Chapter 1783 - Destroying the Southern Sea alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

As the Eastern Hell Sea King and the Northern Hell Sea King witnessed what happened, a strange light simultaneously flashed through their bulging eyes. After that both of them, who were barely holding up under the blast of the Titanic Sea God Cannon, did the exact same thing at the exact same moment! Even the words that exploded out of their mouths were exactly the same.

“My king! You must retreat!!”

Even as their bodies bent under the immense pressure of that divine light, they forcefully shot out half of their power at the Southern Sea God Emperor.

The Southern Sea God Emperor immediately understood their intentions. He didn’t hesitate at all as he flipped his body, the golden light surrounding his body exploding out toward the two beams of energy shot at him by both Sea Kings.


The energy that had exploded out of the Southern Sea God Emperor and his two Sea Kings was immensely powerful. As such, the collision of these three powerful energies naturally caused a huge shockwave to occur. The repulsive force of this collision was enough to fling the Southern Sea God Emperor free of the divine might that was restricting his every move. His body spun through the air, a spray of bloody mist trailing in his wake.

“HAH!” Both the Xuanyuan God Emperor and the Purple Micro God Emperor yelled in unison as they “attacked” yet again. A vortex of energy twisted the very fabric of space as it spun toward the Southern Sea God Emperor and dragged him to their side.

It was as if the Southern Sea God Emperor and his men had suddenly been thrust into a nightmare. The two great god emperors had managed to rescue the Southern Sea God Emperor from the brink of destruction, but they were obviously still shaken.

As for the Southern Sea God Emperor… Half of his body was drenched in blood and stark white bones could be seen peeking out of some of his wounds. His right hand was no longer whole, only a few broken finger bones remained and all of the imperial majesty and wild arrogance on his face had completely disappeared. Only shock and fear remained on that bloody visage, and he looked as though he had been terrorized by thousands of demons.

Now that the Southern Sea God Emperor’s power was no longer holding back the Titanic Sea God Cannon’s blast, the greatly weakened Sea Kings, who had used most of their power to rescue their god emperor, and the remaining Sea Gods no longer had enough strength to hold back that brilliant beam of divine might.

Everything happened in nearly the same instant that the Southern Sea God Emperor was rescued. The beam of divine light that had been stopped for a few fleeting instants fiercely swallowed up the bodies of the two Sea Kings, crashing down like a rainbow which split the heavens.


A series of miserable wails rang out in the air, but they faded before they could even express the despair that was evident in those voices. The Titanic Sea God Cannon’s divine light had completely swallowed all of the Sea Gods who had been desperately trying to hold it back.

Within that dense column of golden light, which looked too pure to exist in this world, everyone could no longer see the figures of the Sea Kings and the Sea Gods. In fact, no one could even hear their voices or sense their auras. All of them had been completely consumed by this divine light, and not even a shred remained.


That beam of golden light pierced through the heavens and landed straight on top of the Southern Sea’s capital city. Everything caught in the radius of the blast was wiped out in the blink of an eye. The beam of pure golden light continued drilling through the capital city, completely transfixing the most sacred place in the Southern Sea God Realm, but it didn’t stop there. It continued drilling into the Southern Sea God Realm and pierced right through the middle!

Even light and sound had been swallowed by that horrifying divine might, so this world-shaking calamity wasn’t accompanied by any huge and dramatic explosions. However, it was forever etched in the horrified eyes and souls of the citizens living in the Southern Sea God Realm. 

The divine light that had split the Southern Sea God Realm in two had not disappeared yet. It continued to fly off into the distant star region… and at this exact moment, nearly half of the star realms in the Southern Divine Region saw an exceptionally beautiful line of golden light streaking across the horizon.

Never in their dreams would they imagine that this streak of golden light had either skewered or destroyed every star realm in its path.


Countless buildings in the Southern Sea Capital crazily collapsed in the aftermath of this apocalyptic blast. Wails of shock and terror were reverberating through the air so loudly that they nearly shook the heavens themselves.

In contrast, a dreadful silence appeared in the skies far above. Whether it was the Southern Sea God Emperor or the elites from the three king realms, all of them looked as if their souls had been yanked out of their bodies. Not a single one of them was able to even twitch a muscle or utter a sound for the longest time… Just a few moments before, their eyes had been shining with boundless excitement, their hearts thumping with pure joy, as they eagerly waited to witness the divine might of the Titanic Sea God Cannon devour the Devil Master Yun Che.

However, at this present moment, as they watched the divine light of the Titanic Sea God Cannon slowly fade away, they could not see even the slightest trace of the Sea Kings or Sea Gods swallowed up by that deluge of light. The only thing that remained was the distorted space that had been left in the blast’s wake. 

“Tsk, this Titanic Sea God Cannon that all of you boasted about only amounted to this? Heh, even you, the Southern Sea God Emperor, managed to escape from it.”

