Chapter 1781 - Titanic Sea God Cannon alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods


When the combined power of the three Yama Ancestors hit the Sea Emperor Barrier, the noise it generated sounded like the collapse of myriad realms or the shattering of the galaxy itself. The golden barrier abruptly shone like a golden sun as countless cracks spread shrilly across its surface.

However, an impossible amount of energy erupted from the Sea Emperor Barrier and sent the three Yama Ancestors flying. Grunting in pain and feeling a terrible numbness in their arms, they landed far away from the point of impact.

The golden light rapidly returned to normal. Even the cracks had vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Ss~~” All three Yama Ancestors hissed in unison. A bit of surprise and terrifying darkness peeked out of their eyes as they stared at the restored barrier.

“Oh?” Even Yun Che seemed a bit surprised. He said softly, “Even my three underlings can’t break apart this barrier? I guess it’s not completely useless after all.”

Qianye Bingzhu and Qianye Wugu weren't surprised in the slightest. In their opinion, this was the natural result.

The three Yama Ancestors had failed to leave a single scratch on the Sea Emperor Barrier, but not only did the people outside the barrier not gloat in laughter, a look of deep shock had flashed across their features for an instant.

It was because the Sea Emperor Barrier had cracked under the three Yama Ancestors’ attack!

Although the cracks had vanished in no time… it was proof that the barrier wasn’t completely impervious to their attacks!

Everyone here had experienced in some form the might of the three Yama Ancestors. These monsters had crushed the six Guardians on the Eternal Heaven God Realm and suppressed the powerful Ash Dragon God like nothing after all.

However, all their experiences combined still couldn’t compare to the shock they felt when the barrier cracked for an instant. It was because no one had ever managed to break the Sea Emperor Barrier in any way, not even when the attackers were the Southern Sea God Emperors themselves!

The attack had felt like a blow to the Sea Gods’ hearts in that moment. It was as if the cracks had spread on their gall, not the barrier.

Even the Southern Sea God Emperor’s arrogant smile had frozen for half a breath before he recovered himself. “Yun Che, I admit that the monsters you gathered are impressive, but it is all just a waste of energy. You will never be able to breach the Sea Emperor Barrier.” 

His words didn’t reflect his true feelings. The Sea Emperor Barrier might have healed instantly from the three Yama Ancestors’ attack, but not his heart. In fact, he couldn’t stop a terrible thought from rising in his heart: if these monsters continued to attack the barrier, they might just be able to break through. How long would it take them? Two hours? Maybe even less?

There was no way he could allow a threat like this to exist, could he?

“Hehehe.” Yun Che chuckled coldly. “Are you really gloating over a turtle shell, Southern Sea God Emperor? Is your heart really this small? In that case, why don’t you change your realm’s name to Turtle Shell Realm? I think it’s fitting for a ruler like you.”

“Hmph. Unrepentant until the end, I see.” It was Nan Qianqiu who spoke up this time. His caution and fear had been replaced completely by confidence and barely concealed expectation. He said in a pitying tone, “But don’t hold back on my account. After all, you won’t ever get to laugh again in hell.”

“Your Majesty,” the Northern Hell Sea King suddenly whispered, “Delay breeds uncertainty.”

Clearly, the Sea King was deeply disturbed by the three Yama Ancestors’ success as well.

The Southern Sea God Emperor narrowed his golden pupils a little before he extended a crooked hand at Yun Che’s location. It was as if he held all their fates in his hands. “Open your eyes, Yun Che, for this is the biggest gift I’ve ever given to anyone in my life! Do enjoy this glory of despair until the very end!”

He abruptly clenched his fingers into fists, and...


A beam of golden light abruptly burst from the center of the divine altar and pierced the barrier and the sky. A huge, golden shadow started appearing slowly from the split altar.

