Chapter 1760 - Blood and Forgiveness

Against the Gods

After leaving the Brahma Monarch God Realm and flying for some time, Yun Che stopped in a vast, empty space and took out the Primordial Seal of Life and Death.

The seal had lost even its jade white luster after leaving the Brahma Emperor Skyraiser Formation completely. Right now, it looked and felt just like an ordinary jade disc.

If Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu weren’t alive, if the Sky Poison Pearl and the Eternal Heaven Pearl weren’t picking up a weak signal, he would never believe that this was the most unbelievable myth of all myths, the artifact of eternal life.

Yun Che put his palm on the jade seal and released his soul energy, but his consciousness passed right through the object like it was nothing. He didn’t sense any unique world or special soul aura from it, it was almost as if the artifact was nothing more than a normal stone.

Yun Che withdrew his palm and fell into thought for a moment. He asked, “He Ling, can you enter the inner world of the Primordial Seal of Life and Death?”

A small while later, He Ling replied softly, “Controlling both the Sky Poison Pearl and the Eternal Heaven Pearl at once is as far as I can go. If I split my spirit energy any further, I might… it will be very… very difficult, but I will give it a try after I recover fully.”

She was referring to the exhausted state she entered after losing control of herself and overtaxing the Sky Poison Pearl.

“Also, I’ve tried probing its consciousness space and pocket world a couple of times, but they seem to be very different from the usual ones. I’ll try to get inside again after I’ve recovered my strength.”

The Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations was the power that annihilated the god race and the devil race, and the Primordial Seal of Life and Death… was ranked right behind it.

There was no doubt that it was higher than both the Eternal Heaven Pearl and the Sky Poison Pearl.

If a power still existed in the world that could “revive” it… then it could only be He Ling.

“Just focus on healing yourself. You don’t need to pay it too much attention,” Yun Che said. Frankly, he was completely indifferent toward the Primordial Seal of Life and Death.

Just as he was putting it away, He Ling asked suddenly, “You were concerned about that voice, right? Master?”

Yun Che’s eyes grew focused. “You heard it?”

“Mn. That voice said the name… Ni Xuan.”

“...” Yun Che stared toward the distance and whispered, “I supposed it wasn’t a hallucination after all.”

That voice had been calling out the Heretic God’s name… or was it just a coincidence?

If it was the former, did that mean that a weak ancient soul was living inside the Primordial Seal of Life and Death?

The Heretic God was still remembered by his current title or his older title, the Creation God of the Elements, but his true name was forgotten a long time ago.

Yun Che took out the Primordial Seal of Life and Death and tried to probe it with his soul again, but he still found nothing at all. In the end, he had no choice but to give up and return to the Eternal Heaven Realm.


Many gigantic profound ships carrying the Witches, Yan Tianxiao, and half of the Yama Devils were descending on the Eternal Heaven Realm… they had chosen this realm as their core base in the eastern region from the beginning.

The Eastern Divine Region and the one hundred or so footholds they designated as its lifelines had all fallen under their control. Since their supervision was no longer necessary, they all came to the Eternal Heaven Realm to prepare for their next move.

They weren’t the only ones who were entering the Eternal Heaven Realm though. Many different profound arks—the profound arks of the upper star realms—were standing by outside the god realm while their realm kings worriedly made their way into the now unfamiliar Eternal Heaven Realm. When a devilish pressure suddenly descended upon them, they felt like their legs were giving up on them. 

A higher star realm king forced himself to stay calm and bowed. “Can Genzi is here to request an audience with the Devil Master.”

A Burning Moon Divine Envoy standing guard in the area said one word, “Wait.” He never even shifted his gaze from whatever he was looking at.

No one had welcomed him. No one had even told him where to wait or how long he should wait.

Not far away from him, he felt a couple of auras scanning him for a bit. Each one of them was so powerful that he felt goosebumps all over his body.

They were high realm kings and Divine Masters. They were undoubtedly the highest existences in their god realms.

Unfortunately for them, the people currently gathered at the Eternal Heaven God Realm included the Devil Queen, the Yama Emperor, the Witches, the Yama Devils, the Moon Eaters…

Their arrogance was snuffed out like a candle before a powerful wind or a hyena before ferocious tigers and lions. Their authority was nothing before them.

One by one, the higher realm kings showed up to await the Devil Master. No one welcomed them, and not even the guards were willing to favor them a single look. They had probably never been this scorned their lives.

Yet no one dared to express any anger or grievances, much less turn around and leave. They simply withdrew their auras as best they could and waited in silence and oppressiveness. 

They were the losers, so why should they have pride?

Finally, after an indefinite amount of time, the sky suddenly darkened without warning. A man had appeared in the sky of Eternal Heaven.

As if their blackened hearts were drawn toward the stranger at the same time, the Burning Moon guards dropped to their knees and shouted in unison, “Welcome back, Your Magnificence!”

The sheer amount of faith and power behind the four simple words were so huge that the surprised higher realm kings nearly dropped to their knees themselves.

When they looked up again, the black shadow had already vanished into nothingness. However, the commotion he caused just by appearing still reverberated inside their souls.