Yun Che had spoken in a calm and unhurried voice, but it was enough to cause everyone’s hearts to shudder wildly. As he glanced to the side and observed the star regions which had been cut apart, he murmured, “Oh well, after seeing the destruction it has wreaked on the most powerful king realm in the Southern Divine Region, I guess it passes.” 

The Three Yama Ancestors standing behind him were all staring at him dumbfoundedly. Their eyes were bulging out of their sockets and their jaws had dropped to the proverbial floor. It was as if they had seen a ghost. It was only after they heard Yun Che’s voice that all three of them fell to their knees and prostrated themselves before him.

Yan One: “Master’s divine might would echo through all the ages. Even the heavens and the earth bow to him.”

Yan Two: “Our master truly lives up to his name. Even this so-called Titanic Sea God Cannon was nothing but a mere trifle in front of him.”

Yan Three: “Ptooeey! There are no words in this world that can describe even a fraction of Master’s divine might. Becoming Master’s loyal slaves was the greatest fortune of our lives, the greatest glory we could ever hope for.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er slowly exhaled.

“...” Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu also remained silent for a very long time. They had not looked very shaken even after the Titanic Sea God Cannon had unleashed its blast of divine power, but everything that they had just witnessed had completely transcended the boundaries of their understanding, of any mortal being’s understanding.

“What… was… that…” Qianye Wugu unconsciously whispered.

Everyone had woodenly turned their eyes to Yun Che after he had spoken. When they saw the uninjured Yun Che, all of their expressions dramatically changed. They couldn't bring themselves to believe what they were seeing, nor could they even begin to comprehend what had just happened.

Unless they had been completely ensnared by an illusion, they had just seen Yun Che reflect the blast from the Titanic Sea God Cannon back at the Southern Sea God Emperor with a single casual swing of his sword!!

“What happened… What sort of demonic art is this!?” the Xuanyuan God Emperor gasped in a quavering voice. As the emperor of a king realm, he had actually used the two words “demonic art”.

God Emperor Shitian suddenly recalled what he had seen outside the Blue Pole Star back then. After Mu Xuanyin had died, all of the attacks launched by the god emperors had been bizarrely reflected by Yun Che’s strange power. That was a scene that no one could explain to this very day.

The same scene was also flashing through the Southern Sea God Emperor’s mind. But he still couldn’t bring himself to believe that the exact same scenario had happened again. Because it had happened against the power of the Titanic Sea God Cannon, a power that transcended the boundaries of this current universe.

He wanted to clench his fists, but he realized that he couldn’t even feel his fingers. Under his extreme shock, he realized that he hadn’t even felt the pain of losing them. He slowly lifted his head and stared at Yun Che with eyes that trembled of their own volition. When he saw the mocking smirk on Yun Che’s face, a dreadful thought suddenly flashed through the barely-conscious mind of the Southern Sea God Emperor.

“You… You… did this… on purpose…” These words were the most difficult words he had ever said in his entire life.

“Heh heh.” Yun Che let out a deep chuckle as he raised his head to look towards the sky. The black clouds in the sky were still roiling wildly and they had not dissipated along with the Titanic Sea God Cannon’s divine might. It was as if they hadn’t even appeared because of the Titanic Sea God Cannon in the first place. “After we conquered the Eastern Divine Region, I knew that it would be impossible to use the same method to deal with your Southern Divine Region. Even I, the Devil Master, couldn’t quite think of a way to topple the Southern Divine Region in a short amount of time.”


The black clouds tossed and turned as they brimmed with terrifying heavenly might, but not a single bolt of tribulation lightning sprang forth from them. This was because the heavenly law discovered many years ago that its punishing power was absolutely ineffective against Yun Che. It couldn’t even harm a hair on his head.

“That being the case, both the Devil Queen and I had decided to leave the Southern Divine Region alone for now. However, when I coincidentally discovered that your Southern Sea God Realm was hiding an artifact of fabled and forbidden might, the Titanic Sea God Cannon, I suddenly realized something.” He slowly lifted his arm and pointed a finger at the Southern Sea God Emperor. “The one person who could help me quickly trample over the Southern Divine Region was you! The Southern Sea God Emperor himself!”

“...!!” The Southern Sea God Emperor’s ashen face turned scarlet and it seemed as if all of the blood in his body was currently rushing to his head. His vision suddenly turned violently blurry as he turned to look at Qianye Wugu. As the strongest existence in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, he would definitely have known about the existence of the Titanic Sea God Cannon. It wouldn’t even be shocking if he had actually confirmed the existence himself.

“So you… You killed the Ash Dragon God just… just to…” The Southern Sea God Emperor was hissing each word through clenched teeth and his teeth were grinding against each other with enough force to shatter them. The Southern Sea God Realm had been split in two and countless people had died. The Four Sea Kings had fallen and of the sixteen vaunted Sea Gods… only four auras remained. This was a nightmare to end all nightmares. A nightmare that could break the mind of a god emperor.

