Chapter 1786 - Trample alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

The battle over the Southern Sea Capital stopped as an all-encompassing draconic pressure sat atop everyone’s shivering heart. Observing the bodies floating in the sky and feeling their ancient power washing over their skins, they eventually arrived at the conclusion that these dragons could only belong to one race, a race that shouldn’t be able to appear in this space at all.

“The Dragons of… Absolute… Beginning!?”

Qianye Bingzhu and Qianye Wugu murmured at the same time.

Practically every top Divine Master in the world had ventured into the God Realm of Absolute Beginning to challenge themselves before.

However, not even peak Divine Masters would choose to provoke the Dragons of Absolute Beginning without a most compelling reason.

After all, they were the unrivaled dominators of another world and a race so ancient that their origins were no longer traceable.

Today, these beings had, against all logic and common sense, departed their eternal dwelling and appeared in the skies of the Southern Sea God Realm. There had to be hundreds of them.

The space above the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword didn’t disappear just because the world had gone deathly silent. All of a sudden a bluish gray paw emerged from the center, and the dark clouds instantly scattered in all directions. All the dragons crouched their bodies and bowed their heads in unison as if they were welcoming the arrival of a monarch.

Qianye Ying’er’s eyebrows sank. “Could it be…”


The space cut open by the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword exploded like a balloon that was filled well past its capacity, but it had fulfilled its purpose. The last dragon to emerge from the space blocked the sky with its wings and looked disdainfully at the ground.

At full length, the bluish gray creature was at least tens of kilometers tall. Its wings seemed huge enough to encompass the entire world with its wings, and its eyes burned hotter than the sun itself.

It wasn’t difficult to guess the dragon’s title. That towering figure, that impossible draconic aura. Anyone who had heard of its existence, even if they had never seen its majestic figure with their own eyes, would arrive at the natural conclusion.

“Dragon Emperor of… Absolute Beginning…” Nan Guizhong muttered as he looked up. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“What is this… what’s going on…” Nan Wansheng asked no one in particular while breathing heavily. He couldn’t stop wondering if everything he was seeing was a product of a delusion due to his injured body and soul.

After all... why else would the Dragons of Absolute Beginning and even the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning itself would be here?

The Dragons of Absolute Beginning was a race that had dwelled in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning since the ancient times. Everyone knew that they were the apex predators of that space.

These dragons had never left the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, and as far as the world was aware they had never shown any inclination of doing so. Even if they were mistaken, they would’ve picked up their unique aura immediately after they entered the God Realm. Not even the weakest dragon of them all could’ve escaped notice.

However, the fact was that a hundred Divine Master Dragons of Absolute Beginning and even their regent, the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning itself had appeared in the Southern Sea God Realm out of nowhere. There were no auras, no traces, no signs, nothing. One moment they weren’t, and the next they were.

If the Dragon Gods and the Dragon Monarch were the ones who pulled off this trick, their shock wouldn’t even be close to what they were feeling right now.

The dragon horde dispersed, and the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning slowly descended to the ground. Then, as if all the shock and disbelief they had already caused weren’t enough, the dragon moved its head below the rainbow girl’s feet and supported her.

The Heavenly Wolf Star God and the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning… in that moment, every God Emperor present at the scene felt like their minds were blasted right out of their heads.

Caizhi slowly raised the Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword. A thick shroud of dark energy was twisting across the blade and releasing a demonic pressure that didn’t belong.

A breath passed through pink, pearl-like lips. The word she spoke though, was the darkest nightmare the Southern Sea God Realm could ever dream of.


The Dragons of Absolute Beginning moved. The race that had never clashed with the God Realm descended atop the Southern Sea Capital and unleashed their ancient, destructive power without reserve.

What did it mean to face a hundred Divine Master dragons?

A Divine Master was the king of an upper star realm and the foundation stone of a king realm. Even at their prime, the Southern Sea God Realm had never had a hundred Divine Masters.

