Chapter 1755 - The Brahma Heaven God Emperor’s Decision

Against the Gods

They were two old men dressed in simple white robes. Their hair was completely white, and they looked like time travelers who had crossed time and space itself to arrive in the present world. They looked like they had seen everything there was to be seen in the world.

The Southern Sea God Emperor slowly lowered his painful arms and glared at them.

He thought that Qianye Fantian was the only profound practitioner in the entire Brahma Monarch God Realm who was his equal.

However, the two old men blocking his way were just as strong as he was!

Moreover, there was an unnatural weight and age to their auras.

What was going on here? Since when did the Brahma Monarch God Realm have two such powers?

His pupils suddenly shrank in realization as a deep, frightful growl leaked out of his throat. “Qianye Bingzhu… and Qianye Wugu!?”

Their faces and auras struck a deep chord with the memories he inherited from the god emperors before him. They… were supposed to be dead a long time ago!

In the sky, Yun Che was also watching the two old men. So far, everything Qianye Ying’er said had turned out to be true.

Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu were the Brahma Monarch God Emperors from two generations ago. Nan Wansheng’s shock was quickly replaced by overwhelming madness as he stared at the two old men who should’ve been dead a long time ago.

“It’s all true, it’s all true!” Nan Wansheng shouted excitedly, “Not only do you possess the artifact of eternal life, you actually found a workable method to use it!”

“If the Brahma Monarch Realm found a way to use it, then there is no reason the Southern Sea Realm can’t do the same… hehehe, hahahaha!”

He laughed madly as golden light erupted from his eyes. He spread his arms wide and summoned the shadow of a golden tower behind him.

Just like the profound practitioners of the Brahma Monarch Realm, their profound auras were gold in color at their peak. The golden tower behind him started growing taller and taller until it was thirty thousand meters in height.

The old man to his right looked unperturbed despite the fact that the entire Brahma Monarch Capital was engulfed in a poisonous aura. He stared at Nan Wansheng and said, “It looks like the juniors of the Southern Sea Realm keep getting better with every generation.”

“This Southern Hell Tower is well built. It is already as good as the old man of our time.” The other old man sighed.

Their voices alone put great pressure on Nan Wansheng’s shoulders… not to mention that Gu Zhu was still lurking around the corner. That old man wasn’t to be underestimated either.

But he could not give up knowing that his opponents were “long dead”, and the artifact of life was right in front of him! Moreover, this might be his one and only shot at eternal life. He wouldn’t stop even if he had to exhaust all of the Southern Hell Tower’s power to achieve his goal!

Grinning madly, he was about to take a step forward when something caused him to look behind him in shock…

On the other side of the battlefield, the poisoned Brahma Kings were no match for the enraged Southern Hell Sea King and the Six Sea Gods at all. Despite throwing all caution to the wind and fighting with all their might, they still took massive damage in just a short time.


The Southern Hell Sea King easily shattered the Brahma God Great Formation created by the First Brahma King and the Second Brahma King in one palm strike. Then, he summoned two illusory towers of his own and sent them flying toward his opponents. The resulting explosion dug giant holes in the Brahma Kings’ chests and sent them flying again.

Although the Sea King was powerful, the two strongest Brahma Kings of the Brahma Monarch Realm shouldn’t have lost so quickly… the Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison was the biggest reason behind their weakened power and bodies. They were losing life force madly with every passing breath.


The two Brahma Kings hit the ground like meteors. Around them, the rest of the Brahma Kings were crawling on the ground and injured grievously as well.

The Brahma Kings exchanged glances with each other. They saw defeat… and fatal determination in everyone’s eyes.

The Southern Hell Sea King appeared above them and uttered in a ghastly tone, “The opportunity to execute this many Brahma Kings by our own hands should’ve been pleasurable, but… none of you think that you’ll get to die easily after you killed the Western Hell Sea King, right?”