“If I didn’t act crazy, how would I be able to bait you into doing so as well?” Yun Che said with a faint smile. As he stared down at Nan Wansheng, a look of mocking approval appeared in his eyes. “Destroying the Southern Sea God Realm is equivalent to trampling half of the Southern Divine Region itself. Nan Wansheng, as my plaything today, you have done an excellent job. You have helped me so easily neuter the biggest obstacle to my potential conquest of the Southern Divine Region. You truly do live up to your name as the greatest god emperor in the Southern Divine Region. Hahahahahahaha!”

Qianye Ying’er continued in a calm voice, “Once the Southern Divine Region bends its knees to the Devil Master, this glorious achievement of the Southern Sea God Emperor will echo throughout history. Once you go to hell, don’t you forget that this ‘special glory’ was something bestowed upon you by the Devil Master.”

Each word struck a mortal blow to the already flagging spirits of the Southern Sea God Emperor. The color of his face swiftly turned from scarlet to reddish-black as his arms stiffened and his teeth started to chatter. “Yun… Che, you… you…”


His body suddenly stiffened before a huge cloud of blood sprayed from his mouth. 

“Royal… father!”

“My king!”

Nan Qianqiu and the three remaining Sea Gods rushed forward in panic. The Southern Sea God Emperor vomited blood a dozen more times before he could finally breathe again. As he looked at the four remaining Sea Gods, his vision went black once more. He clenched his teeth fiercely and forcefully took control of the blood and energy that was wildly rampaging in his veins.

Huge tidal waves crashed about in the hearts of three god emperors who were standing in the distance.

They had first borne witness to Yun Che’s insufferable arrogance and his decision to cruelly slaughter the Ash Dragon God had made him seem like a complete lunatic to them. The deranged and demented arrogance and ambition he had shown after that had made him look exactly like what the Southern Sea God Emperor had described him as, a “mad dog”. It was also this attitude that caused the Southern Sea God Emperor to give up on “diplomacy” and choose the nuclear option. 

The Southern Sea God Emperor thought that he had been in control of the entire situation from start to finish. He even thought that he had been in control of Yun Che’s destiny itself. But it was only now that everyone realized, to their shock and horror, that the Southern Sea God Emperor had been flailing about blindly like a puppet in Yun Che’s hand all this while. In fact, Yun Che had barely exerted any effort on his own. He had merely used the Southern Sea God Emperor’s power to destroy half of his own realm.

The most terrifying thing was that Yun Che had already known that the Southern Sea God Emperor would prepare the Titanic Sea God Cannon before his arrival.

Everyone felt as if countless threads of ice-cold energy were surging into every pore of their body and seeping into their muscles and bones.

The Southern Sea God Emperor pushed aside Nan Qianqiu’s hand as he slowly strode forward. His scarlet, bloodstained eyes looked as sinister as a devil’s and all of his wounds started dripping blood as his profound energy wildly flared around him. “Yun Che… I, the Southern Sea God Emperor, will reduce you to dirty ashes, you devil! Even if I have to lose both my arms to do so!”

“What did you say?” Compared to Nan Wansheng, who had clearly lost control over his emotions, Yun Che’s expression was so calm that it sent shivers down everyone’s spine. He looked completely immaculate next to the bloody and battered Nan Wansheng.

Just as Yun Che was about to reply, he suddenly glanced to the side and said, “Hmmm?”



The ground split open as a crack in space was rent open with incredible violence. A pale-white figure flashed through that opening like a beam of light. He had already arrived at the side of Nan Wansheng before anyone even heard or saw the sonic boom that he had left in his wake. His face was ancient but his skin was lustrous and fair, and every inch of his body was white and spotless. Even his hair and his long beard were as white as snow. As he quietly stared at Nan Wangsheng, his eyes looked like ancient and tranquil pools.

Nan Wansheng’s body trembled violently as he instantly withdrew the profound energy violently surging through and around his body. He did not turn around, and he didn’t have the shamelessness to turn around either. He merely dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and spoke in a trembling voice, “Royal… father…”

Nan Qianqiu and the three Sea Gods beside him dropped to their knees as well. None of them could even make a single sound. They had never imagined that this old man would have to announce his “return” to the world under such dire circumstances.

“Heh.” Yun Che’s narrowed eyes swept across this old man as he barked out a cold laugh.

Qianye Bingzhu let out a soft sigh before he finally spoke, “The number of people who have inherited the Southern Sea’s divine power has always been one short over the years. Just as I had suspected, you really were still alive, Nan Giuzhong.”

The white-haired old man slowly looked up at them, but there were no ripples in those ancient eyes. He also let out a soft sigh before replying, “Only ‘death’ would allow me to completely seclude myself from the world and quietly contemplate the mysteries of the universe. I mean, didn’t Brother Bingzhu and Senior Wugu do the same?”


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