What this meant was that this group of Dragons of Absolute Beginning, not even the full power their entire race could muster, possessed the absolute power to annihilate the entire Southern Sea Capital, not to mention that the world itself was severely damaged by the Titanic Sea God Cannon in the first place.

Up to this point, Nan Guizhong and Nan Wansheng had intended to struggle to the bitter end. Then the shadows descended, and that determination finally dissolved into absolute despair.

Countless destructive energies tore into the space that was the Southern Sea Capital. Countless more destructive vortexes were left in the wake of their power. In that moment, every Southern Sea profound practitioner knew that there was no way their realm could defend against this power… the possibility was exactly zero!


The heavens themselves shivered at the collective roar. The will of every Southern Sea profound practitioner, from the lowest guard to the highest Sea God, was crushed to bits and dropped into a bottomless abyss.

“...Interesting,” muttered Qianye Ying’er in a slight daze as she stared at Caizhi standing on top of the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning.

Nan Guizhong’s face was twitching uncontrollably. He didn’t need to look down to know that the Southern Sea Capital was facing a disaster unlike anything the world had ever seen before. Glaring at the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning and barely keeping his volume under control, he growled,

“Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning, I don’t believe the Southern Sea has ever offended you in any way, and one of our laws specifically forbids our people from offending the Dragons of Absolute Beginning when exploring the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, so why… are you invading us!?”

Nan Guizhong’s voice was as loud and resonating as a heavenly gong, but everyone could hear the hint of suppressed anger and sorrow within.

The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning’s only response was to bring down its bluish gray paw.

Strength wise, the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning was weaker than Long Bai because the latter possessed the bloodline of the Dragon God. However, that didn’t mean that its ancient power wasn’t strong enough to turn the air within five thousand kilometers of itself into a temporary vacuum and terrify its denizens.

Nan Guizhong had never fought against the dragon, but he knew that it was at least as strong as the Crimson Destruction Dragon God, head of the nine Dragon Gods, the moment their auras clashed.

Suddenly, the world darkened as if it was suddenly nighttime, and the girl above the dragon’s head jumped off. Her figure looked so thin that the heart ached, but the dark fury churning around her spoke a completely different story. The joyous yet vengeful howl of a wolf that seemed identical to memory yet completely different in certain ways sped straight toward Nan Guizhong’s skull.

Everything that had happened today had felt like a dream. Another nightmare had descended before they recovered from the previous one.

Nan Guizhong’s eyes bulged as he raised both of his arms into the air. A golden ring hot enough to burn the eyes of anyone who looked at it erupted from his body as he attempted to block the combined might of the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning and the fallen Heavenly Wolf. Then, Qianye Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu, the two people who he remembered to disdain the very concept of cooperation itself, launched a burst of energy at his chest together.


No one doubted that the former Southern Sea God Emperor was one of the strongest powers in the entire cosmos. However, not even two of him could tackle the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning, the fallen Heavenly Wolf, and two Brahma Ancestors head on.


The golden ring shrank rapidly and shattered a breath later. Qian Wugu and Qianye Bingzhu’s attacks hit Nan Guizhong next, shattering countless bones and causing his chest to cave inward.

Finally, blackness covered his entire vision, and the black Heavenly Wolf Sacred Sword landed right on top of his skull.


For an infinitesimally short instant, Nan Guizhong caught a glimpse of the girl’s pupils and noted that they were chillingly indifferent. Then, his consciousness crumbled and scattered into chaotic colors of white and black.

Like a wooden stump that had lost its puppet master, Nan Guizhong shot toward the ground like a cannonball.


It looked and sounded like the sky itself was falling as Nan Guizhong’s body split the earth in half. It was impossible to tell how deep he sank into the ground.

“Royal father!!”

Nan Wansheng’s eyes were bloodshot. His howl of fury only lasted for an instant before it dwindled into an angry groan. A ghastly claw clamped down on his head like a maggot lodged in one's bones.

