Chapter 1766 - Qianying x Meiyin

Against the Gods

Chi Wuyao slowly walked over. She wanted to tell Yun Che that Zhou Xuzi had already reached the Dragon God Realm. She also wanted to tell him that she had found out a new piece of information via her link with Zhou Xuzi, that it seemed like the Dragon Monarch had entered the God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

However, when she sensed Shui Meiyin’s aura next to Yun Che from a distance away, she smiled and turned around to leave.

“Big Brother Yun Che, is Big Sister Wuyao really your empress?” Shui Meiyin asked.

“Yes.” Yun Che nodded his head.

“I can’t shake the feeling that… it doesn’t really seem that way.” Shui Meiyin was looking at him very expectantly.

“You already know what’s happening but you still chose to ask.” Yun Che looped a hand around the girl’s slim and tender waist. He explained with a small smile on his face, “The reason I made her my empress in the Northern Divine Region and even held such a grand formal coronation ceremony was because she was much more familiar than I was with the ins and outs of the Northern Divine Region. The status of empress would give her the most freedom to manage the territory, implement strategies for the upcoming invasion, and issue orders once all the plans had been solidified.” 

“Is it truly only like that?” Shui Meiyin bit down on her bottom lip softly as her voice grew softer. “Big Sister Wuyao is so alluring, so you definitely must feel… Heee, did you really not gobble her up yet?”

“Alright, stop probing.” Yun Che chuckled and answered frankly, “I still have a very special ‘knot in my heart’ when it comes to her. I know it shouldn’t exist… but I still haven’t been able to truly resolve it despite the amount of time that has passed.” 

Shui Meiyin: “...”

She knew what this “knot in his heart” was.

Mu Xuanyin.

Chi Wuyao did use the devil soul unique to her alone to secretly interfere with Mu Xuanyin’s life back then… for a whole ten thousand years.

He suddenly stretched out a hand to gently pinch Shui Meiyin’s smooth and tender cheek. “Besides, do you really enjoy pushing your man at other women so much? Can’t you at least have some of the jealousy that girls normally have?”

“Hmph! Since I ended up liking a bad guy like you, if I didn’t properly control my jealousy, I would’ve died of it by now!” She let out a soft snort before she suddenly beamed with joy. “Heeheehee, ‘your own man’. I really like the sound of that. Heehee.”

Yun Che turned toward her as he closely inspected her delicate, lovely face and her winsome smile. He unconsciously tightened the arm which was looped around her waist as he sighed softly and said, “You seem like you’re never going to grow up.”

“What are you talking about, I haven’t grown up yet,” Shui Meiyin retorted as she started to pout.

“Now I’ve already become a great devil who has caused rivers of blood to flow through the Eastern Divine Region. I have so much blood on my hands that I’ve lost track of it all. Anyone who sees me will shake and tremble in fear. Only you…” Yun Che smiled as he shook his head. At this moment, he didn't quite know how to describe Shui Meiyin’s behavior.

It was only when he was with Shui Meiyin that he vaguely felt himself turning back into the person he used to be.

In the distance, the Three Yama Ancestors, whose sense of hearing was still sealed, kept looking in their direction. They had now firmly etched Shui Meiyin’s appearance and aura into their memories.

In front of everyone else, the Devil Master was always glowering fiercely, as if everyone around him owed him a hundred lives. He hardly even laughed or smiled in front of the Devil Queen or Qianye Ying’er. It was only this little lady who could cause him to grin from ear to ear.

It was simply too frightening...

“Ah, Mother was the one that said this, ‘If you marry someone, follow him. If you marry a devil, follow his ways.’ I will change, Big Brother Yun Che will change, but my feelings for Big Brother Yun Che will never change.”

After she said those words, she winked at him in an exaggerated manner. “This was also the secret trick that Mother used to become Father’s most beloved wife!”

“Also, there’s something I’d like Big Brother Yun Che to remember forever.” Her watery eyes misted over as a big smile spread out on her flawless face. “No matter how unfair or cruel destiny is to you, no matter what happens to you, there will always be people who deeply love you in this world… Their love for you is deeper… than you have ever imagined…”

Yun Che: “...”

“So, no matter what the future brings, you mustn’t ever give up on yourself,” she said as she gently jabbed Yun Che’s chest with her finger. She continued in an unhappy voice, “Big Sister Wuyao told me that you were driven by a deep-seated desire to die when you were still in the Northern Divine Region. You even deliberately held a fatal trump card that you intended to use on the Dragon Monarch in the final moment, so that you could take him with you.”

It was good… that he had used that power on the Burning Moon Emperor instead.

“From now on, I forbid you from ever having those thoughts again! Do you hear me!?” She tried her best to look stern and intimidating, but it failed spectacularly.

“Mn.” Yun Che looked straight into her eyes as he agreed without any hesitation. “I’ve cleared up my head. From now on, I will take my revenge as I please and continue to live a happy life. This is the only way I can live up to Master’s sacrifice. This is the only way I can not disappoint… the people in heaven who are silently watching over me.”

