of the Sky Poison, but he didn’t back even a step away from Nan Wansheng. The green light in his eyes was bright, and his flesh was writhing unnaturally like there were earthworms beneath them, but he didn’t show any pain on his face at all.

“My lord…” The Brahma Kings couldn’t help but be shocked.

Excluding the traitor Qianye Zixiao, all thirteen Brahma Kings of the Brahma Monarch God Realm were present. However, they were all suffering from the Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison, and the Southern Sea God Emperor… was accompanied by six Sea Gods and two Sea Kings!

This was supposed to be their home ground, and yet the Southern Sea Realm was the one that had the absolute advantage.

“If we are going to die anyway, then why go with our backs bent, and our knees on the ground?” The First Brahma King sighed before wiping his sorrow away. Just like Qianye Fantian, he released all of his power for the battle.

“We are the Brahma Kings. It is our duty to carry out the will of our lord!”

All the Brahma Kings stopped holding themselves back and charged toward the Southern Sea Realm’s forces. The Sky Poison was eating them alive, but they were past caring at this point.

On the ground, the elders and the divine envoys all straightened their backs as well. The Sky Poison was incurable. If they were going to die anyway, then they were going to die with dignity at the very least.


They weren’t trying to scare the Southern Sea Realm’s forces away anymore, so the order wasn’t to repel the enemies or defend their realm. It was to turn their enemies into cold, lifeless corpses.

The fate of the Brahma Monarch Realm was sealed from the moment the word was spoken.

They couldn’t win… because they were hastening their own deaths just by using their own power.

So they would kill…

Yes! They would kill their enemies with everything they had!

They couldn’t afford to drag out this battle. All they could do... was use all their trump cards and destroy their enemies in the shortest amount of time possible!

They were all going to fall into hell anyway, so they might as well drag someone down with them!

Qianye Fantian swayed and attacked the Southern Sea God Emperor with a blast of energy. At the same time, the Brahma Kings, Sea Gods and Sea Kings all burst into action.

Spatial fragments fell like a downpour as the explosions ripped apart the fabric of space in an instant. At least dozens of dimensional whirlpools had appeared right above the capital city.

Nan Wansheng’s fingers glowed with golden energy as he stopped Qianye Fantian’s power with ease. Despite standing in the middle of a spatial storm, his smile only grew more savage than before. “Is the fish trying to break the net? You pitiful, dying worms think you have the strength to take us down with you?”


A simple flick of his fingers was all it took to send Qianye Fantian flying far, far away. He laughed disdainfully at the god emperor for a moment before charging toward the tower on the other side of the capital city.

He was here to grab the “artifact of eternal life” for himself, not to massacre the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

Qianye Fantian tried to catch up to Nan Wansheng, but a mouthful of red blood mixed with terrifying green burst out of his throat first before he could do anything. Even so, he chased after the Southern Sea God Emperor immediately after the involuntary reaction.

The Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison wasn’t just killing the Brahma Kings and the Brahma Elders, it also massively impeded the flow of their profound energy. As a result, the Brahma Monarch Realm was at a complete disadvantage despite their superior numbers.


The Westhern Sea Hell King easily knocked away two Brahma Kings who were attempting to tackle him. He laughed contemptuously at their chaotic auras and painful faces before saying, “You could’ve gone down with dignity, but no, you just have to humiliate yourselves, don’t you?”

“Heh!” The Eighth Brahma King and the Thirteenth Brahma King suddenly chuckled in unison. At the same time, an unusual golden light flashed across both their trembling eyes.

“Brothers…” the Eighth Brahma King said in a soul voice only the Brahma Kings could hear. “We’ll… see you all later.”

The Eighth Brahma King and the Thirteenth Brahma King let out a roar and charged toward the Western Hell Sea King.

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