After what happened to the Western Hell Sea King, the Southern Hell Sea King had been fighting carefully despite his ferocity. He never gave them a chance to get close to him at all.

He opened his palm and summoned a small profound formation on each finger. “Scream in pain before you die! Let this be the Western Hell Sea King’s parting gift!”

It was at this moment two impossible auras appeared in the distance. Everyone looked in that direction in shock.

“Ancestor…” The First Brahma King shouted excitedly. He was the only Brahma King who knew of the secret. “It’s the ancestors!”

“What!?” The Southern Hell Sea King exclaimed in shock.

While the Southern Hell Sea King was distracted by the emergence of the two Brahma Monarch Ancestors, Qianye Zixiao, the traitor who had been fighting his own comrades all this time, suddenly clung onto his back and kept him immobilized. At the same time, golden cracks started spreading all across his body.

“You!” The Southern Hell Sea King looked back in shock. Before he could say anything else, another two figures had clung onto him.

On the verge of death, the First Brahma King and Second Brahma King actually surpassed their limits and moved faster than they ever had in their lives. The second they touched the Southern Hell Sea King’s body, they immediately triggered their Brahma Souls to detonate all the divine power inside their bodies.

“Big brother!”


All of the Brahma Kings shouted in sorrow… but there was only one outcome since their bodies had started glowing.



The Southern Hell Sea King tried to knock the three Brahma Kings away from him with all his might, but not one of them loosened their grip at all. The golden cracks covering their bodies looked like a golden web that kept the Southern Hell Sea King completely locked tight.

“You… you…!” The ferocity in the Southern Hell Sea King’s eyes turned into fear. The memory of the Western Hell Sea King’s death replayed itself in its mind.

“A parting gift, huh. That’s a good idea.” By now, the First Brahma King had already been engulfed by the golden light completely. “We will take you... as our parting gift!”

“Wait… wait!”


This time, it was three Brahma Kings using Brahma Soul Ashes together, not to mention that two of them were the strongest of them all.

The resulting explosion was heard hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Unlike the Western Hell Sea King, the Southern Hell Sea King didn’t get a chance to survive the explosion. He was blasted to pieces.

Even the Sea Gods who tried to save the Southern Hell Sea King were caught up in the blast and suffered varying degrees of injuries.

On the ground, the Brahma Kings ignored the wounds and poison eating away at their lives and stared blankly at the final light of their comrades...

The Brahma Kings of the Brahma Monarch Realm were the greatest group of profound practitioners in the Eastern Divine Region bar none. They had always carried out their beliefs faithfully, and they had always believed that their glory days would last into eternity.

Everything had changed less than a week ago.

Today, five Brahma Kings were gone just like that.

In the distance, Yun Che stared at the explosion and muttered to himself, “Qianying was right. Had we tried to take over the Brahma Monarch Realm by force, we would’ve suffered huge losses.”

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s eyes widened as he stared at the seemingly endless expanse of golden light… and the vanishing aura of the Southern Hell Sea King.

Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu suddenly attacked in unison. Their power combined as one to form a gigantic blast of golden energy.

Nan Wansheng immediately turned around and pushed the thirty-thousand-meter tall tower behind him forward.


A dimensional crack slowly appeared at the point of impact as a dull noise reverberated throughout the entire Brahma Monarch Capital. 

The shadow of the Southern Hell Tower shook violently before crumbling into nothingness. Meanwhile, Nan Wansheng had already flown tens of kilometers away while shouting at the top of his lungs, “Retreat!!”

The death of the first Sea King stunned him, but also deepened his madness, but the death of the second Sea King finally scared him enough to wake him from his stupor.

The Brahma Monarch God Realm was on the verge of complete destruction. It should’ve taken no effort at all to conquer it. And yet somehow, they had managed to trade two Sea Kings with the dying power of five Brahma Kings!

They had killed half of his strongest subordinates in a nightmarishly short amount of time!

It would’ve pained him deeply to lose two Sea Gods… much less two of the four strongest Sea Kings of his realm!