As higher realm kings, they were used to being worshipped as a matter of course. But most of the time, the people kneeling in front of them had done it more out of fear than respect… and not once had they ever received this… this sincerity that transcended faith and life itself. 

When these people welcomed their Devil Master… they looked like they were welcoming their one true god.

Some of the higher realm kings had ruled their star realms for twenty to thirty thousand years. It had been four years since Yun Che had escaped to the Northern Divine Region at most. So how in the world did he make them worship him to such an extent!?

Yan Tianxiao ran out to welcome Yun Che the moment he sensed him. A deep bow later, he laughed loudly and said, “This is amazing! Who would’ve thought that the Eastern Divine Region would fall to our feet in just two weeks or so!”

Fen Daoqi was also chuckling, “It’s only natural that you and your forces will crush anything that comes upon you in the Eastern Divine Region, Yama Emperor. Even better, our Devil Master took care of the four king realms single-handedly. His achievements are unprecedented and unsurpassed in the history of the God Realm, so this result is just the natural outcome.”

After half of the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s core forces had been lured away, Yun Che had massacred it with the three Yama Ancestors and the Burning Moon Realm. Then, the Moon God Realm was blasted to pieces, and the Brahma Monarch God Realm was drowned in a poisonous hell. Finally, the Star God Realm had surrendered after they threw out Xing Juekong. Not a single soldier was lost throughout the destruction or conquering of these three realms.

All four king realms had stood strong for at least hundreds of thousands of years, but Yun Che had annihilated them with such ease that even Yan Tianxiao, a god emperor, was frightened.

Yan Tianxiao nodded strongly before bowing to Yun Che again. “Your Magnificence, I was honestly worried on the day we left the Northern Divine Region, but now…”

“I don’t want to hear useless words.” Yun Che waved him down before asking Chi Wuyao, “How many of them have shown up?”

“Half,” Chi Wuyao replied with a smile, “the rest should be showing up soon as well. Of course, there will be star realms who’d rather die than submit.”

“How are you going to ‘receive’ these people?”

She stared expectantly at Yun Che.

Yun Che had absolutely no pity or kindness to share with the realm kings of the Eastern Divine Region. Personally, he would’ve chosen to plant slave imprints in all of them, but ultimately it was just an unrealistic dream.

He let out a cold chuckle before answering, “I’m going to need your devil soul.”

“If your plan is to steal their souls, I’m sorry to say that it won’t work,” Chi Wuyao said quietly. “My Nirvana Devil Soul can only soul-steal ten people at most. Although I’ve withdrawn the one I left in Qianye Zixiao, I’ve left one in Zhou Xuzi. This means that I can only soul-steal another nine people at most.”

“Also, I think my devil soul would be pretty unhappy to be used to kidnap mere higher realm kings.”

The sweet, melting voice Chi Wuyao used whenever she talked to Yun Che caused even Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqi to lose control of their heart rate and blood flow. They had to invest considerable effort into protecting their minds without letting it show.

“No, you don’t need to soul-steal anyone,” Yun Che said. “All I need is an example and a dead person.”

Chi Wuyao looked slightly surprised. Then, she smiled beautifully. “Of course.”

Yun Che floated down to the tattered Conferred God Stage and activated the great projection formation again. Clearly, this “oath of fealty ceremony” was going to be witnessed by the entire Eastern Divine Region.

The higher realm kings were already tense in the first place, but when three crooked figures suddenly appeared behind Yun Che without warning, they felt like a devilish claw had their hearts and souls in its clutches. It was as if their bodies were soaked in an icy pool of fear.

Yun Che’s gaze swept across the higher realm kings before a small smile appeared across his lips. “Very good. I’m glad to see that you’ve chosen to accept my offer.”

“So… who among you will be the first to receive this honor? Hmph!”

The higher realm kings shivered. Clearly, Yun Che wanted them to go forth to him one by one.

Who would want to be the first to submit to such a humiliating ceremony, especially since it would be witnessed by the entire world?

Chi Wuyao’s eyes flashed unnaturally after Yun Che asked his question.

“I will!”

An exceptionally tall and brawny man stepped out from the crowd and walked right up to Yun Che. Clasping his hands together, he said evenly, “I am Kui Heaven Realm’s realm king, Kui Hongyu. From hereon, I am willing to serve the Devil Master and never fight against the devil people again.”

Yun Che stared at him for a moment before saying one word, “Kneel.”

Kui Hongyu’s expression froze visibly. The rest of the realm kings looked apprehensive as well.

They were used to being worshipped, but not the other way around. After all, they were each a supreme Divine Master and a higher realm king. How could they possibly kneel to another person?

Even when they were facing the supreme ruler of a king realm, the norm was to bow or at most, drop to one knee before their superiors. In fact, they had only ever dropped to their knees and their heads once their whole life: when they were facing the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

Yan Three looked up at the frozen Kui Hongyu and uttered coldly, “Are you deaf? Master told you to get on your knees!”

A Yama Ancestor’s power was terrifying to say the least. Clenching his fists, Kui Hongyu ultimately chose to bend his body and kneel before Yun Che. However, everyone could see that his whole body was shivering uncontrollably.

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