Shui Meiyin started to smile and her smile looked more bright and beautiful right now than at any other time. It was as if ten thousand flowers were blooming in her heart as the last of her worries and fears melted away.

“Oh, that’s right,” Yun Che said with a faint smile. “I have a way to restore your father’s profound veins.”

Shui Meiyin was stunned by that revelation. Her watery eyes glimmered like stars as she exclaimed, “Really!?”

“Of course, and it’s actually a rather simple procedure at that,” Yun Che casually replied. The sort of damage that had been dealt to Shui Qianheng’s profound veins would stymie most experts, but in front of the Divine Miracle of Life, it was no problem at all. In fact, as long as the foundations of his profound veins weren’t completely destroyed, he’d be able to easily fix them.

When he examined the damage dealt to Shui Qianheng’s profound veins, he discovered that it was very similar to the sort of injury that had been dealt to Qianye Ying’er’s profound veins. However, the key difference was that Shui Qianheng’s profound veins were in far better shape, it was clear that the person who had wounded Shui Qianheng had gone far easier on him.

Yun Che continued, “He’ll still need several years to recover to the peak of his powers.”

Shui Meiyin’s lips unconsciously parted in both astonishment and excitement. Yun Che could not only restore her father’s profound veins, he could even restore him so completely that he would only need a few short years to return to the peak of his powers… Every single word he’d said sounded like a miracle.

She dove into Yun Che’s chest as she tightly hugged his waist. She buried her face in his chest like a kitten as she said, “Big Brother Yun Che, you’re really too awesome! As expected of the man I’m about to marry. When daddy and big sister find out about this, they’ll be over the moon.”

“When we’ve settled everything in the Eastern Divine Region, I will pay a visit to the Glazed Light Realm,” Yun Che said. “One of my reasons for the visit is to heal your father’s profound veins, the other reason… is to properly thank you for the kindness you showed me back then.”

“Ah… how should I reward Big Brother Yun Che then?” Her face was still red with excitement as she started sincerely thinking of a way to reward him. 

Yun Che laughed as he shook his head. “This is no trouble for me at all. It’s hardly even worth mentioning compared to everything you have done for me.”

“Heee, I used the word ‘reward’, not ‘thank’. Those are two completely different things.” Her alluring eyes whirled toward him as something sprang to mind. Her lips slowly approached Yun Che’s ear and a pink blush slowly crept from her face to her neck as she very quietly whispered a few words only she and Yun Che could hear.

As she whispered those words into his ear, her lips pursed up slightly and her eyes grew warm and gentle. But it was at this exact moment, that a frigid voice rang out at a very inopportune moment.

“Hmph! You’re still a witless little girl I see. Yun Che and I grew bored of such silly things a long time ago.”

The two of them abruptly separated as Qianye Ying’er landed in front of them. She did not spare Yun Che even a single glance as her gorgeous golden eyes stared daggers at Shui Meiyin.

The words she had used all of her courage to quietly whisper had actually been overheard by someone else. Shui Meiyin’s heart was flustered, but she was no simple character, she wouldn’t simply roll over and give up. Her eyebrows immediately arched up and she pursed her lips as she retorted, “Big Brother Yun Che has only grown bored of such things with you! He isn’t bored at all if I do it. In fact, his heart was beating really loudly just now, you know.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er found herself at a loss for words for a moment. It was as if she never expected that this “witless little girl” would be able to launch such a fearsome counterattack just seconds after she had landed a “critical hit” on her.

Her eyes faintly narrowed as she gave Shui Meiyin a smile that wasn’t a smile at all. “Then you don’t understand him at all. The things that this beastly man loves are far beyond what a witless little girl like you can ever imagine.”

“...” The dreaded and esteemed Devil Master of the Northern Region looked like he had been struck by consecutive blows. His body slouched downwards and he wasn’t quite sure if he should stand up or sit down. The only thing he was absolutely sure of was that his face was burning uncontrollably right now.

What… what was happening!?

“Oh really?” Shui Meiyin’s eyebrows arched even higher as a look of deep curiosity appeared in her beautiful eyes. “Then what exactly does Big Brother Yun Che like the most?”

“If I were to say it out loud, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to take it. Perhaps…” Qianye Ying’er let out a very dry chuckle. “If you obediently beg me, I might consider personally teaching you.”

“Don’t wanna,” Shui Meiyin said in a cheery voice. “I only want Big Brother Yun Che to teach me. I’ll do anything that Big Brother Yun Che likes.”

Qianye Ying’er: “...”

“Furthermore, I even have a super pretty big sister. With her help, I can do far more things… than you can ever do.”

Qianye Ying’er, “[email protected]#¥%…”

Yun Che could clearly see the space between Qianye Ying’er and Shui Meiyin faintly distorting as they stared at one another.