The artifact of eternal life was right in front of him. But the two Brahma Monarch Ancestors were even closer.

If he didn’t turn back now, if he insisted on pitting his men against the two Brahma Monarch Ancestors and the remaining Brahma Kings, he might even lose the six Sea Gods.

He was fully aware that he was manipulated when he first came to the Eastern Divine Region, but he never imagined that he would lose two Sea Kings at the end of his journey…

Neither Qianye Wugu nor Qianye Bingzhu tried to give chase. After they confirmed that the Southern Sea God Emperor and the six Sea Gods had fully escaped, they immediately sat down on the ground and closed their eyes. Then, they became as quiet as statues.

Qianye Fantian climbed to his feet and stared at Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu for a moment. Then, his expression changed slightly. “Royal father, grandfather, you…”

“They are… poisoned as well… cough cough!” Gu Zhu could no longer hide the pain on his face. “They had locked the poison inside their innards to prevent the Southern Sea God Emperor from noticing. They had in fact reached their limit with that previous attack.”

Had they allowed the poisonous aura to leak out of their system, Nan Wansheng wouldn’t have retreated no matter what.

Qianye Fantian trembled as he muttered in the daze, “To think that the Sky Poison Pearl is this terrifying.”

Not only was the tower covered in countless sealing formations, Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu had been bathing in the divine aura of the artifact of eternal life long before the poisoning began… and yet they still couldn’t escape the disaster.

To think that the Brahma Monarch God Realm, one of the highest realms in all of God Realm, would be humbled to this extent by the Sky Poison Pearl.

“My lord.”

The rest of the Brahma Kings dragged their tired bodies to their god emperor and their ancestors. The first, second, eighth, tenth and thirteenth Brahma Kings were dead, and the remaining nine were seriously injured as well.

They knelt in front of Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu and greeted their ancestors excitedly, “Greetings, my former king. Greetings, my ancestor.”

Neither ancestor gave them a reply.

“Wuhe, Wulei, Zonglun, Beilie, Zixiao… are they all gone?” Qianye Fantian asked while shutting his eyes. His voice was flat and emotionless.

“Yes, they are.” The Third Brahma King asked softly, “It is thanks to Zixiao we were able to kill the Southern Hell Sea King, but… what is the meaning behind his actions? Why did he betray us in the beginning, only to give his life for us at the end?”

“There is only one answer to Zixiao’s unnatural behavior.” Qianye Fantian recalled the time Qianye Zixiao went to Snow Song Realm and said, “He most likely ran into Yan Tianxiao… and the Devil Queen when he was returning from the Snow Song Realm.”

“Could it be…” All the Brahma Kings came to realization at once.

“His soul was ‘stolen’ by the Devil Queen,” Qianye Fantian said before staring at the sky.

The mastermind had lured the Southern Sea God Emperor to the Eastern Divine Region, driven the Brahma Monarch Realm to a dead end using the Sky Poison, used a soul-stolen Zixiao to fan Nan Wansheng’s flames of greed to their limits, then betray them and the Southern Sea forces afterward… As a result, both Brahma Monarch and Southern Sea had suffered massive damage.

Knowing that, the mastermind had to be watching this “exciting” show from somewhere.

Qianye Fantian did not bother to point that out. He simply closed his eyes again and let out a sigh.

It no longer mattered if Qianye Zixiao was controlled by the Devil Queen. The battle had caused the Sky Poison in the Brahma King’s bodies to spiral completely out of control, and even now their flesh and their life force were being consumed at a ridiculous rate. The Third Brahma King asked sorrowfully, “My lord, are we… going to vanish into history just like this?”

“No.” Qianye Fantian surprised everyone. “There is one last way.”

His words lit a flame of hope in the eyes of every Brahma King.

“Prepare a ship.” There was only calm in Qianye Fantian’s eyes when he opened them again. “Now that I think of it, it has been a long time since I saw Ying’er.”

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