The golden light was created from countless connected profound formations. At the center of the circulating formations was a pitch black hole pointed directly at Yun Che. The hole was only 1.5 meters wide, but for some reason it looked like it could devour countless realms and stars.


The divine altar was shaking, the Southern Sea Capital was shaking, the Southern Sea God Realm was shaking, even the boundless star realms beyond the god realm were shaking violently. The tremor was so great that it caused spatial storm after spatial storm. 



“What… what is that!?”

All three god emperors of the Southern Divine Region turned as pale as death. Although they were all mentally prepared to a certain degree, it didn’t change the fact that they felt like a heavenly hammer had struck their soul.

It was because the power pressing against their bodies and souls right now was a power that exceeded the common sense of the people and the limits of the world itself. It was a power that shouldn’t exist since the departure of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor!

“Titanic… Sea… God… Cannon…” God Emperor Shitian squeezed the distorted words through his chattering teeth.

He had read about this from a secret record. Up until a moment ago, he had thought that it was just complete nonsense… but no longer!

“...” Neither the Xuanyuan God Emperor nor the Purple Micro God Emperor had anything to say to that. They didn’t even have the power to speak before the growing presence in front of their eyes. 

As a god emperor of the Southern Divine Region, they had of course heard of the Titanic Sea God Cannon before. They knew that the Titanic Sea God Cannon was the ultimate artifact of the Southern Sea Family, and that it supposedly had “the power to kill a god in an instant”. It was also the scariest and most taboo of weapons the God Race possessed.

However, they had no idea that that weapon still existed to this day!

They did not—could not—believe that the divine artifact before them was the legendary god killer weapon, but they couldn’t deny the fact that its mere presence terrified their bodies and souls even after it was diluted by the Sea Emperor Barrier.

Inside the barrier, Yun Che’s black hair and clothes flapped wildly like they were whipped by a typhoon. The color in the three Yama Ancestors’ faces was completely drained as well. In their eyes, that black hole was uglier than the ugly faces of a true wretch of the purgatory.

“Hmm!” Gu Zhu stumbled backward a step. It took him a while before he stabilized himself.

Gu Zhu might not have recovered his strength fully, but he was still a level ten Divine Master. The fact that the weapon’s spiritual pressure was enough to send him stumbling proved just how scary it was.

Right now, Yun Che felt as if he was held down by a countless number of planets. Although he was still standing straight, he couldn’t even breathe in anymore. Even the simple act of raising his arms consumed an unbelievable amount of strength.

“Master, this thing is… wrong!” Yan One looked at him and shouted.

“Hahahaha!” The Southern Sea God Emperor spread his arms and laughed to his heart’s content. “Do you like my gift, Yun Che? Hahahahahaha!”

Even for him, this was the first time he felt the true power of the forbidden weapon! His body was shaking, but his blood and soul were practically boiling with excitement!

After all, this power was his to bear.

“...” Yun Che didn’t answer him. He was stretching his fingers slowly as if he was testing how much the Titanic Sea God Cannon could suppress him.

“Southern Sea!” God Emperor Shitian said suddenly, “You… were hiding this all this time!?”

Suddenly, he recalled something and muttered, “Now… now I understand why the Dragon Monarch frequently visited the Eastern Divine Region, but never your realm!”

The Southern Sea God Emperor didn’t answer him. He was too busy enjoying the fear the Titanic Sea God Cannon was inflicting on him... and anticipating the fear and death Yun Che would experience in just a moment!

Qianye Bingzhu and Qianye Wugu exchanged a glance with each other before standing in front of Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er.

Qianye Wugu spoke up. “I thought that the crown prince proclamation ceremony was just an excuse you used to pull whatever it is you were planning to pull, but to think that the altar used to make a sacrifice to the heavens itself is directly connected to your trump card… the energy fueling the Titanic Sea God Cannon is directly beneath this tower, isn’t it?”

Considering how big the tower that raised the divine altar was, the energy it contained could only be bigger than anyone’s imagination.