He shot to his feet and stood between the two women. His expression was calm and dignified as he said, “How goes the investigation?”

Qianye Ying’er simply turned to look to the side.

“I’ll go find Big Sister Wuyao.” Shui Meiyin stuck out her tongue at Yun Che as she giggled and left the area.

In front of Yun Che, Shui Meiyin really did seem like a little girl who would never grow up.

However, that was only in front of Yun Che.

After all, she possessed the only Divine Stainless Soul in the world. When it came to her soul, she was truly capable of lording it over the rest of them so there was no reason for her to back down or concede defeat to anyone.

Qianye Ying’er stretched out a hand and made a very simple gesture.

Immediately, two deep and vast energy fields started to descend from above. They landed to the left and right of Qianye Ying’er.

They were precisely Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu.

Their arrival instantly attracted the Three Yama Ancestors' dark and gloomy eyes. When the two Qianye ancestors arrived, their gazes also fell on the Three Yama Ancestors as the rumors they had once dismissed as “absurd” appeared before their very eyes… This was nothing less than a wonderful and mysterious experience for them.

Yun Che glanced at them as he said, “They truly are the ancestors of the Brahma Monarch God Realm. They’ve already recovered this much of their power in just the short span of a few days.”

Without bothering to wait for their reply, he immediately followed up with a question to Qianye Ying’er. “How much time do they have left without the Primordial Seal of Life and Death?”

“A thousand years.” The one who replied was Qianye Wugu. His voice and expression were as dry as an ancient well. It was as if they didn’t care at all that Qianye Ying’er had handed over the Primordial Seal of Life and Death to Yun Che just like that.

“For us, that is enough,” Qianye Bingzhu said in a dry voice. “After all, we are people who should have died long ago.”

Now that the Brahma Monarch God Realm had undergone a violent upheaval, it was a critical time for the realm. They couldn't afford to die during this period. As a result, they had chosen to stay at Qianye Ying’er’s side after Qianye Fantian’s death. They seemed to be both guardians and observers who would use the rest of their lives to watch over and protect the Brahma Monarch God Realm as it embarked on its new destiny… a destiny that might very well be its final one.

Qianye Ying’er finally turned to look at him as she impassively said, “The people of the Brahma Monarch God Realm place a heavy emphasis on our glory and honor. If we were to do something as shameful and contemptible as hunting down wood spirits, we wouldn’t leave a single trace of our act behind. Yet, someone who should never have had any contact with the Brahma Monarch God Realm… No, even if he did come into contact with us, he would never have been able to even see past the surface of our realm. Yet, he was somehow able to identify that his assailants were members of the Brahma Monarch God Realm before his death.”

As Qianye Ying’er gave a report on her findings over the last few days, Yun Che and He Ling were listening with quiet intent.

“I’m thinking that the most likely basis for his conjecture was the color of his assailant’s profound energy,” Qianye Ying’er said. “Because the entire world knows that the Brahma Monarch God Realm’s profound energy radiates a golden light.”

“As a result, the deceased Wood Spirit Patriarch probably thought his assailants were members of the Brahma Monarch God Realm when he saw the golden tint of their profound energy.”

Yun Che furrowed his brow as he said, “But according to what I know, the only star realm in the Eastern Divine Region whose profound energy glows golden is the Brahma Monarch God Realm.”

“That’s right,” Qianye Ying’er said. “But… what if we look outside the Eastern Divine Region?”

“...” Yun Che’s eyes flashed violently.

If they considered star realms outside the Eastern Divine Region, there was one other star realm whose profound energy glowed with a golden light. 

The Southern Sea God Realm.

The Wood Spirit Patriarch and his wife had died in the Eastern Divine Region, so it was a huge stretch to connect their deaths to the Southern Sea God Realm in any way.

“I’m going to say something that will sound a bit ridiculous,” Qianye Ying’er said in a calm voice. “Luxurious golden profound energy is undoubtedly something that the world admires and remembers. If you mention golden-colored profound energy in the Eastern Divine Region, you will immediately think of the Brahma Monarch God Realm. And if you were to mention the Brahma Monarch God Realm, you would immediately think of our gorgeous and magnificent golden-colored profound energy.”

“However, this preconceived notion is so strong in our minds that it unwittingly covers up many things. Something that not many people know, and you are also ignorant of this, is that unless you are a Brahma God or Brahma King who has inherited the Brahma divine power, the profound energy that comes from the Brahma Monarch bloodline alone only gives off a very faint golden tint. It is only when one of us has reached the Divine Sovereign Realm that it’s even clearly discernible.”

“Even though they were corralling a bunch of wood spirits who had reached the Divine Spirit Realm at best, they still allowed some of them to escape. That can only mean one thing. The person who took action against them could only be a Divine King at best.”

“Furthermore, when a Brahma Monarch practitioner is only at the Divine King level, the golden tint of his profound energy is so faint that it’s practically unnoticeable.”

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