“Take care of yourself first, whelp! Jie jie jie jie!!”

Yan Three laughed crazily. The soul that had been warped since hundreds of thousands of years ago was absolutely enjoying the moment of tyranny, especially because his victim was the arrogant Southern Sea God Emperor himself.


Nan Wansheng was furious beyond imagination. However, he was severely injured, his powers were escaping his control, and he was barely clinging to the edges of sanity. He could hardly protect himself, much less the others.

Even more ironically, there was no one in his capital or his entire realm who could help him.

“Jie jie, this truly is a trump card like nothing we have ever seen. We should never have doubted our master’s wisdom! Wallow in the dark and weep to your heart’s content, whelps of the Southern Sea! Jiehahahaha!”

Yan Two was ugly enough, and his mad laugh only served to accentuate that ugliness. On the opposite side, the already disheartened four Sea Gods sank into even deeper despair as thoughts of fear, hopelessness, and even escape started filling up their minds.

The word “escape” should never exist in a Sea God’s dictionary.

However, they quickly realized in despair that, with the arrival of the Dragons of Absolute Beginning and the Yama Devils, even that was a luxurious desire.

When Caizhi and the Dragons of Absolute Beginning first made their appearance, Yan Tianxiao had been shocked and tensed up like a coiled spring. But soon after, that shock quickly turned into mad joy and infinite reverence.

The Devil Master had already created plenty of stunning miracles, but the latest trump card he unveiled was beyond even his wildest imagination. The Devil Master truly is the incarnation of the ancient Devil God! His methods and wisdom truly knows no bounds! I was an absolute fool to think that I could go against him back then!

Yan Tianxiao was so excited that he couldn’t help his high-pitched voice, “Disciples of the Yama Devils, the Southern Sea is but chickens and dogs before our omnipotent Devil Master! Kill them all! Eradicate all life from this filthy land as the Devil Master commands!”

The Southern Sea Capital had turned into a bloody sea of darkness while Yan Tianxiao was screaming. In fact, he realized that… he, the Yama Emperor didn’t even need to participate in this fight.

Before Yan Tianxiao came to the Southern Divine Region, his feelings were a half-half mix of excitement and trepidation. After all, the Southern Sea God Realm was the greatest king realm of the Southern Divine Region. Back in those days, the mere mention of its name would put great pressure atop his shoulders.

Now, floating above the Southern Sea Capital, he was literally witnessing its destruction with his own two eyes. The four Sea Gods were being played like a fiddle by Yan Two, and the Southern Sea God Emperor had black holes put into his body again and again by Yan Three. Even the returned Nan Guizhong barely got a chance to show his face before he was wrecked so hard that his own mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him in his current state.

The Southern Sea Elders and the fearless experts who bravely flew to their deaths to protect their realm couldn’t even get close to Qianye Ying’er, Gu Zhu, and the Dragons of Absolute Beginning before they died.

In the distance, the other three God Emperors of the Southern Divine Region were shaking like pitiful children in the middle of a battlefield.

Yan Tianxiao clenched his fists and felt his nails biting into his flesh. The prick of pain caused his eyes to water… this is real! We, the Northern Divine Region are trampling over the Southern Sea God Realm like it’s nothing!

When the Yama Emperor looked at Yun Che again, it looked like he was worshipping his god.

Unbeknownst to Yan Tianxiao, the indifferent man who looked like he had everything under control… was totally flabbergasted by this sudden turn of events.


That red light…

Could it be…

“Jie, die!”

Yan Two screamed savagely as he spread open his palm. A gigantic, ghastly claw of dark energy flew toward an escaping Sea God and caught his throat like a vise.

The Sea God’s eyes rolled over as dark energy started rising from every inch of his body. However, a golden color suddenly covered his eyes, and he somehow managed to tear himself out of Yan Two’s grasp at the cost of half a throat. In his despair, the Sea God had burned every bit of blood essence in his body to gain a temporary boost of power. He had succeeded.