“That’s right.” the Southern Sea God Emperor smiled arrogantly. He tried to take a step closer toward the divine altar, but found that he was unable to do so because the pressure coming from the Titanic Sea God Cannon was too great. The primal fear only excited him even more, however. “Do you know how unwilling I was to part with this gift of mine? Shame, such a shame that I have to use it to kill a mad dog!”

“Your schemes and ruthlessness exceed that of your father’s,” said Qianye Bingzhu. “But surely you realize that this place is the core of the Southern Sea God Realm? Once the Titanic Sea God Cannon is used, your realm will definitely suffer a great calamity.”

“So what?” Nan Qianqiu replied arrogantly and coldly. “The entire Eastern Divine Region has been turned into a living hell after they were defeated by Yun Che. The entire God Realm is living under the fear of the Northern Region devil people right now. Once the Southern Sea Realm wipes the Devil Master from existence, our achievement and sacrifice will only be praised for eternity by the entire world!”

“Hehe, well said,” praised the Southern Sea God Emperor.

“It is pointless to talk anymore.” Qianye Wugu raised his arms and whispered, “God Emperor…”

A pause later, he softened his voice even further. “Ying’er, no matter how powerful the Titanic Sea God Cannon might be, it cannot possibly be as strong as it was in the ancient times. The three Yama Ancestors and us may have enough strength to stop it. If you survived the attack, please escape with all your might. Do not try to save us no matter what you do.”

A dark golden light started condensing in Qianye Bingzhu and Qianye Wugu’s eyes. They were clearly preparing to burn their Brahma Soul.

“Stop!” Qianye Ying’er ordered coldly. “I’m only going to say this one more time: you don’t have the right to act above your station!”

Her tone was cold and ruthless, but her gaze softened just a little. In the end, she sent them a sound transmission. “He can deal with this, so back down already.”

“...” Faint indiscernible surprise flashed behind their eyes. Despite their hesitation, they ultimately chose to obey her command.

“What do you think of my gift, Yun Che?” the Southern Sea God Emperor asked while staring closely at Yun Che’s face.

“It’s not bad.” Yun Che praised with a smile. “You finally produced something that didn’t disappoint me too much.”

“Disappoint, you say?” the Southern Sea God Emperor replied smilingly.

“I’m sure you haven’t witnessed the power of the Titanic Sea God Cannon yourself, have you?” Yun Che was still smiling. Not a trace of fear could be spotted from his features. “Are you absolutely certain that it can kill me?”

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s smile deepened. “To be honest with you, I am not. The loyal dogs you gathered are far, far stronger than I imagined, and if they did everything in their power to defend you, there might just be a sliver of chance you might survive this.”

No one was astonished by his words.

If the three Yama Ancestors, the two Brahma Ancestors, Gu Zhu, and Qianye Ying’er exhausted all their power to protect Yun Che, it wasn’t impossible for him to survive the Titanic Sea God Cannon.

“But so what? You would be at death’s door or very close to it after the attack. Do you really think you can escape our grasp?”

“Even if you did manage to escape our grasp, how are you going to maintain your rule over the Eastern Divine Region, or defend yourself from the Southern Divine Region and the Dragon God Realm without your loyal dogs?”

“Still…” The Southern Sea God Emperor shook his head slightly and sighed. “A shame that I would have to sacrifice my Ying’er though. Still, I would rather remember the you from five years ago than the you who has been polluted by the devil. You may die, but you will forever remain the cold, proud, and flawless beauty in my heart.”

Qianye Ying’er pressed her lips slightly. The movement was indiscernible, but somehow she still managed to look so precious a person could lose their soul in it. She took half a step forward and leaned against Yun Che slightly. Then, she said, “I, Yun Qianying, would rather be the plaything of the devil than be seen by you ever again. After all, all I am in your eyes is a toy who will wag its tail to please its master. Frankly, it disgusts me to be remembered by you.”

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