Before he could get a moment’s respite, a spear surrounded by dark ripples of space pierced his body from behind. He couldn’t even muster a last bit of resistance as countless streams of Yama energy ripped through his veins.

“Young master… run…”

Those were the last three words he said before he died.

The spear wielder swung the dead body off her spear. It was Yan Wu who dealt the final blow.

“Ancestor.” Yan Wu said to Yan Two, “Please don’t toy with the enemy any longer. It is the Devil Master’s wish to slaughter these people as soon as possible.”

After that, she charged straight toward the pale-faced Nan Qianqiu.

Yan Two was about to teach the girl a lesson for criticizing him, her ancestor when he noticed who she was about to attack. He immediately screamed out in fright, “The master wants that whelp alive!”

Yan Wu’s aura froze for an instant, but she continued thrusting her spear at Nan Qianqiu.

Another level ten Divine Master… Nan Qianqiu’s face was completely bloodless right now. There wasn’t an inch on his body that wasn’t shaking like a leaf.

Just how many level ten Divine Masters did Yun Che have?

How was it possible for the Northern Divine Region to possess this many monsters, the region that was said to be suppressed by the three Divine Regions for a million years?

This was completely different from the Northern Divine Region described by his royal father and the records!

Nan Qianqiu was half-murdered by Yan Two earlier, and he was suffering a complete mental breakdown. That was why he only managed to raise his hand before he was skewered by Yan Wu.

The other two Sea Gods close to him were severely injured. They wanted to rescue the skewered Nan Qianqiu, but the only response they got from their bodies was a deep sense of helplessness.

Dark energy instantly flooded Nan Qianqiu’s profound veins and destroyed everything. Then, Yan Wu flung her victim in Yan One’s direction.

“Royal father… save… me…”

Yan One caught Nan Qianqiu’s skull with his claw-like hand and pumped him full of Yama energy, sealing the prince’s powers completely.

Nan Qianqiu’s entire body stiffened for a moment before falling limp in Yan One’s grasp. If it wasn’t for his occasional breathing, he would look every part a corpse.

Unlike his brothers, Yan One continued to stay where he was. His very presence kept any would-be attacker far, far away from Yun Che.

“Qian… qiu!” Nan Wansheng let out a shuddering shout, but the lapse of concentration gave Yan Three the opening to punch right through his chest, crush his innards, and bleed him dry.

“So? Do you still intend to help the Southern Sea God Realm?” Cang Shitian shot a sideway glance at the Xuanyuan God Emperor and Purple Micro God Emperor. He managed to keep a calm expression, but his eyes betrayed the shock he was feeling.

The two god emperors he was speaking to couldn’t stop their hands from shaking. Sweat was pouring down their foreheads like waterfalls.

“Why would the Dragons of Absolute Beginning…” the Xuanyuan God Emperor muttered in a daze.

“I wouldn’t stop you if you still wish to save the Southern Sea God Realm. For starters, why don’t you try snatching their prince back from that old monster? I’m sure the Southern Sea God Realm and the Southern Sea God Emperor would be forever in your debt… if they can live past today that is, hehehe.”

Cang Shitian let out a deep chuckle before disappearing all of a sudden. He was charging toward Nan Wansheng.

The blood-drenched Nan Wansheng barely looked human after all the blows he suffered from the Yama Ancestors. However, he regained a bit of clarity when he sensed Cang Shitian’s approach, and he shouted, “Help me—hmm!” 

Not only did Cang Shitian not help disrupt Yan Three’s power, he hit Nan Wansheng in the back and caused a shower of blood, flesh, and bones to spray out of the God Emperor’s chest.

“...” Nan Wansheng slowly turned around and stared at Cang Shitian. A remorseless, happy smile reflected off his unfocused pupils.

“There is nothing more important than making the right choice at the right time,” Cang Shitian beamed. “I’m sure you understand this better than anyone, right Southern Sea God Emperor?”

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